Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Volume 2: The Burden of Dreams

Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Volume 2: The Burden of Dreams #2020

Captain America The Death of Captain America Volume The Burden of Dreams The Winter Soldier is being held prisoner by the Red Skull While Sharon the Falcon race to his rescue they re about to cross paths with the Mighty Avenger that Tony Stark has sent hunting our rogue h
  • Title: Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Volume 2: The Burden of Dreams
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Jackson Butch Guice Mike Perkins Frank D'Armata Joe Caramagna
  • ISBN: 9780785128502
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Winter Soldier is being held prisoner by the Red Skull While Sharon the Falcon race to his rescue, they re about to cross paths with the Mighty Avenger that Tony Stark has sent hunting our rogue hero the Black Widow Will the Red Skull kill both Cap and Bucky Collecting Captain America 31 36
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      419 Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Jackson Butch Guice Mike Perkins Frank D'Armata Joe Caramagna
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      Posted by:Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Jackson Butch Guice Mike Perkins Frank D'Armata Joe Caramagna
      Published :2020-02-01T01:20:11+00:00

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    Dr Faustus tries to break Bucky and return him to his role of Winter Soldier but Bucky escapes with the help of Agent 13 and is taken into SHIELD custody by the Black Widow Bucky and Iron Man finally butt heads and Bucky takes up the mantle of Captain America But can he measure up In the second Death of Captain America volume, Bucky steps up and tries to fill Captain America s shoes While he didn t roll over the bad guys, he did pretty well for himself in his first outing, all things considered [...]

    In Act Two former sidekick Bucky has taken on the mantle of the new Captain America but the Red Skull has captured him and is making Bucky go through mental torture as he relives his broken past There s a nice build up to Act Three here as the Red Skull plans his nefarious plans Enter a third party senator running for President Captain America 25 which depicted Steve Roger s death was the highest selling comic of March 2007 with preorder sales of 290,514 which was double the sales of the Mighty [...]

    This book shows the taking over of the mantle of Captain America by the one and only Winter Soldier.The previous volume is a bit slow and sets up this piece Great detail in the emotions faced by Bucky and the people supporting him.Another great add was watching Tony Stark struggle with the massive responsobility on his shoulders and then when he gets a letter from the dead Cap , he really hits a low.Great work.

    This volume in the Death of Captain America suffers a bit from the mid tale doldrums, but it is still a solid part of one of the best Captain America stories ever told, and I am loathe to be too critical.My favourite part of this tale, as with so many Captain America tales especially when Cap himself is missing is Falcon Sam Wilson is one of the best men in the Marvel Universe If Captain America is worthy to carry Thor s hammer, Sam is the only man I can think of who is worthy to carry Cap s shi [...]

    As the second part of three, much of this book is dedicated to setting up what will come I m ok with that, because I can clearly see that things are building to something, and because the writing is still good Great action, great characters, and a great place for the last part of the Death of Captain America storyline to continue from.

    Brubaker and Marvel continue to make the death of the original Captain America a touching on going story in the Marvel universe by having Cap s former sidekick turned brainwashed communist hitman for a while into the new Captain America.The story works becasue the new Cap fully realizes that he s standing in a large shadow, and that he can t try to copy the original He can only try to honor him And since he doesn t have the original super soldier formula working for him, he has to use his own sk [...]

    Captain America is my favorite comic hero I date back to what s called the silver age of comicsI also date back to that era in other ways.I ve been very disappointed in a lot of what s been done with the character of Captain America While it might seem obvious that a character called Captain America would be politicized there s a problem with that While I understand that the writers today might be closer in their own beliefs to the liberal left it doesn t seem appropriate to put those words in C [...]

    I m still loving this, and it pulls me along with glee, but I can t help but think, when I do step back, No wonder people say comics are like soap operas Mind control, people coming back from the dead, unplanned pregnancies It s all there, except better, in my opinion, than a soap opera because there s some serious butt kicking and political social commentary.My only bone to pick with this run is that, despite being a strong female character in her own right, Agent 13 Sharon is eye rollingly the [...]

    I loved this just as much as the first volume, still really enjoying the way the story s playing out and am excited to see how it comes together in the final volume I just love these characters so much There were a few issues in this volume that had me stressed out so much I was flipping the pages so fast to make sure they were all safe, it was an emotional time guys.

    These are all starting to blend together, because I m just ripping through this re read, so let s just say it s delicious like banana pudding.

    A great followup to the first book as the debate over registering superhumans continues in the wake of Cap s death But the urgent question now is who will replace Steve Rogers as Captain America Can he be replaced, or should the symbol die with the man Looking forward to book 3.

    Engaging and gripping espionage and action If you like the second Cap movie, you ll love Brubaker s stuff.

    I ve never been much of a Captain America fan Not because I dislike the character, but simply because I haven t read much with him in it Now, since Cap isn t in this story, that hasn t changed But this story has made me a fan, much to my surprise, of Bucky Much like with Robin, it s easy to look at Bucky as just a cheesy sidekick if your unfamiliar with the material However, also much like Robin, there s a deep and thought provoking character behind the name or names, in Robin s case Brubaker do [...]

    If Act 1 of The Death of Captain America concerned itself with breaking Bucky down in the wake of Steve Rogers death, Act 2 is all about building him up The Winter Soldier persona is done for now, instead is a new Captain America, and great praise goes to this arc and the entire series for making every step of that transformation feel natural.By the time Bucky dons the costume for the first time, you realize how careful Brubaker has worked to bring us to this point As always he takes his time in [...]

    Sometimes, when Christmas shopping, a man finds himself pickingup a little gift for his self What better way to celebrate giving than a nice hardcover for the trade shelf.This is the meat and potatoes of the Bucky as Cap storyline.Winter Soldier escapes from the hand of Dr Faustus and lands in the hands of Iron Man, Tony Stark and Black Widow Great action and fight scenes I poured over the Iron Man Winter Soldier pages twice and I mgoing back again after this review The reveal of the new costume [...]

    Seriously, this series is great Absolutely loving it so far.This might just turn in to me gushing about how much I love Bucky, so forgive me Finding out that Bucky still mentally sees himself as he was during WWII is sort of heart breaking But it s also a really interesting look into his psyche He still seems himself with both arms, still seems himself sort of as a kid, in his uniform Speaking of kid, it was really interesting to see that a lot of characters call him kid How old is Bucky suppose [...]

    James Barnes takes up the shield and mantle of Captain America While perhaps not as self assured as Rogers, Barnes provides a reflective Cap, one that perhaps sheds an example useful to the American people in these difficult times We see a Cap that evaluates his instincts before acting and humbly seeks to do what needs to be done and correct any mistakes he may make along the way.In taking on the mantle of Captain America, Barnes begins to step outside the failure mentality that drove many of [...]

    Before going to see THE WINTER SOLDIER hopefully this weekend , I figured I d catch up on some of the inspiration Technically I think this would take place after the events of the film, but it s by the same team of Brubaker and Epting who originally caused such a ruckus in the Marvel Universe back in the early years of the 21st century The most surprising thing, though, is that it holds up several years later, even without the benefit of having read the 30 issues before it The pair weave a paran [...]

    The Burden of Dreams is a solid middle book for the Death of Captain America series, helping to bring the reader closer to the end game It s where a large part of the action occurs including Tony Stark revealing the letter to Bucky that shows that Steve Captain America wanted Captain America to go on, as well as Red Skull and Doctor Faustus ratcheting their plan up a notch by having brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D agents fire on protesters outside the White House.This is, by far, the most action packed [...]

    I ve read my fair share of comics and even superhero ones, but I struggle to think of a epic storyline than this one in Captain America That feeling of watching layers unfold in each issue I discussed in reviews of earlier story arcs continues here It is such a satisfying way to tell a story which is made better by even plot twists and surprises How Ed Brubaker was able to get all of these ideas together is something that amazes me I do think I have to be convinced of Bucky s change in charac [...]

    I LOVE ALL OF THE PARTS.Did I mention that Natasha and Tony are kind of hot when they re in the same room together But not as much as Bucky and Natasha or, I should say, James James and Natalia, they even call each other names no one else uses, and I maybe love that a little too much But oh god, Bucky, and all of his feels He s constantly putting himself under Steve s shadow, like he s not done as much good as him, and, sure, there was the bad, too, but at least that wasn t his fault Look, I wil [...]

    This is a solid effort that does good work contrasting the psychological and strategic differences between Steve and Bucky The art is smooth and professional and the pacing is just right This volume builds upon and surpasses its predecessor It also uses real world events in an appropriate way nods are given to events here, the subprime mortgage crisis as background color for the larger than life comic book plot, offering a silly but interesting secret history or conspiracy theory that propels th [...]

    This is a review for all three volumes of the Death of Captain America.A strong narrative that plays a lot on guilt from Bucky, Sharon, Tony, Sam Each character has its own brand of guilt Natasha is excellent and her part in the Winter Soldier redemption journey is well done We even get a cameo from a certain archer The villains are quite over the top as it should be but the whole arc with Sharon is quite uncomfortable Was Red Skull really contemplating what I think he was If so e Moving on to t [...]

    Only one collection after Steve Rogers was shot, there s a new, gun wielding Captain America in town, trying to deal with the huge mess created by the Red Skull s latest plan.Ed Brubaker keeps up his compelling work The Skull s evil plan has a few too many ripped from the headlines plot points a recession, a housing crisis, Blackwater like security troops, high oil prices to which Captain America can t possibly be the salve.Also, there s a bit too much mind control going on for my liking Still, [...]

    As you can see by the cover, this volume concerns the new Captain America Who it is wasn t too much of a surprise Plus, I m no sure I like the idea of the new Cap needing to use a gun to be a relevant hero Though the original Cap used guns in WWII, I kind of liked the idea of him not needing to when not fighting a war I will admit that the reasoning the new Cap gives for using guns, though I d say this book is for Cap fans only, casual fans most likely won t be thrilled by it Don t get me wrong, [...]

    In the midst of the Red Skulls systematic crippling of America and S.H.I.E.L.D Bucky becomes the new, pistol wielding Captain America It s not easy being the symbol of freedom as Bucky learns trying to inspire a rioting crowd, and is met with little and less enthusiasm We ll see how Bucky grows into his new position Aside from the usual Steve Epting classiness, we get Butch Guice and Steve Perkins handling some art duties and works well They have similar styles, yet Guice and Perkins act as nice [...]

    Two characters fight mind control, Tony Stark fights the government, the government fights the Red Skull, everything is terrible now that Captain America is dead And it s great The Red Skull launches the next phase in his dastardly plan having destroyed the Captain, it s time to destroy America But it s not long before a new patriot takes up the stars and shield, and he s not your mama s Captain America Brubaker and Epting have really hit their stride at this point, and the storytelling is crack [...]

    Reprints Captain America 31 36 Bucky is rescued from the Red Skull and a new Captain America is crowned The second volume in The Death of Captain America continues to be strong It was a needed jolt in the series, and the idea of Bucky assuming the role of Captain America is an interesting one so than Johnny Walker in the 80s The character development is strong and the story seems to flow better than some other comics.

    Bucky is here to win your soulP.S This is so depressing Not as sad as Fallen son , but still so so so sad Seeing Bucky deal with Steve s loss and trying to honor his memory is so beautiful and I absolutely love it, tho I d hate to see it in the MCU.

    Ed Brubaker went on a 100 issue tear and demanded you love Captain America as much as he did This story is on the tail end of that tear and he is still going strong Like most of the run it has that ripped from the headlines feel and Cap is the hero of an America at a crossroads Strong, strong storytelling.

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