Despite the Odds

Despite the Odds #2020

Despite the Odds Never judge a book by its cover Michael Campbell can t hold a job for than a few days He s lucky his foreman is giving him another chance with the solar panel project at an elementary school in Atlant
  • Title: Despite the Odds
  • Author: Chris T. Kat
  • ISBN: 9781634760263
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook
  • Never judge a book by its cover.Michael Campbell can t hold a job for than a few days He s lucky his foreman is giving him another chance with the solar panel project at an elementary school in Atlantic City When he spies a man walking strangely in front of the school, Michael laughs, assuming he s drunk or high Little does he realize that Joshua Stone, a teachingNever judge a book by its cover.Michael Campbell can t hold a job for than a few days He s lucky his foreman is giving him another chance with the solar panel project at an elementary school in Atlantic City When he spies a man walking strangely in front of the school, Michael laughs, assuming he s drunk or high Little does he realize that Joshua Stone, a teaching assistant, has cerebral palsy, and he s having a bad muscle control day Taking a tumble right in front of the handsome construction worker is just his luck.When Michael learns the truth, he feels bad for his cruel behavior He offers to give Joshua and his tricycle, the Racing Rhonda a lift Joshua accepts the help, and suddenly there s a gorgeous man breezing into his life, turning his world upside down But Michael has issues than his inability to hold down a job, and neither man is sure if they ll be able to overcome their fears in order to be together.
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    I took a chance on this book, even though this is a new to me author Unfortunately, Despite the Odds is a rather flat story I love stories that feature disabled MCs I like to read about imperfect people finding the happiness they deserve The blurb drew me in, but the story in no way lived up to my expectations The beginning is promising, with cocky but scattered Michael laughing at a man he thinks is drunk Michael feels like a heel when he finds out that the man, Joshua, isn t weaving because he [...]

    4.25 When I first read of Michael Campbell, late for work because he overslept, again, after a hard night at the club, it seems as though uh oh, this is going to be one of those hard to like MC When he takes the opportunity to mock a man he sees stumbling down the street, yep, that thought was firmly entrenched When his co worker, Henderson, gets incredibly angry about Michael s actions, Michael has to step back and reconsider The thing with Michael is, he doesn t always think about what he s s [...]

    Anybook that doesn t have your a typical MC s is going to grab my interest I love books that feature characters who are real, who have the same issues that many folks in this real big ol world have to face Don t get me wrong, reading is the best form of escapism there is, and I ve read and enjoyed many books with perfect hero s, but those books with real heroes are going to always be held nearest to my heart.Especially when the MC who actually has the most difficulty isn t the one you think it s [...]

    This was a pretty good read and at times sad Michael Campbell is working at a school when he sees a man walking funny he thinks he is drunk turns out he was wrong Joshua Stone is a teaching assistant he has cerebral palsy and he s having a bad muscle control day Taking a tumble right in front of the handsome construction worker is just his luck I wanted to slap Michael and I was glad when his co worker made him see what he said was wrong I was glad As these two become friends, we get to see of [...]

    Appearances can be deceiving, and in this story, both main characters start out by judging each other based on external factors and a few assumptions Since both men are complex and multilayered, things do not go well at first As they gradually get to know each other, driven by curiosity and a need not to give in to their worst fears, both are surprised with what they find What I found most fascinating is that they don t just learn about each other, but also about themselves in the process The re [...]

    In a nutshell, Michael makes fun of sort of Josh, but then finds out he has has Cerebral Palsy, makes up and they begin dating.Michael is a sweet guy but has trouble keeping a job for reasons we find out and has a fairly low self esteem but is generally laid back.Josh really wants to trust Michael but he s been burned before.This is a book that could have been a touching and profound story to two men overcoming huge obstacles to be together, but instead was merely a sweet, fairly light hearted r [...]

    1.5 stars rounded up because I did like the main characters.This had the potential to be very good however it falls flat Overlooking the formatting errors and the cliffhanger ending at 90%, it s just not fleshed out enough SMH

    Michael often speaks before he thinks and one morning he mocks a man who is stumbling by his construction site Assuming the man is drunk, Michael laughs and makes inappropriate remarks His electrician partner is horrified at Michael s callous disregard for the man s plight and angrily lets Michael know this man has cerebral palsy and is a beloved, intelligent member of the community.Joshua is regularly embarrassed when his body betrays him, and this is turning out to be a particularly bad day Un [...]

    Audiobook 3.5 stars A sweet story about Joshua, who is physically disabled, and Michael, an electrician s assistant who has trouble holding down a job for than a week at a time I liked both MCs ability to look past the other s disabilities and see the real person underneath It s a fairly short story which concludes in Against All Odds, which is not yet available in audiobook Kind of wishing I had waited until both were released before listening Oh well Excellent narration by Joel Leslie.

    I wasn t sure going into this, disability is always touchy But I really liked this I liked the flirting I liked characters so much I liked that Joshua s disability was a factor but he was still allowed to be human He wasn t saintly or perfect And Michael wasn t perfect either, his low self esteem lead to drinking and bad track record with jobs, but he s getting it together My heart always breaks when people doubt themselves because they can t read There s to intelligence than that You were fail [...]

    I had this story for a while but I m not sure why it took me so long to read it I really like it and can wait to have the time to read the next book in the series Pretty solid novella.

    wowis book touched a few hot spots for me i always love a feel good story with a disabled main character this was no exception i absolutely love to see when they find that one person that is able to look past whatever challenges they face and love them for who they are and help them work through those challenges this book is a double whammy for that both the main characters struggle through challenges and need help seeing that those challenges don t define them as peopleere were a couple of time [...]

    Original Blog Post Happy Happy Release Day Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt Giveaway Despite The Odds by Chris T KatReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 5 of 5 StarsThe blurb says it all Never judge a book by its cover Well, I judged Michael before reading further I judged and got spanked for it.Michael is a character I was prepared to look down on Who wants an MC who cannot hold down a job Who wants an MC who is so irresponsible, he cannot even keep time I read for the sake of Joshua for again, [...]

    Yet another one that could have been so much Because this is a novella series, I m upping to four stars, but if a stand alone, this is a three.I m starting to think that I m just not a novella person There isn t enough room to develop anything substantial, especially in this case when there s so little in common and so much that can be flushed out and appreciated

    First off , I have to say this is the first book I read by Chris T Kat The story of Joshua and Michael is a really interesting one Joshua has cerebral palsy and his first encounter with Michael wasn t a pleasant situation But Michael gets a second chance to win Joshua s friendship Their relationship is one plaque of insecurities due to Joshua s disability and Michael s feelings of inadequacy They have to work together to create a balance and security of their love connection But also they need t [...]

    Despite The Odds by Chris T KatA copy of this book was provided to me by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review 4 STARS Awwwww, this story was just too cute.It s about Michael, who can t seem to wake up in time to keep a job, but he s trying He also has trouble reading so he s fragile about that issue One day he sees a guy walking funny and laughs, thinking that the guy is a drunk.Well he s not The guy he laughed at was Josh, and Josh has cerebral palsy I may not have ever been in [...]

    Ehh, mixed feelings on this one I like the concept well enough, and it had interesting bones, but overall not enough to keep me reading the series.The writing was just alright, and the relationship progression was way too fast There needed to be time for things to percolate and build, IMO Especially given the background and pasts of both of the characters.I also thought the illiterate plot twist felt too random It seemed like the references to texting etc kind of invalidated it I get the author [...]

    DNF 20%Giggles shivers gasps sobs Oh my These do not seem like real people For example, I checked out when Michael reacts to Joshua calling his trike Racing Rhoda like it s the most hysterical thing he s ever heard Michael slapped his hand over his mouth to keep the laughter inside Joshua s grin grew as he waved a hand at Michael Fine, get it out of your system Michael dropped the hand and guffawed until he had to bend over When he stopped laughing, his belly hurt Racing Rhonda Seriously

    Michael and Josh don t get off to a good start when Michael laughs when Josh falls over thinking he s drunk In fact Josh has Hemiplegic CP and is not steady on his feet The pair get to know each other as Michael works on the school where Josh is a TA While Josh learns to trust Michael, Michael learns there is to Josh than his disability This was nice if a little blandDreamspinner Freebie 26.11.15

    Here are two men who when other see them what they see their weakness They get off to a bad start and Michael feels bad Because of this they begin an interaction with each other As they get to know each other they see the strength in the other They have potential as a couple but each needs to get a better picture of their own self worth.

    I loved the premise, but I didn t understand all of the MC s motivation I think I would have liked to really watch Michael fall in love and discover that something beyond the physical could bring him to love It happened a little quick, but I loved the idea I liked the contrast between them, but it went a little fast for me.

    What a beautiful story, a real shame that it feels incompletely.Looking forward to read book 2 and find out why Joshua has such a dysfunctional relationship with his mother.I can t wait to read about these two charming guys, because this story is quite unfinished.Still lovely though.

    Yes I got to listen Despite the Odds in an audiobook edition, how cool was that I m really happy for this release The main storyline was warm, positive and sweetly romantic Joel Leslie done an amazing narration Highly recommended warm series 2015 June 4 4 star ratingI m rather impressed with this first book in Chris T Kat new series I liked the storyline, how it developed and how it ended I wish the second part was already out, because I want MORE.

    January 16, 2016 Audible Edition Story 3.5 starsPerformance 4 starsOverall 3.5 starsJune 28, 2016 Story 3.5 starsPerformance 4.5 starsOverall 4 stars

    So sweet and adorable Definitely a feel good read I really didn t want this to end but looks like there s a second book I need to go stalk Looooved these two

    Best Chris T Kat book, ever I don t know what it is, but I LOVED these two SO freaking sweet Can t wait for the next one

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