Blade of Light

Blade of Light #2020

Blade of Light Blade of Light is the nineteenth gripping addition to the phenomenally successful Inspector Montalbano mysteries by Andrea Camilleri For a brief moment as Montalbano was looking a bright blade of li
  • Title: Blade of Light
  • Author: Andrea Camilleri
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blade of Light is the nineteenth gripping addition to the phenomenally successful Inspector Montalbano mysteries by Andrea Camilleri.For a brief moment, as Montalbano was looking, a bright blade of light flashed from the loft and shone straight in his eyes Despite the sunglasses, he instinctively shut his eyes and when he reopened them the light was gone When a gentBlade of Light is the nineteenth gripping addition to the phenomenally successful Inspector Montalbano mysteries by Andrea Camilleri.For a brief moment, as Montalbano was looking, a bright blade of light flashed from the loft and shone straight in his eyes Despite the sunglasses, he instinctively shut his eyes and when he reopened them the light was gone When a gentleman arrives at Montalbano s station to report an armed robbery on his wife that ended with a kiss, the inspector s suspicions are aroused.As he delves deeper into the case, Montalbano finds that none of the witnesses stories are adding up, and he can t help but feel that they re not meant to When a body turns up showing all the signs of a mafia hit, the inspector knows he must excavate the truth from what he is being led to believe.Meanwhile there s a case that keeps winding its way back to Montalbano s office A locked door has suddenly appeared on a farmer s disused shed, and then, just as quickly, the door disappears The anti terrorist police soon intervene, but why are they so keen to keep this away from the inspector And why does he sense that this case is connected to him somehow With deceit at every turn and a distraction of the heart taking over his head, Inspector Montalbano must focus if he is ever going to solve this mystery.
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    As sometimes happens in Andrea Camilleri s Salvo Montalbano series, A Beam of Light, the serie s 19th novel, begins with a dream a dream that will prove prophetic in many ways Police Commissario Salvatore Montalbano meets the pretty and personable owner of an art gallery, the first ever in the sleepy village of Vig ta The once faithful Montalbano has grown and likely to stray as he has aged, and here he falls head over heels for the lovely Marian Is his decades long albeit long distance relati [...]

    The book s description says In time for Andrea Camilleri s ninetieth birthday, the nineteenth installment of his irresistible New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano Mystery series but that s just for Americans, as this was originally published in Italian in 2012 In this latest one, Montalbano has two cases to solve the robbery of a young trophy wife with a jealous husband, and an odd occurrence on a isolated farm, where weapons may have been stashed As always, the focus is on Montalbano [...]

    More about the book soon I got it in the mail yesterday, and after finishing up another book,I started and finished this one last night I was going to save it for my upcoming vacation, but I couldn t wait that long.

    Salvo Montalbano is back on the case with a couple of puzzles to solve the shack with the new door and a theft Loredana Di Marta is attacked and robbed outside a night bank but the acts strangely he kisses her and takes 16 000 but not her jewellery In the other mystery a landowner reports that a new door has been put on an old shack on his land but when Montalbano gets there it has been removed With his customary elan Montalbano solves the robbery and makes a significant contribution to the door [...]

    It is always a joy to read the latest Inspector Montalbano mystery, Blade of Light is a delight even though the story is familiar from the successful Italian TV series.Andrea Camilleri has so much fun with his ageing detective a lover of good food and an eye for a beautiful woman, our hero finds himself torn between Livia his longstanding girlfriend and Marian a passionate lover who sets his heart racing.Meanwhile there is a crime to solve where his pre occupation with his love life nearly costs [...]

    Confesso che a me se Salvo la piantasse la Livia, ecco sarei anche contenta Mi identifico con l Adelina che non la sopporta e c ha ragione Poi per non che la Marian qua mi piacesse di pi , se proprio ha da innamorarsi e lascia la Livia bh ne preferirei una un po pi normale con qualche difetto caratteriale e perch no, vista l et del Montalbano, anche fisico, nel senso che sempre e soltanto bellonecoscialungaeintelligentitc, gli appendono le braccia al collo e gli finiscono nel letto in un vidiri [...]

    Absence and voids revisited Oftentimes the connections, obligation or purpose of the past brings us back to that place which then becomes our particular set for connection or home This is darker than the normal Camilleri, but our Sicilian detective philosopher finds la dolce vita regardless And of course his cases answers, as well.

    When so many series run out of energy, Camilleri keeps this one going for me, he s an always reliable author witty, clever, sly, big hearted and with the ability to inject a shot of tragedy which we never see coming till it hits us in our guts For most of this book this feels like one of the light hearted adventures but even here we have Camilleri s insertion of indignation at the welcome camps for refugees There s a theme of romantic and sexual relationships that threads lightly through the pl [...]

    Three cases are investigated in this book The older husband of a very young wife reports that his wife has been assaulted and the bank deposit she was carrying stolen In investigating, it appears all is not as reported and the case is complicated Tunisians are suspected of smuggling arms And Montalbano s new young love interest may be dealing with art thievesFully in mid life crisis, ageing Inspector Montalbano meets the young, beautiful art gallery owner Marian Once again, despite his long tim [...]

    Blade of Light Another Montalbano WinnerOnce again the South Sicilian detective stars as the grumpy, food obsessed, administration dodging, crime fighter, and no one does it better in that area than Salvo Montalbano Andrea Camilleri once again serves a wonderful plate of intrigue and crime, where nothing is as it seems, until Montalbano brings all the threads together at the end.The book opens with Montalbano asleep and dreaming of a crime happening, in a field with a coffin in it, he feels it i [...]

    Quattro e mezzo per il finale.Finalmente si muove qualcosa Finalmente Camilleri ci ha restituito un Montalbano che non soltanto godibile, ma anche pieno di passione e umanit che ultimamente erano un po appannate Mi domando se qualcuno, dopo questo episodio, se la sentir ancora di liquidare Livia esclusivamente come donna antipatica e inadatta al commissario Ho sempre pensato che una donna diversa non avrebbe mai potuto sopportare uno come Montalbano per tanti anni, che la sua antipatia ha una pr [...]

    Cater , me la levi una curiosit All ordini, dottori Tu l acconosci u latino Certamenti, dottori Montalbano s imparpagli , alloccuto Era pirsuaso che Catarella avissi fatto a malappena la scola d obbligo L hai studiato Studiato, studiato propriamenti studiato nonsi, ma ci pozzo diri che l acconoscio bono Montalbano era sempri cchi ngiarmato E come facisti Ad acconoscirlo S Mi lo prisint un vicino di casa Ma a cu Al raggiuneri Vincenzo Camastra chiamato u latino Il sorriso torn sulle labbra del co [...]

    Pi che una lama di luce, un libro letto alla velocit della luce, rimanendo ipnotizzata e alloccutu esiste il femminile dell espressione dalla scrittura del Maestro Con questo romanzo Camilleri ha raggiunto un perfetto equilibrio, sia nella trama poliziesca, credibile e ben strutturata, e sia nell introspezione delle vicende interiori del protagonista, che lo rendono reale come difficilmente accadeva prima Montalbano sta iniziando a tirare le somme gli ultimi libri lo preannunciavano ma ora e div [...]

    I genuinely cried at the end of this book and I loved both the mistery and the personal story intertwined in it I adore Fran ois character and meaning in Salvo and Livia s lives and it was so damn painful I never watched this instalment adapted and I don t know if there s an episode of this storyline but, thinking that I ve seen them all, I was caught so off guard but this amazing ending.And, to be honest, the relationship crisis that Salvo has in this book is so relatable and I wished something [...]

    Love the Inspector Montalbano mysteries He seems like such a real person that I feel like I would like to meet him There are always a few doses of subtle humor in each of his stories as well.

    Andrea Camilleri s Inspector Motalbano crime series isn t great literature but it s my guilty pleasure The stories are Detective Columbo like mysteries set in Sicily I ve read most of them and even watched the DVD series produced for Italian TV The reason for this obsession is my heritage My parents were from Sicily and a few years ago I was able to fulfill a dream by visiting that beautiful island and locating my Gallo family cousins that still reside there I confess, I love all things Sicilian [...]

    Puntuale come gli anticicloni dai nomi aulici arriva anche nell estate 2012 il nuovo giallo di Camilleri che accompagner le vacanze di tanti lettori, in viaggio o in spiaggia, con le indagini del commissario Montalbano.Agatha Christie aveva paragonato la sua produzione di delitti e affini a una fabbrica di salsicce, sempre pronta a sfornare qualche cadavere da rivendere a lettori crapuloni e ai golosi del poliziesco A modo suo anche Camilleri segue uno schema di serialit tranquillizzante nella s [...]

    Camilleri owns my heart May he live forever and continue sharing his wonderful sense of humour and love of life This Montalbano addition that coincided with his 90th birthday is enjoyable on several levels He begins the book pitching the reader off balancea feeling he seems to experience on waking throughout the book A dream has his speech challenged coworker Catarella speaking Latin calling him to a scene in a field where a coffin has been placed and eventually the corpse within stands up and t [...]

    A few months ago I started reading an Inspector Montalbano mystery I hadn t seen before After a few pages I wondered what was wrong It seemed so flat, not at all interesting You guessed it, it was translated by someone other than Stephen Sartarelli Fortunately, A Beam of Light is translated with the usual verve by Sartarelli I don t know if he captures Camilleri s wit with his translations or if he adds to the story with his own style, making the English translations a special treat Whichever it [...]

    Montalbano might be in a new relationship as he continues to do soul searching on his life and long distance relationship with Livia This plays out in the background while he investigates a possible arms smuggling ring involving Tunisian dissidents and the assault of a beautiful young woman who is married to a much older man Things are never what they seem as Montalbano well knows but you, the reader, are in for a double surprise when you reach the end One of my all time favorite series I am ju [...]

    Un romanzo sugli affetti, gli addii irreversibili e quelli da cui invece si pu ancora tornare indietro La passione e l a duraturo, l affetto e le sue trasformazioni nel tempo e i rimpianti per i legami persi L indagine sembra solo un pretesto per parlare d altro, con quell atmosfera triste che si crea con il sogno premonitore dell inizio e il malessere di Livia che accompagna il resto del romanzo Finale tristissimo.

    Read this joyfully in one day It was a delightful reprieve from the serious depressing novels I d been reading I wish Camillari turned out of these but like Donna Leon we seem to have to be content with one a year.

    3.5 stars While having seen the TV show based on this book takes the edge off it, this is still a good book.

    Three policing plots and two relationship plots make this a truly complicated tale A rather suspicious theft assault, an interesting woman art dealer with strange connections, and an evident munitions storage in a remote field make for some interesting policing and interdepartmental shenanigans The interesting woman triggers some inner conflicts for Montalbano while Livia is experiencing an unexplained bout of depression And, as always, there is Catarella More excellent writing from the master w [...]

    Perfezione vitalinconica Centellino i romanzi di Camilleri come bottiglie di vino grand cru per non sciuparli in attimi frettolosi fino a che una folgorante lama di luce raccoglie in una sola lettura ci che la vita impiega a volte anni a distillare La stanchezza, la perdita, un caso da risolvere, un a in bilico ed un altro per ritornare alla vita Ma ci che stato non pu sfiorire cos , per la sola pigrizia degli umani Ci sono ricordi che devono materializzarsi in perdite reiterate e definitive per [...]

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