Lowlander Silverback

Lowlander Silverback #2020

Lowlander Silverback Gorilla Shifter Romance Can be read as a standalone book Marked by a notoriously dangerous leader Kong is gorilla shifter royalty who is being guarded until he is called to perform his fated duty for
  • Title: Lowlander Silverback
  • Author: T.S. Joyce
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gorilla Shifter Romance Can be read as a standalone book Marked by a notoriously dangerous leader, Kong is gorilla shifter royalty who is being guarded until he is called to perform his fated duty for his people That duty Take over a family group and father the next generation of gorilla shifters Too bad he has no interest in that future His eyes and heart have Gorilla Shifter Romance Can be read as a standalone book Marked by a notoriously dangerous leader, Kong is gorilla shifter royalty who is being guarded until he is called to perform his fated duty for his people That duty Take over a family group and father the next generation of gorilla shifters Too bad he has no interest in that future His eyes and heart have been on a buxom beauty who works at the bar his Lowlander Crew hangs out at Three years and he s had to keep his distance to protect her from his guards, but she s noticed his silent attention, and now she s showing up in unexpected places, tempting him to break all the rules And the closer he gets to Layla, the harder it is for him to accept leaving her behind Layla Taylor is baffled by the sexy shifter who watches her work His eyes follow her wherever she goes, but he refuses to talk to her and shuts her down every time she strikes up a conversation Without his crew around, a chance encounter opens her eyes to Kong s volatile world, and she realizes the man she s fallen for is not what he seems In a love story full of adventure, danger, betrayal, unlikely allies, and heart pounding romance, Layla will have to decide whether loving Kong is worth risking her life, or walk away and let him fulfill his destiny Content Warning explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets Adult only bear shifter romance.
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    Contains spoilers I enjoyed this one Sweet , sexy read I loved Kong an d Layla Perfect for each other Oh Kong and his totured self Love him Oh and that ending with the book so beautiful I didn t expect to like this this much but I really did I might be in a I can tolerate,loving mood though because this wasn t perfect Safety Neither are virgins I m assuming, but nothing is really mentioned They known each other for 3 years both were celibate Although I m not sure if my GR friends will be ok with [...]

    The Gray Backs are back well, sorta While the first four in the series introduced us to the Bears of the Gray Back crew, this one is a whole different bit of monkeyshines as in, the story of Kong.Kong Silverback Gorilla Shifter and next Breeding Alpha of his clan of silverbacks But Kong doesn t want a harem He lived with silverback society all his life, watching as the children, like him, were ignored and unloved Kong wants something different He wants a single mate, a chance to raise his childr [...]

    Another nice addition to the seriesI have to say, I had huge expectations for Kong I did like this read, and it was charming like the others but I was left wanting a bit between the hero and heroine It felt too insta love I get that they had been watching each other for years, but they seemed to have no conversations, etc I wanted a bit foundation with their relationship They both or less felt like strangers that were immediately confessing their undying love for one another even though they [...]

    This was such a nice change of pace I love the bears, wolves, dragons,etc that you normally read about but a gorilla was so new and different It quickly hooked me in and I finished in within 1 workout on the elliptical which is a feat as normally I struggle having to do that damn workout The characters were great and from the glimpses we had from Kong throughout the other books Well his character just got that much better He frustrated me yes with his sense of what was right or not but over all [...]

    Loved itI loved this story As a matter of fact I ve been waiting on it The main character of this book Kong has been a featured character in these books Each book telling a bit of who he Is It s great to see him finding his mate While it s a standalone book, I think it s enriched because I ve read about some of the crews prior to this one Plus it gives all of us the chance to read about what has happened in the life of old friends from earlier books.

    They have watched each other for 3 years , Kong can t be with her but when they both decide to give in and break the rules, people are going to get hurt, and all the crews, and one immortal dragon will do whatever it takes to keep their one Silverback and his mate safe.

    Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin King Kong doesn t have anything on T.S Joyce s Lowlander Silverback gorilla shifter romance The author creates an angst filled relationship between the heroine and hero akin to Romeo and Juliet s tale of forbidden love Kong and Layla have been in love from a distance for over three years Yearning to connect but circumstances forbid it to occur Kong is royalty and his path and future is bound to his people s archaic practices Layla is treading in shark infested waters tr [...]

    Be Mine Layla Taylor a bartender at Sammy s Bar had a crush on Kong.e latter was into the former as well but he didn t make a move Not wanting to let an opportunity passed them by, Layla made the first move Even though Kong turned her down, Layla wasn t about to give up Things for poor Layla went from bad to worse, first Rhett One of Kong s handlers was rude to her then she found out that her ill foster father was about to lose his house.Kong was pushing Layla away in order to protect her even w [...]

    I was so waiting to read a story about our Kong He was so mysterious and we knew what he was cause his name gave it away His story was really complicated and sad Poor Layla Poor Kong for that matter They had such a hard journey to each other I was sooo freaking sad for Mac I knew he would pass soon but not like that Way to make us cry Ms Joyce LOL Man I tell you Kong s people are screwy Well one particular screw was loose for sure Fiona Welle got hers thanks to Damon My hero Does anyone else get [...]

    Kong has always been there in the background We knew he was not your average bear, but we weren t sure who he was Layla has been watching him for three years He watches her when he doesn t think she is looking, but if she looks back he turns away just not in time to hide the heat She is confused but determined to make a move no matter the outcome.There is a lot behind Kong and his people They aren t human and they are bears Kong refuses Layla s attempts and shuts her down But when one of his sid [...]

    Awesome A must read I loved it I ve been waiting to read Kong s story and for him to have his own HEA ever since the Grayback Bear series Kong isn t a bear He s a gorilla shifter He s been in love with a human, Layla for 3 years He has his reasons why he can t make a move And man, is it awesome when he finally does I love Miss Joyce s style of writing And every book she has written feels different The characters all have their own personalities and she manages to bring that across to us readers [...]

    Grab a tissue Holy cow, what a book I ve read every book in these series Thought the Saw Bears series was awesome, then the Graybacks had me crying and sighing Finally Kong gets his story and what a story it is Kong has been in love for three years and can t claim his mate Because he s expected to be a breeder for his family group And the female head of his family group is psycho No other way to describe her Layla has been in love with Kong for just as long but thinks he doesn t like her because [...]

    LOWLANDERS Silverback by TCEWow, Kong s story was a emotionally charged book Adored Layla with her caring about Mac ,worrying about others especially when she learned about what was going on with Kong who she s cares about deeply Love the Grayback s crew who were already wonderful friends but back them up cuz to them they both are part of their crazy crew as far as their concerned and aren t about to allow them being hurt by a crazy evil bitch with her own agenda using fear to control those who [...]

    Kong is kingI have been hoping that Kong would get his own book since we met him with the Ash crew He is fierce , loyal and driven Even under circumstances that other males would have broken and lost it he is still able to make the sacrifice and put everyone above himself For years he has loved Layla and knows that she is his one true mate and love, but for those like Kong that is a future that is impossible to see when a dark demented head of the family that wants you all for herself This book [...]

    AwesomeI never write reviews, because I can never express my feelings properly But this book makes me want to say how great it was I have read and fallen in love with the Saratoga clans since the first book and was so glad to see Kong get his happy ever after The story is amazing, it hits home on so many levels and touches your heart throughout I laughed and cried mostly cried at the impossible dreams and fates of Kong and Layla As always, and as it should be in life , good triumphs over evil an [...]

    Awww what a great readLoved the story So glad that Kong got his happily ever after Layla is his perfect match Not going to lie the beginning where she was just pinning for him was heartbreaking The callous attitude and indifference did nothing to dim her feelings Her strength was admirable It was hilarious watching the Grey Backs running interference and returning the favor for Kong Seeing stand up for his mate was like, Yeeeessssss, about time lol Great job.

    Kong s story finally told Kindle Unlimited read Another great story about characters I love He s the one who always gives love advise but has never loved She s the bartender she s been pining over They can t be togetherhe s forbidden to have any contact with her Wow I was blown away by Kong s story Love how it went and found myself sad, mad, and smiling throughout the book.

    Kong Layla Its okay to follow your heart That s a general theme in this author s books, but never so than in this one The steadfast confidant of the Gray Backs, fellow shifter Kong, has wished for something he s not Bartender at Sammy s Bar, Layla, has only had eyes for one person for the past 3 years, the hot and cold Kong I really love this story and the continuation of the characters in Damon s Mountains.

    Awesome I m all ready on pins and needles and tender hooks for Damon Dye s story, and I ve just read Kongs Ooo Ooo Aah Ahh was awesome Sweet hot gorilla shifter who lives among bears secretly, and silently loves bartender with everything in him She also lives him, but gets totally tongue tied around him Danger is always lurking nearby to snatch away Kong and kill all their dreams Find out if they survive intact Very well worth reading

    i love it i love it i LOVE IT I LOVE this series starting way back with the Ashe Crew LOVE THEM ALL I squealed all giddy through the last part of the book Chomp D D D Kongahis brute love for Laylas, I said brute lovehe loves her but isn t able to show ANY interest so so happy and YAY Damon gets a book

    Another great bookI always enjoy these books I liked the twist on the gorilla shifters It makes sense that they would be like a harem but with a female head However I like how Kong chose a different path This story action suspense and of course love with some hot monkey sex.

    Great story Each time I finish one of this author s books I think they can t get any better I m always wrong They do I absolutely loved the story of Kong Loved the ending It s going to be so hard to wait for the next book I was hoping he would get his own story I highly recommend this series All the books are great

    KongEvery book she writes is better than the last I ll be honest it s almost impossible for me to give 5 stars to anyone, however this story pulled every emotion from me I laughed and cried as I rooted for them I loved the determination to overcome obstacles, while knowing family isn t about blood but love Forget borrowing this book, Buy It Can t wait until the next one.

    Kong tops it This series is the best Really love the way the author brings it all together for a great ending, but no hints First gorilla shifter book I have read but mixed with the Bears it was a hot read Will the human he has wanted for three years be his or not Inquiring minds need to knowlooking forward to the next one.

    Fantastic series Kong is just wonderful and brilliant and lovely all wrapped into one and what he sacrifices for Layla makes for just about the coolest story ever Loved it again and loving this author.

    I enjoyed the story and fell in love with Kong He is forced to fight for his freedom if he wants to keep the love of his life A lovely read.

    What Is It About Kong is just waiting in town until the leader of his people calls him back to complete his duty as Kong, meaning that he impregnates all the women in a certain group to create strong kids This means that he cannot marry for love and isn t even allowed to have sex Layla is a waitress at Sammy s She s running low on money because she s trying to save the house of her father figure since he s in a hospice with terminal cancer She already has a lot to deal with before throwing her l [...]

    I don t feel like finishing this Stopped at 70% Not sure if the last 30% would up my rating or not, so I am not going to rate it Right now, it would be a 3 star Just can t seem to get past the fact that Kong was planning to have sex with multiple women and be their protector If he didn t want that life and was in love with Layla, how would he even be getting aroused when the time came He put duty above Layla for 3 years He could have asked his Bear friends to help him out so that his life and hi [...]

    This is the fifth book in this series While Kong isn t a bear he belongs to all the crews in a way He is always there to help and give the guys advice Kong is gorilla royalty However, that isn t as great as it sounds He is forced to live a life he doesn t want He can t have the one woman he wants Layla is a bartender at the only bar in Saratoga She is confused by Kong He watches her every move but any time she tries to talk to him he shuts her down hard She is attracted to Kong and would love to [...]

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