To Those Who Wait

To Those Who Wait #2020

To Those Who Wait Sterek FanficDerek and Stiles stuck in a room together while Derek is under the influence of a magical spell that makes him really really horny Words complete
  • Title: To Those Who Wait
  • Author: KouriArashi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek FanficDerek and Stiles stuck in a room together while Derek is under the influence of a magical spell that makes him really, really horny Words 7,404 complete
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    Last week I was reading along in this series All the Rewards and suddenly it popped into my head that somewhere, at some point, I had read a fic where it turns out that Derek doesn t spend his days brooding and doing shirtless push ups which is most unfortunate while waiting for the latest catastrophe no, he actually has a job At a bank Where he wears a tie And to paraphrase a line in the fic, it s not even a super evil bank, just a regularly evil one Craziness Of course, 2 or 3 paragraphs later [...]

    Personal space, dude, and are you sniffing me A warlock has put a lust spell on Derek, and Scott asks Stiles to keep an eye on him while he finds the doctor to see if he can reverse it Derek is out of control, but Stiles doesn t want to take advantage of it I loved the one sided dialogue where Derek only huffs and growls while Stiles struggles to reason with and resist Derek Derek avoids Stiles in the next three weeks but Stiles decides enough is enough and they finally talk about it A very lov [...]

    3.5 StarsSo, what I realised reading this short was that I m mischievously immoral, because if I had the opportunity to get all up on this then I certainly wouldn t be questioning the legitimacy of his mindful consent lust spells be damned Apparently, this is where Stiles and I differ He s such a good guy, not wanting to take advantage of the questionable situation he finds himself in, regardless of how badly he wants to Two thumbs up for the use of my awesome new favourite word ensorcelled

    3.5 starsThis is 1 in the All the Rewards series by KouriArashi there are 5 parts that follow on pretty much back to back from each other to make up a 34,294 words fic I noticed only the first two are on GR so far and not linked as a series yet, so I ve included all the parts at the bottom just for info I read these all as one story, straight after each other, so I have reviewed the whole lot rather than as individual pieces at this time.This starts as a fic primarily exploring the nature of con [...]

    This is actually a reread for me, but I am going to review each installment as I go this time I remember really enjoying this series overall and I am normally not a fan of KouriArashi s So in this first installment Derek is under the influence of a spell that makes him, ahem amorous Because Scott s not the brightest bulb in the box he leaves Stiles alone to handle this predicament Stiles exercises amazing will power and moral fortitude in this situation preventing Derek and he from venturing dow [...]

    Derek is under the influence of a spell that makes him want to do the nasty with the nearest person Which happens to be Stiles.

    Favourite quote Derek If anyone else had touched me like that, I would have killed them Wow, that s incredibly romantic and also terrifying, Stiles says.

    Stiles and Derek are both just too noble and too sweet for their own good It s adorable Favorite Quote Okay, Derek, you have to stop, Stiles says, and if there isn t a lot of conviction in his voice, well, he probably can t be blamed for that.

    Lovely result for an induced magical lust view spoiler It was sweet to see Stiles trying to act mature and not take advantage of Derek s state And then Derek worried he might have forced himself on Stiles and trying to stay away to spare Stiles any further discomfort When they finally do manage to be in the same room for than a minute, their make out session and was sexy and hot hide spoiler I would have complained that the story ended too soon but then I saw there is a sequel.Off to read on. [...]

    3.5 stars Adorbs While I liked the premise as sexy times, I was worried about the dub con aspect with Derek s personality guilt issues, but it was handled perfectly The blurb only covers the first half of the story, then the aftermath is the second half Fear not, there is a HFN with sexy times and book 2 picks up right where this one left off

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