Pulled Under

Pulled Under #2020

Pulled Under man child noun a grown man who is very immature therefor considered a man childmanwhore noun a promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationshipsRhe
  • Title: Pulled Under
  • Author: Sarah Darlington
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  • Page: 193
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  • man child noun a grown man who is very immature, therefor considered a man childmanwhore noun a promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationshipsRhett Morgan couldn t have been wrong for me The guy drank beer in the shower, for crying out loud He had no prospects for the future, had slept with half the womenman child noun a grown man who is very immature, therefor considered a man childmanwhore noun a promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationshipsRhett Morgan couldn t have been wrong for me The guy drank beer in the shower, for crying out loud He had no prospects for the future, had slept with half the women in our beach town of Kill Devil Hills, and had no desire to change his manwhore ways.And when Ben Turner, the guy I had loved from afar for the past four years, died and I couldn t get over his death, I desperately needed a distraction A distraction like Rhett So I used him for a one night stand Because, after all, that s the only thing a guy like Rhett is good forright
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    2.5 Stars I know, I know I was WARNED about some incidents in this book There were too many things that bothered me and although I though i could handle them I DID NOT I don t know but the book itself was written somewhat without emotional depth and I felt that deeper emotional connection was lacking, simply put I was not feeling the crazy knocked on my feet romance between the H hAnother fact that bothered me was the ex of the hero He bough her along just to make the heroine jealous He actually [...]

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review image error Sarah Darlington has definitely pulled me with her newest installment to the Kill Devil Hills Series in Pulled Under.Right off the opening pages, I was emotionally invested into the story line of Sydney as she recounts her tale of Ben and the lasting effect that it left her when she tries to cope with the loss Pulled Under starts off a bit differently since majority of this book takes place before Kill Devil Hills and Changing T [...]

    I received an ARC copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.From book one, this is the guy I ve been waiting to see I love him so much, and from book one I needed Rhett, Rhett, Rhett He s the manwhore or man child of the series and believe me the wait was very much worth it Rhett is introduced to Sydney when she was sixteen, and he was about twenty The real story picks up about three or four years after their first meeting.Sydney was a character I really enjoyed reading [...]

    Really sweet romance Although hero used to be a man whore, he was really a good guy Good friend, helped out his mom with everything and once he had heroine, she was it for him He wasn t that nasty, arrogant, cocky type of hero who was in ave of his man whore ways.Safety gang view spoiler the hero is a man whore but once he is with h, there is no else for him Their separation lasted for months and she kept on pushing him away, not giving him chances.There are triggers though.He had a friend, they [...]

    Just because he was gorgeous, kind of cocky, built like an MAA fighter, and actually talking to me, that didn t mean I was about to fall instantly in love with him I was actually thinking hard about how the title came up, I m a weird like that sometimes, and I guess after finishing this novel, I came to realize, it s not just about love and second chances, it s all about enjoying some firsts in our life and how you should chose something that should be special and making the most of it That man [...]

    ok so I had some issues with this things I don t normally like and I still don t but for some reason I really liked Rhett He was a dumbass with certain things but he really does love Sydney.Safe with exceptions I don t think most of my GR friends are going to like this but he does bring his ex sex buddy with him on a trip, she sits on his lap on a car ride and they share a hotel room two beds though I know it s bad but he did it to make h jealous, you see she thinks she s in love with someone el [...]

    Self note review showI m so tired of Hs involving his ex sex buddy in the relationship he has with h, that really just p me off

    I liked Rhett and felt Ben was mentioned a bit too many times for my liking but otherwise it was a decent read.

    Pulled Under is the third book in the Kill Devil Hills series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.Pulled Under pulled me in from the very first page and follows the story of Rhett and Sydney Rhett Morgan is the guy that mom always warned you about He s what you call a man whore He s probably slept with most of the women in town However, on the night of Sydney s 16th birthday, fate intervenes and their two lives come crashing together Two years go by, and Sydney decides to finally look f [...]

    Received an ARC copy by the author, Sarah Darlington, as part of the Sarah Darling Street Team in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Princess StarsI have been a huge fan of this series from the start and have been dying to get Rhett and Sydney s story since I ve read Kill Devil Hills I can t help but fall for the asshole manwhores who changed their ways to with that one special girl they never knew they were waiting for.Sydney met Rhett on her 16th birthday when she was crying over her first hear [...]

    needs emoticons When it comes to Rhett I really want to use the heart eyes for him I seriously had no clue I would feel this way about him when I started this book In the previous 2 he was just on the peripheryat kind of friend who d show up once in awhile, make his mark and then leave How was I supposed to know he d worm his way into my heart like he did and make me love him Rhett is one of those characters who completely catches you off guardyou expect certain things from him and you expect hi [...]

    Rhett couldn t be wrong for Sydeny He drinks beer in the shower, he s older then her, and he s a manwhore At school Sydney was the geeky, quiet girl She kept to herself She has been in love with Ben Turner from afar for years He doesn t notice her But then one day things change Ben dies It changes everything for Sydney, she feels like she is falling apart So she seeks out Rhett for a one night stand, something to help her forget the pain for a while But feelings start to develop on both sides I [...]

    3 Cranky Stars Rhett Morgan is a known man whore He likes his uncomplicated life and doesn t want to change Sydney Michaels has been in love with Ben Turner since her freshman year During a summer school class they became friends and Ben confided in her that he was taking the summer classes to graduate early, so he could join the coast guard They continued their friendship through emails until she found out that he died while trying to save someone s life Lost at sea and no body recovered, she a [...]

    I haven t read Book 2 yet, but in Book 1 we meet the Turner family as their younger brother Ben had just died and then the sister Georgie tried to commit suicide which is who the book was based on, her older sister Ellie and best friend Noah found her and saved her and then eventually Noah and Georgie got together as readers discovered that Ellie was in fact a lesbian I had to start with that little recap, so that readers would understand Book 3 In Book 3 we meet Sydney who is in love with Ben T [...]

    I really loved Rhett He s funny, sweet, charming and adorable He also has a bit of a reputation However, there s something about Syndey though that makes him stop and completely change course Right after he meets Sydney for the second time the time that counts he immediately stops his manwhoring ways, falls into a vat of love and tracks down Sydney, who legit just used him for sex since he s known as the town manslut awwwwww I loved that Sydney calls him on his bullshit and I really really loved [...]

    I was gifted an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review Thanks to Sarah Darlington for letting me read it I enjoyed this book, as I have all of the books in the Kill Devil Hills series Despite being an ARC, I thought this book was much better edited in general than the previous two books The pacing was a little better as far as plot goes, but there were large passages of time that were completely missing, with little explanation of what was going on during that time On a positive note, th [...]

    Sarah pulled me in from the first page of this book I am loving every book in the Kill Devil Hills series This one is about Sydney and when it first starts it is emotional hearing all that Sydney went through when losing Ben and all she goes through to cope with it It starts before the first two books and we see how in love she is with Ben then it fast forwards to after Ben She wants to feel again and decides on a one night stand but what she didnt bargain for was feeling much when meeting Rhet [...]

    Okay well let me start of by saying that this book had great potential, the characters were well thought out, the scene was great BUT the story line wasn t so great.I felt that it ended a bit too quickly The turmoil I was expecting to experience with such great characters did not happen Its not a bad read at all but it is a short one where I was left thinking is that it Why did Ben pull a disappearing act Why did Rhett fall so easily for Sydney Why did Luce not throw a hissy fit I just felt that [...]

    4 secret stars I m so torn with this book I love Rhett in the last one but I think it got too overdone in the romance department with Sydney I m going to have to think on it More review to come

    4.5 starI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs, pain, grief, secrets, and heartbreak Before reading this story please read the below books firstKill Devil Hills Kill Devil Hills, 1 Changing Tides Kill Devil Hills, 2 This is Syndey and Rhett s story Syndey lost her love but what she needs is someone like Rhett to help her get over it She can use him as he is a manwhore But what happens when a meeting of two people so different turns out the best thing for both He wants her for t [...]

    My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review Rhett is your typical man whore, however a second encounter with shy a first Sydney has him changing his ways as he o so fast falls in love with her wanting to change his ways and have his first proper girlfriend.Sydney has always had a crush on Ben Turner and twice in a row she has used Rhett to help get over the feeling At the end you certainly think that Ben is a tool and needs to sort himself out.Rhett sometimes a [...]

    This third book in the Kill Devil Hills series might be called Pulled Under but really the whole series could easily be called Pulled In because that s what these stories do they pull you in right from the start and keep you hooked up through the final page And then some I m sitting here right now ready for book 4, Adrift I don t even want to start another book because I want to savor these Kill Devil Hills characters a little longer.So book 3 is about Rhett Morgan, Ellie and Noah s roommate int [...]

    I would recommend to only read this review if you have read the 2 other books because it s impossible not to spoil, although I did hide the spoilers I loved the first 2 books, Kill Devil Hills and Changing Tides, in the Kill Devil Hills Series, so that the third installment in the series was one of my anticipated books this fall.This book tells the story of Rhett and Sydney, whom we both know from the former books view spoiler but this books also covers the past and the time around and after Ben [...]

    I really, really love this series While Pulled Under can be read as a standalone, I really recommend reading the stories in order as it will enhance your enjoyment of the entire series One of the interesting things from this installment is that some events overlap with things that occur in the previous story, Changing Tides, so it s neat that we get to see things that are happening in the overall series from different characters perspectives We were introduced to Rhett in the first book of the s [...]

    Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook TwinsietalkTwitter TwinsietalkTsu TwinsietalkNewsletter eepurl brwkPv Pulled Under by Sarah DarlingtonI received this book from the author for an honest opinion.I am a huge fan of this series and loved how this book evolved This book was kinda of a time travel back to before Georgie and Noah were together and when Ellie and Nate were meeting We finally get the story of Syd and Ben We know there is a girl who Rhett is really rude to while eve [...]

    Thank you to the author, Sarah Darlington, for gifting me with a copy of this book as well as the previous two in the series in exchange for an honest review Just like the cover implies, I was immediately pulled into this book I would suggest reading the first two books in the series just because they give a little background on the characters in the story This book takes place during the time that the first two do it arches over both so of course, like any book that comes later in the series, [...]

    Come find me when you re no longer jail bait Little did us Kills Devil Hills readers know that Sydney and Rhett had history beyond that one night that left the man whore himself broken and searching A few years prior Rhett made an impression on a young girl and now he is the only one Sydney can think of to help take away her torment, even if just for one night It felt like I was stuck in a nightmare from which I couldn t wake up Alive but not fully alive Aware but not fully aware Breathing but o [...]

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