The Spook Who Spoke Again

The Spook Who Spoke Again #2020

The Spook Who Spoke Again A short comic masterpiece from Lindsey Davis set in Ancient Rome and featuring Marcus Didius Falco his children Flavia Albia and Postumus and one rascally ferret Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus is a
  • Title: The Spook Who Spoke Again
  • Author: Lindsey Davis
  • ISBN: 9781473617001
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A short comic masterpiece from Lindsey Davis set in Ancient Rome and featuring Marcus Didius Falco, his children Flavia Albia and Postumus and one rascally ferret.Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus is a special boy He is twelve, or perhaps eleven He has two mothers and various possible fathers, so he worries who will take care of him He is self confident yet vulnerable,A short comic masterpiece from Lindsey Davis set in Ancient Rome and featuring Marcus Didius Falco, his children Flavia Albia and Postumus and one rascally ferret.Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus is a special boy He is twelve, or perhaps eleven He has two mothers and various possible fathers, so he worries who will take care of him He is self confident yet vulnerable, intelligent yet sinister He knows not many people like him.When his birth mother, Thalia the snake dancer, takes him to live with her troupe of exotic performers, Postumus sees it as useful experience even though it involves him mucking out menagerie cages No one anticipates how much havoc he will wreak.On his first day a tragedy occurs No one else cares, so Postumus decides he alone must solve this crime and impose retribution on the guilty As son and brother to the famous investigators Falco and Albia, he knows murder is punished by execution Postumus single mindedly sets out to accomplish this, sidetracked by nothing, not even a rehearsal of Falco s legendary play, The Spook Who Spoke
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    This is a charming short story narrated by Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus who is a small boy of twelve or maybe eleven no one is quite sure He has two mothers and several possible fathers but mainly lives with Helena Justina and Marcus Didius Falco and their other children At the start of this story he is staying with his biological mother, Thalia who is an animal trainer and entertainer.Postumus is not the most popular boy in Rome and some find him sinister He is however intelligent and inter [...]

    Postumous, the adopted son of Falco and Helena, the brother of Flavia Alba tells a story that s comedy than mystery, and wonderful for it.Davis genius is in the way she makes the ancient world and its inhabitants feel almost our contemporaries she focuses on the commonalities rather than highlighting the differences, and here she s got a wonderful, precocious but naive boy, filled with the wonderful mixture of bravado, empathy though sometimes confused and genuine interest in people and the wor [...]

    This is not really a Flavia Albia Short Story She is only mentioned, but never appeared in the tale Instead it s her younger brother Postumus who tried living with his birth mother Thalia in the circus and the happenings while he was there, mainly his attempted investigation into the death of his pet ferret It s an interesting glimpse into Falco s son and how he thinks and acts Of course, keep in mind, he s only twelve maybe eleven Albia s friend Manlius Faustus does make an appearance as does F [...]

    I thoroughly loved this short story which connects to the Flavia Albia Mysteries by virtue of being about another child her family has taken in as one of its own, a clever young boy called Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus When the young boy was mentioned in former Flavia books, I didn t warm up to him, but I quickly appreciated him in this novella.Marcus has a quick wit, and is very intelligent and observant I enjoyed his perspective on people and events, and found quite a bit of humor in the st [...]

    Charming, witty and funPosthumous, Falco s adopted son manages to cause mayhem wherever he goes He s a charming mix of boyish innocence and guile and probably just the same sort of character as Falco would have been as a boy When I read the book I imagined that I could almost hear a young Marcus Didius Falco whispering in to Lindsey Davis ear as she crafted this wonderful tale.

    A light hearted little story, just right when suffering an incapacitating chest infection Insouciant and sardonic, writing as eleven year old adoptive child of Falco Lots of careful research must have gone in to this, but it just flows along seamlessly A most enjoyable, clever, and warm hearted author.

    I prefer the stories that she writes about falco This one was about his youngest ward Still it was kind of cute and I was very glad the ferret survived I

    More Posthumus, please I finished the Falco series, but haven t yet started the Flavia Albia books It was good to catch up with the Didii 12 years later A worthwhile if short read for Davis fans.

    A charming novella narrated by the twelve year old foster son of Marcus Didius Falco and Helena Justina His natural mother Thalia the snake dancer and traveling circus impressario has resurfaced and Posthemus is trying out life with two mothers, three or four possible fathers and a missing ferret Special appearances by Faustus the aedile magistrate who wants to marry his sister Albia and a certain spook in a sheet For those of us who loved the adventures of Falco and are learning to love Albia t [...]

    A short story from the Falco family series Postumus deserves his own series he s that funny.Think Flavia de Luce in ancient Rome and you ve got him.

    A pleasant conceitA boy detective short story that manages to convey the world view of an intelligent 12 year old Roman Nicely done.

    Postumus, adopted son of Marcus Didius Falco and Helena Justina, has been allowed back to live with his birth mother, Thalia, at the circus Thalia s act involved Jason, a python, who lives in the same tent as Thalia, Postumus and Ferret who is Postumus pet One morning, soon after their arrival, Postumus realises that Ferret has disappeared As the adopted son of a Roman investigator, he has plenty of ideas of how to find out what has happened to his pet and Jason is first on the list of suspects [...]

    I really enjoyed this As has been said, it s a bit of a misnomer to call it a Flavia Albia mystery, because it isn t one Albia only gets mentioned, as the story is told by Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus, aged twelve or probably eleven.I loved Postumus as a character he s bright, he s interested in everything, and he considers that most people are pretty weird and illogical, but he tries his best to do what s expected of him up to a point In trying to emulate the detective exploits of his adopt [...]

    A Flavia Albia is a bit of a misnomer, except it s set in the same period, Domitian s rule, 10 years or so after Nemesis This is told by Falco s adopted son supposed half brother, Posthumous, who is staying with his birth mother Thalia, the snake dancer He applies Falco Albia s techniques to solve the case of his missing Ferret and chaos ensues As Posthumous is only 12 probably 11 the language is childish, yet life with the actors and circus seen in Last Act in Palmyra is reprised, with their co [...]

    I greatly enjoyed the fact that part of teh story was narrated by Postumus It has one of my now favorite lines by a wiseacre kid I was given strict instructions not to go along and interrupt I suppose you know what strict instructions means, Postumus I nodded Strict ones are where it is best to wait a long while before you ignore them, so it will seem better when you pretend that because you are only a little boy, you forgot being told the instructions Davis, Lindsey 2015 03 05 The Spook Who Spo [...]

    The story had several good moments and it was fun seeing Falco, Helena Justina, and Flavia Albia through the eyes of Falco and Helena s eleven or twelve year old son Postumus Except that I thought Postumus himself was annoying as did many of the characters and I was just as glad the story ended when it did.

    Wonderful voice change in the Falco Flavia series with this short story told be Falco s adopted son and possible half brother.There are references to the Flavia Albia series and references to several favorite Falco books including a rehearsal of the wonderful Ghost play written by Falco.

    I actually snorted with laughter throughout this made a few people look at me oddly A great little story from Postumus s perspective and a nice little titbit whilst we re waiting for the next installment of Flavia Albia.

    Oh dear lord this is bad All the complexity of a badly written children s book It s sole redeeming feature being how short it is.

    DelightfulWhat a perfectly horrid, delightful, fascinating, terrifying, hilarious little boy Short and sweet.I d like to get to know Faustus .

    CharmingLittle Posthumous and his tween aged thought processes are funny and endearing It was almost like seeing Falco himself as a child Very enjoyable.

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