City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire #2020

City of Heavenly Fire Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world As their society falls apart around them Clary Jace Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced Cl
  • Title: City of Heavenly Fire
  • Author: Cassandra Clare
  • ISBN: 9781406355819
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced Clary s own brother Nothing in the world can defeat him must they journey to another world to find the chance Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world changeDarkness returns to the Shadowhunter world As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced Clary s own brother Nothing in the world can defeat him must they journey to another world to find the chance Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world change in the sixth and last installment of the Mortal Instruments series
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      379 Cassandra Clare
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    A surprising four stars Do with it what you will Me, high on a series ending.I ve been doing some thinking, and now that the rain is gone, I can see clearly This piece of shit book doesn t deserve any stars It deserves negative fucking stars It was a chore to get through, and can erase this review all they want it doesn t change the fact that Cassandra Clare is a fucking snake in the grass Inexplicable is this series success The first three books were fun fluff, but could have been written by a [...]

    This review and can be found on Living for the BooksFinally, this prolonged series comes to an end and while I wish I could say that I ll really miss the characters, I probably won t To be completely honest, I used to adore this series back when I first read it about four years ago, but I feel like it no longer has the same appeal as it once did I m pretty sure I only picked this book up out of habitThe biggest issue I had with this book was that the characters focus on the wrong things The wor [...]

    I was thinking up until the last 200 pages that this was definitely going to be a 3 star read, but that ending completely changed my mind It really made up for the first chunk of the book.


    The fascinating world of shadowhunters and downworlders has always intrigued me with it s rich world building The characters, so true and relatable, including those few twisted ones, have all contributed to making this one of my favorite book series of all time Add in some adventure, romance, and humor, and you ve got a recipe for success.The last installment of the Mortal Instruments was nothing short of unforgettable There were so many things I loved with it, but also things I regretted Cassie [...]

    UPDATE 1 15 14So the cover was released Though I appreciate that the faces are a little implicit than they were in the past two, I m rather disappointed there s something a little cheesy about it, and it looks kind of like a rehash of CoFA Plus, Clary s hair I get that she s part angel, but that s such an unnatural shade of red, and I never got the vibe that she dyed it Also the city scape at the bottom was always a favorite element, and it s just not as prominent here, so I m bummed.Ah, well M [...]

    Words cannot express how amazing this book was I will be posting a detailed review up on my youtube channel soon

    Read the full review A Perfection Called BooksWith a heavy heart, I write this review TMI is the series that rekindled my love of reading I was so invested in this series, and I m so sad that it s come to a close But darn, Cassie ended it well Warning This book will make you so emotionally unstable You ll go from angry to remorseful, happy to sad, laughing to crying, and so on This book was everything I hoped for and Me While Reading This Book The Writing Cassie Clare never ceases to amaze me w [...]

    EDIT January 14, 2014 COVER COVER COVER COVER COVER THERE IT IS THERE IT IS IT S BEEN TWOOOOO YEEEAAARRSSSS AND ITS SOO PREEEETTTYTY,,,,,EDIT January 11, 2014 Release date pushed back 2 months Still no cover What is this What Is This SEEING THE RELEASE DATE a coming to realization storyA girl, innocently reading City of Lost Souls, deciding to check release date of the next book.Seeing this MARCH 19ME Oh, ok, not too bad I mean, just a few months, right WRONG.March 19 2013MARCH 19th.F ING.20.14. [...]

    Edit 1 17 14 That cover is epic, but I really wish Malec was on it instead Edit 3 12 13 I just noticed that it says on the bottom of the placeholder Cover to be revealed when you least expect it Original Cassandra Clare why are you doing this to us March 19, 2014 is way too far away, this is pure torture How could she end it on a spectacular cliffhanger then expect us to wait 2 whole years Clockwork Princess is already out I hope everything works out between Tessa, Will, and Jem Even though Cloc [...]

    I have thoroughly enjoyed The Mortal Instruments series Here and there, I find myself wanting to break out of my usual romance genre and read a paranormal fantasy story This series was a fantastic choice for me I listened to the Audible version of these books and they were a joy to listen to The narrators did a wonderful job of drawing me into the story and holding my attention throughout the series With six books, that s quite the feat The final book in the series, City of Heavenly Fire brings [...]

    Omg Omg Omg This freaking book is the best one and my feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllsssThis is going to be another one of my crazy reviews I really need to start reviewing in parts so that I can get all of the feels before they wear off Anyway OmGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Well first let me say when that stupid jerk, Sebastian kills someone I loved I wanted to pulverize him into the ground HULK SMASH Of course, I wanted to do this anyway but I digress I didn t even take any no [...]

    I DID IT I FINISHED THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS I STAYED UNTIL THE VERY END Freely we serveBecause we freely love, as in our willTo love or not in this we stand or fall I can t believe I finally finished this series I am speechless Completing all of The Mortal Instruments books feels like such an accomplishment This is the first long running series, with a total of six books, that I have ever read in my life.As a whole, The Mortal Instruments was a rollercoaster ride I had a love hate relationship wi [...]

    SpoilersUnderwhelming, cliched, and mostly predictable The characters, the story, and the ending was all rubbish I wasn t expecting great things from CoHF but I did think I d get a LOT than what was delivered There was no originality, no twists, no satisfying resolutions, there was just NOTHING Everything worked out pretty much perfectly for the main characters, it was so bloody cheesy and blah.What s what Incest loving evul caricature Sebastian wants to shag his sister and do other evul things [...]

    Hmm although I have only read the first three books of TMI, I can t possibly imagine how Cassandra Clare wrote THREE MORE DANG BOOKS Did anyone else think that City of Glass wrapped everything up nicely I did With everyone happy The Downworlders and Shadowhunters forgetting their pasts and mingling Maryse being okay with Alec and Magnus that part was so sweet I smiled whenever they came up Clary and Jace together Simon accepting his sunny albeit bloody fate Happiness for all No, says Cassandra C [...]

    La verdad no entiendo porque espere tanto tiempo para leer este libro, estoy muy arrepentida de no haberlo le do apenas lo tuve en mis manos, este ltimo libro me lleno de tantas alegr as y emociones como no tienen idea, que hasta llore como una ni a cuando lo termine Este ltimo libro est lleno de acci n, felicidad, tristeza, muertes, momentos emotivos, de todo un poco y de verdad estoy muy agradecida a Cassandra Clare por darnos este libro tan espectacular, eso SI para m no es el mejor de todos [...]

    Oh, 2014 you say Way to freaking long Right now this is me And, the longer I wait the I want to do this Oh, and if Alec and Magnus don t get back together For those of you who ship Simon Clary instead of Simon Izzy Well, I would really love for Izzy to finally tell Simon how she feels cause then I would have to be all like FINALLY Thank you, Jesus.

    2 Wait Was that it Stars Major Spoilers AheadOkay so let me get this straight I read 6 books in this series, the last book over 700 pages and that was the ending CC gave us readers really I have to say I am pretty disappointed in the way the whole series played out The first 3 books were really good but I feel like the last 3 though okay lacked depth of character, and depth of the on going relationships Maybe it s because there was so many storylines going at once CC could totally give JR Ward a [...]

    Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger When we suffer, we survive This series tempered me in fire a lot I m glad I survived this mess.I started it maybe 7 or 8 years ago City of Bones was my favourite book for a long long time I loved this world, the Shadowhunters, Downworlders, the magic and all the forbidden romance.Many years later I have to admit that the excitement wore off And it all started when Cassandra Clare decided she needed a sequel to City of Glass And another one And another one [...]

    Why are you doing this to me I love Cassandra Clare s books but I m gonna hate her forever for making me wait this long It s bad enough I have to wait about half a year for COLS, now I have to wait than a year after COLS for COHF This is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST KIND OF TORTURE IN THE WORLD I should have waited till the end of 2013 then bought COFA, COLS and COHF but I couldn t keep my hands of COFA And now how am I feeling you ask WellRTURED, SLEEPLESS and I CAN T KEEP MY MIND OFF COLS AND COHF Ug [...]

    Is this the real cover It s so pretty Edit So this is the real cover It s cool, but I think I like the fan made one

    I have no idea why I m going to read this.Perhaps I am a masochist.City of Lost Souls was freaking awful.But I have to know how it ends.And maybe it will magically get better.Also it will probably have a gorgeous cover.And I have no self control whatsoever.

    We are all the pieces of what we remember We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who loves us As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss 5 Heavenly Fire Stars This is going to be a very emotional review fangirling so please bear with me.I knew the conclusion of The Mortal Instruments will be beautiful What I didn t expect was how it s even better than what I ve expected It was epic The best of all the best The kind of book that was well molded from start to finish, clo [...]

    DNF at page two hundred or three hundred and somethingA Tale of Summer s Favorite Series of All TimeOnce upon a time there was a twelve year old girl who loved reading She read anything she could get her hands on but unlike other girls her age, she refused to read the terribly famous Twilight No, she was far too good for that Instead, she devoured The Mortal Instruments series, which she believed was far well written, complex than that worthless Twilight Fast forward two years later, and Summe [...]

    Stay with me for a minute.I m gonna discuss the logic of contraceptives in this book.Or the epic failure thereof._______________________________That Was INTENSE And everything is now wrapped up in a pretty bow.except for that one loose thread that is tied to Emma Carstairswe shall seeWell, what the heck, Sebastian view spoiler Poor, poor Sebastian Jonathan.And don t even get me started on Simon Everything sucks hide spoiler Clary often gets on my nerves.Also, I was reminded in this book that Jac [...]

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