Bullies and Buddies

Bullies and Buddies #2020

Bullies and Buddies year old Zombie is back for another hilarious and exciting adventure This time Zombie is up against some of the meanest and scary mob bullies at school Will he be able to stop the mob bullies from
  • Title: Bullies and Buddies
  • Author: Zack Zombie Herobrine Books
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 12 year old Zombie is back for another hilarious and exciting adventure.This time Zombie is up against some of the meanest and scary mob bullies at school Will he be able to stop the mob bullies from terrorizing him and his friends, and make it back in one piece
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    Awesome This book is awesome This book will kinda help u handiling about bullies Things I like about this book is that the wimpy zombie stood up for the mutant zombie to his big brother which was smaller than him and bullying the mutant zombie The things I dislike is that the magma cube guy kept threatening the wimpy zombie about telling them about him bullying the wimpy zombie Obviously, this book has stuff and this book is marvelous.

    HilariousGreat book Perfect for the mine craft lovers out there I and my friends enjoy each book My favorite character is mutant because he is strong but soft _ Alexandria

    GoodThis was the best book ever I recommend this book to children who like Minecraft Have fun reading this book

    My favorite part when mutant became friends with zack the dodge ball skelly was awesome that book was just awesome

    I llloooovvve this book It is a good book because you learn that you can do anything even if you re a zombie in Mindcraft

    GreatnessThe book was inspiring to me because I think that bullying is wrong and the book is pretty cool I recommend this boo

    MinecraftThis is a great book for anyone I would tell everyone to read this book it is a great book.

    This is another quick read I read this to my 5 year old son in about an hour Once again he was laughing out loud This book also has a really great message about bullies When I first picked up this series I thought it was fun fluff reading I was wrong This book has a great message for kids about what makes a bully and thoughts on how to deal with one I was really impressed We have a stack in our living room of all of these books that I borrowed from the library and my son always walks over and gr [...]

    Bullies and Buddies is the second junior novel in the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series At a disastrous party at Steve s place, Jack Zombie and his friends Skelee, Creepy and Slimey are attacked by the villagers Steve is sorry for his friends injuries so he lends Zack a special video game all about plants and zombies This second story has narrative, the characters have developed and there is a message included.The Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series is suited to an emergent reader, a Minecraft [...]

    Diary of a Minecraft zombie book 2Read on Kindle unlimited.This was a good one, with a good message in it as well bullying My 7 year old was questioning why people bully etc so it was a good talking point on bullies and what to do.Again written in a diary style it makes for easy reading, the kids love this series and they are on Kindle unlimited as well so will keep us going for the next 12 nights

    I thought this was a very sad book, The reason is that I see Mutant as a good person, and he is being treated like a jerk We should end bulling and we should help stand up for friends of ours, and do something about it I made a lot friends for being cool and helping each other out, I helped out Joaquin and Roman We all need to stop bulling and we need ways to fix this.

    AwesomeI am a girl and I love this book Seriously I loved it, I am a minecraft player get to me by dow478 at the play.emerald isle.

    GoodGood awesome book I absolutely loved this book it was so riveting And I think every one should rate this book 5 stars

    Fun and positive book.I choose this rating because it is not perfect but really fun and interesting A really good book for Minecraft lovers In one part of the book, something positive happens and I really likes it.

    In the book diary of Minecraft zombie, A regular zombie is in junior high He had to face the biggest bullies in the school First he is bullied and bullied by the zombie Then he figures out that it is his mother or his sister who is getting mad at him He steppes up for him and him and he and the zombie became friends The zombie changed in one way First he thought that the zombie was the biggest bullies in school Then he figured out that it was not him it was his mothers fault or his sisters fault [...]

    Minecraft reference, middle school reference, gross thing happens and repeat again and again Why was this written After scores of unrealistic bully advice from parents, teachers, friends and class videos, the book creates an equally lame and unrealistic solution There were no surprises, twists or intellectual content It s a giant Minecraft themed clich I read it to kids who only responded to things mildly I saw a mutant zombie once Herobrine I ve heard of those Etc Indeed, me, you and anyone els [...]

    My 7 4 yr old loved this book and we will be reading the next one in line I know nothing about Minecraft but my oldest explained everything as we went along It was fun and humorous and even had a vague adult joke that my oldest thought was great for a different reason lol it was when the main character asked his mom where baby zombies came from The answer given was that they were created on by the Minecraft corporation for the game or some such He thought it was so funny that the mom knew they w [...]

    Based on the popular Minecraft game, this is the second books in Steve s series Once again, Alex continues his journey over a six week period The diary has illustrations from the game sprinkled throughout the book This time he helps the villages, starts raising chickens and has to face a potential enemies Written at a fifth grade level, there are some fragmented sentences and misuse of commas.

    I love this book very much Because I like to read this book and I love to play Minecraft.I think it was great because he made a bully is friend.I think Emma my sister would like it Because she likes Minecraft too

    Another great book This prompted several conversations about bullies and what we should do if we see bullying, or if we are being bullied Even with the serious conversations we had, there were still lots of laugh out loud moments Looking forward to 3.

    8 year old daughter cannot put these downI don t care She s finally enjoying reading independently My 8 year old daughter doesn t particularly like school or reading, but she LOVES Minecraft She is now reading these at a rate of 1 2 books per day

    It s a clever book written in the form of zombie s diary The zombie is a friend of Steve s and not the villain the game makes him appear to be The book has a nice message about how to deal with bullies.

    This book was EPIC its about a Minecraft zombie with a crazy crazy crazy life I think this is the very very first one ever

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