Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity #2020

Center of Gravity Anna s goal in life had been set when she was ten years old she was going to become a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet and she made it Her entire life revolved around dancing and she lov
  • Title: Center of Gravity
  • Author: Lina Andersson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anna s goal in life had been set when she was ten years old she was going to become a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, and she made it Her entire life revolved around dancing, and she loved every second of it But after a split second lapse of attention, she lost it all.Now, with a heart as broken as her leg, she agrees to follow her aunt Irina back home toAnna s goal in life had been set when she was ten years old she was going to become a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, and she made it Her entire life revolved around dancing, and she loved every second of it But after a split second lapse of attention, she lost it all.Now, with a heart as broken as her leg, she agrees to follow her aunt Irina back home to Greenville, Arizona.Mitch lived family life vicariously through his older brother, Mac, and even if he envied Mac s devotion to his wife, he d never even been close to feeling anything similar to a woman, and he wasn t looking for it, either When their friend Lisa asks him to show her friend Anna a good time, he s very intrigued about the possibilities a flexible ballerina would present.Then he gets to truly know her, and that s when things become complicated.
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    4.25 RATING I ve chatted with a couple GR friends about this book and was surprised to find, it didn t rate as high with them I liked Center of Gravity and thought it was a quality addition to a series that I love Mitch and Anna were a cute couple I loved the fact that some bad ass bikers could get wrapped up watching ballet I don t want to give anything away but I did have an issue related to one of the main characters and decision they made However, both were really young and I didn t let it s [...]

    5 Never been a time when you couldn t StarsEach book of the Marauders series by Lina Andersson of the Freak Circle Press proves to be a really enjoyable MC romance I m impressed with the quality of writing from Andersson because while her plots and characters have been on point from the beginning her writing gets better with each book Center of Gravity continues the story of the Marauders from where Book Two Perfect Collision ended and focuses on the other Baxter brother the hound Mitch Fun lovi [...]

    A prima ballerina and a biker Doesn t sound like a good match, but the author pulled it off excellently and delivered a story of a deep love between two totally different people who started off in a purely sexual relationship First, I highly recommend that you read the first two books in the series so that you are familiar with all of the characters With that said, the book could be read as a standalone Mitch is the son of the Marauders president, a young man with a genius level IQ who has been [...]

    Anna led a very structured life as the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet It was ripped from her in an instant and now Anna has returned home to her aunt Irina in Greenville, Arizona Anna wont deny that she had a soft crush on Mitch while in school, but she always avoided him as she knew he was a bad boy through and through.With the help of a friend and a few embarrassing lonely confessions, her close friend sets her up with Mitch It is supposed to be a one time roll in the hay, but M [...]

    I really REALLY wanted to love this This particular book was about Mitch one of Brick s sons I liked what I knew of Mitch in previous books horndog, good looking, and bored because he s close to an intellectual genius The chick paired up with him Anna , was just not likable and thus the 3.5 stars I really REALLY tried to like her but some of her behaviors e.g trip to New York hey no spoilers was the point of no return for her me.Mitch was wonderful Beautiful Lovable A great book boyfriend.

    Ok I read that it will be another book in the series, called Resonance , so, I hope that book is about Sisco and Lisa Please I want need their story

    I loved it I have found that all the books in the series are very rich in character detail, which I have really liked I think there may be a bit less focus on the MC in this one, or at least the MC stuff seemed like building blocks for future books, setting up future scenarios I admit that I enjoyed the book so much that I didn t really give it much thought until I was finished and was reflecting back I m not usually analytical about my reading material and I don t know what specific elements w [...]

    Lina Andersson is a friend and fellow writer in the Freak Circle Press.I love Mitch I want to put that right out front He s gorgeous, of course, and his sense of humor is an absolute delight He s a bit of a hound, but he s so comfortable with it, and almost gallant about it, that it s not even a flaw.When he meets Anna, a former ballerina, his first thought is that she s probably so flexible he could try out any number of unique positions with her.Anna is going through a major life transition th [...]

    This series of books is amazingly well written The back stories of the individual characters have been so well researched and are extremely detailed and the author has chosen to address issues that are often avoided by many authors conditions such as attention deficit disorder, emotional child abuse dyslexia In this particular book the attention to details of computer programming and hacking, European and Russian culture, ballet, and physics math are astounding and add so much to the basic biker [...]

    Really enjoyed thisThis book was good,Mitch is a great character.Anna annoyed me a little mid book I did notice some random typos but still a good read Book 2 is still my favorite so far.Really hoping book three is Sisco and Lisa.

    2.5 starsok book Didn t feel the connection between the MC until the 85% mark loved the epilogue H was to laid back for me Passive in dealing w the h.

    I love the Marauder s Series Edie and Dawg s and Mac and Vi s stories just really drew me in I thought Mac and Vi s book was one one the sweetest biker stories of all time so I was pretty stoked when I heard this one released I loved Mitch, I loved Anna, and I liked them together Mitch was such a horndog, one of his best friends used to pretty much pimp him out to her friends who just needed to get laid One of the best parts of the book was Mitch falling for a girl who wasn t ready for a relatio [...]

    Lina Andersson is a friend and fellow author of the Freak Circle Press.There s a real sweetness to this book, and it s not coming from Anna the darling ballerina It s coming from Mitch Baxter, which is totally unexpected I adored how Anna was so shy, unsure, and lacking in confidence She was quite different from a lot of female leads in MC novels, and that meant our hero had to handle her with care.But, it s Mitch Baxter The eternal horn dog was interested in how bendy she was, but the girl got [...]

    This is the story of Mitch and Anna Although this is a stand alone the secondary characters will make sense if you read the first two books I like Mitch In the beginning he is well on his way to meeting Dawg s status of biggest man whore Anna s character just breaks my heart She loses her life as she has always known it because of an accident As she heals physically she must also heal mentally Mitch gives her a second chance at life and I am very happy for both of them.There is drama in this s [...]

    3.5 STARSAt times, I actually found this book kinda boring.What redeemed it were 2 things 1 The characters seem real than most other MC romance books they don t have spastic personalities and are thoughtful people 2 The author managed to surprise me in the end with the villain reveal unfortunately, after having read a couple thousand books at this point in my life, not very many plot twists surprise me Even though I didn t like this book as much as the first 2 in the series, I like this author [...]

    I love these books everytime I read one At first glance Mitch and Anna seem like total opposites, a biker and former ballerina, but their story was enjoyable to read I like how you find out what s going on with the MC club, but not in a trashy way like some other biker stories I can t get enough of Lina Andersson s story of the Mauraders, and can t wait for the next one which I think is Sisco and Lisa But what I would really be interested in is Eliza s story Mac and Mitch s little sister.

    DISCLAIMER TO THOSE READING MY REVIEW This review is my personal opinion, it may contain swearing, quotes, rants, and spoilers READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.Absolutely AMAZING This is one of my favorite MC series You get great story s, alpha males, and it s all based around an MC, what could you ask for Can t wait for the next book.

    3.5 StarsI liked Center of Gravity but something was missing I liked Mitch but Anna never really grew on me Their relationship didn t shoot off sparks for me and when Anna takes a trip to NY it seemly came out of left field I m still not completely sure how I feel about this one but I do know it wasn t as great as the previous one.

    I don t tend to read many MC biker books at the moment as they seem to have run their course, but i have to say this series is one of the best i have read in this genre The stories are fresh and written well with good connections and tie ins In my opinion a good read

    4.5 Stars Love this series and love the Baxter Boys have loved Mitch s wit and humour in the previous books but who knew he would be so kind, sweet and loveable Anna was great for him and I loved the storyline looking forward to book 4 now maybe Lisa and Sisco I hope so

    I so enjoyed this book Mitch and Anna are the cutest couple with a sweet and simple relationship Good read.

    Another home run from this author I have loved everything she has produced so far Hope she can keep it up.

    I absolutely love this book and this series so far Its written so perfectly and what makes this story good is that it s not your usual boy meets girl, fall in love get married and have a bunch of kids and live happily ever after I admire where the characters have all grown from and where they are headed.fantastic read, amazing story line and you pretty much can t put the book down once you ve started Lina Andersson thank you for having the thought to give us this little piece of heaven in this s [...]

    More than a MC romanceWell developed characters Great action Steamy sex Stand alone story but great to see characters from previous books Did not see the plot twist Fantastic ending Loved it 5 stars

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