Element Wielder

Element Wielder #2020

Element Wielder His mother s screams remained etched in his mind He promised himself that night he would never again stand by as people he cared for suffered and he would one day kill Volcseck He intended to keep th
  • Title: Element Wielder
  • Author: Cesar Gonzalez
  • ISBN: 9781311328021
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • His mother s screams remained etched in his mind He promised himself that night he would never again stand by as people he cared for suffered, and he would one day kill Volcseck He intended to keep those promises Falcon Hyatt has a problem For reasons unknown to him he can wield all the elements, not only basics like fire and water, but also those advanced, like His mother s screams remained etched in his mind He promised himself that night he would never again stand by as people he cared for suffered, and he would one day kill Volcseck He intended to keep those promises Falcon Hyatt has a problem For reasons unknown to him he can wield all the elements, not only basics like fire and water, but also those advanced, like space and poison And now the chaos element, the same one his parents killer Shal Volcseck wields, has awakened within him, with catastrophic results.To complicate matters, the Suteckh Empire has declared war on the capital cities of Va siel Now he must venture out into the world with his friends Lao, Faith, and Aya on a mission to stop the Suteckh from taking over Va siel, and find his parents killer, as all the while he struggles to suppress his newfound abilities.In his quest Falcon is forced to question what he s really fighting for, where his loyalties lie, and his own character Is he truly a good person, or an even dangerous menace than the dreaded Shal Volcseck Element Wielder is the story of faith, love, and a young man s struggle to continue on his quest, when surrendering to his emotions and giving up is so much easier.
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      Cesar Gonzalez

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    Mr Gonzalez has struck the perfect balance between white knuckle suspense, action, mystery, humor, and a richly emotional romance Element Wielder simply flows wonderfully and the entire read felt so easy and nice Great books will do that.I found myself immersed in Va siel, happily following our hero Falcon in his quest to find his brother and parents killer it must sound clich , but, much like he did in THE LOST AND THE WICKED, Mr Gonzalez manages to surprise and dazzle in a genre that is ridden [...]

    Falcon wanted to avenge his parents death and has to protect his childhood best friend Faith But Shal Valeshok the guy who killed his parents has to get Faith s emblem which is the last one he needs to conquer the planet So Falcon protects Faith every time Shal Valeshok attacks and is mastering his powers everyday Then he fights with his home village to save Sandoria the capital city.The series is not finished so there is no ending yet.The three themes are Scared, Betrayal, Determination.

    I loved this book I really enjoyed how the story progress even if there were a couple time jumps that could have been fun if they had been written about as well I think I would prefer it if Falcon ended up with Aya, but since the story has already been concluded in the third book, I guess I will see what happens I am so glad I found this book while goofing around on I decided to buy the book before reading it because I knew I would love it as much as I do Thank you Mr Gonzalez for bringing me s [...]

    Really loved this one As a huge anime, fantasy, YA, and just reading fan in general, I fell in love with this book I read it in one day and devoured the sequel on the second day.The world building is top notch.The characters are awesome and very relatable.All I have to do now is wait until early 2015 for the third book of the series.

    This book is amazing Great plot, top notch world creation, and an easy read for anyone from the age of 8 99.I love how the story doesn t get bogged down by useless gibberish Instead the world creation is presented at a slow and steady pace, but in a way that always feels natural without being rushed.I saw some reviews point out the grammar, but like someone already said, it must have been fixed because I had no problem on my end Grammar was excellent.Very few times will I go out of my way to lea [...]

    This was readable, but not terribly outstanding The writing and characters seemed somewhat stilted and all the secondary characters seemed one note and lacked depth, rather like cardbord cut outs of people They were either the bully , wise wizard , the traitor etc and never really seemed to develop as people I don t think I ll bother with the next book in this series.

    Element Wielder is a book that takes place in a world where everyone has control over an element and they divide the elements into two groups, the basic elements and the advanced elements The basic elements consist of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Void, and Mind Void is the ability to control all the basic elements, but only to a small degree, and Mind is the ability to mold the brain however you want The advanced elements are, Space, Poison, Darkness, Chaos, Lightning, and Holy The main character of [...]

    Through some agitation, I must give this book a 2 star rating The characters were bland I swear, if the story didn t hold a bit of interest for me, I would have given up here Falcon One of the worst characters there is I mean, all I hear from him is his need for revenge One page he s 12 and the next he s 18 years old And still, his mind remains unyielding Falcon, wants nothing than to seek out the man who killed his parents He studied with one of the best fighters of all, who I might add, had r [...]

    Good enough Though I m not an English native speaker I couldn t help but noticed a couple of grammatical mistakes, however, overall the book has an appealing storyline for those who like adventure and superpowers

    easy read liked how the elements work even if we don t really go into the details of how it works exactly but it s fast pace and looking forward to the 2nd book

    The good the bad and just a little bit of uglywhen I first saw the reviews for this book I couldn t decide whether to get it or not on one hand were the good reviews then on the other were the bad I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and get it but after going through I have to say it s neither as good or as bad as some people have reviewed it there are a lot of problems with this book namely the beginning and several areas throughout in the beginning the author quit literally puts the powe [...]

    Now this is how you write a YA novel.Absolutely fell in love with this story It examines many aspects of a young adult growing up in a place that isn t exactly welcome of him.The strengths lie in its characters and believable dialogue I enjoyed watching grow and I especially liked the colorful variety of characters around Falcon.Everyone seems top love Aya and Faith, but I think that Lao is the unsung hero of this book I don t wish to spoil the story, but in many ways he is the person who carrie [...]

    Where to startFirst the good, mildly interesting and mostly correct grammar The author has potential if he can avoid, what seems to be, copying other people s work.The bad, as others have already pointed out The Last Air Bender, Harry Potter, and Speed Racer seem to be heavily copied The conversations between characters are dull and boring Characters are poorly developed and lack substance You constantly feel like you are reading a rip off of other people s work The powers system is undeveloped [...]

    I don t really like knocking books especially since Cesar Gonzalez and writers in general put a lot of work into their stories Even though this book is clearly for a younger age range than myself I imagine even they would feel that its not ready for publication and needs a serious workover by an editor Unfortunately I don t think I will be continuing with this series, however best of luck to mr Gonzalez in his future works.

    Amazing This book was very well written and was captivating from page to page, leaving you hungry for It was hard for me to put it down and actually get any work done I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy read or has an affinity for the elements.

    Good bookThis is a good book I wonder what is going to happen next It is going to be a turbulent second book I really want to know what happens next One of the main things I enjoy was the interaction between the characters.

    This is just embarasing.Idioting main character.Non existent plot.Ridiculus setting, with huge plot holes.Reads like a bad manga.Who reviews books like this and rates them 5 stars

    Scenes shift dramatically forward in time We can go a day, a day, then suddenly jump years ahead There were some grammar errors that distracted from reading Without giving spoilers, I can only say that the characters were a little flat, and not all the connections between them were explained.

    Interesting premise.The writing is good it drew me in and kept me guessing right most of the time , and leaves a whole lot of explaining to do If you love fantasy warrior style with magic this is the series for you.

    It held my attention.There are awkward time gaps and transitions all throughout this book Wielding is far too similar to bending found in Avatar, but with added flair Overall, it was alright.

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