The Tycoon's Temporary Bride

The Tycoon's Temporary Bride #2020

The Tycoon s Temporary Bride New York Times Bestselling Author Ana E Ross presents The Tycoon s Temporary Bride Book Four of the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series Since he was left standing at the altar Adam Andreas h
  • Title: The Tycoon's Temporary Bride
  • Author: Ana E. Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times Bestselling Author, Ana E Ross, presents The Tycoon s Temporary Bride Book Four of the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series Since he was left standing at the altar, Adam Andreas has been a bit bride shy This handsome, sexy CEO is quite content with his temporary relationships, until the day he literally bumps into Tashi Holland One look into TashiNew York Times Bestselling Author, Ana E Ross, presents The Tycoon s Temporary Bride Book Four of the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series Since he was left standing at the altar, Adam Andreas has been a bit bride shy This handsome, sexy CEO is quite content with his temporary relationships, until the day he literally bumps into Tashi Holland One look into Tashi s frightened, emerald eyes and Adam finds himself falling into his old habit of rescuing damsels in distress something he s sworn never to do again, since the moment he begins to rescue a damsel in distress is the moment he begins falling for her Tashi Holland is running from a man whose identity she doesn t know, and looking for one who s just as mysterious Following the instructions of the FBI agent who rescued her from a New York City human trafficking kingpin, Tashi arrives in Granite Falls, New Hampshire the safe haven the agent has sent her to But without the identity of the man who s to protect her, Tashi feels lost, scared, and vulnerable She has no idea whom to trust, so when she bumps into a man in a caf , and finds herself locked in his arms, she panics and runs A near death experience brings them together again, and slowly, but surely, Tashi begins to trust Adam, and eventually tells him about New York City and the FBI agent who died rescuing her Will Tashi s fear that Adam might suffer the same fate as the FBI agent keep her from accepting his offer of protection by becoming his temporary bride
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    Worth the wait Miss Ana did her thang, this book was so worth the wait I love how Adam and Tashi came to be, their love rushed over you You knew what would happen next, or you sure hoped for it to come together She did a amazing job yet again, I wish there was to come in this series But since their not, it ended very wellte to Miss Ana, you did a great job with this series I can t wait to see what you come up with next Thanks for some amazing reading.

    Finally, we got Adam s story I loved how he loved Tashi and would do everything in his power to protect her It was nice catching up with the previous couples and their families Hoping there will be books for Robert and Yasmine Galen and Mindy I won t mind reading about their HEA.

    I read the other three Granite Falls guys and is still impressed with the third one, The Playboy s Fugitive Bride I still love me some Massimo , whew That man Adam is the last one in this group who is not married he tried, but got dumped at the altar His father and mother want him to hurry up and get married for an heir You know it s the usual back and forth between parents He understands, but after being hurt, he just plays the field and keep s the heart locked Tashi is running away from a very [...]

    Don t even hesitate Buy the Tycoon s Temporary Bride, start reading and enjoy the ride Adam Andreas is a sensually sexy man that believes in true love but has been hurt in the past He tends to try to rescue the damsel in distress I d be his damsel everyday One day he literally runs into Tashi and her eyes capture his heart Unknowingly, she has been sent to find him because she needs protection Problem is, she doesn t know he s the man with the name that starts with an A She couldn t hear the ent [...]

    Another satisfying, sizzling, and memorable book in the seriesThis 1 bestselling series will stay with me decades into the future In book four, The Tycoon s Temporary Bride, Adam Andreas, the last of the billionaire bachelors runs into a beautiful, frightened and paranoid Tashi Holland at a Caf he frequents He s immediately attracted to her and she feels the heat too But she wants no part of Adam She trusts no one She s all alone, and on the run from some monstrous criminals Who is Tashi, who is [...]

    One of Ana s best installments of the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls yet I loved this story of Adam and Tashi Most don t believe in love at first sight, but Ana has proven that there is such a thing The love Adam has for Tashi from the beginning proves there is such a thing This is a great read but I recommend you read the first three books in the series in order to understand all of the characters.

    Finally I m must say that this book was worth the wait It was very intriguing At points I couldn t put it down There was only 1part that I thought was a little too long and a little boring but that is just my own personal opinion some of the yoga stuff But I m not letting it take away from my rating Keep up the good work I m still a fan

    LOVED ITI have enjoyed this entire series Love the author Wonderful love story about Tashi and Adam Tashi is running for her life the only thing the FBI agent told her was to run to Granite Falls and find A and he would protect her I enjoyed all of Adam s friends and their wives The secondary characters were great hopefully we can return to Granite Falls.

    The Power of LoveBryce was my favorite Billionaire until I read Adam s story What a wonderful and generous man Tashi could not have met and married a better man He definitely got it from his father.

    Looking forward to What about Galen and Mindy, their relationship had just started Awww, I have to know So loved Tashi and Adam story.

    see review of Hot Sensual Billionaires Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls Complete Collection Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls 1 4 by Ana E Ross

    Great book Adam is my favorite character And I m thinking that I have to learn Italian It was a wonderful book, that it showed me to appreciate yoga in another level Bravo Ana E Ross

    The Tycoons Temporary Bride Book FourGreat series I would recommend this book and the entire series Easy to read and keeps you interested Not easy to put down.

    Great book, love Adam he was my hero But Tashi was so confused that i felt bad for her she didn t know which way to turn kudos to the author.

    This is book 4 in the Brides of Granite Falls series, it is as well written as the rest of them And a delight to read.

    I m a huge fan of Ana E Ross and her Brides of Granite Falls series Her books aren t perfect, but they are engaging and pure escapist fun for me If you read my past reviews on the series you ll see they ve all managed to get a 5 star rating from me It s because I love this series that I hate to say it, but the Tycoon s Temporary Bride dropped the ball in my opinion.What it s About Tashi is a woman on the run She s been sent to Granite Falls by a mysterious FBI agent who saved her life She was to [...]

    Tashi is hiding out waiting for her FBI agent to call her All she knows is that she is to find someone whose name starts with the letter A because he will marry her and protect her She meets Adam at the coffee shop and again at the grocery store Little does she know he is the one she has been looking for all along But when she gets a bad case of food poisoning she calls the only person she can Adam comes to the rescue and takes her to his home to nurse her back to health Tashi soon learns about [...]

    I have mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed parts of it, but other parts made me want to pull out my hair The entire storyline about Tashi being on the run, the mysterious FBI agent, and finding the man in Granite Falls with the name beginning an A, was all entertaining and intriguing.The yoga, being one with the earth, the interesting names for anatomy, not so entertaining Jade stalks, celestial terrace, valley of solitude, etc A little bit went a very long way The amount in this book, almo [...]

    Ana E Ross has done it again only better The Tycoon s Temporary Bride is everything Ross s fans could ever want and Tashi is a strong but lonely, frightened woman hiding out in Granite Falls as she searches for the man she s been told will protect her Ultrahot Adam oh, that hair has been burned by love before and has sworn off permanent relationships But when Tashi calls on him in an hour of need, he finds himself compelled to keep her safe, setting in motion a chain of events that finally lead [...]

    I love it, actually I bought the 3 last books, reluctant bride, fugitive bride and this one the temporary bride I love how the story was written, there are connections in all off them You get to know the characters and fall in love with them as well The bad thing t hat I do is if the love scenes are too long and too often I want the characters to just go ahead and finish it That s the only setback I see Too descriptive and sometimes too much.I chose 5 because it has a beautiful story line, chara [...]

    Perfect Almost Final Story in this SeriesI really enjoyed Adam and Tashi s story I loved being able to interact with the characters from the previous stories, even Eddie, lol The smaller children having active dialogue in thus story was an added bonus I always enjoy getting the opportunity to hear and see just what s on their little minds, knowing that this was supposed to be the last story in the series, but Ana Ross decision to add another book to include all four couples allowing her readers [...]

    3.5 stars This was my least favourite in the series I m kind of disappointed because the basic plot was good and there were parts of the book that were very good However some things just made me want to role my eyes I didnt like the yoga meditation nature parts I found it really boring and all the weird names for the various part of the human anatomy just didnt do it for me I had to skim over all of it and i put away my book several times I loved some parts oh the story that related to the plot [...]

    To say this book had me undecided is a understatement.r me this book didn t pick up until I was at least 65% inAdam and Tashi s story was not as good as the other storiesI really wanted to like the story and give it 4 or 5 stars like I did the others but I couldn t.ere was so much about the story that I really couldn t get into and I really triedSo with that being said and the fact that the story did pick up I was able to give it 3 starsWish there was of the billionaires to read about or just s [...]

    I love Ana E Ross books I couldn t wait to read this book I loved this 4th book s story line I loved the hot steamy scenes My heart broke for Tashi I thought Tashi was very strong brave for all she went through i loved how Adam protected Tashi I loved how the other wives stuck up for Tashi I loved the scene with the husbands their wives I loved the scene with Tashi her father I loved the ending Awesome job Ms Ross.

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