Dreimal schwarzer Kater: Ein Roussillon-Krimi

Dreimal schwarzer Kater: Ein Roussillon-Krimi #2020

Dreimal schwarzer Kater Ein Roussillon Krimi Mordshitze im Roussillon Inspecteur Gilles Sebag befindet sich in der sch nsten Sommerlethargie Bis zwei r tselhafte Vermisstenf lle und eine Leiche ihn aus der Idylle mit seiner Frau Claire rei en Ba
  • Title: Dreimal schwarzer Kater: Ein Roussillon-Krimi
  • Author: Philippe Georget Corinna Rodewald
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mordshitze im Roussillon Inspecteur Gilles Sebag befindet sich in der sch nsten Sommerlethargie Bis zwei r tselhafte Vermisstenf lle und eine Leiche ihn aus der Idylle mit seiner Frau Claire rei en Bald findet Gilles sich in Ermittlungen ungeahnten Ausma es wieder Der Inspecteur muss sich nun auch noch mit einem extra eingeflogenen profilneurotischen Kollegen aus ParisMordshitze im Roussillon Inspecteur Gilles Sebag befindet sich in der sch nsten Sommerlethargie Bis zwei r tselhafte Vermisstenf lle und eine Leiche ihn aus der Idylle mit seiner Frau Claire rei en Bald findet Gilles sich in Ermittlungen ungeahnten Ausma es wieder Der Inspecteur muss sich nun auch noch mit einem extra eingeflogenen profilneurotischen Kollegen aus Paris rumschlagen Die gem tlichen Abende mit k hlem Wein am heimischen Pool sind genauso dahin wie die Harmonie mit Claire und im sommerlich ausgestorbenen Perpignan ist jede Form der Ermittlung einfach nur schwei treibend.
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      411 Philippe Georget Corinna Rodewald
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    3.5 In Summer all the Cats are Bored , and a bored cat is playing cat and mouse games with the police Is his mouse of choice up to the game Several cases seem to be linked, or are they Inspector Sebag finds himself in deep water both within his swimming pool and without But Sebag doesn t sink he swims and surfaces During the course of a long, slow investigation punctuated by many a cup of coffee and on occasion a whiskey or two Sebag and his team unravel the various mysteries And mysteries they [...]

    Why did I read this book 1 The title Summertime, All the Cats Are Bored Just loved it 2 Related to the title It s late spring and I m ready for summer 3 The setting The French Riviera, near the border with Spain Who wouldn t want to spend the summer there Or a few days reading about crime there This book features yet another interesting detective, Gilles Sebag, and his laconic partner, Jacques Molina, who work in Perpignan This is part of the old Catalonia, so many of the people speak Catalan I [...]

    It s not often you read a detective book where the detectives are spending all their time trying NOT to work, looking for relaxation, really not driven at all Usually the detective is hard bitten with a past that drives him or her to exhaustion before they catch the bad guySo Gilles Sebag, bored detective, family man, parent to teenagers who find him dull, is a surprising treat to read about He s Catalan, in an unusual setting, Perpignan on the French Mediterranean , and the environment around h [...]

    I loved this book I took it on vacation to Spain and read it in 2 days It reminded me of when I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series there a few years ago I thought about the book when I couldn t read and looked forward to getting back to it Several people have given summaries so I won t do that I did like the characters, the plot, and the theme As soon as I finished this book, I began one someone had given me, The 12th of Never by James Patterson While I read the first 85 pages quickly, [...]

    I am pretty sure I was the only bored person in this altogether lackluster book Summertime managed to group together every cliche it could think of and make it slightly worse by having a translator who, unwilling to take any artistic license, created clunky, unnatural sentences Our kidnapper is a poorly drawn Norman Bates without any attempt to give him any unique qualities The close 3rd person narration for Sebag main character contains the confusing double standard of commenting on how lame an [...]

    3.5 A police procedural set in the South of France, this has a great title to pick up of an August Bank Holiday Although it doesn t have precisely the setting and atmosphere I imagined, the word cats and the faux vintage shades of the cover photo conjuring the idea of meanwhile, elsewhere along the coast around the time of And God Created Woman and Bonjour Tristesse stylish and sexy as well as overheated Rather it s 2005 and whilst there s a little flaunting than would go on in similar modern n [...]

    I was drawn to this by the premise of discovering a new police procedural series set in an interesting location Although I liked the characters, I didn t feel the riviera was presented to optimum effect and thought the mysteries pretty cookie cutter in execution Also, it was over 100 pages too long.

    This first novel won the SNCF Crime Fiction Prize and the City of Lens First Crime Novel Prize.The setting is in and around Perpignan on the French Mediterranean coast Tourists are abundant and small crimes are the normal police cases at this time Sebag and Molino are partners in the local police force Sebag s children are just going off on vacations with groups or friends, and his wife Claire, who is a teacher has the whole summer off She is going on a cruise with some friends while he continue [...]

    I really like the character of Gilles Sebag he s a good cop, steady and somewhat intuitive, dedicated but not driven His career has been stalled slightly because he took parental leave when his second child was born, but his son and daughter are teenagers now and he is trying not to regret the loss of their childhoods He s still in love with his wife, and she seems happy, but he is afraid she may be having an affair something seems just a bit off and it worries him at occasionally inopportune ti [...]

    The title just grabbed me on this one and I m not quite sure why Then the intro from the author made me smile French mystery at times the translation felt a little stilted, but I really enjoyed the novel Somewhat sparse like some of the Scandanavian crime novels It seems like in the European crime fiction, the detectives, police, etc are like regular people with their own faults, normal lives, and everyday challenges vs the American super cops The mystery piece was good, but what really intrigu [...]

    3.5 4 stars The translation seemed a little awkward in places but I didn t mind that as it just served as a reminder that the book is written by a French author as opposed to just being set in France Liked the background story of the wife children.

    Summertime, All the Cats are Bored is a police procedural set over a few hot weeks of early summer in Southern France and the local police s attempts to save a young woman who has been kidnapped and two murders The strength of the story is the sense of place and characterisation Georget firmly places the reader in the Perpignan region during tourist season and captures the team dynamics and interactions of the investigative team The narrative mostly focuses on Inspector Gilles Sebag, a cop who s [...]

    Charming and languorous like a summer s day A detective Gilles Sebag who is a family man, a blend of Catalan and French culture in the Perpignan region, melancholy psychological depth to at least two of the characters And a suitably interesting plot, although lacking some clarity at the beginning are we dealing with one murder, two, are events happening at the same time I also felt frustrated at times by Sebag s inability to spot clues that were right in front of him Still, all in all, a rather [...]

    Really enjoyed this police procedural novel set in present day France Loved the characters well drawn and engaging and the excellent cat and mouse storyline as the detectives try to track down a culprit who has kidnapped a Dutch girl, attempted to abduct another and maybe killed a third Good twists and turns, although I solved it before the detectives managed to, and not excessive amounts of violence Great title too have already borrowed the next one from the library Autumn, All the Cats Return [...]

    I liked the protagonist and I liked the setting southwestern France and would have given the story 4stars but for the fact that it was a story that should have taken about 275 pages to tell, not the 430 it did take The book was overwritten and was, as a result, dull at times I wish authors, especially of mysteries and suspense titles, understood that less really can be That said, I don t regret having read it but it s definitely a story to skim in places.

    I enjoyed this book It had a good suspenseful mystery while, at the same time, it had lots of personal touches with the main character, policeman Gilles Sebag The translation from the original French maintained the Gallic nuances of style, which I liked The atmosphere of southern eastern France was vivid I d definitely read another book by this author.

    A whodunnit set in Perpignan in a steaming hot summer Great new character Inspector Gilles Sebag, one of the few cops I ve ever read about who isn t really dedicated to his job and great atmosphere, great sense of place Great title, too If you like Donna Leon or Inspector Montalbano, you ll like this.

    This languid French mystery set around the disappearance of one Dutch tourist and the murder of another is roughly 50 pages too long I give it 3.5 stars and recommend it to fans of Andrea Camilleri and Donna Leon Or to anyone like myself who couldn t resist the title.

    This book was great, it had a well written mystery, interesting characters and a deep plot I loved it.

    The best part of this book for me was the description of the atmosphere of Perpignan and Collioure, both towns I ve visited and enjoyed as a tourist I also liked the main character, Gilles Sebag, a forty something cop who s long ago realized that he d rather spent time with his family than forging a brilliant career for himself At the same time, he has a knack for putting two and two together that he can t ignore And so he s the first to understand that two seemingly disparate disappearances, th [...]

    I loved this book The translation is rough in spots, but the author has such a delicate and astute way of writing his main character s thoughts and feelings, that the book feels authentic and compelling Many times in a crime novel, I find the personal angle of the protagonist distracting, gratuitous, predictable In this book, Sebag s personal story added a great texture, and much insight into his character The mystery itself was smart and suspenseful It was straightforward, not given to a ridicu [...]

    Beautiful writing that explores all the senses Consider Georget writing of a postcard The cards were redolent of coffee and fruit juice drunk on a terrace, the perfume of flowers in the shade of a public park The emails smelled of a dirty keyboard and a poorly ventilated office Sebag is a wonderful character, smart, compassionate and reasoned He is respected and admired at work, brilliant in his investigations And at home too, quietly confirming his wife s love.Want Europa is always good.

    Great summer read about police on the French Spanish border at Perpignan.They are tasked to investigate the disappearance of a Dutch girl The book is told in alternating perspectives among them the kidnapper, the victim, and police inspector Gilles Sebag The book unfolds in a leisurely fashion as Gilles, especially, is caught up in the investigation as he handles his growing children and a wife he suspects has a lover.

    The sell line on the cover of this book says This is a superlative debut novel from the world of French noir A perfect beach read And I confess that I finished reading it on a beach in New Caledonia It s one of the most enjoyable police procedurals that I ve read for a long time The physicality of the environment the ennui of the police detective the impact of the heat the family relationships all them were written with skill.

    A first novel Seriously Sebag is a cop A good cop He is biding his time He has a beautiful wife and great kids And a serial murderer, or kidnapper, or both on his plate And a cop from Paris in his face Great character studies Nice writing, though at times I wondered if the translator knew what he was saying in English HA Really fine mystery, good story, tension, resolution Would love to see from Georget.

    Bought this forever ago and finally decided to crack it open on my vacation The main character, Sebag, was developed so wonderfully I was incredibly attached not only to the suspenseful murder mystery he was pursuing, but also his tumultuous family drama I m so happy I read this and absolutely recommend it

    DNF Yeah, when a book contains a paragraph long description of a man urinating within the first 5 pages, I m out The overall narrative within the first chapter that I read managed to be both overly descriptive and cliche Plenty of better detective fish in the crime sea skip this one.

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