The Offer

The Offer #2020

The Offer She thinks he s an arrogant playboy He thinks she s an uptight prude But he s about to make her an offer she can t refuse Nicola Price used to have it all a great career the perfect boyfriend an exc
  • Title: The Offer
  • Author: Karina Halle
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  • Page: 259
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  • She thinks he s an arrogant playboy.He thinks she s an uptight prude.But he s about to make her an offer she can t refuse.Nicola Price used to have it all a great career, the perfect boyfriend, an excessive shoe collection and an apartment in one of San Francisco s best neighborhoods But when she gets knocked up and her asshat boyfriend leaves her high and dry, Nicola sShe thinks he s an arrogant playboy.He thinks she s an uptight prude.But he s about to make her an offer she can t refuse.Nicola Price used to have it all a great career, the perfect boyfriend, an excessive shoe collection and an apartment in one of San Francisco s best neighborhoods But when she gets knocked up and her asshat boyfriend leaves her high and dry, Nicola s perfectly crafted world comes tumbling down And stays that way.Now, Nicola is the proud single mom to a five year old daughter and living a giant lie She can barely afford their ghetto apartment and all the men she dates run when they hear she comes with a child She s struggling and scared and nowhere near where she thought she d be at age thirty one.Her saving grace comes in the form of a tall, handsome and wealthy Scotsman Bram McGregor, the older brother of her friend Linden Bram understands a thing or two about pride, so when tragic circumstances place Nicola at rock bottom, he offers them a place to live in the apartment complex he owns It s pretty much the perfect deal, so as long as she doesn t mind living beside Bram, a man that, despite his generosity, seems to antagonize her at every turn.But nothing in life is free and as Nicola gets her feet back on the ground, she discovers that the enigmatic playboy may end up costing her than she thought.She might just lose her heart Those McGregor brothers are nothing but trouble
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      259 Karina Halle
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    4.5 Bramtastic stars I loved the first book in this series the Pact It was a fantastic contemporary romance friends to lovers tale When book 2 came out, I was dying to read it but life got in the way Once I saw the audio version was available, I snatched it up and gave it a listen I loved Bram, Nicola and Ava Their story was fantastic A single mom, a guy who gets around It was great No matter how much you change, some people will always view you as you were at a certain time of your life Bram Mc [...]

    Once you go Bram you won t give a damn Reputation matters Unfortunately for, Bram, he can t get away from his past of being labeled as a playboy and a screw up When he tries to be nice to Nicola and her daughter he s met with resistance because she doesn t trust his intentions It s not just Nicola who distrust the man that Bram has become The only one who really looks at Bram with love in their eyes is her daughter the innocence of the young No matter how much you change, some people will always [...]

    Wham, Bam, thank you BRAM 4.5 STARSSo many Bram isms Honestly, I could spend the day coming up with ways to use him the name I ve been thinking about my motto for Bram McGregor he s definitely inspired me to be a perv The original motto Do it, do it right, do it right now.I like my Bram version much better As steamy, sexy, pervy unforgettably hot as this book is the story is so much It is also an incredibly sweet, intelligent and mature romance.Karina Halle is a chameleon author I ve loved prac [...]

    Oh I love me a Scotsman I wonder if he comes with his own kilt Stand alone.Release date June 14th.Book Blurb She thinks he s an arrogant playboy.He thinks she s an uptight prude.But he s about to make her an offer she can t refuse.Nicola Price used to have it all a great career, the perfect boyfriend, an excessive shoe collection and an apartment in one of San Francisco s best neighborhoods But when she gets knocked up and her asshat boyfriend leaves her high and dry, Nicola s perfectly crafted [...]

    3,5 Bram a lama ding dong Stars Nicola is the single mother of Ava, and suddenly she finds herself in a bad point in her life Her daughter gets sick, she lost her job and she stays without means to pay her house and health insurance for her daughter But helps comes from the most unexpected place when Bram a rich and notorious playboy with a bad past that she met in her friends and his brother wedding makes her an offer she really can t refuse Neither of them were expecting to fall in love but as [...]

    4.5 No regrets stars People like to hold onto their ideas of what you are and who you are They put you in a box and no matter how hard you try to show them what you re really like, they can t wrap their heads around it They won t They only want you to be a certain way, the way they see you Talk about a book that sneaks up on you and pulls at your heartstrings The Offeris a standalone follow up to the bookThe Pactand centers on Bram and Nicola Nicola is Steph s best friend and Bram is Linden s br [...]

    Everybody has a chapter they don t read out loud.4.5 IJustGotBrammed STARSNicola and Bram The Offer Karina Halle

    4 STARS In my experience, love is a destructive force, tearing hearts to shreds and forcing people to pick up the pieces Even the best love stories are violent tales Another quickie review while I m still away and I found this to be an easily enjoyable one while I ve been travelling The Offer is a spinoff book featuring Bram who s Linden s brother from The Pact You don t have to read the latter before reading this I enjoyed this a little better than The Pact that was a friends to lovers story , [...]

    4.5 Magical Bramtastic Stars BR with Sharon Nicola Price used to have it all The job, the boyfriend, the fabulous apartment When she finds herself pregnant, her boyfriend leaves her to raise the child alone Now a 31 yr old single mom to a beautiful daughter she adores, Nicola is living in San Francisco in a bad part of town trying to make ends meet.Suddenly things go from bad to worse, when Nicola s whole world seems to be falling apart, the last person she expected kindness from comes to her re [...]

    Love is simpleah right.The Offer is the first story I have read by Karina Halle I know I m late to the party and always planned to read her work, but I m glad this was my first This story is about taking risks to find your happy place and learning that trust is hard to earn and once broken hard to earn back Life is not always easy and sometimes you need to accept help when it s offered especially when it benefits a loved one Communication is the foundation to every relationship and the truth alw [...]

    4 4.5 s After enjoying The Pact so much, I was positive that The Offer was going to be just as good I mean Bram is Linden s brother, he has to be just as yummy And he is Too bad the book wasn t all about him Don t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the book I loved everything about Bram and Nicola What I didn t like as much was I felt there was too much focus on Ava, Nicola s daughter Yes, what happened to her is a very important and serious subject but I felt it overwhelmed the story at times Bram [...]

    4 Stars This is a spin off from The Pact which I won t lie, was a huge winner for me, so I was very eager to read this story in which we hear the story of Bram Linden s brother and single mum Nicola Steph s friend.Bram of course is your typical manwhore but with a heart of gold, and he is attracted to Nicola but he doesn t make a play for her straight away Bram s the man It s not until months later when Nicola finds herself in a bind that he makes her an offer to move into his luxury apartment b [...]

    The Offer by Karina Halle is the sequel to The Pact and this is Bram McGregor Linden s playboy brother and Nicola, Stephanie s best friend.Nicola Price is struggling to get her life together Barely able to support herself and her daughter, Ava alone, she now finds herself without a job after being fired At thirty one, she finds herself in a very scary situation and it continues to get worse when her little girl is diagnosed with child diabetes Her life has hit rock bottom.The savior to her situa [...]

    Bram is so hot.I was looking forward to reading this book I needed to know about the playboy that is Bram MC Gregor He is so hot and sexy but through the book u could see this playboy turning into a really caring man I luvd him by the end there was parts I could of killed him but he won me over by the end Nicola is a really strong sexy woman Her daughter Ava is her life after her ex left her Ava as become her life She just wants to make things perfect for her lil girl and will anything to do it [...]

    4 Everything in due time STARSWhile part of a series, this can be read as a stand alone I was meh about the first book although I fell for Linden I wasn t sure I d like Bram but like his brother Linden, he grew on me real quick Both Nicola and Bram are fighting to break a mold that s been put upon them by others and or circumstance Bram s been labelled a manwhoring, playboy and all around screw up whereas, Nicola s the stuck up prude given she has a young child and has had to grow up real fast T [...]

    4 Disney World StarsLets talk about Bram McGregor.This book sure was Bramtastic because of him I.Counldn t.Get Enough.I liked him than his brother, what was his name Yup Totally not giving a dam.Anyways, Bram s life was basically partying, drinking, girls, and spending money He didn t give a fuck about no one or anything Now he s a changed man with a plan But no matter how much you change, or do, they ll still see the bad in you and not the good People like to hold onto their ideas of what you [...]

    2 starsI love Karina Halle s writing The EIT books are among my faves But it seems like her contemporaries aside from Love in English are all a big mess This book has a deplorable manwhore as a hero and a prideful, tstl single mom as a heroine The book started rough, but I figured it had to get better But no it only went downhill Even when they finally get together it s not happy for long I can honestly say I didn t really like either main character I didn t read the first book in this series be [...]

    Now knowing what happened in the book I can easily say that this author is a dead end to me For a single mother heroine to have to put a music on to silence the loud noises of sex of the Hero next door so that her daughter will not hear it IS NON OTHER BUT A VERY DISTASTEFUL, REPULSIVE AND NASTY way of portraying a cultural drift from traditional romance gender YES we read different romances with different Heroes a manwhores or non manwhores and Its true that some of these traits add hints of re [...]

    2.5 starsAlthough it can be read as a standalone, The Offer is a spin off of Karina Halle s popular The Pact I was less than impressed with The Pact, but I wanted to give this book a chance because a romance about a single mom in her thirties sounded interesting There aren t nearly enough good love stories featuring characters thirty and older Plus, the cover looks really cool Sadly, I m enthusiastic about the cover than I am about the actual book It really is so very pretty.We were introduced [...]

    I listened this story verses reading it and I was not a fan of the narration, it wasn t the worse I have listened to, but at times distracting As for the story, like all Karina s story it had tons of feels and originality I love this series

    2.5 stars I liked The Pact better This book had some funny moments but mostly I was bored I never really warmed up to Bram I know, I know, everyone loves him but I thought his bravado was a turnoff and I especially didn t like his sexual innuendos right in front of Nicola s young daughter, Ava.The story isn t new Nicola and Ava move in next door to Bram Nicola lost her job and Ava has sky high medical bills so Bram wants to help them out Over time they get close Of course, Bram has a big secret [...]

    3.5 This one was better than I expectedI liked the MC, and I really liked the chemistry between the two.Even the plot was decent, so in my book, it was an above average read Even , the cover was really cool All in all, worth giving a try It might surprise you

    Nicola is a single mom with s five year old daughter Every decision she makes affects than just her, especially if she decides to risk her heart on a well established playboy Even if he is a ridiculously hot Scotsman who seems to adore her little girl and steps in whenever she needs help.A wonderful love story I listened to the audio so I got to enjoy a beautiful Scottish brogue drifting through my earbuds.

    3.5 StarsI needed to read something light with easy banter and plenty of steam and for the most part that s what I got I also an intensity that I wasn t expecting We were introduced to Bram and Nicola in The Pact but this book explores them in a depth we didn t have before Bram is a playboy rich kid Nicola is the opposite as a struggling single mom When Nicola needs a hand the most, Bram is there to help her The beginning part of the story shows that they almost had a one night stand that led to [...]

    5 BRAMTASTIC STARS Bram a lama ding dong Karina Halle once again manages to capture our hearts with a new leading man, sigh One thing is clear Bram McGregor is in a category on his own isufferfrombramtitisBram McGregor is an enigma, the player with a sense of humor but hides a whole other persona from everyone including his own brother He s a dirty talker with a panty melting smile and let s just say he will have you looking at IKEA in a completely different, yet sinful manner There wasn t a mom [...]

    Confession 1 I was too embarrassed to post this book cover to Instagram Twitter as a book I was currently reading I don t believe in censorship but I also wasn t sure I believed in associating this book with my reading Ha.The cover is steamy the book is not so much at first, dithering around the subjects of single parenting, childhood type 1 diabetes, and IKEA, and suddenly the storyline matches the cover This happened to me as I was walking across campus to my office, earbuds in, feeling slight [...]

    The Offer is an adult contemporary romance novel written by Karina Halle Although this book follows characters that were previously introduced in The Pact, The Offer is its own story and is marketed as a standalone novel So far, these McGregor Brothers books can be read in any order.I ve gotta admit this one tugged on my heartstrings a little bit Single mom, kid with medical problems, a man who is weighed down by past reputations The struggles are real and I easily empathized with the characters [...]

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