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Reckless: My Life as a Pretender #2020

Reckless My Life as a Pretender Chrissie Hynde for nearly four decades the singer songwriter undisputed leader of the Pretenders is a justly legendary figure Few other rock stars have managed to combine her swagger sexiness stag
  • Title: Reckless: My Life as a Pretender
  • Author: Chrissie Hynde
  • ISBN: 9780385540612
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chrissie Hynde, for nearly four decades the singer songwriter undisputed leader of the Pretenders, is a justly legendary figure Few other rock stars have managed to combine her swagger, sexiness, stage presence, knack for putting words to music, gorgeous voice and just all around kick assedness into such a potent and alluring package From Tatooed Love Boys and BrassChrissie Hynde, for nearly four decades the singer songwriter undisputed leader of the Pretenders, is a justly legendary figure Few other rock stars have managed to combine her swagger, sexiness, stage presence, knack for putting words to music, gorgeous voice and just all around kick assedness into such a potent and alluring package From Tatooed Love Boys and Brass in Pocket to Talk of the Town and Back on the Chain Gang, her signature songs project a unique mixture of toughness and vulnerability that millions of men and women have related to A kind of one woman secret tunnel linking punk and new wave to classic guitar rock, she is one of the great luminaries in rock history Now, in her no holds barred memoir Reckless, Chrissie Hynde tells, with all the fearless candor, sharp humor and depth of feeling we ve come to expect, exactly where she came from and what her crooked, winding path to stardom entailed Her All American upbringing in Akron, Ohio, a child of postwar power and prosperity Her soul capture, along with tens of millions of her generation, by the gods of sixties rock who came through Cleveland Mitch Ryder, David Bowie, Jeff Back, Paul Butterfield and Iggy Pop among them Her shocked witness in 1970 to the horrific shooting of student antiwar protestors at Kent State Her weakness for the sorts of men she calls the heavy bikers and the get down boys Her flight from Ohio to London in 1973 essentially to escape the former and pursue the latter Her scuffling years as a brash reviewer for New Musical Express, shop girl at the Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood boutique Craft Must Wear Clothes But The Truth Loves To Go Naked , first hand witness to the birth of the punk movement, and serial band aspirant And then ,at almost the last possible moment, her meeting of the three musicians who comprised the original line up of The Pretenders, their work on the indelible first album The Pretenders, and the rocket ride to Instant stardom, with all the disorientation and hazards that involved The it all comes crashing back down to earth with the deaths of lead guitarist James Honeyman Scott and bassist Peter Farndon, leaving her bruised and saddened, but far from beaten Because Chrissie Hynde is, among other things, one of rock s great survivors We are lucky to be living in a golden age of great rock memoirs In the aptly titled Reckless, Chrissie Hynde has given us one of the very best we have Her mesmerizing presence radiates from every line and page of this book.
    Reckless My Life as a Pretender Chrissie Hynde Reckless My Life as a Pretender Paperback August , by Chrissie Hynde Author Reckless My Life as a Pretender by Chrissie Hynde The title of this book should be Reckless My life as a total fuck up with a death wish With a bit at the end about me being in a band The final pages of the book are about The Pretenders and those pages are only about the first few years of the band. Reckless My Life as a Pretender by Chrissie Hynde Reckless is a survivor s tale, a portrait of a woman bolstered by conviction and buoyed by extreme fortitude The Buffalo News This long awaited memoir tells Hynde s life story in full and utterly fascinating detail Lil reckless my life official audio YouTube Oct , Beat By Aerosol Productions Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination Listen to official albums . Reckless My Life as a Pretender Reckless My Life as a Pretender is a memoir by the American musician Chrissie Hynde, a member of rock band The Pretenders The book was published on September , by Doubleday, New York and London In it, Hynde documents her childhood and youth in the Midwest, the founding of The Pretenders, life on the road and interactions with other musicians. Reckless My Life as a Pretender eBay Reckless My Life as a Pretender Condition is Like New Shipped with USPS Media Mail Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing Shipping and handling This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Reckless My Life as a Pretender Kindle edition by Reckless My Life as a Pretender Kindle Edition by Chrissie Hynde Author Guns N Roses Reckless Life Lyrics Genius Lyrics They lived a Reckless Life because despite of their financial struggle they kept up a rather careless lifestyle, spending their money on cigarettes, women and drinks. Reckless by Chrissie Hynde Reckless is a survivor s tale, a portrait of a woman bolstered by conviction and buoyed by extreme fortitude The Buffalo News This long awaited memoir tells Hynde s life story in full and utterly fascinating detail They ve Put My Life At Risk Reckless Motorcyclists Oct , They ve Put My Life At Risk Reckless Motorcyclists Causing Concern Throughout The City CHICAGO CBS Groups of hundreds of motorcyclists in Chicago are putting themselves and others at risk as they blow red lights, stop signs and ride on sidewalks.
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    It s a rare and special thing when a memoir can rob you of almost all the respect you had for an artist I ve been a Pretenders fan most of my life, and was thrilled when I learned that Chrissie Hynde, who always seemed so clever and interesting in interviews, was going to be writing her memoirs I was dying to know what went into her process as a songwriter and a musician, and to hear about how she fought her way through the boy s club of rock n roll to find her place and voice at the top This bo [...]

    3.5 stars Reckless is a great title for this book AND for Chrissie Hynde This woman has been through some serious shit Most of it self inflicted and just plain crazy STDs, drugs and Rock Roll she s been through it all The book ends after two of The Pretenders died, a long time ago , and I think that s apt because that s when her recklessness ended, mostly , too Growing up in the sixties allowed her to do a lot of things that could not be done now You can t knock on the windows of cars and ask so [...]

    I was really disappointed I was so excited to read about this rock legend who was from my hometown She really only talked about the Pretenders for the last 40 pages and she covered nothing past the death of two of the original members What she talked about was biker gangs, drugs and 100 other characters that where a part of her life for a minute I had a hard time following where she was going and what she was saying about particular events She used a lot of expressions I wasn t familiar with and [...]

    Very disappointing I really wanted to enjoy this as Hynde is one of my favourite rock stars There are some great stories in here and an insight into a massive decade or so of rock history But it s poorly structured, poorly written and fragmented In short, it needs the firm hand of a good editor Leave the book and pop on a Pretenders album instead.

    I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio just over a decade after the author The book brought back so many memories of North East Ohio The ultimate rock and roll radio station WMMS, Blossom Music Center, Captain Penny, Barnaby, Chippewa Lake Park, and of course the red brick street where I grew up Vineyard Avenue and there are still red bricks There were also other memories of the motorcycle gangs riding the streets, and surprisingly, putting out a house fire on my street before the Cleveland Fi [...]

    This book was a major disappointment I really like the Pretenders and even have her solo album Stockholm on vinyl But this book is so repetitive At least 75% of the book goes on and on about her drug abuse, which gets really boring after a while And only about the last 50 pages are about the Pretenders, and then only the early days as the book comes to an abrupt, unsatisfactory conclusion, when the band s guitar player dies, even though the band continued on for many years Not recommended at all [...]

    I generally steer clear of books recommended on NPR, but in this case, the author suggested that I not buy her fucking bookr 2015 10 06 4460834I can understand not wanting to be part of the rape culture dialog, that s her prerogative But she was downright hostile and basically refused to talk about her book, on a book tour interview Sheesh.

    If you like Chrissie Hynde and think her music is brilliant, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK She seems like she is a complete idiot who has not learned very much from her life experiences.

    For someone who wrote such precise and insightful lyrics in her songs and who has such a thoughtful and well observed memoir it comes as a slight shock that Chrissie Hynde s opinion of her younger self seems to be a person who hadn t the slightest interest in writing, history, or education but was a total slacker whose only interests were music, drugs on the side, and an attitude as an outsider She certainly paid her dues before making it as a musician as her long list of dead end jobs, bad rela [...]

    This book is in a word BORING I pushed myself to finish it even though I have several other books in the queue As others have stated, the first 75% of this book focuses on Chrissie s unremarkable suburban middle class childhood, and her blase, rudderless, boring, drug fueled young teenage years and young adulthood While reading this, I didn t even get the sense that she wanted to be in a band, or be a musician, apparently nothing else to do, and since she doesn t seem competent enough to perform [...]

    Chrissie being a formidable woman who s still got a lot of girl left, and a writer who barely has to try to achieve brilliance as is part of her account , what you get here is succinct, honed brutal hilarity, even when it s dark because tragic elements like drug deaths are involved.The account stops abruptly when the first lineup of The Pretenders is halved Most of what we ve known about Chrissie takes place after that but it s clear that, for Hynde, something vital ended and what s after is of [...]

    As a fellow Akronite, as well as a Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde fan, I looked forward to reading this book Unfortunately it isn t well written where the hell was the editor It contains a lot of jargon and slang that the average reader, including me, just doesn t know Maybe British readers will fare better Or punk rock stoners I however found entire chapters difficult to follow If I had done as much drugs, and as often as depicted, I doubt I could string two actual memories together that are fac [...]

    An honest account about the downside of sex drugs and rock and roll chrissie s life leading up to and to the end of the Pretenders with the deaths of the guitarist James honey an Scott and bass player Pete Farndon yes I ve read the reviews that it does not go into her life with Ray Davies but I think she is honest enough it was a disaster and they rowed a lot but it s not a kiss and tell it is however clear she was one hell of rock chick and a survivor

    I love rock and roll memoirs and was a huge pretenders fan but this book did not do it for me Simply said, Chrissy Hynde presented herself in less than a laudable light She just did not seem like a good person and her multiple stories that included name dropping, indiscriminate sex, and drug abuse got old She also offers little growth or introspection The best part of the book was her descriptions of her early life and her love for the dying city of Akron.

    This no holds barred memoir by the former Pretenders front woman and iconic singer songwriter Chrissie Hynde is not to be missed Her prose, like her music, is powerful, unsparing, and totally honest Judy J Doubleday Marketing Department

    I m giving up I have already listened to 4 hours of this less than 9 hour book it does not hold my interest Also the pretenders have yet to get together I usually don t give up on books but I have to many to read and listen to then to keep listening to a book that I just don t care about

    I meant to read this when it first came out Then I forgot Earlier this year I was reminded when my blogger friend Susan at The Cue Card reviewed it.Who was not a Pretenders fan in the 1980s I was singing in a cover band at the time back then it was known as a TOP40 band because we performed the hits of the day as long as people could dance to them I sang Brass In Pocket with all my heart, though I could never quite capture the sound of Chrissie s voice.Her memoir is a trip through the 50s, 60s, [...]

    Wow Im so glad Chrissie Hynde is alive She s always been a music hero of mine, so I was keen to read this, but it was hard work Not because it s badly written, but because it s so brutally honest and detailed that it was not always easy to read So many drugs, so many shit decisions, it s amazing she lived to tell it all The book got better for me at once the story of the Pretenders arrived, although she was such a part of the music scene that her stories about the people of the time are fascinat [...]

    This is an interesting story of Chrissie Hynde s life leading up to being the front woman for the Pretenders, but don t expect to learn much about the actual band or its activities other than drug consumption The Pretenders don t form as a band until near the end of the book The book also skips around a lot, discussing people who have not clearly been introduced to readers, which makes it a bit confusing to follow But the book leaves no doubt that Chrissie Hynde was a true bad a , no B.S rock an [...]

    Chrissie Hynde has a unique voice, both as a songwriter and an author I enjoyed every word of this book I especially liked reading about her youth in Akron I have been a Chrissie fan from the beginning, but I never realized exactly what a wild life she led after leaving home Also, she made me realize how essential James Honeyman Scott was to her music, and how tragic his loss was for her.

    Disappointing The writing is mediocre and it is repetitive we took some drugs, then we took some drugs and then we took some drugs She seemed to have a big issue with being female unsurprising, given the era women were still very much second class citizens, one of the reasons she stood out as a lead singer there weren t many Still and all, she was very naive, by her own telling She seems to have seen herself as like a man than feminine but her idea of feminine back then was as stereotyped and [...]

    I never cared for Chrissie Hynde or the Pretenders Never liked their music and got the impression that she was arrogant and mean mouthed I love to read bios on people I love and people I dislikeeither end of the spectrume middle is what bores me I will never like their music but my opinion of Chrissie Hynde has changed and there were several surprises to me The biggest ones were 1 She doesn t trash Ray Davies I expected her to do so since he has not had kind words for her 2 She does not come off [...]

    I see in other reviews that Chrissie has gotten some flack for various aspects of this book I just want to go on the record as saying this is one of the better, and personable, rock autobiographies I ve read I ll admit, I was never much into the Pretenders I liked their songs well enough, I was just never a rabid fan My interest in Chrissie stemmed from the fact that she s from my hometown of Akron, Ohio, and also, from everything I d come to know about her, she seemed like a nice, down to eart [...]

    Utter disappointment Obvious that the publisher hoped she had another Patti Smith memoir and decided to split one book into two I m guessing another volume is coming and the editors were too cowed by Chrissie to use a red pen If you relish a poorly written, long winded history of Ohio, unending accounts of endless drug use, unfounded and over indulged ego, and an artist s early account with barely a nod to the artists around her this is your book There is nothing on craft There is no personal re [...]

    I love this type of musician biography, and reading about this period of music history Is it the most literary, insightful autobio ever Of course not Chrissie Hynde is a songwriter, not a novelist For deep emotion, look to her music What this does offer is a snapshot of a bygone era, and what a clear, warts and all glimpse it is In short, I enjoyed every page, even when I was cringing on Hynde s behalf I wish famous women would tell their own stories in this way.

    I like that she told her story in a narrative style as if it were a conversation She didn t try to blame others for her bad choices but was humble about her own role in her success She didn t have to be vulgar when telling about her relationships with the men in her life She s also quite funny She relayed her grief over the loss of two band mates with grace That had to have been a long, horrible time for her and Martin Music fans need to read this.

    Who knew Chrissie Hynde was such a hippie, drug addict and alcoholic In retrospect, I m sure she knows how lucky she is to be alive today, let alone still playing music I really wanted to know about the Pretenders after James Honeyman Scott died how she picked up the pieces and moved on, but that s really where her book ends Too bad.

    Freedom is a difficult thing not only to embody, but to define Kris Kristoffeson writes and Janis sings freedom s just another word for nothing left to lose and The Eagles have it freedom, well that s just some people talkin Rock n roll at its best purest seems like the wrong word perhaps embodies this best of all at least in the postwar West There are costs associated with freedom, of course And a kind of void as well The void gets elided, usually The story becomes one of addiction and recovery [...]

    Maybe it s my fault, but I wanted to read a book about the BAND called Pretenders, not just about Chrissie Hynde I mean, who would really want to know about her upbringing and things that lead up to the formation of the band Not me, especially when it centers around a life spent doing drugs, making mistakes and, in general, being an idiot It s amazing she s still alive I was hoping to find some details about the forming of the band, the recording of the albums, the creation of the songs and lyri [...]

    I absolutely love Chrissie Hynde but this book was kind of strange Hynde seems to make one life mistake after another completely taking a pass on school, getting involved with a lot of men all of whom seem to be of extremely dubious character, taking loads of drugs, abandoning her parents who seem to be kind, lovable parents, drifting from one beat up living arrangement to another, and not really having a real job most of the time She comes off as a complete drifter and slacker but somehow at th [...]

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