Sword of Shadows

Sword of Shadows #2020

Sword of Shadows Arthur and Kai have escaped the threat of Emrys but now they must face life on the surface world and all the fearsome creatures that dwell there But just as they assemble the beginnings of a fighting
  • Title: Sword of Shadows
  • Author: C.N. Lesley
  • ISBN: 9781909845640
  • Page: 319
  • Format: ebook
  • Arthur and Kai have escaped the threat of Emrys, but now they must face life on the surface world and all the fearsome creatures that dwell there But just as they assemble the beginnings of a fighting force, they discover a vital component to their safety has been compromised This means a return to Avalon, where Arthur has an unexpected encounter with the untrustworthy MArthur and Kai have escaped the threat of Emrys, but now they must face life on the surface world and all the fearsome creatures that dwell there But just as they assemble the beginnings of a fighting force, they discover a vital component to their safety has been compromised This means a return to Avalon, where Arthur has an unexpected encounter with the untrustworthy Merlin The magician s orders are clear Arthur must find the sword to save the surface dwellers and Avalon There is no alternative.Kiri Ung, leader of the Nestines and ultimate controller of the Terran slaves on the surface, needs Arthur in order to ensure of the continuance of his species With the Nestine Queen dying, failure means ultimate extinction Wherever Arthur goes, so goes Kiri Ung.Whoever finds the sword first gains control over all humanity But simply gaining possession of this powerful artifact is not enough to wield its power Let the battle commence.
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      319 C.N. Lesley
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    Sword of Shadows is an awe inspiring Sci Fi Fantasy novel, narrated from multiple perspectives The novel is set in an alternative world, where unique species are battling it out to survive I found myself intrigued by the different abilities possessed by certain races, such as telepathy and regeneration.A clever mix of Arthurian Legend and Futuristic aspects, this tale was gripping and well written Having not read book one of the series, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to pick things up [...]

    Another hitI can not tell you enough how amazed I am with this series Its like your mind is this awesome maze and I thoroughly enjoy navigating it Well written and great thought goes into your character development and roles I cant wait to complete this series im so on edge for whats next.

    Sword of Shadows weaves elements of traditional Arthurian legend into a high powered sci fi fantasy The story revolves around Arthur, a Submariner with hybrid skin, gill flaps and telepathic abilities, who leads a devoted band of fighters, Terran Outcasts The fighters move in a strange landscape a futuristic dystopian Earth, pursued by formidable enemies, the Nestines After escaping from the surface world to underwater Avalon, Arthur learns he must seek a sword to save the surface dwellers and A [...]

    After reading Shadow Over Avalon I couldn t wait to get my hands on the sequel, and it certainly didn t disappoint Imagine a classic Arthurian tale, only set far in the future, in a world where the vicious Nestines rule the humans, where coalitions are formed between the former enemies for the survival of the world, and where the whole future of the planet is dependent on one young man Arthur.Arthur and his half brother Kai are both such great characters that you can t help but root for their ca [...]

    Sword of Shadows picks up where Shadow over Avalon left off Arthur and Kai are waging guerilla warfare against the Nestines Now that the threat has been identified they find themselves outnumbered and facing a foe who s constantly one step ahead of them With Nestines infiltrating Avalon, and the underwater city no longer a safe refuge, Arthur must find the mythical sword that Emrys promised would help him win the war.Lesley excels at upping the stakes for her characters Every fight they win brin [...]

    I can only marvel at C.N Lesley s incredible fantasy series I am in awe of the creativeness of this author who is able to write in such detail about a fantasy world, with so many layers and seamlessly blend them together Arthur and his new found step brother Kai have to learn about each other and work together against different forces I don t want to give out any spoilers, but so much of the mystery that left us hanging in the first book is explained intricately This series has the potential of [...]

    This is a fantastic book I love how Lesley masterfully put a sci fi spin to the Arthurian legend A great cast of well developed characters and compelling creatures My favorite characters are Arthur and Kai The Nestines are fascinating devouring creatures This is the second novel I read by this amazing author, but I did not read the first book of this series and yet I did not feel lost in this book Lesley is brilliant, she has a talent for creating vivid worlds that are very detailed and captivat [...]

    This book is all about a quest for a legendary sword, but the Excalibur of this tale is the key to an alien race It s not only a war of swords and stealth, it s a war for genetic and technological superiority.In part two of this futuristic riff off the Arthurian legend Shadow, the submariner land dweller half breed mother of the Once and Future King, has been left by her sons in doomed undersea Avalon Kai and Arthur were banished to live with the Terrans, by Seers who fear Arthur s psi powers p [...]

    I have to admit I wasn t sure how I felt about the cover of this novel Of course I know I can t judge a book by its cover or at least I shouldn t.C.N Lesley mixes so many popular genres into this book, that there is something for everyone The best part is it s all wrapped up neat with a bow on top I never would have imagined anyone would be able to take Arthurian legend, put it in a futuristic setting of a post apocalyptic earth to make an original sci fi fantasy mash up Lesley managed to pull i [...]

    To be perfectly honest, I struggled initially to get into the story of Sword of Shadows, by C N Lesley The earth that she has created in this series is so fantastic and populated by all manner of weird and wonderful creatures, both human and not so human, that I found myself unable to assimilate everything through the first few chapters I have no doubt I should have read the first book in the series first and I would probably have had an easier introduction to this amazing fantasy that Lesley ha [...]

    Arthur and his brother live in a brutal world where a cruel species the Nestines have enslaved the land dwelling humans Terrans A wrist band makes sure the humans aren t even aware that the Nestines exist and use them for food Arthur leads a small band of rebels who are free During a battle they realise that they might have come on the radar of the Nestines and that the technology protecting them has been compromised They flee to Avalon the underwater city of the submariners and where their moth [...]

    I found this an enchanting and refreshing take on stories set in the future This post apocalyptic Arthurian tale takes up where Shadow Over Avalon leaves off After reading Shadow, I had to find out what happened next to Arthur and his brother Kai These stories are not a rehash of the Knights of the Round Table but a sci fi fantasy set in the future The story references the old legends with a hint that Arthur has had many lives since the times of the round table This story starts with Arthur and [...]

    I d been really looking forward to this one, as I enjoyed the first Shadows book so much Sometimes when we anticipate something so fervently, we can be let down as our expectations are too high I m glad to report that this wasn t the case here This is a storming blockbuster of a book We re thrown right into the thick of things Some time has passed since the first book, and Arthur and Kai with their companions are wreaking havoc in the fight against the Nestines However, Kiri Ung, a Nestine leade [...]

    An Arthurian legend like no other Keeping with the tradition of Arthurian tales, Arthur, along with his brother Kai, finds themselves on a quest searching for a sword They have to find it, the future of, not only Avalon, but those who live on the surface world are at stake.This futuristic, fantasy story, based loosely on the legend of King Arthur was a fascinating and a compelling read The world that Lesley has created is as incredible as it is amazing The attention to detail was exquisite and c [...]

    I read the first book in this series, Shadow over Avalon, and Sword of Shadows is, astoundingly, even better It opens with Arthur, and his half brother, Kai, subjected to a violent attack by the Nestine forces during a thunderstorm There is only one escape from Earth, and death at the hands of the flesh eating enemy, and Arthur is reluctant to take it his return, with Kai and their small band of followers, the Terran Outcasts, to the subterranean world where he was born.Arthur learns that he is [...]

    If you enjoy remakes of classic stories, you are certain to love this book Sword of Shadows is than a sci fi rendition of the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, however It has a deeper meaning about how our lives are destroyed by the gods we let rule our lives whether it is technology or otherwise.Although the story is set on Earth almost a couple thousand years in the future, the lives of the people living on the surface are not advanced Women must wear a veil and marriages [...]

    Let me just start by saying that the author has an imagination out of this world So much happens in this story Sword of Shadows in the sequel to Shadow over Avalon I was waiting for a while for the release of this story and boy, the wait was well worth it I absolutely fell in love with the characters, Arthur and Kai That tells me what a great job Ms Lesley did to develop the characters.The two brothers, with the same mother but different fathers, have a bond out of this world There s just so muc [...]

    Arthur and Kai, the half brothers who were born to rule, are are now grown men and battle hardened warriors When we met them in Shadow Over Avalon, they were boys and their worlds, above and below the waves, were under peril from the vicious Nestines But Avalon their one place of safety will only support life for a few generations An ancient sword and its magic could be the key to humanity s survival the quest to find it is the crux of this story In a twist, the Nestine s own survival is depend [...]

    I was so thrilled to read this book, as I just finished book one in the series With so many sequels, it s hard to keep the momentum going But not for Lesley I loved this continuation of the story, and when I found out Arthur was searching for none other than a magic sword, I was psyched Lesley intertwines classic legends with this post apocalypse fantasy adventure sci fi world I ve come to love This time they re above ground, fighting evil creatures that lurk on Earth In order to save the human [...]

    Second Book in Fascinating Science Fiction Fantasy with Shades of CamelotThe Nestines are extraterrestrials, bent on taking over the world They are vicious and use unspeakable weapons in their battles against their enemies.The humans are the Brethren The aquatic mutants are the Submariners, and possess psi powers Of mixed race, Arthur represents both as he commands troops of both Brethren and Submariners.As Arthur fights against impossible odds, he senses a fine Machiavellian hand at work behind [...]

    I m a huge fan of Arthurian stories, so getting this exciting sequel in my hands was like a winning a lottery The author has unique way of mixing the old legend with something completely new, something that both the old school lovers and the new generation of Arthurian fans will enjoy The plot has been skillfully built layer by layer so when the story goes on, it challenges the reader to go deeper, see clearer and find all the fine details placed behind the layers Yes, this is a book full of plo [...]

    This book was not long enough for me, not by a long shot I just loved reading about Kai and Arthur right from the start of the book I was drawn in by the writing style and the authors descriptions in a way that not every book can do The wold created and the character that live in worked in a great way to make me invested early on I have been busy, but every time I sat down to read of this book I devoured the pages and ate up the action My only complaint is that I did t know this was the second [...]

    This is the first novel I ve read by C.N Lesley, but it won t be the last I really enjoyed the novel and had no problems figuring things out, even though it was the second novel in the series First of all, the descriptions were phenomenal I felt like I was there right alongside the characters, experiencing everything I loved the idea of these worlds and this twist on familiar stories The action in the book was almost non stop There was always something interesting happening with the plot and I n [...]

    Shadow Over Avalon was great This is great as well, perhaps better I won t go into boring details to rehash the plot, but I will tell you that the character development is second to none Leslsy does a phenomenal job of developing the characters and bringing conflict to light and life.Just when you think you know what s going to happen, Lesley surprises you and does something else I don t read as much as I used to, but I devoured this in one and a half days.The prose is also great It might take y [...]

    Because I thoroughly enjoyed, Shadow Over Avalon, I expected to enjoy Sword of Shadows, the sequel I wasn t disappointed.Lesley is a strong writer who knows her subject matter The writing is confident, and the characters are well drawn in this mystical and magical world of legendary Arthur and Avalon I found myself wishing that just for one day, I could hop into this author s brain and see how she sees her characters I imagine I would be amazed at the machinations going on inside her head So for [...]

    I m not sure what I can add to my previous review of Shadow over Avalon Sword of Shadows is the second in the series and continues the epic story of Arthur, a legend reborn and taken into the far future It s just as engaging and exciting as the first novel I love the Keys to the Kingdom thread that weaves through both, and I m really looking forward to reading the next instalment this one leaves the reader on a knife edge To sum up original, epic plot, well written narrative, great complex and f [...]

    I hadn t read the book prior to this one, but the author writes in a way that helps you quickly affiliate to the characters and the story Reading the first book would have certainly helped me through the first few chapters, but I found myself engrossed in the story very early on and particular the relationships between the main characters step brothers Arthur and Kai.This author has a fantastic, vivid imagination, and the creativity of the characters, scenery and interwoven stories brings you qu [...]

    This book was a really unusual read At times it felt like Dune meets Mists of Avalon, but then with the unusual hybrid creatures, insectile and fish like, and terrans almost reduced to an item on the menu or breeding stock, it got really out there I don t normally read the fantasy genre, but this was certainly an interesting an exciting venture There is an epic amount of story and lots going on.

    A new masterpiece and real page turner This awaited sequel to Shadow over Avalon will not disappoint as you go on another adventure with Arthur, Kai, Shadow, Dragon and others I really love this series and will look forward to reading about them in the future.

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