Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf

Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf #2020

Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf I ll dress up as a human being and Polly won t have any idea that I m a wolf When Polly opens the door and finds a large black wold standing on the doorstep waiting to gobble her up it s the wolf tha
  • Title: Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf
  • Author: Catherine Storr Marjorie-Ann Watts
  • ISBN: 9780141360232
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • I ll dress up as a human being and Polly won t have any idea that I m a wolf When Polly opens the door and finds a large black wold standing on the doorstep waiting to gobble her up, it s the wolf that has the surprise when Polly invites him in Clever Polly isn t frightened at all and has a plan that s bound to outwit the big, bad but very stupid wolf.
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      470 Catherine Storr Marjorie-Ann Watts
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    I used to have a much older edition of this children s novel, but I lost it, so I bought this newer edition A story of wit and resourcefulness, it s a hilarious test to see whom will outsmart whom in the end.

    This is an excellent book that tells the story of a very clever and witty little girl Polly is being tormented by a rather unpleasant wolf who constantly threatens to eat her Polly, however, is far too clever for the silly wolf and devises a number of delicious ways to prevent him from eating her The story is very funny Any children I have read it to have loved it and have gotten really involved often coming up with their own ideas for how they might have outsmarted the wolf themselves I think t [...]

    At first you think it is just going to be predictable children s stories in the vein of things like Brer Rabbit Book or Looney tunes roadrunner for example I thought it was ok on that level, sometimes a bit whimsical or sentimental but OK But as I read on there was to it There is the complexity of power and empowerment where Polly feels reliant enough upon her own wits to feed and rescue the wolf but never speak kindly to him I tied myself in knots thinking about that On the one hand the wold p [...]

    I read this book in a children s lit class in 1980 or 81 It is a great book for girls Polly is indeed clever and is able to outwit the wolf using her own good sense The book is also very funny I think Sally has the copy that I searched for and bought for her.

    I read this book when I visited my sister in London and actually laughed out loud while I was reading on the tube It s so funny and the artwork is amazing.

    Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf by Catherine StorrThis is an excellent, humorous book that tells the story of a very clever and witty girl It consists of 12 chapters, each telling a different short story about a little girl and a wolf whose main desire is to eat her Many of the stories are based on the wolf s interpretation of popular fairy tales involving wolves, including Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Retelling previous stories allows chi [...]

    I had never heard of the Polly and the Wolf books before, and that amazes me I found the second book in our library, and it was the first book in a long time that made me laugh out loud at times a bit hysterically So, naturally, I had to get the first book if for no other reason than to learn how a little girl meets a hungry, stupid wolf to begin with.This first entry in the series was not quite as funny as the second was, but still quite funny The pathetic attempts of Wolf to devour Polly, and [...]

    This is the July Waterstones Children s Book of the Month and while it is my first time reading it I had not the pleasure of reading this during my childhood I am glad that it was showcased and given some love from a modern readership The book has never been out of print, but Catherine Storr s whimsical short stories about a small girl who regularly outsmarts a silly wolf obsessed with devouring little girls, is not one of those classic titles that springs to mind when listing children s books I [...]

    Brilliant book It is a very witty story of a bright, resourceful little girl in an ordinary, suburban home who is constantly threatened by a wolf who wants to eat her However, Polly can always outwit him, whether by letting him scoff chocolate cake so he is too full to eat her, or by confusing him with reason.This is a collection of short stories rather than a complete narrative in itself It would be great to read to a class of Y2 children, or as a guided reading text with level 3 readers Highly [...]

    My cousin had this when we were kids and we seriously listened to it so many times we knew big sections by heart and the tape eventually wore out highly recommend it to all who can find it The tape contains several almost short stories which together make up the book The wolf tries hard to capture Polly and eat her but Polly is a quick thinking smart child who always gets away the way the wolf tries to get ideas on how to catch Polly from reading fairy tales which is pretty funny

    Sooooo funny I read it with my mom some time ago and really enjoyed it Not my typical book but the ways that of Polly constantly getting away and the wolf still re attempting at catching her is hilarious I had many laugh out loud moments when i read it I really want to read the second book in the clever Polly series seeing as much as i enjoyed this one The variety of attempts go from sultana roll to being invisible, I mean honestly how far would you go to eat a juicy little girl

    A great and funny read, even though Polly is a little condescending towards the wolf The stories get better as the book progresses as well, with at one moment you rooting for the wolf and in the next you re hitting your head at his stupidity Kids between the ages of 5 and 8 will love it It has a great roadrunner vs Wile E Coyote feeling to it.

    Another children s book I just can t resist them Written in 1955, it is another one that passed me by Seemed only to have heard of Enid Blyghton down in Somerset in the sixties A very endearing book, simple and innocent to much of the children s literature of today, but I enjoyed it all the same.

    This is a charming and funny book about how Polly managed to outwit the wolf who wanted to eat her I ve always been a fan of Catherine Storr since I discovered The Mirror Image Ghost and I enjoyed this book in one sitting I d say this is aimed at younger kids but her writing and well drawn characters still shine through Perfect for kids who are scared of wolfs

    My cousin had this on tape when we were about 8 and we listened to it so much it wore out Recently purchased and read aloud with my son who is of a similar age and we really enjoyed it He has since read it several times alone It is a very good book to encourage children into reading alone as it is not one long story but like short stories that flow into each other.

    A wonderfully charming collection of short stories, perfect for young children just getting to grips with reading each story draws inspiration from exsisting children s stories, superstitions and rhymes, and each story ending with clever Polly outwitting the wolf, giving you a little chuckle and a smile in the process.

    You d think a book that focuses almost exclusively on two characters where one is always trying to eat the other might seem sinister, but these stories are so funny and charming that it doesn t come across that way.

    I read this to my four year old daughter recently I never read it as a child, so this was my first introduction to it I found it charming, funny, witty, silly, and a general fun read It went slightly over my daughters head, so it might have been better for her at 6 or 7.

    I read this because I m friends with the grandson of the author It was a fun little read which you can enjoy in little bites and each chapter is a story in itself that follows the same basic formula the wolf wants to eat Polly, Polly outwits the wolf Hope to read the other volumes in future.

    Annoying Polly like I guess you have to be 7 to appreciate it This was one of my least children s book reads.

    Darn funny Polly is definitely higher on the clever scale than me Yr 1 3 kids will find it a hoot and it could make for fun mini plays in class.

    It might be an old one but it is a goody Clever Polly outsmarts the wolf time and again giving the readers a good old chuckle

    utterly wonderful book that my sister and I loved when we were kids and I ve just discovered that as well as Polly and the Wolf Again, there s another one Tales of Polly and the Hungry Wolf

    A lovely collection of short stories about a girl called Polly that constantly outwits an increadibly stupid wolf This is a perfect book for 5 8 year olds that I highly recommend.

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