Commanded #2020

Commanded Th oden On the evening of branding my new son Noel my King has called a special meeting of his Court I can t possibly guess what this meeting is about as everything within his kingdom is running pe
  • Title: Commanded
  • Author: Nicholas Bella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Th oden On the evening of branding my new son, Noel, my King has called a special meeting of his Court I can t possibly guess what this meeting is about, as everything within his kingdom is running perfectly I do know one thing, Ara loves to entertain and be entertained, so at least that s something to look forward to What I m not looking forward to is having to see NoTh oden On the evening of branding my new son, Noel, my King has called a special meeting of his Court I can t possibly guess what this meeting is about, as everything within his kingdom is running perfectly I do know one thing, Ara loves to entertain and be entertained, so at least that s something to look forward to What I m not looking forward to is having to see Nolan, Lord of District Four We really don t get along Well, as for my children, when the Master is away, the boys will play In fact, I insist on it Noel I ve just received my official brand, the insignia of the House of Th oden Along with the brand comes a load of responsibilities I am to adhere to Apparently, my new life involves being an enforcer I m to be trained by Marco, my eldest and most sadistic brother I m not looking forward to that, not one bit At least tonight, I ll get a reprieve For tonight, we celebrate as only the House of Th oden can Warning This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won t apologize for hurting your feelings, either You ll find no fluff and ruffles here The vampires are not misunderstood, hopeless romantics looking for love The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren t the ones from your childhood This is NOT a romance There are approximately 19,100 words in this novelette.
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    Interesting developments of Th oden and King AraTh oden dragon s blood can do cool things I raised my body temperature to a boiling point , making my system hot enough to produce the dragon fire.My hands started to glow bright red and then the flames burst forth, burning Nolan s arm He screamed and let me go I whipped around, holding both hands out before me and blasted him with flames from my open palms like water from a fire hose His clothes caught fire and then he did I lowered my hands and w [...]

    4.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.This is the first book in the House of Th oden series, which is a continuation of the Chained in Darkness series You could probably figure things out if you started here, but you really need to read from the beginning to get the total picture.At this point, Noel has been officially branded into Th oden s household To celebrate his branding, Th oden has granted the brothers free reign for the night, which, of course, means lots of sex with each other Noel stil [...]

    It s what he needs, and whether he ever admits it to us or not, it s what he loves YES As a reader fan of this series, it is exactly what so many of us need A new wild and erotic tale told in a completely new and different way.A MUST READ IN ORDER SERIES Commanded starts immediately after Noele receives his brand This is told from both his and Theoden s POV making in even in depth and captivating.No spoilers but sooooo much is learned about Noele s new family and his own past Even teasing to [...]

    Hmmm Not my favorite out the series I did like the other books so I think its because the book is majority Theoden s POV He seems very stiff and not very likable I know he s supposed to be a big baddy but there has to be something for me to like to want to read books about him I will have to say the chapters with Noel s POV were the best.

    I made it through Season 1 Yay with basically one thought Give me If, by chance, you are reading this and have not read the first season, Chained in Darkness, I would stay, STOP, go back It is imperative to read these in order so that you have the full understanding of what has taken place Season 2, House of Th oden, starts with, Book 1, Commanded One of the things I love about the author, Nicholas Bella, is each new installment starts off where the last one stopped You are able to pick back up [...]

    Five Amazing StarsOrdered I was absolutely thrilled to to read the second season The first book, House of Theoden Master Theoden counties the life as the Father, teacher and leader of his sons His latest son, Noel Another character comes into this story, King Ara Wow I m loving this book Theoden was pleased how well Noel was settling in as a Vampire He was so pained throughout his branding I had felt now a sense of peace I knew Noel was all mine He was completely under my control now This book w [...]

    This book starts off right where the last Chained in Darkness book left off Noel has just received his insignia and is officially a part of the family This is short but hot, we get to see how Noel is adjusting to his new family and loving it but most of the story is from Theoden s point of view which is really fun to read We get to meet Theoden s brothers and his Sire It was fun to see Theoden have to submit to someone else for a change even if he did love every minute of it You can tell that he [...]

    Look what I have for you this morning It is the next book in CHAINED IN DARKNESS However this one is called the COMMANDED THE HOUSE OF THEODEN by NICHOLAS BELLA This one is right off the hot press as it was RELEASED TODAY TITLE COMMANDED THE HOUSE OF THEODENNRE DARK EROTIC, PARANORMAL AUTHOR NICHOLAS BELLARELEASE DATE TODAY FEB 2 , 2015 I am so very grateful for receiving an ARC from the author, in exchange for my honest opinion Mr Bella YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN This book in series 2 is so full of [...]

    If there is one thing this author does better than most, it is shaking things up I never know where the next book will lead, but I sure am going to be there to see This series hooked me from page one of Embraced, and it is not letting go This new season has duel POV s This is awesome Now we get to know what Theoden is thinking as well Just an incredibly gritty, raunchy, sexy as all get out, fun time I think I will never get enough of these vampires, they are so ruthless, yet endearing at the sam [...]

    This was Gifted my Review in Exchange Nicholas Bella you so naughty man, this first book of New Season House of Theoden was amazing and easy for me to give it 5 stars I loved it What an amazing talentI remember messaging the writer saying how amazing I thought his book Embraced was, such a humble and simple response He said I just right what I want to read He may want to read it but damn, I m sure he is finding out how many others has read and enjoyed his stories O.M.G King Ara is to die for, ju [...]

    I couldn t wait to bury my fangs in this book after the great finale of the first season when Noel finally took his branding And like the books in the first season i wasn t disappointed and Nicholas Bella satisfied my hunger for Theod n and Noel very well.The whole story just got interesting while written from the different point of views of Theod n himself and Noel, what i like a lot It brings it all up to a higher level and is as promisisng as any hot and sexy story by Nicholas Bella can be [...]

    I never thought I d like a series a dark as this one But Nicholas Bella proved me wrong and I m glad he has The first six books of this series will take you by storm and leave you wanting Mr Bella doesn t disappoint with the first book of season two.Theoden is a sexy, demanding, brutal vampire dragon hybrid He is a master We ve met a some interesting people in the first season but now we are meeting the man that made Theoden himself, King Ara That s one vampire I want to know about.It was grea [...]

    Amazing Heart stopping I couldn t get enough of this book Nicholas did it again This book starts where our last book had left off I think it is wonderful that we get to know Th oden a little better We learn about his past and learn what his future has in store for him Does he really accept his command by his sire And Noel He has been accepted by his brothers and they are celebrating in a way they only know how to Sex This is one of those books that you can t put down It is a must read I gave it [...]

    Commanded is sinfully sexy, and adds scrumptious characters to the already gorgeous cast As a battle begins we meet the incredibly strong and sexually powerful Ara and his delicious group of warrior children Theoden and Ara the King Oh my These two are on fire This series is wicked, rough and perfect.

    I love this series It continues right where the first part leaves off I really like how there s different POVs I want to know what s going on in Theoden s head Add in chapters with Noel s POV and I m hooked Can t wait for part two

    Holy hotness Loved reading from Theoden s point of view, getting a glimpse of his other side Eager to see how things unfold.

    Sto seguendo questa serie da Ottobre e solo ora, arrivati al primo libro della seconda, mi sono decisa a recensire.I primi e brevi episodi della CID series, e parlo solo dei primi 3, mi avevano colpito molto, come del resto i personaggi L avviso che do questa serie non fa per tutti, e ripeto, non fa per tutti C della roba davvero perversa che non si vede neanche nei peggiori film porno gay in giro per il web, o in horror splatter.Tutti gli episodi fino ad ora contenevano il 99,9% di sesso, il re [...]

    Season two finds us with a brand new name Chained in Darkness becomes House of Theoden We also find out point of view no longer just Noel s Theoden himself plays a bit part in the narration of this first episode of season two.There s change coming to New Haven, and while Noel is basking in the pleasures of finally being officially one of Theoden s children, Theoden is having a meeting with his own sire, Ara, and his brothers Ara has big things planned and while Theoden is on board with some of t [...]

    Omg, better and better Loved Theodens POV Such an exciting glimpse into his past too The ending scene with King Ara had me fanning myself Nicholas Bella does not hold back Best scene was the fight between Nolan and Theoden It left me breathless wondering how Theoden was gonna win cause honestly, I had no doubt Theoden WOULD win Also very glad to see Noel fitting in so nicely with his brothers The boys play so nicely together I love the imagery that Nicholas Bella is able to bring forth in his wr [...]

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review by Obsessed by Books I love paranormal books, especially vampires and werewolves Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed Although the author is definitely a talentedauthor, I was offended by the frequency and tasteless sexual scenes I mdefinitely not into this type of book, but to each his own If it weren t forMr Bella s talent, I would have given this book a much lower review.

    I m really liking this serial There s nothing offensive in this episode, unless you have issues with guys having sex, then you shouldn t be reading this in the first place There weren t any lessons in this one, believe that s saved for the next book I really wish this was a full novel This waiting for the next the next episode sucks, lol I hope I get the chance to read the next one, I can t wait to see what else happens

    This is the first book of the second series Noel s training continues, although he is slowly learning his place in his new world As one of the Brothers with his new brand he still is low man on the totem pole, and he still has a ways to go But this book focuses on Th oden and his relationship with his sire the King He has a new role to play and he does it well Have I mentioned how hot the sex is in this book No well, I will just say Scorching

    This is one of the funniest books I ve read in ages, although I m not sure funny was the intent This book is what you would get if a 12yo really wanted access to porn, but didn t have access to the internet decided to write his own One of my favorite quotes recently by another author, Good sex scenes are fun, but bad sex scenes are hilarious The dirty talk in this book is some of the most ridiculous stuff I ve ever read in that sense I guess it s still entertaining.

    I like how the majority of the book is from Theoden s POV You now get a little insight into the vampire kingdom and meet Theoden s brothers and The king, Ara, super hot scene between Theoden and Ara btwzzle So begins Season 2d if you haven t read Season 1, you NEED to read that first before this It ll bring you up to speed on what s going on but besides that is the fact that it s just plain amazing

    4.5 StarsI was given arcs of this series in exchange for a honest reviewMANDED was the first book of Nicholas that I have read I have read M M before, but none as explicit and erotic as this series and I loved them.I loved the characters and how the brothers interact with each other.The story throughout the series is extremely good and kept me glued to the pages.I will definitely be reading season 1 CHAINED IN DARKNESS and I can t wait for the next season.

    well, first i want to thank you Sir for making this series or books i really love How Noel evolve to becoming a vampire from human and i really love Theoden, Marco and Bruce they are my favorite i really dont like Jonah hope he will be killed or something he a coward, hahahaabd am looking forward for your books to come Love

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