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MILF: Wrong Kind of Love #2020

MILF Wrong Kind of Love Wrong Kind of Love A story of forbidden love with a side of revengeWhen my husband of nearly twenty years abruptly left me for another woman I thought my life was over But I was wrongWrong for thinki
  • Title: MILF: Wrong Kind of Love
  • Author: Erin Noelle
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  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wrong Kind of Love A story of forbidden love with a side of revengeWhen my husband of nearly twenty years abruptly left me for another woman, I thought my life was over.But I was wrongWrong for thinking I was weak, wrong for assuming I couldn t go on, wrong for believing I wouldn t love again.No matter what anyone else thinks,Wrong never felt so right.
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      411 Erin Noelle
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    CINCO STARS Mia and Grayson when you find your nothing,you ll know,and you ll be backMILF noun, slang vulgar An attractive older woman, usually a mother, who is regarded as a sexually desired object by a younger man That title that title is what drew me in I came across this novel earlier today I always read the synopsis if there is one before starting a novel OCD of mine it s like watching a movie trailer Speaking of movie trailers The Boy Next Door is a movie which will be released soon Why am [...]

    4.5 starsHere s why MILF worksFOR ME.This is a coming of age story No matter what your age is, it s never too late to find something new about yourself You find yourself in a situation that you would never think would happen to you and in this case it s about Mia A married woman who has just been served divorce papers out of the blue by her once loyal husband She s devastated by this but determined not to let it get her down She immerses herself into her work and focuses on herself along with he [...]

    Wow, that was different A taboo love story that ends happily mmmm yummy So, think about being with the son of the woman who stole your husband away and made him hers, who married him as soon as you were divorced Can you think of a sweeter revenge Well, it wasn t planned but it happened anywaysJust as the book says, love comes at unexpected times with people you least expect sometimes FALLING IN LOVE is quite possibly the strangest, most senseless, overwhelmingly reckless act we as humans do in o [...]

    Let s face it I m a HUGE Erin Noelle fan She has a way of sucking you in to a story with her poetic written story lines that I almost forget what I m even reading about This book didn t disappoint once again.Mia feels like her life is over the moment she finds her husband is leaving her for another woman And not just any other woman a friend Her son s best friend s mother to make matters worse When everything you ve known for years is ripped from you, where do you even begin to pick up the piece [...]

    The only novel I have read by Erin Noelle was Conspire with S.E Hall so I was excited to read this oneI read the synopsis and knew I just had to read it Mia Sullivan was married and a mother by the time she was eighteen And now, after twenty years of marriage and taking care of her husband, son and home, her husband leaves her for another woman A woman she never thought would betray her the way she did She didn t know what to do now with her life but after going through the motions she was ready [...]

    3.5 Stars This was a fun and easy read which I recommend if you are in the mood for something light but also sexy.Mia is a recently divorced 38 year old woman who is finally starting to live her life again after being left by her husband of 20 years Grey is 21 and having just returned from a year in Spain, he is looking forward to completing his senior year in college He is also the son of Mia s ex husbands new wife, and Mia is his best friend Adam s mum Not happy about the family s new dynamic, [...]

    4 Mi Cielo Stars This was not what I signed up for was even better Looking at the cover with it s neon MILF sign looking like something you d see on the side of a strip club you would think this was going to be a smutfest, but nope Sure it was hot and had some awesome sex scenes, but it was really light and laid back It was funny and endearing as well The h h were so lovable and genuine together that you couldn t help but fall for them as they fell for each other.Mia is a divorcee whose doucheba [...]

    It s my first book this yr that I m giving an 5 stars it s so feckin great I enjoyed every min of it the older woman an younger man is just hot This story was about Mia an Grayson Mia is in her late 30 have a son nearly 20 an his a cheating ass of a ex husband who is an ass an he happen 2 have a 2 year affair yet 2 year not days months YEARS people ohhhh the things I do 2 him an it wouldnt b good but anyway he happens 2 b getting married 2 Adam Mia s sons best friends mum who is Grayson s mum a [...]

    A taboo love story, that spikes your heart rate tenfold and excites your senses Love knows no bounds and age is just a number.Thirty eight year old divorcee, Mia Sullivan finds herself in her prime, grappling with her new found freedom Traversing her new life learning her true self, after twenty years of being subservient to her cheating ex husband Her douchebag of a husband has been cheating on her for the past two years with her son s best friend s, mother Not only has he ripped his own family [...]

    ARC received from the author for an honest reviewReviewer for Nerdy Book FreakHoly freaking amazballs This book is freaking amazing, fantastic, brilliant, and just plain awesome I started this book this afternoon after receiving it for the blog tour, but I couldn t wait for my day to post my review because I just wanted to let the world know how much I adored this story It has a sexy kinda taboo that you can t help but want to continue to find out what s going to happen.I literally had to force [...]

    5 E.P.I.C STARS EFFIN LOVED IT GRAYSONisMINE MoveOverMiaWarning Serious not so serious review follows It took me a while to write a review about this book If you ve been following my reviews which I doubt hehe then you will know that I don t really review books in a typical manner, like summarizing etc That s not my style My reviews are always about how the book story affects me, and the emotions they evoke So let me start my ramblings F Wrong Kind of Love taboo right I know some readers will no [...]

    Five sexy stars for MILF Wrong Kind of Love Erin Noelle never ceases to amaze me any In fact, I kind of expect awesomeness every time I start a new novel of hers So MILF was definitely no exception I was hooked from the prologue and couldn t stop turning the pages Grayson Daniels is well, yumm He s young, sexy, playful and possessive He s determined to prove to Mia she s meant to be his Mia is sweet, kind and learning who she is a 38 year old woman who is beautiful, artistic, loving and sexy Aft [...]

    As always Erin Noelle left me wanting Love love love this book Mia and Grays o s story is one you don t want to miss The story is engaging and fun, the characters are amazingI fell in love with them, especially Adam and Stella.d of course Gray and Miaothers I wanted to hurt badly and you will see why when you read it I felt so many different emotions and I have to say that not only the story is amazing but you will cheer for Mia and Gray all the way.

    You can t help who you fall in love with Right or wrong, the heart wants what it wants.Summary After Mia s husband leaves her for another woman after twenty years of marriage, she is shattered After slowly picking up the pieces of her life Mia is doing what she has always wanted to do and that is paint Her pieces are erotic and beautiful Her son Adam who is applying for internships since he graduated college encourages her to take her anger and hurt out in the gym and that is exactly what she do [...]

    Mia s life revolved around her husband and son, Adam for twenty years Getting pregnant young, getting married her life took a backseat to her own dreams so she could focus on her family The only problem is, that after twenty years of marriage her husband lost focus Mia s life is nothing like it used to be, but at least for now she can focus on her dreams and desires.Grayson grew up in the Sullivan household as he and Adam have been best friends growing up But Grayson isn t anything like the litt [...]

    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Jacquie Scandalous Book Blog The title of the book says it all Mia is a recently divorced 37 year old who is trying to get her life back together The story should be uncomfortable to read given the taboo subject but from the start it was funny, sweet and hot.I absolutely loved Greyson and I found myself rooting for the couple.Erin Noelle has excelled herself with this book, although she is one of my favourite authors this is by far one of the best bo [...]

    TITLE MILF Wrong Kind of Love AUTHOR Erin Noelle GENRE New AdultRELEASE DATE January 15th 2015MY RATING Holy shit this was scorching hot I ve never read anything by this author before fool me love her writing style, the flow of the story, wasn t in bad taste like I initially thought it would be with the subject matterAnd I will definitely be reading of this authors booksNice quick hot read I m usually a fan of dark gritty biker, fighter books so this was definitely left field for meMiaThe man [...]

    5 Forbidden Stars Reviewed on Behalf of Give Me Books MILF was one hot read about forbidden love When I started reading I didn t really know what to expect because of the blurb being so vague on details but the story was great Mia s ex husband left her for another woman and it was actually one of her friends After a lot of heartbreak and crying Mia is trying to move on without him Through everything her 20 year old son, Adam, stays by her side and is always there for her Grayson has been studyin [...]

    I reeeaaallly liked this book The subject matter might not be for everyone but everyone is over 21, and if Gray looks like the guy on the cover.good for you Mia p I usually like my younger men just a little older than Grayson but it works in this book and Mia isn t that much older Besides if the characters ages were reversed no one would give it a second thought The story moved along well and I loved how the author brought the character along and flushed out all over their feelings of angst and [...]

    Ahhh that moment when you re reading about an older woman being lusted after by a young pup when you realize you re older than she isjaysus this one made me feel like the crypt keeper, but I enjoyed it anyways.Lots of complicated family dynamics and forbidden smut kept the tension strung out, but there was also lots of sweet and tender moments too, it wasn t just lots of lust The ending felt a little rushed and the pda moment at the end was a little cheesy for me, but this was a gripping read ot [...]

    3.5 stars rounded to 4.So first off I went into this book with an open mind because the woman is older than him and also his best friends mom I actually went looking for this kind of book but I have to admit I had a few issues here that had nothing to do with the age gap becausehot.So I ll get this out of the way Mia is fresh out a divorce and feeling pretty low She decides she needs a new start so with a fresh look and lots of exercise she is doing better Enter Gray Now here s the problem I hav [...]

    MILF Wrong Kind of Love by Erin Noelle4.5 stars FALLING IN LOVE IS QUITE POSSIBLY the strangest, most senseless, overwhelmingly reckless act we as humans do in our lives It happens so effortlessly, so naturally, that most of the time we don t mean for it to happen, but once we realize it for what it is, it s too late to be undone While the title is entirely descriptive of the content of this book I have seen many comments that people have been put off by the name, please do not be put off, as th [...]

    Oh My Goodness, what a Scorching Hot Read Mia Sullivan thought her life was a happy one, until one cruel morning out of the blue her husband tells he wants a divorce I can only imagine the pain, betrayal and heartbreak she felt at that moment She cried and let it out in different ways and now, she moves on As she decides to work on herself and to start living again little does she know that someone she s know for over 15 years will be coming into her life and changing it for good Grayson Daniels [...]

    Falling in love is quite possibly the strangest, most senseless, overwhelmingly reckless act we as humans do in our lives It happens so effortlessly, so naturally, that most of the time we don t mean for it to happen, but once we realise it for what it is, it s too late to be undone There is nothing like reading a book where there is a forbidden romance Just the anticipation going into it gives me shivers of excitement Two people with an attraction they struggle to deny and the thrill of it when [...]

    This book needs to come with a warning do not read at work as it will make you laugh out loud and suffer the glares of colleagues The beginning of the first chapter is the reason for this warning.I love love LOVED this story This story to me is in perfect balance The right amount of conflict, drama and sexy times I don t see age as an issue for loving someone as long as it s consentual obviously I really liked the alternating points of view and got to have a better understanding of their mindset [...]

    I knew from the title of the book that this was going to be good and I was right You have Mia a 38 year old single mother of 20 year old son Adam living at home going to college When an event happens where Adam s best friend Grayson has no where to stay Mia of course opens her house for him Little did she know that would just be the beginning She s torn with her feeling of being single for so long and what she thinks is right Just on how it all happens is what you won t belive I don t want to gi [...]

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