Nobody's Girl: A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation

Nobody's Girl: A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation #2020

Nobody s Girl A Memoir of Lost Innocence Modern Day Slavery Transformation In Barbara Amaya was years old leading a life far from a typical teenager and why she was Nobody s Girl She had been sent to three detention centers lived on the streets of first Washingt
  • Title: Nobody's Girl: A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation
  • Author: Barbara Amaya
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  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In 1972, Barbara Amaya was 16 years old, leading a life far from a typical teenager and why she was Nobody s Girl She had been sent to three detention centers, lived on the streets of, first, Washington DC and then New York City Amaya was forced to work as a prostitute and was hooked on heroin The ten years she spent as a victim in the world of human trafficking is jusIn 1972, Barbara Amaya was 16 years old, leading a life far from a typical teenager and why she was Nobody s Girl She had been sent to three detention centers, lived on the streets of, first, Washington DC and then New York City Amaya was forced to work as a prostitute and was hooked on heroin The ten years she spent as a victim in the world of human trafficking is just the beginning of her story.
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    Nobody s Girl A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Slavery, and Transformation is a memoir by anti human trafficking activist, Barbara Amaya Amaya herself was a runaway with a history of sexual abuse who was sold into prostitution As she observed, my life is much than my story, but my story is still part of me I want to use it to help others transform their lives as well Loc 84.Amaya eventually became hooked on heroin I would crave the numbing peace the heroin gave me, and the way it took away all the a [...]

    This book was so intriguing I pretty much read it in two days The book reads like a classic New Adult book quick and easy The story itself is a sad yet empowering tale of Barbara s childhood trauma and how she later raised to the challenge and decided to help in the fight against human trafficking Barbara describes the dark world of sex trafficked victims without being too explicit if that s possible And at the end of the memoir there is some resources for how people can help these victims Also [...]

    I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.This was a very hard book to read The book is very clear on what some of what lies within The back cover did not warn of child sexual abuse through the form on incest or a suicide attempt through pills One of those is a trigger for me I have already been incredibly emotional the past few days It really hit me hard I wanted to give that warning to other readers, not to warn them away but so they can prepare themselves This is a very importa [...]

    Genre Biography and MemoirsExcerpt from the book Above all, I hope this book gives an understanding of what happens to young victims of human trafficking What I went through years ago is exactly what victims are experiencing today Nothing has changed in terms of recruitment methods, exploitation, abuse and manipulation The most vulnerable are often the most preyed upon, something that makes human trafficking so very evil The authors sexual abuse began at age eight at the hands of her uncle At ag [...]

    Nobody s Girl is a story that is hard to hear, but is a must read for anyone wanting to learn about sex trafficking It is an excellent book for raising awareness of the dangers of runaways and pimp tactics.Abused as a child and ignored by a mother who refused to believe her, Barbara s pain is so deep that she leaves home at the young age of 12 I could not put the book down as I journeyed with Barbara through the horrors she experienced as a child growing up on the streets and falling into the h [...]

    This book is the story of Barbara Amaya based on her recollections The horrors that she dealt with in her life will make you cry The fact that she was able to save herself and use what she lived through to help save others is heroic.Barbara left home at the age of twelve after being sexually abused by her father and older brother She did not think anyone would believe her and that she was not loved or wanted After heading off to Washington DC and getting involved in drugs, she was returned to he [...]

    I am glad that I did not have to endure what Barbara Amaya went through Sexual abuse at a young age from her father, then her brother Running away when her alcoholic mother would not believe her Going through the juvenile corrections system Getting sold to a pimp, to be one of his under aged prostitutes, in New York and the physical and mental abuse from him Addiction to heroine All of this before the age of 16 This book comes about from Barbara finally breaking her silence of her story Her daug [...]

    This memoir is really powerful and has stuck with me long after I finished it.Barbara grew up in white bread, middle class Virginia yet due to a series of terrible things ended up on the streets at age 13 under the control of a pimp who went by the name of Moses This was 1968, and what happened to Barbara as a young girl then still happens today It s utterly gut wrenching, and I commend Barbara for the guts in telling her story to the world You are an amazing woman Barbara The failure of family [...]

    Sexual child abuse, teenage runaways, human trafficking, drug abuse, heroin addiction, imprisonment the list is long and disturbing I wish it was just a novel, but it s very real.This courageous well written autobiography isn t trying to shock by graphic descriptions nor does is seek pitty for the poor author who had to suffer all these really despicable things It s written as a wake up call, to bring to awareness what s going on around us, to make the reader understand how these things can happ [...]

    This is a pretty short book, I read it in around 5 hours However, the horrors that it contains will definitely stay with you long after reading this book Unfortunately this is not fiction It is a memoir of a 13 year old little girl running away and living life wherever and however she can The author isn t preaching or asking for woe is me pity She is simply just telling the story of her life I applaud her bravery and the fact she came out and is doing all that she can to help others EVERY teenag [...]

    At first this book seemed like any other memoir, very dry with little insight into the actual character After reading further, I was pleasantly surprised to see the insight Barbara Amaya had into her own life She doesn t blame her parents or others like many other people would for a mixed up childhood and abusive life She instead tells it like it is and how her own lack of understanding of what is normal led her into the life she had You can t help but feel sorry for her and her lack of any dece [...]

    Barbara Amaya had an abusive father, an abusive brother and an alcoholic mother who turned a blind eye to everything Barbara ran away from home became a prostitute under a pimp when she was only 13 years old and was under his rule for many many years until she finally decided enough was enough When she was finally able to escape she hid her past life from everyone This story was about triumph over tragedy I do wish that there was feeling in the book and some on her daughter and if they ever be [...]

    Amazing StoryThis is a story of perseverance, a young girl sexual abused by family, sold into prostitution human trafficking, drug addiction, depression and comes out stronger then ever, sharing her story to the world.

    Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this women s story This book sums the word bravery up Gripping and heartbreaking but a book I couldn t put down.

    Given to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review It s a true story, a memoir about a difficult childhood spent on the streets of NY , prostituting A sad story of an exploited child, a thirteen year old Barbara Amaya, who seeks redemption as a grown up After all she s been through this woman is a survivor A brave , courageous, woman Her decision to help others, in the battle against human trafficking leaves us a very powerful message NEVER GIVE UP AND FIGHT TILL THE END.

    If you read nothing else in the book, read the acknowledgment.This is the story of how child abuse by family members led to a 12 year old runaway being indoctrinated into the world of trafficking and drugs The story is not a new one, it is something that can happen to any child male or female in any country on any day of the week So many missed opportunities by the author and authorities that could have prevented the horrific events that were suffered The book seems to jump through the years lea [...]

    This is a true story of a young girl who was forced into prostitution and her journey of escaping it Overall I would give this book 4 stars out of 5 Barbara Amaya s story started out like any other typical American child However, her world started to fall apart as she was sexually abused by her father and had an alcoholic mother To escape the abuse she endured she often ran away During one of her attempts she met some strangers, who preyed upon her weakness, vulnerability, age, sex, and innocenc [...]

    Thank You to Animal Media Group for providing me with an advanced copy of Barbara Amaya s memoir, Nobody s Girl, in exchange for an honest reviewOT In her memoir, Nobody s Girl, Barbara Amaya recounts sexual abuse at the hands of family members, leading her to become a runaway at twelve years old, and soon after, falling into the hands of sex traffickers, ultimately developing a heroin addiction to copeKE Amaya is very brave for sharing her story Hers is a tragic life and through most of the boo [...]

    Barbara Amaya was, literally, nobody s girl Raised in the 1960s in Fairfax, Virginia by a father who worked at the Pentagon, and a stay at home, alcoholic mother, Amaya ran away to D.C at 12 to escape her father s sexual abuse After finding refuge with a hippy couple, she was soon selling her body on the streets of D.C At 13, she was sold to a New York City pimp named Moses For the next five or so years, Amaya s life was a horror show of filthy needles, arrests, disgusting johns, and vicious bea [...]

    Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.This is a difficult book to review and to rate.This is a story of a thirteen year old girl who is abused by her brother and father She ends up running away and is then sold to a pimp from New York and put to work on the track This part of the book is particularly brutal Barbara recounts her descent into drugs, the beatings, the arrests and the degradation I did feel that this part was very matter of fact and lacked emotion It was as if Barbara was talking about [...]

    In this beautifully written memoir, Amaya describes the horrors she faced as an abused teenager and how she learns to cope with them in her adult life I love that she didn t go for the shock factor, she simply told her story and the deep impact it had on her and those around her At the end of the book, Amaya lists resources steps for people to take if they suspect abuse trafficking She goes above and beyond just saying call the police , it s broken down and she shares how to actually help these [...]

    A revealing, terrifying narrative about how a young girl s abuse at home leads her into the dark world of human trafficking, prostitution and drug addiction Barbara Amaya s honest chronicling of her life is accomplished so artfully, that despite the book s gratuitous nature, none of her powerful story is stifled Bravery is not a strong enough word for what this woman lived and survived The amazing turn around to what her life is now and the strength and wisdom she shares with others suffering si [...]

    Thank you Netgalley for giving me a free copy for review in exchange for an honest review This book talks about runaways, human trafficking, sexual child abuse, drugs and the list goes on I wish it wasn t a real story but it is.I think it is written as a wake up call and to bring awareness of what is going on around us, to make us readers understand that this is still a reality The worst part for me was that so many people could have helped her along the way but instead decided to throw her in j [...]

    Note This book was provided free of charge by Net Gallery Animal Media Group There was very little in this book that surprised me To be sure, the story is a heartrending one, but it is also one that has a clear genre and familiar path I ve heard this story before, and likely many people who read this story have as well 1 The fact that this story sounds very familiar though, does not mean it is not a worthwhile story, because the author wishes to relate to people who like her were abused as child [...]

    i got my copy via netgalleyThe writing of the book is good, it s not brilliant, it s not mediocre, it s a solid 4 star writing The author is clear in her thoughts and since its a memoir I m thankful for leaving the choice to the reader to decide if they want to feel sympathetic or not I liked the matter of factly way of telling her experiences and putting her struggle into a coherent linked story and I really liked how it turned out.The story was following the little girl Barbara who was moleste [...]

    Thank you NetGalley for providing me a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewNobody s Girl is an autobiography of Barbara Amaya s struggles, her courage in overcoming everything she endured and ultimately becoming a voice against human trafficking In the first half of her story, she takes us through her first memories of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and older brother, how her mother turned a blind eye and didn t believe her when she went to her for help and ho [...]

    This book was so sad Barbara relives a time when she was sexually abused by her father It started at a young age and she was unsure why or what to do about it She attempted to tell her mother the only way she knew how but her mother misunderstood took action in the wrong way getting her teacher fired As the book continues it finds Barbara s life turning upside down I enjoyed the way that the author didn t try to sugar coat the things that she went through, but at the same time you could tell tha [...]

    Thank you to Netgalley, for providing me an advanced copy in exchange for a review This book was very short and an easy read the chapters weren t long and it felt like someone was telling me a story, though I wouldn t say the subject matter wasn t easy However, it s not that I wanted but it felt very matter of fact The author shared bits about her life but jumped around very quickly, and didn t linger on much it made it hard to really understand much of what she went through I guess I just feel [...]

    Chilling in its honestyIt s so easy for most of us to ignore what happens to runaways and abused girls Ms Amaya s story hits home She came from exactly the same suburban family that many of us did And her family had secrets like many others Her story is well written and told matter of factly without any attempt to draw sympathy or create drama Yet it is a very clear warning that we could be her, and that we have to keep our eyes open to the world around us.

    I got caught up and read the whole thing in an afternoon By the end I was incredibly moved and near tears I ve read a lot of awful things, like everyone, considering all the bad news the world has to offer But there s something about her frankness and straightforward tackling of uncomfortable, downright awful topics coupled with her childhood vulnerability and naivety, even as she writes about the past from a much secure future It s utterly heartbreaking But not hopeless Amaya is incredibly str [...]

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