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First Impressions #2020

First Impressions Previously published in the Sweet Summer Kisses anthology The widower Earl of Rutherford still in need of an heir reluctantly sets off for London in search of a wife He infinitely prefers the role o
  • Title: First Impressions
  • Author: ElizabethJohns
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  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Previously published in the Sweet Summer Kisses anthology The widower Earl of Rutherford, still in need of an heir, reluctantly sets off for London in search of a wife He infinitely prefers the role of recluse to that of dashing beau The Season s Incomparable, Helena Foster, prefers books to balls She agrees to hide her bookish tendencies in exchange for her mother ag Previously published in the Sweet Summer Kisses anthology The widower Earl of Rutherford, still in need of an heir, reluctantly sets off for London in search of a wife He infinitely prefers the role of recluse to that of dashing beau The Season s Incomparable, Helena Foster, prefers books to balls She agrees to hide her bookish tendencies in exchange for her mother agreeing to limit her to one Season Their initial prejudices prevent their feeling they would suit, but an unlikely source may give them another chance
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    Tepid but decent romance between a widower that just wants to get a wife and mother for his daughter, and a heroine that is sick of society They are thrown together when his daughter gets measles.A novella with a squeaky clean romance and little tension other than a bratty OM who s afraid of the measles.

    A grandes rasgos ha sido demasiado corta, apresurada y con apenas rigor hist rico.Los personajes han sido muy planos, unidimensionales, demasiado perfectos y aunque la historia ten a potencial, la ejecuci n no ha sido muy acertada.El motivo para que los protagonistas pasen tiempo juntos es muy forzado y poco cre ble Las situaciones que nos plantea la autora son imposibles para la poca es imposible que puedan pasar solos tanto tiempo y es absurdo c mo se distribuyen las habitaciones, por decir al [...]

    I was impressed with this novella It was a sweet regency romance which had me hooked right from the start The Earl of Rutherford Geoffrey Bryant was a wealthy 30 year old widow with a young child He was constantly being pressured by his mother to re marry The law did not allow his daughter to inherit his estate, so he needed to marry and conceive an heir As a reserved character, he loathed going out into society and thought himself much older that most of the debutante s available on the marriag [...]

    It s been ages since I read a Regency romance and also one was any good I truly enjoyed Elizabeth Johns style of writing You can feel she has developed a style of her own, and she does it elegantly I enjoy the intelligent, fast paced dialog between the protagonists I love the dignity and restraint of that era I enjoy how some men are extremely noble and how foolish the others come across I love how strong the women in this book are too The older generation of women are the real manipulators As f [...]

    The Earl of Rutherford needs a wife and an heir His daughter is three and his mother threatens to descend on his estate with debutantes in tow unless he attends the London season.He goes, and meets a young lady hiding behind a screen They have a whispered conversation but didn t exchange names, and he isn t sure who she was.Turns out, she isn t sure who he was either.She, is Helena Foster, the diamond beauty of the season but her mother has told her to hide her intelligence She is being pursued [...]

    Helena is the oldest of her siblings and must endure one season in town to please her mother She does not care for balls and prefers her books and antiquities Rutherford must marry again to gain an heir His mother pressures him to come to London where he meets Helena First impressions can be deceiving and they certainly are in this case Helena is beautiful just like Rutherford s first wife, so he soon convinces himself that she is just as spoiled and selfish as well Helena thinks he is too old f [...]

    Clean, quick read novella I think my biggest question was if your child is just recovering from measles, would you really take her out to visit people and go on a picnic But I choose to suspend all things unrealistic and enjoy the story for what it was.

    Interesting and lovelyWho would have thought that hiding behind screens could lead you to find your soulmate A really enjoyable read that quotes my favorite story.

    A nice refreshing clean romance As it is a novella it is just the thing to while away a couple of hours on a rainy day.

    Loved it This is my first book by Ms John s, I am excited to read of her work This was well written and a great introduction to her writing style.

    First Impressions byElizabeth Johns is a clean Regency seven chapter novella The title grabbed my attention, because that was Jane Austen s title for the original version of Pride and Prejudice.Geoffrey Bryant, Earl of Rutherford is a widow He still has no heir, and his 2 year old daughter Lucy has no mother So, he goes to London to meet eligible misses at his mother s encouragement He d rather be home on his Wales country estate by the sea He does not enjoy society.Helena Foster is also in Lond [...]

    Geoffrey Bryant, Earl of Rutherford is being badgered by his mother to take a new wife for the sake of his young daughter and for producing an heir to his title He reluctantly agrees to go to town for the social season with the express purpose of courting a lady However, the lady he chooses must have a kind heart and a sturdy head on her shoulders forget beauty, a plain spinster will do Geoffrey s first wife was a rare beauty but vain and self absorbed, faults she had hidden well until after the [...]

    First Impressions by Elizabeth JohnsGeoffrey Bryant, Earl of Rutherford, was quite content being considered the Elusive Earl, as he preferred staying at his home by the sea with his young daughter, instead of London His mother insisted he find a wife or she would find one for him So he went to London, but this time he wouldn t look for a beautiful woman like he did with his first wife.Helena Foster made a bargain with her mother She would go through one Season and not speak her mind, then she wo [...]

    Actual rating 3.5 stars.A short, sweet, clean read Very cute, some slightly deeper than usual thought in the characters, but some silliness as well.L.M Montgomery once described one of her characters thusly She referred to her husband as he , as if he were the only male in the world and this book does suffer from that habit Not just with he , but she New paragraphs are begun in a slightly confusing manner, with neither character being named except by those pronouns.However It s a light, sweet re [...]

    The copyright for A Change of Fortune is 2012 and First Impressions has a copyright of 2015 In this case I cannot but believe that First Impressions plagiarized Turano s book However, to be fair, it is such a predictable plot that they may have both been copied from yet another source.The heroine is reluctant to marry The hero is a widower with a child or children His family is urging him to marry, if for no other reason than to have a mother for said child The hero s mother is anxious for her s [...]

    Though he has need of an heir, the Earl of Ruthford has no taste for the selfish, simpering young ladies to be found during the Season Miss Helena Foster likewise is annoyed with how she must keep her love for literature hidden The characters of this book reminded me of Mr Darcy and Miss Bennet of Pride and Prejudice I love when authors pay homage to Jane Austen s works like that Though this is a quick read, and has an expected ending, it is very enjoyable.Austen fans would definitely enjoy this [...]

    The beginning of the story was intriguing and delightful so I finished the book and enjoyed the story well enough However, there were a multitude of historical inaccuracies that had to be overlooked and the measles premise was strangely done I want to try other books by this author to see if this one was just sloppy on the editing before I write her books off.

    The story is gentle, predictable and an easy read, though the opening chapter has a rather stilted style short sentences that are really nothing than an info dump I think that the real problem is that this could be a much longer read, with a in depth look at the characters As it is, we never really get to know them.

    This was a sweet clean short regency read The characters were fun, but the writing lacked tension It was a quick little story to read but I loved a good build up and then the tension and this book had so much potential for it but fell a little short It was a short read, so I can t be too upset that everything happened very quickly Loved that it was free and I got a taste of this author.

    First Impressions was a quick read I enjoyed it very much Had a good storyline to it and was not boring I read it in about 30 minutes The only thing wrong.g was that the story was too short.First Impressions was a good and short read I enjoyed the story very much It took me about 30 minutes to read it.

    Sweet and honest light readingSociety looks for signs of beauty,money and family standing None of which make for a lasting relationship as our couple illustrate in what is really important.

    Too short This is a good story, i like the balance and how well is writen.It took me like 2 hours and a halfSo i m glad i choose this story that day If you like regency romance and want to read a lovely story This is a great choice

    Great ShortThis is a very cute little novella Do you make go off of First Impressions This book is about that and finding out how first impressions might not be true I look forward to from this author

    Very cute This was a short sweet novella, and I really enjoyed it I wish it hadn t ended so soon because I was enjoying it so much I m glad I downloaded it, because I m sure I will read it again.

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