The Good Liar: A Novel

The Good Liar: A Novel #2020

The Good Liar A Novel Spinning a page turning story of literary suspense that begins in the present and unwinds over almost a century this unforgettable debut channels the haunting allure of Atonement as its masterfully w
  • Title: The Good Liar: A Novel
  • Author: NicholasSearle
  • ISBN: 9781443444620
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Spinning a page turning story of literary suspense that begins in the present and unwinds over almost a century, this unforgettable debut channels the haunting allure of Atonement as its masterfully woven web of lies, secrets, and betrayals unravels to a shocking conclusionVeteran con artist Roy spots an obvious easy mark when he meets Betty, a wealthy widow, online In noSpinning a page turning story of literary suspense that begins in the present and unwinds over almost a century, this unforgettable debut channels the haunting allure of Atonement as its masterfully woven web of lies, secrets, and betrayals unravels to a shocking conclusionVeteran con artist Roy spots an obvious easy mark when he meets Betty, a wealthy widow, online In no time at all, he s moved into Betty s lovely cottage and is preparing to accompany her on a romantic trip to Europe Betty s grandson disapproves of their blossoming relationship, but Roy is sure this scheme will be a success He knows what he s doing As this remarkable feat of storytelling weaves together Roy s and Betty s futures, it also unwinds their pasts Dancing across almost a century, decades that encompass unthinkable cruelty, extraordinary resilience, and remarkable kindness, The Good Liar is an epic narrative of sin, salvation, and survival and for Roy and Betty, there is a reckoning to be made when the endgame of Roy s crooked plot plays out.
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    This is a very good debut novel by Nicholas Searle, who I am sure we will hear a lot of.I enjoyed this story of an elderly con man who is planning his last money making scheme only things aren t what they seem to be The book goes backwards and forwards in time as his life story unfolds and gives the reader plenty of food for thought to the real Roy.There were large periods in this book when I was completely absorbed in the story and found it very difficult to put it down But overall I felt it w [...]

    This is a very interesting, and assured, debut novel In a way though, it is a little difficult to review without giving away the plot and I have no wish to do that The story begins with Roy, who is an elderly con man, who has a blind date with Betty As the novel unfolds, we gradually learn about Roy s past and his string of escapades, which have left him financially comfortable Still, he cannot resist the opportunity to pull off one last con and intends to rob Betty of her life savings This is [...]

    A Lifetime of DeceitQuick inspection Immaculate white shirt yes Creases of grey flannels perfect Spit shined shoes gleaming Regimental stripe tie well knotted Hair combed neatly Blue blazer off hangar, and on Fits like a glove Glance in the mirror he d pass for seventy, sixty at a pinch.In fact, Roy Courtnay is eighty, but meeting an online date for the first time, he must make a good impression Establish a persona, in fact There is something a little slick in everything he does, as slightly fal [...]

    Penguin UK VikingDescription This is a life told back to front.This is a man who has lied all his life.Roy is a conman living in a small English town, about to pull off his final con He is going to meet and woo a beautiful woman and slip away with her life savings But who is the man behind the con What has he had to do to survive a life of lies And who has had to pay the price Opening It is, Roy thinks, perfect Kismet, serendipity, destiny, happenstance call it what you will All of these things [...]

    20 August 2015 included in my catching up blog postReviews of this are supposed to be embargoed until close to the release date, so I ll be publishing a detailed write up later For now, I ll just say that I m not surprised this is being talked about as one of Penguin s big debuts of 2016 it s got that unputdownable quality in spades It starts as the story of Roy, an ageing conman who, after a series of dispiriting dates in gastropubs, appears to have found his perfect mark Betty, elegant, widow [...]

    It seems from other reviews, both by readers and professional critics, that most people have enjoyed Nicholas Searle s first novel, The Good Liar That puts me in a minority while I felt The Good Liar was a confident debut, I found much of the story rather flat and even dull I d be hard pushed to find much wrong with Searle s actual prose his sentences are well crafted and his descriptive details well observed and well chosen but I found it impossible to really immerse myself in this book right u [...]

    Loved The Good Liar A clever and winding tale looked at all the wrong way round and upside down but so brilliantly addictive with a dry yet compelling style.We start with Roy meeting Betty for the first time on a blind date I was immediately hooked due to the way this was presented by the author and I knew right there that this was going to be one that would engage me Saying anything else on the plot, bar the fact that it moves backwards in time in our learning curve about Roy, whilst moving for [...]

    Much lauded by the critics and literary press, Nicholas Searle s debut seems to have garnered a muted reception from readers and has divided opinion The premise though, is irresistible, with conman Roy Courtnay setting out for one last scam to set him up nicely and ride off into the sunset Although already comfortably wealthy from his previous escapades and underhand dealings, he sets out with a plan to fleece the unsuspecting woman who he selects via his internet dating account That woman is B [...]

    Roy is a bona fide liar but he s not at all good As the layers of his life are peeled away, we experience him at different junctures starting at the present and going back in time to the late 1930s and with each revelation, he becomes and heinous.Lying is sport to Roy One big lie is all you ever need, he knows through experience, and to feel the joy solely internally is gratifying enough It s necessary not to ignore the endgame, but that s not where the sense of accomplishment lies from Roy It [...]

    The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle is a 2016 Harper publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I m still at a loss for words here in regards to this book Categorized as a mystery thriller, I was ready to dive into a what seemed like a good, complex, and smart novel All of those elements are here, but I must warn anyone interested in this title, that this book is nothing like the typical suspense thriller If you are looking for a r [...]

    This is an engrossing page turner which starts out being one kind of story but ends up being something very different For a debut novel, it s quite astonishingly good Eighty something year old Roy is a con artist And he s not a twinkly eyed, light fingered rogue either Roy, we learn very quickly, is a malevolent, hateful old man Despite having pulled successful scams for much of his adult life and having the resources to retire in comfort, Roy craves the adrenaline of one final wheeze Enter Bett [...]

    The Good Liar A Great Debut ThrillerNicholas Searle makes his debut with the much spoken about book The Good Liar a book that will grip you and horrify you in equal measure, but make you smile at the end This book could also be described as the continuing fight of good versus evil a good heart verses a dark heart, which makes for an intriguing read and a quite compulsive thriller.Roy has been a conman for as long as he can remember, his working life since the war has been about grifting, it is s [...]

    The Good Liar is a debut novel that involves lies, lies and lies The story goes back and forth between the past and the present In the present, 80 something Roy is looking for his last big con He hopes to find it with Betty She seems to have her own motives as well The rest of the book takes you back through Roy s past in reverse order in which you find out about him and his life as a con man I m not sure this book really worked for me I wanted to like it than I did For me, the writing was a [...]

    A good tale of the escapades of an inveterate con man named Roy He lies for the joy of it it s a weakness, a compulsion The painstaking construction of the lie and its intricate underpinnings they make the adrenaline flow It s necessary not to ignore the endgame, but that s not where the sense of accomplishment lies for Roy It s in the execution, the act of deception 103 I ve known pathological liars and the times I ve been an unwitting personal witness to blatant lies and fabrications, it s lef [...]

    My rating 2.5 of 5 stars He is not sure he believes in fate, or whether he believes in anything but the very present Then again, life has treated him well generally Roy is now in his 80s but is set on doing another con, after all it s what he s done his entire life Betty is a widow of a similar age and has agreed to have a drink with a man named Roy whom she met on the Internet The two develop a quick familiarity with one another and little to no time passes before they ve agreed to something of [...]

    I was looking forward to this book as I thought a mature character was something a little bit different This is a very intelligent and self assured debut from the author and although it turned out to be not quite up my street, it is certainly a book that will be well received by others.Roy, an aging conman is on the lookout for his last Mark and meets her in the form of Betty Betty is about to be fleeced of every penny she owns but first we have a few little trips back in time to discover abou [...]

    The Good Liar is a fantastic debut about a narcissistic con man known as Roy In his old age, he tries his luck in online dating and eventually strikes gold with Betty a wealthy grandmother The relationship quickly intensifies,while the novel flashes back to the past, revealing the truth behind Roy s past, and ultimately the woman he grows to know With an explosive start, a gripping climax and a brilliant twist at the end, The Good Liar is a clever thriller that really plays with your head, and k [...]

    It is astonishing that this is a debut novel from British author Nicholas Searle It is balanced and alluring the you read, the it ropes you in He has paid careful and loving attention to plot, character, rhythm, structure, pace, tone, and prose, so that the reader stays fully engaged through to the long end game.The main character, Roy, is an imposing man, and a strident one at times, no matter that he is 80 something years old We know early on that he is a professional confidence man a good l [...]

    4.5 starsStories about conmen always interest me I love The Sting, Hustle, Paper Moon but they don t show up often in fiction I d heard good things about this from other early reviewers and wanted to try it.At first, it seems simple enough we have an elderly man scouting for a final rich widow victim, Roy finds Betty on a dating website and easily schmoozes his way into her life It seems that all we are waiting around to see then is the long con, the eventual wearing down of the widow so her fin [...]

    I ve been plodding away on this for quite a while, which perhaps should have been a good indicator to myself that I wasn t exactly finding it absorbing That said this is a very interesting premise an older conman working on his easy mark a lady named Betty he finds online as he works to get his hands on her life savings Of course it s not that simplistic, and the story jumps all over the place, which at times I found a little confusing and although it does unravel it s done very slowly This isn [...]

    Clever and slick, great writing with a plot that never falters and keeps you engaged right to the end The beautiful child of Graham Greene and John le Carre, highly recommend if you like both.

    This is an enjoyable read that builds from a slow start to dissect the eventful and dishonest life of con man Roy The book begins with him in his eighties just as he lines up his next victim to relieve of her money Betty seems the right age, pleasant enough, likeable and gullible enough to facilitate his next con But Betty has a few surprises of her own which Roy and the reader discover in the author s own good time This develops into a good read with plenty of interest and an excellent twist an [...]

    I ended up disliking this novel intensely It s written in a bland, flat style, lots of telling rather than showing, often the mark of the inexperienced novelist What turned me against it, though, is the trite use it makes of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust it s a very cheap trick to use this setting to indicate the nastiness of a character and, equally, to give sympathy to another by putting her into a camp If you re going to write about this subject matter, then it should be done seriously and w [...]

    Meet Roy Courtnay Better yet, don t Roy, a master of the very long con, does not want to meet you unless there s something in it for him, particularly if it s at your expense Before you know it, you may find yourself staring off wondering, What the hell just happened This debut novel is a lot of fun, but so, has a lot to say Even though he doesn t need the money, Roy has decided on one final coup He s in his advanced 80 s, but he is hardwired to be a scoundrel and will go down smirking Now, mee [...]

    This debut literary fiction novel by Nicholas Searle really is told back to front A career conman, Roy, seems to have flitted through life moving from Mark to mark He s experienced, instinctual and self assured, but as he ages he decides to pull off one job, which leads him to meet the charming Betty As he woos her into position, he remains unaware that there s to Betty than he bargained for I must say when I started reading this book I did find it incredibly dull until I got about half way th [...]

    Not at all what I was expecting and very good indeed This is set to be thriller of the month but to my mind this is not really an adequate classification of the book In some ways it reminded me of Norwegian by Night, something about the themes and the tone perhaps There was also the chance at times that this would take a slightly comic turn, certainly the idea of a geriatric con artist having one last shot at the long con and maybe biting off than he can chew has comic possibilities However thi [...]

    Den gode l gnaren r en sp nnande och riktigt bra thriller Jag visste verkligen inte alls vad den h r skulle handla om och hade n stan inga f rv ntningar, vilket visade sig vara riktigt bra Intrigen verraskade mig och den var betylidgt b ttre n v ntat Redan fr n b rjan fastnade jag i ber ttelsen, och fann den ovanligt l ttl st Tyv rr s var det en svacka i mitten, sen tog den fart igen, f r att landa i ett slut som jag tyckte var ett antiklimax.Tidshopp r otroligt vanliga i sp nningsromaner och ve [...]

    We meet Roy and Betty when they are in their eighties, they ve connected through an on line dating service Roy we know is working a scam to con Betty out of her life s savings Betty, widowed and alone, allows Roy to move into her home I really enjoyed the way the author revealed his characters and their stories Roy s life is revealed in scenes from his past going back ward from the most recent to the most distant with stops in August 1998, September 1973, March 1963, August 1957, May 1946 and fi [...]

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