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Counting Stars #2020

Counting Stars Counting Stars is an emotionally charged romance about love and loss and learning to live after everything you ve lived for has died I was with him for six years Derek was my life my future and my d
  • Title: Counting Stars
  • Author: Alannah Carbonneau
  • ISBN: 9781507821169
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Counting Stars is an emotionally charged romance about love and loss and learning to live after everything you ve lived for has died I was with him for six years Derek was my life, my future, and my dream come true We had it all the house, the cars, rings on our fingers, and we were even discussing a baby Derek was my high school sweetheart, my lover, and my best fCounting Stars is an emotionally charged romance about love and loss and learning to live after everything you ve lived for has died I was with him for six years Derek was my life, my future, and my dream come true We had it all the house, the cars, rings on our fingers, and we were even discussing a baby Derek was my high school sweetheart, my lover, and my best friend Derek is dead At only twenty two years old I am a widow I ve spent the last year of my life filtering through self help books searching for a way to heal the remnants of my heart I am broken It is my incessant searching that leads me to booking a month long trip with The Donnelley s Wild Land Tour s I was supposed to tour with Gracie but she is incapacitated and she s left me in Logan s care If I could, I would turn and walk away from this tour But I can t This is my last chance at learning to live again Logan doesn t know I m broken When he looks at me, I feel strong again I feel alive He pushes me to learn new things, to experience new ways, and to fight Logan, in all his bluntness has taught me to fight for what I want and what I believe in I don t know how it happened, but Logan picked up the pieces of my heart and helped me to rebuild it In him, I ve found acceptance in the hardest thing I had to face We all have a path, and for me, my path has been beautifully painful I was fated both blessed and cursed, to love two men with the entirety of my heart Looking back, I wouldn t change a day, because the pain of the lost life I had with Derek led me to the beautiful present I cherish with Logan This novel does NOT end in a cliffhanger It is a heartwarming romance for everyone who loves a happy ending This is the first of four novels each novel will feature a different Donnelley Brother This can be read as a stand alone
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    Holy goodness Alannah I was given a copy of Counting Stars for an honest review and all I say is THANK YOU so much Alannah I don t think I have read a book in a very long time that made me feel so many damn emotions I bawled like a baby during the first 3 chapters, I don t mean just a tear here and there I mean I ugly, nasty cried The writing just grabbed me and made me feel all of the pain that Reese was going through, so tissues will be needed Reese is a 23 year old widow who s husband, Derek, [...]

    3 1 2 stars, This is not my typical read, in fact it takes a lot for me to read about a book with a main character in love with their deceased spouse But that wasn t all that wasn t typical about this book for me This book is a very sweet romance but it s also about letting go and about the pain the death of a spouse can cause And while this wasn t a typical read for me I really liked it I felt for Reese and all they she had gone though and still struggled with I was sad for Derek because we get [...]

    This cover is nothing to get excited about, but don t let that fool you This book was a very nice surprise It had a gruff, protective alpha hero and a heroine looking to mend her heart after a devastating loss I love books about widows who find a new chance at love This was super sweet and the H h had very entertaining banter Yes, It had some cheesiness to it, but I guess I was in the mood for a little cheese The poignant moments made up for those over the top moments Nice for a quick weekend re [...]

    Wow, wow, wow I m not even sure how to put into words a review for this book Stunningly beautiful.I was asked to read an ARC of this book for an honest review and I have no clue how to do that Quite simply what ever I write will not do this story any justice.There simply isn t the level of words I could produce to bring praise and honour to the book, the author and her writing To understand wholeheartedly then you really really need to read this book for yourself I have read from this author pre [...]

    This is a peer review Any man that can handle a woman s tears without feeling it in his heart isn t a man at all Logan in Counting Stars by Alannah Carbonneau I must first start off this review by stating this is the first novel I have read from the author and I m glad I did Counting Stars was recommended by a friend and I didn t hesitate in reading once the opportunity presented itself It would be remiss if I didn t say I read glowing reviews of this book and it was the last book added to my TB [...]

    Oh my God, wow I was provided with an ARC of this book for an honest opinion My opinion is it deserves than 5 stars This story at the beginning, has to be every girl s worse fear, meeting a boy, falling in love with a him, becoming a woman, marrying a man, becoming one thenThis story gripped me, it held me captivated from page one Reading this story I could tell that it was written 100% from the heart, it came across as this was one of Alannah s worse nightmare, something that scared would ever [...]

    Wow I was gifted this copy for an honest review I didn t know what to expect but can honestly say that I loved this book It was such a beautifully written and very emotional story that it had me hooked from the start.Reece is a grieving widow at the age if 23 and blames herself for her husband s death She feels she cannot live in the same house as they once shared so decides to sell up and take a risk on a month long tour to find herself so to speak.She emails back and forth with a lady Gracie w [...]

    5 stars Wow I love reading a new to me author, not expecting much, and then being completely shocked at how good it is This was one of those books It was so VERY good So many feels The characters were well developed and likable Loved it

    What an absolutely beautiful story this was This story will pull at your heartstrings, you ll cry, laugh and cry some It will pull you in and you ll feel every emotion that Reese feels Beautifully written and the story flowed perfectly

    I was given the opportunity to Arc Read and review this book, and I can safely say I am so glad I was contacted.My love for Paperbacks just had one added to its ever growing list, I seriously can t wait for this to be released in Paperback.When I started reading this book I hadn t known anything about it, I d not even read a blurb for this book I m not usually so flippant with my time, but I m so glad I took a chance on this book it took hold of me from the first page.I started reading this book [...]

    Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends ForeverWhat a book If I could have given it ten stars, I would have Don t you feel there are times when a good story touches you deeply Well, that s the case with this book It is a beautiful read from start to finish.Derek and Reese were each other s first They were school sweethearts, got married, and were happy Until that fateful day when it was all taken from her Derek left her in a way which only left Reese with a constant feeling of pain [...]

    WOW This book was just WOW to me I don t even no where to start as I m that emotional after reading it I sat down thinking, I ll read a few chapters of this while my dinner is cooking.Just a few chapters.Low and behold, dinner isn t looking great As soon as I started reading it I was HOOKED I read the whole thing in one sitting I couldn t get enough of Reece and Logan story But before we start with them we have to start with Reece and DerekDerek is Reeces Husband at the start of the book They ar [...]

    Reese is a young, heartbroken widow who lost her love at a very young age and thinks she will never be able to find happiness, peace or love again After a year of still being in the grieving stage she decides she needs silence and to be away from the house she and Derek made together So she finds an advert for retreats in the country and mountains and goes hoping for a month long retreat with a women, instead she ends up on a retreat with a rather broody and sometimes rude man named Logan.These [...]

    I have already read Enraptured by this author and I absolutely loved it It was by chance that I discovered this author So when I was asked to read an ARC of this book, I was to say, a wee bit excited.This book is without a doubt a very intense and emotional read We meet Reese James A twenty three year old woman who has suffered one of the most intense tragedies you can be dealt with in life She was living her ideal lifestyle with Derek, before an event struck and ripped him from her life.She is [...]

    5 Stars How sweet is this book This is the second book I have read from this author I was so excited when she asked me to read an advance copy Her stories are always so powerful and emotional I seriously stayed up all night to finish this one.Twenty three year old, Reese James had her life mapped out until an unexpected tragedy completely changed everything Almost a year later, she s ready to move on, but is not really sure what she wants to do with her life now She had been eyeing this ad, for [...]

    I was offered a copy of this book for review ,,, after reading the synopsis I was than happy to accept ,,, This book is a HEA kinda romance ,,, it s a great book ,,, and if ya like a country guy this is one for youSo here we have Reese ,,, she is young but even at a young age she has had her life torn apart and her heart broken in the worst way ,,, her husband, her only love and partner, has been taken from her before they even had a chance to live their lives together ,,, before they even made [...]

    Reviewed by AkeishaHere is my review for Counting Stars by Alaannah CarbonneauThis was my very first book from Alaanah Carbonneau She was kind enough to offer me a copy for review which I really appreciated The blurb sounded great and I was ready to dive in and learn about these characters I knew little about.In the beginning of the story, I must admit that I was a little confused with the dialogue Maybe it was me having a slow day but it took a while to understand it The I read the better I u [...]

    Becoming a widow at only 23 is not something anybody would ever want, but unfortunately that s what has happened to Reece Reece had only been married a short while when a tragic accident stole her husband Derek Blaming herself for his death Reece decides she needs to escape for a wee while, she decides to go to The Donnelly s Wild Land Tours in the hope of starting to heal.Gracie Donnelly owns and runs the ranch with her husband and sons When Gracie has an unfortunate accident and can no longer [...]

    When I first started reading this book I didn t expect it to end up being the type of story that it was When I say that I mean that is was not just about Reese and her struggles, it was so much It was a very well written story about finding that young love you think will last forever only to lose it This story started out in a way that got me from the start and I didn t want to stop reading until I was finished Reese is only 22 and she is now a widow, not even married a year and she is dealing [...]

    Reese is a young women in her early twenties dealing with the unthinkable, the death of her husband She is broken At 22, she never imagined she would have fell in love and lost that love While dealing with her loss and devastation, she decides to book a month long adventure with the Donnelly s Wild Land Tour She establishes a relationship with Gracie, the matriarch of the family and in under the impression that Gracie will be leading her journey in healing After an injury to Gracie, Reese is lef [...]

    Counting Stars is an amazing read It s a sweet story There are parts that are definitely tissues worthy Reese has lost her husband, Derek They were high school sweethearts She s young and it s crazy to think of her as a widow Reese s character is so well written that you can t help but feel sad for her Around what would have been her anniversary, she sells the house her and Dereck bought and decides to go a month long tour in the wilderness She plan on having Gracie form Donnelley Wild Land Tour [...]

    This is a very emotional story that will surely pull at your heart strings a book about love lost and love found, proving that when one door closes another one is there to be opened.Reese has just lost the love of her life, her husband of less than a year, Derek She is left feeling responsible for his death, although it was clearly an accident Wallowing in her sorrow and guilt, she has shut off from life Finally deciding that it s time to let go and try living again, she decides to go on a month [...]

    Review posted at bookcrushbookreviews 2014 Rating 4.5 starsThis was my first novel by Alannah and she s made my heart react in remarkable ways throughout Reese s journey We learn from the beginning that Reese has experienced a tremendous loss and this is novel is her adventure to finding a place of healing, grieving, and discovering of herself Reese speaks to Derek and my heart mourned for her in these moments, experiencing her grief and pain with Reese The beauty of these moments when she speak [...]

    Counting Stars ReviewI had never read anything by Alannah Carbonneau before and was given the chance to read Counting Stars before it s release in November 2014.Counting Stars is an emotional story, It deals with love, loss and learning how to find love again.I was only a few pages in to the story when I realised that I had found another brilliant author, Her words flowed effortlessly, I was drawn in and had to read .We meet Reese who is still dealing with the loss of her husband Derek, They had [...]

    I received this book an exchange for an honest review from addicted to books and authors.The book begins with Reese, a happily married women, who loves her work from home job and has found the love of her life in her husband Derek Before the celebrate their 1 year anniversary Derek is in a fatal car accident and Reese blames herself, as she was the reason he was running late to work Exactly 1 year after Derek s death Reese decides to sell their home and start fresh, she has found a tour company [...]

    Review for Rising Indies United.I wasn t sure what to expect when I first got this book, but boy and I glad that I took a chance on it This book is an emotional roller coaster, that s for sure I swear, I was crying for the first half of it There were parts that had me happy and laughing and then also mad My emotions ran the gauntlet, that s for sure I love reads like this though, where you can really connect with the characters and your heart aches for them, for what the are, or were, going thro [...]

    ARC review Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review Counting Stars is an amazing read From the start up to the last, everything is great The characters and the story are amazing I was hooked The story made me emotional The characters, Logan and Reese are amazing Logan, grumpy yet an interesting man Because of something happened to him in the past, it made him hard and not easy to trust open up with other people especially city folks Reese, a woman with a sad story I was sad on [...]

    Counting starsLife couldn t have been better for Reese Settled down with the love of her life, her soul mate.One last kiss that was all it took and Reese lost everything including herself.Now Reese has to do something she has to try and find herself again Embarking on an adventure, Reese decides to take The Donnelleys wild land ranch tour Will Reese find what she is looking for Can she find herself again How is she going to deal with her tour guide Logan When I was offered an ARC of this book fo [...]

    I m not sure where to start with this review as I was really not expecting the story to be as fabulous as it was I absolutely loved it Widowed at an early age, Reese pack up her life and leaves her best friend behind to embark on a month long adventure to find herself Expecting to be accompanied by a women named Gracie, Reese isn t particularly happy to discover that Gracie can t go due to an injury and she has to put up with Gracies GRUMPY son Logan instead.The relationship between Reese and Lo [...]

    Reese has recently lost her husband She replies to an ad about a Ranch wilderness Tour She feels this is what she needs to do in order to move on.Logan is the one who takes her out in her adventure His family is the one who does the Wilderness program When his mom messes up her foot, he steps in her place Little do both of them know what they are in store for.I have been in a book funk lately and a very good friend of mine recommended this book In fact, she gifted me the first 2 books in the ser [...]

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