Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob

Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob #2020

Against the Machine Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob Against the Machine Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob
  • Title: Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob
  • Author: Lee Siegel
  • ISBN: 9780385522656
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Against the Machine Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob
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      313 Lee Siegel
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      Posted by:Lee Siegel
      Published :2020-04-01T19:48:57+00:00

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    Boring neo luddite polemic There are a few interesting ideas here, but nothing is well researched if researched at all Instead of being thoughtfully critical of what Siegel calls the Internet Boosters , he is instead malicious and insulting with the result that he comes off as a spoiled child than a cultural critic There is so much in this book ranging from the ill thought out to the just plain wrong that I could have written volumes in response, but in the end I felt like that would giving thi [...]

    I hated this book Reading it was intensely frustrating The author buried a few important and original insights at the bottom of a mountain of snobbery and repetition he raised foundational questions about how we should determine truth and value in the information age and then didn t even try to answer them in favor of denigrating those he disagreed with.A bit of context to me 2016 was a year that exposed unequivocally the many ways in which the Internet has amplified the negative in our society [...]

    If you aren t looking for a rant, then here is my quick view Read this book.If you want the rant, please continueBefore you look further at this review, please note that the below comments are not pointed at those of you who run video blogs or book reviews on YouTube I am looking at the lack of quality in the majority of what is out there I will explainI have long believed that part of society s problems stem from the way kids are being dumbed down This is not to insult all the teenagers who ar [...]

    Despite its promising title, Lee Siegel s Against the Machine is less about the struggle to maintain our humanity in the digital age and about his problem with how the internet age has completely bereft our society of creativity, impartiality, and pure artistic originality My very negative preview of Against the Machine was for the most part confirmed by my reading it for my Digital Culture class It is for the most part poorly written, with a few coherent statements and positive suggestions sca [...]

    This book is extremely enjoyable, insightful, and thought provoking, and is not the whiny rant many of its critics accuse it of being As I expected, I did not agree with all of the points made by Siegel But because his arguments and their accompanying examples were so well written, the book was very engaging and quite the worthwhile read It compels me to converse with its authors so much so that I wish I really could For the most part, Siegel s claims about the direction in which our society is [...]

    It is a shame that the important, true things that Lee Siegel argues in this book are obscured by his all out attack on the Internet s down side which does not recognize that for every rude, self serving, ill informed blog there is a reasoned opinion elsewhere on line for every source of misinformation there is an authoritative source of solid fact and so on Siegel can be infuriating, silly or simply wrong, but that should not stop anyone who uses the Internet from reading his book carefully Wha [...]

    Siegel is a little too reactionary for my taste, and I have to wonder if he s had some problematic personal encounters with Malcolm Gladwell but those issues aside, it s the sort of extended essay on possible negative effects of the Internet that I ve been wanting to read for a long time He succeeds in his mission, as long as you manage to ignore the occasional bouts of self indulgent stodginess on Siegel s part.

    I read the New York Times review and was intrigued a critic looking at the dark side of the Internet and the blogosphere I m in the middle of it, and agreeing mostly, but also wishing he d make the points stronger I think the Internet is a wonderful technology, but not ever one can use it well like not every one is a good driver The car is good technology, but it can also kill in the wrong hands I think I m a Luddite in some respects More anon.

    Lee Siegel raises excellent critical theories about our latest and greatest tool, though much of the text seems to veer into personal rant Some of his finer points include Like the car, the Internet has been made out to be a miracle of social and personal transformation when it is really a marvel of convenience and in this case of the Internet, a marvel of convenience that has caused a social and personal upheaval As with the car, the highly arbitrary way in which the Internet has evolved has be [...]

    I was intrigued by this book when the author was interviewed on the Daily Show because, after almost ten years of very extensive involvement in internet communities, I ve started to become uneasy not so much with the commercialization of the media but of the anonymity he speaks about I find, on the whole, that people are willing to say appalling things when they don t have to attach their own names to it, especially when they don t have to respond in a real time, face to face confrontation but c [...]

    This book was really different from normal books I read, was also a suggested book from a friend of mine that reads counter culture books then I do which helps explain a few things Not to mention I m for the machine then against like the author Lee Siegel, but you should always try to see then your view of a subject.The book is about the internet age and how it is changing and effecting everything Being titled Against the Machine should help point out he s not looking for the positive changes [...]

    ineg vel que o advento da internet alterou radicalmente quase todas as vertentes da nossa sociedade S o altera es revolucion rias, que desestabilizam paradigmas institu dos e arrasam institui es tradicionais As nossas vidas modificaram se irremediavelmente Se para melhor ou pior, isso assunto aberto a discuss o Against The Machine tem a virtude de fugir ao deslumbramento com as maravilhas do mundo digital Aponta nos riscos de isolamento, despersonaliza o, comercializa o da sociedade, degrada o c [...]

    After reading an awful lot lately about the economic and cultural significance of life in the digital age boosterism , I picked this little diddy up at the library recently in an attempt to get an opposing viewpoint I mean, Lee Siegel IS one of the most important cultural critics in American today says so right there on the dust jacket I cannot speak to Mr Sigel s significance in the realm of cultural criticism I m not sure if I have ever run across though I probably have at some point without r [...]

    This book could have been a useful critique of the internet culture Instead, its good points are hidden in the bile Siegel seems to have accumulated in writing for Slate and other online publications I agree with him that internet stifles creativity, lacks discernment, and too frequently gives the ignorant the loudest voices Frankly, though, there is a much richer vein to be mined here Instead, Siegel sets up straw men about internet boosters claims that blogs and user generated content enhance [...]

    Siegel mounts a bracing and effective critique of the Internet, web culture and its attendant effects which he sees as largely negative on our popular culture and democracy In many respects, Siegel s argument updates and extends the critique of market populism developed by Thomas Frank and other writers associated with the political cultural journal The Baffler in the 1990s, a time in which high flying dot utopians appropriated the language of democracy, liberation, and revolution to sell their [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book immensely Siegel s prose is thoughtful, robust, and witty without being petty He presents good arguments without stooping to zingers against his opponents to support them.Beyond the writing, I appreciated the ideas Siegel presents I ve not read many critiques of the internet, or even popular technology, and so it was refreshing to read someone with opposing ideas while myself, and everyone around me, seems happy to jump right into every new technology that comes our w [...]

    What a book I never expected to enjoy it, I just decided to start it While it was hard to grasp some of things this author was saying, I did learn a lot of different things from his perspective, and others as well Like the fact that the Internet is all just a popularity contest It s all about getting the most likes Its all about finding the right information to post so that you can obtain the most likes and get the most people looking at it Its not about the news in every different area, its abo [...]

    A prophet, crying in the wilderness, warns us of the transvaluation of human experience, focus on self, and loss of knowledge understanding as opposed to available information occuring as a result of the burgeoning of the Internet, specifically the much lauded Web 2.0 revolution This piece is at sometimes a sermon, at others an eloquent reflective essay, and still at others a lament, with bristling anger barely concealed Evidence is often scanty, but I am drawn to the important reflexive phimoso [...]

    I agree with all the conclusions of the book, but consider its argument fatally flawed Yes, there s nothing good on the Internet, but Siegel s accusations it s too commercial, too puerile, too crass, and the writing sucks doesn t begin to deal with the problem After all, every one of those charges can equally apply to publishing, comics, TV, theater, music and movies Theodore Sturgeon said that 90 percent of everything is shit, and he was too generous The problem with the Internet, is that it s [...]

    C una frase nell epilogo di questo libro che mi ha colpito Se non sei chi sei, puoi essere chi vuoi Vorrebbe significare che in Rete possiamo essere tutto o il contrario di tutto Non poi una grande scoperta Nel game della vita ognuno di noi gioca la sua partita a modo suo Tutti giochiamo con contro tutti, partite singole, doppie o multiple Quella pi importante e forse decisiva quella che giochiamo con noi stessi L autore di questo libro, che in fondo mi ha piuttosto deluso, non sembra avere molt [...]

    This is not technically a review, but a collection of words that bubbled out after I read this book.If a person were to put all the interesting books filled with important questions about technology and society in one place, you would know to go someplace else to find this book.There is something odd about the style of Siegel s writing He presents some interesting ideas, like the application of Wittgenstein s The world is all that is the case to a discussion of isolation and the Internet age Int [...]

    I liked to read someone who has another take on e culture, not just swallowing it whole as a good thing A little bit bitter and sometimes repetitive, but I liked his perspective and courage to question the machine Ten years ago, the space in a coffeehouse abounded in experience Now that social space has been contracted into isolated points of wanting, all locked into separate phases of inwardness For over a hundred years, high culture has been merging with popular culture But now all experience [...]

    Thought this might have been a bit nuanced but while I agree with and have sympathy with the point being made here hence 2 stars rather than 1 , Siegel comes across as a grumpy old man who s not really willing to entertain any particularly balanced arguments You know the kind of person who s decided they hate new things and nothing will change their mind The prose is readable, but feels like an elongated blogpost than a critique And most of his arguments in the first third of the book that I r [...]

    Many excellent points beginning from old questions Why do we idolize machines and the new How does a technology change an epistemology Why o Karl have we turned things into fetishes and people into things And are we suffering from whiplash, just now, having embraced the internet in 10 some years when it took the printing press 300 years to make it from the rooms of scholars to those of readers Also what s the dealie with anonymous internet shit talking, stalking, living through screens etc Yes a [...]

    The polemic that the internet equals commerce is hardly new, nor are the glances at examples Siegel trots out His points, all important and valid, are tainted by their own obviousness Where the critique could have gone deeper, he instead, seems poised to jump feet first into the superficiality of the raging debate Instead of countering the internet cheerleaders with something philosophically devastating, he is content to offer a tongue lashing ultimately falling prey to all the same pratfalls he [...]

    Most reviews of this book sound like people had an idea of what the book was going to be about before reading it, and kept it up until they read it And then they made the same judgments afterward.He s not as old man get off my lawn as people claim him to be He s a bit grumpy, but I think his disdain for the worthless tripe on the net and on most media, for that matter is justified He makes a decent case for it.He is a bit of a snob, but it d be hard to write this book without sounding like one I [...]

    Ugh, I wish this book was worth it enough to write here than soooo lame Emphasis on the trailing vowels there Seriously I was hoping that reading this would give me a better argument to back up why I don t really like most elements of Web 2.0, text messaging, or anything else that I m supposed to be going wild about Nope, not here I think the word that comes to mind when reading this might be crankypants or fuddy duddy It almost makes me want to embrace technology out shame.

    Siegel gives a warning about the social change that an uncritical welcoming of internet culture has brought The private sphere and the public have been made one The role of the accomplished and the expert is despised in favour of the wisdom of the crowd The exhibitionism, the new YOUniverse of the internet feeds our modern pre occupation with self expression and me.Very worthwhile, alongside The Shallows by Nicholas Carr.

    The author comes off as angry than anything else He was involved in an incident where he made a fake commentor name so that he could comment on his own story where other commentors were criticizing him It seems like much of his disdain for the internet stems from that one incident There are some good points made, but overall it just feels like an angry personal rant about how the internet will ruin humanity.

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