Der Fluch der Spindel

Der Fluch der Spindel #2020

Der Fluch der Spindel Neil Gaiman und Illustrator Chris Riddell verweben zwei M rchen in der Art von Schneewittchen und Dornr schen miteinander und statten sie mit einer spannenden Handlung voll dunkler Magie aus Am Vorabe
  • Title: Der Fluch der Spindel
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9783868738728
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Neil Gaiman und Illustrator Chris Riddell verweben zwei M rchen in der Art von Schneewittchen und Dornr schen miteinander und statten sie mit einer spannenden Handlung voll dunkler Magie aus Am Vorabend ihrer Hochzeit macht sich eine junge K nigin auf, eine Prinzessin von einem Fluch zu erl sen Sie tauscht ihre feine Hochzeitsrobe gegen Kettenhemd und Schwert und folgt iNeil Gaiman und Illustrator Chris Riddell verweben zwei M rchen in der Art von Schneewittchen und Dornr schen miteinander und statten sie mit einer spannenden Handlung voll dunkler Magie aus Am Vorabend ihrer Hochzeit macht sich eine junge K nigin auf, eine Prinzessin von einem Fluch zu erl sen Sie tauscht ihre feine Hochzeitsrobe gegen Kettenhemd und Schwert und folgt ihrem Zwergen Hofstaat zu dem in Schlaf gefallenen K nigreich Doch die Prinzessin, die gerettet werden muss, ist nicht, was sie zu sein scheint
    • [E-Book] ✓ Der Fluch der Spindel | by ✓ Neil Gaiman
      489 Neil Gaiman
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    4.5 stars Absolutely loved this story and the illustrations I wasn t sure what to expect going in to this and I was pleasantly surprised with it.

    2 1 2 stars I almost always love Gaiman s work, but this one was mediocre for me Riddell s artwork is not surprisingly absolutely stunning The illustrations are black and white gorgeousness, decorated with gold leaf here and there It s definitely a visually impressive book.And yes there s a cool twist to the traditional Sleeping Beauty tale, as well as a new spin on the Snow White story But the book is so short that there are no really interesting or developed characters The villain is the tradi [...]

    The Sleeper and the Spindle could have been such an enchanting, lovely lesbian fairytale retelling But no Instead, it s romance free and pretty deceiving The illustrations are rather ubiquitous and of good quality but not that necessary At least, it isn t necessary to have that many of them I just want to clarify something this is not a graphic novel This being a short story, and the author not having depicted everything or everyone in extreme detail, we never get to know the characters all that [...]

    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum There are always choices It seems every time I delve into the world of a retelling I begin by pointing out how much I didn t care for the original I guess it should come as no surprise that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty weren t my idea of a great time when I was a kid either In fact, the entire world of Disney princesses kinda creeps me out unless it s these kind of princesses But I digress Due to the above I didn t have high expectations upon starting Th [...]

    The first thing you should know this is NOT a lesbian retelling of Sleeping Beauty I m sure you ve all seen the Chris Riddell illustration of Snow White kissing Sleeping Beauty awake by now, and will have seen this book lauded as LGBT representation It is not.Suffice to say, I was let down I was expecting a properly queer retelling and that s not what I got What I got was one sweet lady smooch and one admittedly beautiful illustration to accompany itd that was all Literally Not true love s kiss [...]

    Final review, posted at FantasyLiterature Neil Gaiman took one of his twisted, rather creepy fairy tale stories and turned it into a 66 page picture book with wonderfully whimsical and detailed illustrations by Chris Riddell I went out on a limb recommending this to Kelly and the Book Boar for her fairy tale retellings project when I was only halfway done with this, but I m relieved to say I still liked it when I finally finished it last night.A queen is reluctantly about to get married, but whe [...]

    Names Names The old woman squinted, then she shook her head She was herself, and the name she had been born with had been eaten by time and lack of use Story In this story a strong queen goes on an adventure to save a kingdom and her sleeping princess It s a combination of the Snow White and the sleeping beauty fairy tale in a beautiful new way It s one of the most perfect children fairytales I have ever read Characters The strong female main character, the queen, was brave and a perfect role mo [...]

    Wow This was so absolutely terrible Why do you always polarise me Gaiman Sometimes I love what you do and at other times I absolutely hate it I just have no middle ground with you Gaiman subverted the standard fairy tale so much that his ending, one that was clearly meant to be surprising, was so blatantly obvious to the point of actually being mundane I called this one from the get go Certainly, some of the changes he makes are, indeed, praiseworthy We have a gallant hero, one ready to wake the [...]

    A wonderful Neil Gaiman retellingmashingimagining of a fairy tale A gothic, creepy tale for sure I listened to the audio and it was wonderful A full cast of characters with music and various sounds Fantastic Though I must get the print to see the drawings that are part of the book.

    MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListI got this book from the library but I can tell you it is going to be added to my bookshelves as I must have it The story is so different and dark and good The graphics are AMAZING Queen Snow White doesn t seem too happy in her current situation, she is to be wed and have babies and do this and do thatuntil one day, three of her dwarfs tell her about a land where everyone is asleepd the queen who is ready for some adventure, or so it seems, heads out to see w [...]

    Poznati motivi iz bajki ispri ani na malkice druga iji na inki bi rekli Svetogr e , Kako se samo usudio , a ja ka em, ako je neko mogao to da uradi na pravi na in, onda je to Neil Gaiman A koliki je Gaiman mag za re i, toliki je Chris Riddell majstor za crte.Vidim da su mi ljenja podeljena kada je re o ovoj pri ici, ali meni je posle napornih mesec dana na poslu do la kao melem na ranu.

    There are choices, she thought, when she had sat long enough There are always choices.Since I ve read The Graveyard Book I wanted to read books by both Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell So when I found out that they were translating this book in my country, I was beyond excited and my expectations for this book were pretty high And now, that I ve read it, I can safely say that this book was just as good as I expected it to be.This was a retelling of Sleeping beauty and Snow White mixed together I l [...]

    Pre svega moram da ka em da sam se odue vio to je Laguna odlu ila da objavi ovo u Srbiji Nekako mi je delovalo kao previ e rizi an korak i ak sam se pla io da e da prostite na izrazu zgovnati knjigu i da e ona izgubiti svoju dra Na svu sre u, ono to imam u rukama je apsolutno WOW Tehni ki i grafi ki knji ica je odra ena fenomenalno.Pri a sama po sebi jeste poprili no dobra Postoji onaj Gaimanovski twist koji mi svi jako volimo i odli an je crossover Uspavane lepotice i Sne ane Me utim, glavni i [...]

    3.5 magical starsEnormous peaks of mountains separate the kingdoms of Dorimar and kanselaire Kanelaire is rowdy as the wedding of their queen approaches But Dormiar is silent as it mourns the spell that has put its princess to sleep Up the blooming stairs and past the blooming cook and what are you cooking now, eh, great land arse, nothing in your pots and pans but dust and dust, and all you ever do is snore There is one oncoming calamity, though, poking its head out its burrow, viz It is expan [...]

    As a sleeping curse hits the kingdom, the queen postpones her wedding and sets off with three dwarves to free the sleeping princess and end the curseNeil Gaiman and Chris Riddell team up yet again to present this short fairy tale, a dark combination of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.As dark fairy tales go, it had its moments I loved the sleepers talking and eventually sleepwalking after the heroes I ve said it many times before but Gaiman s tales for kids are way creepier than the ones for adult [...]

    Hermoso cuento g tico y terror fico, ideal para leer en halloween Es una mezcla de la bella durmiente, Blanca Nieves y The walking dead A diferencia de los cuentos tradicionales, aqu no hay un caballero que salve a la princesa, sino que es la reina la que toma el mando y va al rescate de la bella durmiente Al fin un cuento en el que las mujeres se muestran valientes e inteligentes Tiene unas ilustraciones preciosas y un final inesperado que me gust mucho A la reina le hab a costado aprender a se [...]

    Whimsical and deliciously dark at times,The Sleeper and The Spindle is a retold fairytale featuring a not quite Sleeping Beauty and a sword weilding Snow White The moment I set my eyes on the book cover, I knew I need to have this beauty in my possession I was beyond delighted when I found out that this tale is accompanied with gorgeous illustrations byChris Riddell who also drew for the macabre children s story,The Graveyard Book Another favourite Coupled with Neil Gaiman s excellent, lyrical p [...]

    I liked this very much I think I liked this very much I m almost positive I liked this very much o.OFull RTC.

    The path to her death, heartbeat by heartbeat, would be inevitable A wonderful book with beautiful illustrations and and a new perspective on our most beloved fairytales.I m not a big fan of Gaiman s writing, I guess Would this be the same artist but a different author, say Laini Taylor or Catherynne M Valente, this could have been as magical and wondrous as I had wished it.Find of my books on Instagram

    I listened to this book on cd and it was very good They had back ground music and multiple different voices for each character It felt like listening to play I highly suggest listening to this short book It was very good

    This pair have never let me down yet The Sleeper and the Spindle is a fairytale retelling mashup of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, but with the characteristic darkness and twists we d expect from Gaiman Riddell s illustrations are as stunning as always, presented in black, white and gold to give a very traditional and magical feel to a very modern fairytale.It s a short story, made to be read it one sitting, and I would say it s the perfect bedtime story if it wasn t for the extra level of unse [...]

    El libro es un retelling mezclando dos cuentos cl sicos, por un lado Blancanieves con sus enanitos y por otro, La bella durmiente creando un cuento completamente nuevo y original, de perfil m s oscuro y al menos para m , con un final inesperado.La narraci n como no pod a faltar en Gaiman es perfecta con la t pica estructura de cuento introducci n, nudo y desenlace , lenguaje y longitud Adem s viene acompa ado de unas ilustraciones perfectas, que le dan ese toque de oscuridad y magia que Gaiman d [...]

    Well, said the third Somebody s got to do the honours I shall, said the queen, gently She lowered her face to the sleeping woman s She touched the pink lips to her own carmine lips and she kissed the sleeping girl long and hard Truthfully, I bought this book for the illustrations alone, but I must say the story itself was quite remarkable as well It s a thrilling retake on two old classics merged into one Snow White meets Sleeping Beauty in this girl power adventure of a lifetime I love the gend [...]

    Neil Gaiman and illustrator Chris Riddell collaborated on this 2014 publication that is a re telling or revisioning of a fairy tale.Almost Sleeping Beauty and not quite Snow White this is all pretty cool Gaiman s ability to weave fairy tale and folklore with fun new twists is what keeps readers like me coming back to him.A queen who is about to get married over her objections takes off to a neighboring kingdom who is in the grips of a strange sleeping spell All standard Grimm and Disney with som [...]

    Welcome to the story of a sort of Snow White and an almost Sleeping Beauty.5 REASONS TO READ THIS BOOK 1 Neil Gaiman DUH.2 A wonderful twist on a fairytale classic You think you know the tale of Sleeping Beauty Or the Snow White Think again.3 GIRL POWER Gaiman s Snow White and Sleeping Beauty don t need princes to kiss them or save them They re sisters doing it for themselves 4 Gorgeous illustrations5 Touches on subjecs like what happens after happy ever after and what if the princesses saved th [...]

    The Sleeper and the Spindle is an illustrated short story, mashing up Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with a feminist twist the Prince Charming character is a woman and, gasp, she kisses another woman to awaken her Also, most of the book is characters walking across a fantasy landscape so if you re a Tolkien fan, you re gonna love this Are we still not over post modern takes on fairy tales Do we really need another darker version of a well known, heavily Disneyfied story Apparently Neil Gaiman fa [...]

    I don t know what it is about Gaiman s writing Every time I finish a Gaiman book I tell myself I won t read another book by him again and yet, I keep reading his books I don t think he s a good writer or maybe he s just not my preferred type of writer Every time I read a synopsis for one of his books, I m always intrigued because they sound amazing, interesting and original but they turn out to be meh at best Unfortunately this was worse than meh I didn t enjoy it at all The best thing about thi [...]

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