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Fall Away #2020

Fall Away Nothing is awkward than waking up next to a woman whose name you can t remember Navy SEAL Trick Novak knows he needs to find a better way to deal with his chronic insomnia but a warm body and a ready
  • Title: Fall Away
  • Author: Zoe York
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  • Page: 382
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  • Nothing is awkward than waking up next to a woman whose name you can t remember Navy SEAL Trick Novak knows he needs to find a better way to deal with his chronic insomnia, but a warm body and a ready smile work just fine Until he meets Gaby Ellis, and discovers she s roommates with last night s hook up and thoroughly disgusted with his player ways Except maybeNothing is awkward than waking up next to a woman whose name you can t remember Navy SEAL Trick Novak knows he needs to find a better way to deal with his chronic insomnia, but a warm body and a ready smile work just fine Until he meets Gaby Ellis, and discovers she s roommates with last night s hook up and thoroughly disgusted with his player ways Except maybe falling in love with one who d rather not know yours.
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    What happens when you sleep with the wrong girl, when you wake up in the morning and realise it s the roommate you want.Trick Novak is a Navy SEAL, he s hot as hell but is suffering from chronic insomnia and sex and a night with a warm body seems to help and that s what got him into this mess in the first place He wakes up next to a woman who s name he can t remember and then he meets the roommate, Gaby and he remembers her from the night before and then it dawns on him that not only did he slee [...]

    4 sweet romance starsthis was my second book in these series and by this author too.I had it on my phone and it kinda just stuck there I decided to pick it up and dust it off and what a surprise it was light, sweet, romantic and hot all rolled up in a lovable story of a one night stand Navy Seal Trick short from Patrick Novak who doesn t do relationships regarding his profession BUT when he meets Gaby Gabrielle Ellis he finds himself in the corner, cause she sees through his player act and she s [...]

    The beginning of the story was a turnoff and it didn t get much better for me I thought the ONS with the roommate was before he met the h, but he d met them both the same night and was actually drawn to the h not her roommate but he still went home that night with the roommate The h catches him in the morning Days later he s dating the h Too icky and awkward ughh I feel misled with this comment and thoroughly disgusted with his player ways I call bullshit on that I thought the h was going to hav [...]

    The story was average I was a little put off by the beginning of the story with the Hero Trick having a one night stand with the Heroines Gaby s roommate Ya, and he doesn t really remember her or their night together But really it was Gaby that he was drawn to that night but ended up sleeping with her roommate Oh, and Gaby is the one to show him the location of his shoes and the way too the door too That was off putting to me to start off with.The gist of the story is Trick trying to win over Ga [...]

    I really enjoyed this latest novella in the Seals Undone series standalone featuring Trick and Gaby The setup is unique having an attraction to the quiet and shy roommate of the one night hookup you were too drunk to remember While some readers might be put off by this, understanding that Trick deals with his PTSD by needing someone to sleep next to makes his actions acceptable and he becomes an empathetic character Because neither of them can ignore the reality of their first awkward meeting an [...]

    ARC received for honest reviewStill a good series and at last a SEAL that s a little tormented I was started to get erked by how sweet Ms York s SEALs were I still want to see of the previous couples other than a line or two here and there And I really want a series with Rik and his mercenary team that we met in book 1.

    What is there to say , another wonderful novella from Zoe York, I do not believe I have read anything from her I did not like , Fall Away is Patrick Trick Novacks and Gabby Ellis story and you have to love these two Trick has been left behind innthe states while the rest if his Seal team was deployed, he is suffering from insomnia , which is jeopardizing his position Not tha Trick can t sleep he found he can fairly well after sex so his life has become a series of one night stands, he firmly bel [...]

    4.0 RATING I was really happy to stumble across this series last year and quickly become a fan of Zoe York Still, I was kind of iffy on starting Fall Away because of the blurb The hero has sexy with the heroine s roomate before meeting her Hmmm That could definitely be kind of icky for me Still, I had time to read a novella and had this one waiting for me, so gave it a try.The roomate situation was a non issue for me, not icky after all I thought Zoe York handled the story line in a great way an [...]

    Let me start by saying I love this cover lol Novellas are not my favorite read by far but this one was good It didn t leave me unfulfilled Trick and Gaby s love story was a fun light read A guy that didn t take himself too seriously falls in love Seeing the change in Trick was a great adventure.

    He d seen her across the bar but he was celebrating with his current team members You see Trick Patrick Novak is a Navy SEAL He and the guys were at the bar having drinks for Dumbrowski s 27th birthday and a successful mission that they had just completed So, he had no time to waste unwinding and once he had loosened up she was gone Women was not his problem anyway it was the loosening up He had high blood pressure and he was having trouble sleeping so he was not fit at this time to go on the mi [...]

    Thoughts I was originally drawn to this one because of the originality of the storyline.a guy that winds up having a one night stand only wind up falling for her roommate I mean, what a cruel twist of fate Had to see where that one goes Unfortunately, it doesn t go quite the way I thought it would First off, there is an immediate off putting start, since Trick actually seen Gaby first yet still elected to go off with her roommate for the night From there, we wind up with Trick and Gaby actually [...]

    I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest reviewTrick Novak is on leave from his team s latest mission, suffering from Insomnia The only cure he s yet to find is a night with a woman When he wakes up next to one whose name he doesn t even remember, he feels kind of bad As he attempts to leave, he finds out that her roommate, Gabby, is actually the one whose attention he d actually wanted Problem is, she wants nothing to do with a womanizer, especially one that hooked up with her [...]

    See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts It s not a secret that I m a huge fan of novellas I love to read them because they re short and sweet Sometimes people think they re too short to enjoy but I beg to differ Like with this novella by Zoe York it s short, but there are enough details to explain the story, to get you invested in the characters It has everything.Trick and Gaby are a great combination Even though she was reluctant to be around him at first, he gr [...]

    Good one, nice bit of fluff York says she doesn t go for anything too heavy in this series This one involves Patrick Trick Novak, who is not overseas with the team He is suffering from Not PTSD, or so he says, due to a bad incident in his last tour He anesthetizes himself with one night stands After a night at The Wave, he wakes up in the bed of an attractive blonde When he gets up to leave, he searches for his boots and runs into her roommate She is not blonde and buxom but brunette, petite, an [...]

    Thoroughly disgusted with his player ways Not really I thought Gaby fell into lust as easily as any other girl would have and without much explanation for Trick s sudden change of his player ways, I found this entirely hard to believe and swallow Perhaps I m biased but the thought of him having first slept with her roommate before going out with her leaves a bloody foul taste in my mouth.

    I had the typical novella constraint issues, mainly lack of character development I wish the author had gone further with Trick s PTSD Gaby s personality was inconsistent Still, I enjoyed the story for its intended purpose a fast, sexy read.

    I wasn t sure this one was going to work out the way I wanted it to But somehow, with all the twists and turns, it did Great book

    I ve really enjoyed Zoe York s Pine Harbour series please release Ryan s story, soon and wanted to give this novella a try after receiving a copy through NetGalley from the publisher author for an honest review I have not read the first two books novellas in this series and I didn t feel like I was missing anything by jumping in mid series The story is told in alternating points of view I think it started off really well I was absolutely intrigued as to how Trick Patrick and Gaby were going to g [...]

    Trick Novak, is a Navy Seal that is not with his team because he can t sleep and his blood pressure is up He is waking up and is trying to remember where he is and as it s slowly coming back to him the girl that he is with jumps up and tells him she has to get ready for work to let himself out He is still there when she comes out dressed and she says I don t do breakfast as he gathers his things he is looking for his boots when her roommate says she put them by the door He thinks she is nice loo [...]

    I received an ARC of Fall Away by the author for an honest review.Before I start my review, I d like to point out something that hopefully will make you CRACK THE HECK up So I m reading, and at one particular point, I think This girl is bat shit crazy No sooner do I think that thought, that I turn the page and our hero thought the same exact thing but maybe without the shit I laughed so hard I went into a coughing fit And to be clear, they were both bat shit crazy in my book LOLOL OK, on to my r [...]

    Review originally posted on my blogBook provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion This is the second novella I read that was written by Zoe York All of the SEALs Undone books can be read as stand alone, I guess because I personally started with book 2 and I had absolutely no problem understanding it.And while the second book Fall Hard was nice and sweet, Fall Away was a little bit darker, not by a lot, just a little.It all starts with Patrick Trick Novak waking up in the wrong bed [...]

    Zoe York is my recovery author When I m feeling sad or having an ugly cry for another book, I love going to her for the hot and sweet love story that gives me an HEA and is hot, hot, hot We all want Zoe York characters to be our friends and lovers These stories follow Navy Seals at a crossroads in their careers Navy Seal relationships are difficult at best They are typically men who face the daunting prospect of rarely being home, of putting themselves in danger most of us will never be able to [...]

    This is the third novella in Zoe York s SEALS Undone series Zoe York is such a talented writer, and she has put together a series of quick, steamy and sweet reads with her SEALS Undone novellas For me, a Zoe York book means excellent writing, a great plot line, relatable characters, humorous banter, and a nice romance with plenty of steam How she has consistently managed to pack all of that in to each of these novellas without sacrificing the quality of her writing and her story lines is unknown [...]

    Fall Away by Zoe YorkI received my copy in exchange for an honest reviewFall away was a quick but sweet read Once I started it I knew it was going to be a book I could not put down This was my first book by Zoe York and she did not disappoint me The character were very well written Gaby was a fun loving character She was easy to connect with The first time she see Trick he is leaving her apartment She knows he sleep with her roommate and that bothers her It takes Gaby a while to finally get comf [...]

    Trick Novak is a SEAL with insomnia He cures himself of insomnia by having one night stands, which is how he ends up face to face with the girl he was eyeing up the night before, having just slept with her roommate Gaby is a teacher, a bit conservative when it comes to sex, but not particularly judgemental She s attracted to Trick, but a bit turned off at the idea that he d just no strings sex with her roommate That little issue gets in the way of Trick trying to start a relationship with Gaby [...]

    I hadn t read any books by this author so was totally unaware of this series, however that doesn t matter because the story works well as a standalone novella, too When Navy SEAL, Trick Novak is leaving the apartment of his latest hook up the name of whom he couldn t remember when he woke up he meets her room mate, Gaby Ellis She points him towards his shoes and the door but he is instantly attracted to this hardworking kindergarten teacher After such an introduction, knowing he s slept with her [...]

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Fall Away certainly starts off interesting The writing style grabs your attention and keeps it throughout the book as Trick deals with some things that come up I loved the characters in this book Trick was your typical alpha male who does one night stands and I just really enjoyed all of the characters in the book They truly felt alive to me.There was a good plot, with their share of problems to overcome And that s a good thing No o [...]

    Another hot and sweet romance by Zoe York I loved Trick and Gaby s story Trick was oh so adorable Trick and Gaby meet on the morning after of Trick s one night stand with Gaby s roommate Lila There is an attraction between the two of them, but Gaby is hesitant to pursue it because, well, Trick is a player and he just slept with her roommate Trick on the hand is fascinated by the sweet and innocent Gaby with a heart of steel He wants to pursue her and show her that even though he is not the datin [...]

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