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Eluding Nirvana #2020

Eluding Nirvana Due to the dark nature and content in this story Eluding Nirvana is recommended to readers over the age of Three years lost a body marred and a mission complete Waking after a four day coma Kady
  • Title: Eluding Nirvana
  • Author: V.L. Brock
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Due to the dark nature and content in this story, Eluding Nirvana is recommended to readers over the age of 18 Three years lost a body marred and a mission complete Waking after a four day coma, Kady Jenson felt her life was crashing down around her Three years of her memories were missing, and the compelling man at her side was not her years long partner, but a s Due to the dark nature and content in this story, Eluding Nirvana is recommended to readers over the age of 18 Three years lost a body marred and a mission complete Waking after a four day coma, Kady Jenson felt her life was crashing down around her Three years of her memories were missing, and the compelling man at her side was not her years long partner, but a stranger a stranger who promised to help her recover what she had lost.But how did Kady come to such a place What dark, mysterious events stole her past and threatened her future How did her lover become a stranger, and a stranger become so terribly important What happened to turn Kady s orderly life into a terrifying nightmare which would leave her permanently marked, body and soul AUTHORS NOTE Eluding Nirvana is the second instalment of The Dark Evoke Series, and is therefore not intended as a standalone novel.
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    We all remember Kady from Seeking Nirvana she woke up from a coma and couldn t remember what happened during the last three years Why she s not a stripper any why there s a hot Irish man sitting at her bedside and not her boyfriend Liam etc etc Now we re back in Boston and we re reading about the time before the accident that landed Kady in the hospital.It all started two and a half years ago on her second anniversary celebration with Liam.And as the months go by we see Liam change and he s be [...]

    Since I read the first one to this I was most anxious to read this one since I was literally like left holding on to a tightrope So peeled off my hands and dove right in Perfect opening which picked me up and carried me away right as if I almost never left Love the insert of the timeline also goes perfect with the reading and leads you along with a even flow The door is opened and now the secrets and the truth is revealed Man does this author have the talent to suck the reader in with you being [...]

    I loved the first book in the series, Seeking Nirvana I couldn t wait to jump straight into this one since we where left on a cliffhanger I found some of this book very hard to read Why Because of one character LIAM He is such a evil and twisted man, I felt like crying for Kady with some of the scenes and sometimes I felt like screaming at her to realise this isn t what she deserves She thinks she deserves what he is putting her through, she doesn t No women deserves it, not matter what you have [...]

    Wow What can I say Dark , thought provoking , gut wrenching, sickening , caring , twisted are just a few words to describe the second part of The Dark Evoke series This book takes you back to before the accident to discover what kind of relationship Kady and Liam have together To say I wasn t shocked at how sadistic someone can be is putting it mildly How much do you change for the man you love and care for I love the way Victoria takes you on a journey of self discovery , fear, loathing , and s [...]

    Eluding nirvanaOh God where to start with this review.Let me just say this has been a hard story for me to read.And here is why I HATE Liam Continuing on from seeking nirvana, Kady has gone home with Liam Walker and Laurie are still in her life and so is Liv.Walker kind of drops hints on what Kady s life was like before the accident, but nobody actually sits her down and tells her Kady has to work it out for herself.The story then goes back two and a half years before Kady has the accident We ge [...]

    When I began writing Eluding Nirvana, I wanted to demonstrate numerous things which sometimes go unseen and unspoken, as well as once again, tiptoeing a line which has been the topic of controversy for a while.I strove to not only bring you a story, but to share with you the emotions alongside the questions, which come hand in hand, while observing the journey in which both hero and heroine embark on in this installment, as though you were watching the actions of a loved one.When I did my final [...]

    Loved Eluding Nirvana Emotional read of Kady who suffers emotional and physical abuse by Liam her longtime boyfriend who makes her feel like she s delusional, and crazy Walker is lady s savior and so relieved that she had someone to turn to Definitely looking forward to reading and am left wondering if this is the end of the story or will we be hearing of Liam, Walker,and Kady.

    WOW A must read I can t wait to see what lays ahead for Kady and Walker Victoria this is an amazing book series I am going to be on edge waiting for 3 Please hurry

    5 Brilliant stars if I could give it I would I Don t know where to start with this review.This book was hard for me to read because it is so real to me and can happen to any one of us.women or even men can go through this every day.I F cking HATE Liam I have thought up loads of ways to kill him in my head ha ha Eluding Nirvana Start s of where book 1 end s Kady remembers everything she tells us her story and what happen in the missing years she had forgotten because of the accident.We get insid [...]

    This is the second book in the Dark Evoke Series It follows the life of Kady who is trying to put the pieces of her memory back in order following a car accident My heart totally went out to Kady as I experienced the journey along with her It was difficult to read parts of it but these parts are written sensitively and give you an understanding of the darkness that people can encounter in life and how they deal with it I know it s irrational to hate characters in a book but OMG, if I could hire [...]

    I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review well wow what a twisted tale quite a dark read but oh so good I was hooked from book one I really enjoyed this book even though it revolves around some dark subjects the book was kept quite light and didn t get depressing 5 all the way can t wait for from this amazing author xxx your next hot read

    I loved this book It was emotional and suspenseful It had me sucked right in from start to finish This was the first book I ve read that gave me insight has to how an abused person may think A must read series

    Evoking Nirvana The Dark Evoke Series 2 I loved the first book in the series Seeking Nirvana I would recommend reading the first book in series before reading this book, otherwise you will not know what is happening or understand this book very well I couldn t wait to read this book as I loved book 1 and I was desperate to find out what was going to happen The story continued exactly how book 1 ended Liam is still as evil and twisted as he was in the first book Some parts were hard to read becau [...]

    Dark and Psychological Page Turner This is a dark, dark read Kady s memory has returned and we find out about events in the last three years and the run up to her car accident Both friends and foes are confirmed and we bear witness to the extent of control that a sociopath can have over their victim and the physical and emotional abuse that this can entail It is truly terrifying and the author portrays it brilliantly.Many of the passages and situations are dark and sometimes the emotions that th [...]

    Here we go continuing on with the mind screw This book takes you back to the years leading up to the accident , the lost yearsI don t even know what to say , some of my most horrible thoughts have come true yet I still have so many questions unanswered and not to mention the desires I have for the present and future of Kady s life Both books sucked me in and I feel invested in Kady s life , I need her to be safe and I need her to remember those years Most of all I need her away from Liam , OMG I [...]

    Book 2 starts exactly where book 1 left off, but takes us back in time, to before the accident that robbed Kady of her memories.In many ways, this book is better written the the first because the abuse that was dealt with in book 1 is much present in this one Liam is a nasty piece pf work, and extremely clever Like many abusers, he starts slow and builds up to an evil bastard.Again, the book isn t as dark as I was led to believe, but this book was of a psychological suspense as we follow Kady [...]

    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book starts off right where Seeking Nirvana left off Literally Then it immediately starts flashing back The holes in Kady s memory start to fill up, and it is a pretty wild ride The twists and turns are quite interesting, and I can honestly say that I wasn t able to predict what happened.We learn a lot about each character as Kady recounts the past 3 years that she woke up missing, and some of it is quite startling The author [...]

    This second book in the Nirvana series follows the relationship of Liam and Katy from the beginning This book chewed me up and spit me out in a million pieces I literally wanted to kill Liam with my bare hands I d do jail time for his murder with no guilt on my conscious Eluding Nirvana is a nerve wracking, suspense, keep you on the edge of your seat Great writing, easily followed plot and dang it I couldn t put it down I am recommending this series to all of my reading friends and anyone else w [...]

    It s not often I read a book where I love the sequel than the original, but Eluding Nirvana was definitely one of those books.Read the warning with caution this isn t an easy book to read It s cruel, dark, and heart wrenching.The second book in the Dark Evoke series, Eluding Nirvana, fills in the pieces of what happened in the months leading up to the accident that robbed Kady of her memory At times, I felt a little frustrated with her because she did flit between knowing Liam is abusing her to [...]

    I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review Diving into this I was really hoping to get some answers to Kady s past and boy did I ever get the answers Liam may seem like the caring lovable boyfriend in the first book but in this one he is a sadistic son of a b h and the crap he put Kady thru would make you want to hurl This book starts out in the present but then it delves into the three years that Kady had lost when she had her accident We get to see how she became friends with Laurie [...]

    Another GREAT emotional book , just wow Again I have been dragged through the emotional wringer with Eluding Nirvana, book 2 of The Dark Evoke series Where Seeking Nirvana ends is where Eluding Nirvana begins or does it We get a taste and then V.L brilliantly goes back to 2 1 2 years and moves up the the day of the accident In book 2 we get a better look into Kady Liam s relationship Kady Walker s relationship Kady Liv s relationship This book had me in tears, just broke my heart And when a stor [...]

    m not sure my words can describe this very well the book is beautiful and evil at the same time and deals with dark subjects like self harm and abuse i loved the first book but the second filled in all the gaps for me the prologue repeats the end of the last book where walker takes kady to mcgintys and sings the jackson 5 song ill be there which sets of a memory for Kady when she arrives home she hears liam on the phone and all her memories come tumbling back chapter one begins two and a half ye [...]

    After reading Seeking Nirvana I was extremely looking forward to reading the next installment, Eluding Nirvana I promtly pre ordered this book As the first one did, it had me hooked from beginning to end The writing style was wonderful and really captured the feeling of the story This is a dark read and yet it really makes you feel connected to the characters from page 1 It really gives you and insight into the minds of the abused, and makes you think that it isn t easy to just walk away I reall [...]

    Victoria has done it again I effin love this series hard I thought book one had me ruined, no Book two had answers, but that didn t make it easy answers Thoughts from book one were confirmed, but with clarity came deep pain and heartache for kady So many hard hitting factors in this book so beautifully done Feelings so perfectly portrayed Fabulous second look at these characters I m eagerly awaiting book three Need to no if kady will finally have the happy ending she so desperately deserves How [...]

    The second installment of The Dark Evoke series, Eluding Nirvana, takes you back two and a half years before Kady s accident, and shows you everything that Kady went through to where seeking Nirvana ends.It shows you Liam s progression of mental and physical abuse.I loved how Victoria continued to capture my attention throughout this book and i really enjoyed it as much as the first, if not .Again i loath and detest Liam, and found some of the story difficult emotionally.Thank you Victoria for s [...]

    OMG I thought the first book seeking nirvana was a brilliant book,this book is on par with it.In this book 2.5 years to Kady and Liam s relationship Can t believe someone can be so evil If someone had given me a baseball bat I would of quite happily hit Liam with it.What I loved about this book as due to the amazing writing by thus author you feel yourself on Kady s discovery with her The writing style was written so sensitively and the understanding of what people go through and how they deal w [...]

    This book was amazing It follows on where Seeking Nirvana left off, with us going back in time to find out what happened in those missing years You won t be disappointed as answers to questions from Seeking appear Prepare for finding your jaw tense, your fingers tightly curled and an overwhelming urge to do physical harm to a fictional character Roll on the final part write quicker Victoria.

    After reading Seeking Nirvana I was glad I got both books at the same time and could dig right onto Eluding Nirvana This book picks right up from the end of Seeking Nirvana Kady is in a situation no woman wants to be in This is such an emotional page turner Victoria did an amazing job writing this Im kinda at a loss of what to say here this was a very intense amazing read blew me away I can t wait for the next book I am so curious if there is a HEA in store for Kady.

    I can t begin anywhere else but to begin in saying that Liam is a D bag I found myself cringing with the things he would do to Kady And honestly, I was getting pretty irritated with the fact that she let it happen worsen I kept hoping she d wake up leave And Walker I really loved his character

    This is the second book in the Dark Evoke Series and it starts right where book one left off.Kady starts to recall the last two years She goes through a lot of emotional and physical abuse that makes you hate Liam with a passion, he takes this strong woman and turns her into a lost soul Walker is trying to save her, will he succeed I look forward to reading the final installment.

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