The Cryptographer

The Cryptographer #2020

The Cryptographer Everybody has a secret but some are harder to decipherEngland Aster Tanner is alone in the world and keeps a roof over her head by working the one asset she has her mind She needs her job she d
  • Title: The Cryptographer
  • Author: Alice Wallis-Eton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everybody has a secret, but some are harder to decipherEngland, 1813 Aster Tanner is alone in the world and keeps a roof over her head by working the one asset she has her mind She needs her job she does not need a Scotsman underfoot, making her heart flutter with heated glances and impertinent questions.Iain McIntyre, Captain in the Second Dragoons, has a confide Everybody has a secret, but some are harder to decipherEngland, 1813 Aster Tanner is alone in the world and keeps a roof over her head by working the one asset she has her mind She needs her job she does not need a Scotsman underfoot, making her heart flutter with heated glances and impertinent questions.Iain McIntyre, Captain in the Second Dragoons, has a confidential assignment find a list rumoured to name traitors working against England He is looking for anything unusual like a woman working as a secretary He tells himself his fascination with the lass is because she holds a man s position, and nothing to do with his rising desire to know the sharp mind hidden behind her darkened glasses.When Aster is targeted by those intent on recovering the list, she must decide who to trust She has seven encrypted names But whose Meanwhile, Iain is on the trail of a double agent Time is running out, and secrets must be decoded before lives and hearts are sacrificed.
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    What did you think is written just over the top of my review space that is indeed a very good question What did I think about this book If I may, I will use a decidedly un Regency expression, it s a hot mess Since this book is self published so not subject to the whims of publishing houses the author must take responsibility for the cover,which is pretty, but makes you think this is going to be your usual sweet Regency debutante romance This does the book no favours as this book s main strength [...]

    The cryptographer is set in England, the year is 1813.Aster Tanner has no family since the death of her mother when she was only 15 years old Now she must work to keep a room at a boarding house, food on the table, and clothes on her back Her only companion is her little Scottish terrier, Dougal Sir John Warrington has given her a job as a secretary in the the Records Office Few people would employ a woman in such a responsible position but Sir John hired her based on her mind and her ability, n [...]

    Aster Tanner, bastard orphan, works for the Records Office Iain McIntyre, Scottish military, is sent to keep an eye on the Records Office SPARKS FLY Then people die, secrets come out, and allegedly there s a spy ring encoded in a book In summary the only true puzzle is how this book is so poorly edited 1 Aster s early chapters show her struggling to survive, living hand to mouth in a boarding house on the edge of starvation By the end of the book, the curtain of authorial mischief is pulled asid [...]

    I was initially very interested in the book, because of cryptography that s something I know about, wink, wink It is a nice story, but there were some things that were annoying The book needs editing For a smart girl, Aster is really dumb I will act as I m not interested, but I ll be confused and upset when he thinks I am not interested Oh, please There is no logic in the story view spoiler Why was she so afraid of losing her job and living on the street, if she had a living and loving father Wh [...]

    Enjoyable book and I would read others in the series, but I cannot locate them or this one on Unique heroine in a unique job The story faltered at times, but it kept my interest 3.5 stars rounded to 4 Book source freebie.

    Aster Tanner works as secretary to Sir John at the Royal Arsenal At first glance people think she s a maid A second glance reveals she is a clerk filing away paperwork and orders for new supplies for the army What no one outside the office knows is Sir John is a renowned cryptographer With Napoleon on the loose, Sir John has his work cut out for him cracking secret codes so Wellington and his men can intercept and stop Napoleon What no one besides Sir John knows is Aster often helps him with his [...]

    I truly enjoyed The Cryptographer and it was free on What an amazing find You don t read many HR about 2nd sons unless it is a series about titled brothers I loved the plot the characters The storyline is fast moving with a believable story Aster Tanner can decipher codes She has been employed by Sir John For a while there you don t know if Sir John is a spy working in the Records office at the Royal Arsenal or just a devoted old man a bit eccentric But after a bit you began to figure out why he [...]

    I downloaded a free copy from Story Cartel and enjoyed this debut novel very much.Unlike your average Regency romance, the author explores the limited options that would have been available to an intelligent girl with no family connections and very little money during the period She also focuses on the second sons who were not in line to inherit the family title and fortune and had to forge their own careers, often in the army.The series focuses on four soldiers tasked to uncover a plot by the F [...]

    There is something so fun about a bit of historical romance that also has the best spying and code breaking intertwined The Cryptographer is just that The story of an intelligent, gifted woman, Aster Tanner, that works for a living in the war department She loves puzzles and her boss, Sir John, keeps providing codes for her to break that are than just fun and games to stimulate her mind When Iain comes to the small town where she works she finds herself attracted to him Iain also struggles with [...]

    I found this to be an intriguing look at a young working lady s life, in a time period, when ladies were expected to be uneducated and under the protection of a man Our heroine is not only educated but also works in a career which was a male domain During the course of the mystery, which has been set forth very well, she is seduced by the very masculine hero who had formed an attachment to her The intrigue is satisfactorily resolved and both parties happy with the blissful results.I have rated t [...]

    Interesting Absorbing FlawedThe cryptographer presents an unusual heroine with secrets on many levels Aster drew me in page one I loved her work and the unraveling of those secrets The hero is a bit standard romance figure but I liked him enormously What didn t work is sex When it came it felt abrupt, out of character, and flat no sizzle, probably because there was inadequate build up.

    My Review First response What a great story Love the concept of this book Full review to follow The first time I saw the cover of this book, I wanted to read it I bought it immediately The artwork on the cover is rich and three dimensional It drew my eye immediately The mixed media is wonderful The dark, threatening clouds used in the background The handsome young couple on top Then the torn and worn handwriting The wonderful fonts used for the title and the author s name Then the red wax seal w [...]

    England, 1813 Aster Tanner is employed in the Records Office and is content with her non descript life until Captain Iain McIntyre, of the Second Dragoons, appears on a confidential mission.Very enjoyable, well written, and with lovely characters.Would love to read the rest of the series but I can t find them anywhere

    I am obviously in the minority when it comes to reviewing this book and I am disappointed I can t give this title a higher rating Here is a quick list of the positive and negative I found as a reader Positives This plot is very refreshing, with a new take on the Regency Napoleonic time period, focusing on a Cavalry Officer who happens to be next in line to inherit an Earldom and the female secretary of a Cryptographer The story unfolds well during the first three quarters of the book, with intri [...]

    The Cryptographer is no ordinary Regency romance novel written by Alice Wallis Eton s during the Napoleon era With characters like Aster Tanner, the historical code breaking secretary, and Captain Iain McIntyre and his comrads of the Scot s Grays Wallis Eton really took this book to a whole unique intiging level The story is written from the view points of both the H H, and believe it or not it flowed fairly smoothly.The first 70% is well written with great character development including even t [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Cryptographer The plot was intriguing and the pace of the story flows well for most of the book However, the ending felt a little rushed and ended on a cliffhanger that compels the reader to purchase the next book in the series The next two books in the series were only 2.99 on BN so it wasn t that big of a deal The scene towards the end of the book to draw out the traitor was fast paced and very thrilling I just wished the author had wrapped up the first installment in [...]

    The cryptographer is a good debut novel I love the cover Aster Tanner s feminist character is refreshing The romance is good and pans out well.However, the book has too many lapses of logic even for a historical romance A lot of the dialogue seemed very 21st century for a historical novel The characters are too progressive for their era Eg It didn t make a lot of sense to be celebrating and making love soon after somebody d death Aster s character also becomes inconsistent towards the end The bo [...]

    I liked the cryptographer story line, though I was a bit annoyed with the self doubt in both main characters I found myself looking up what articles of clothing were While using authentic names may at first glance appear to be correct than using modern language and descriptions, it s distractingwhich is also annoying That said, having read some of the WWII true stories about code breakers, I liked this aspect of the story Makes me wonder how codes are made today and what code breakers are at wo [...]

    Some really great points and some really easy pitfalls in this work I definitely enjoyed it as a romance and a spy novel mixed with Austenian manners, but I was miffed with the maneuvering needed for some of the plot elements Also, it devolved at points near the end into the thing I can t abide the heroine thinks the hero can t possibly love her and so willfully misinterprets his tongue tied attempts to talk to her in order to play out the tension But overall, a neatly worked out mystery plot.

    I really enjoyed this book The stereotypes of the day were well created, but not enforced The characters were able to develop and accept change Iain s shock at finding out that Aster was a secretary in a male dominated world was cause for a giggle He however, was able to overcome the stereotype and see her for the woman she was The storyline was good and the characters well developed I look forward to reading by the author.I received a copy of the book from Story Cartel in exchange for an hones [...]

    I decided to read this book from the following reading prompt a book related to your line of work First off, this only vaguely relates to my line of work, in the fact that the main character, Aster Tanner, works as a secretary, which is what I ve enjoyed doing the most in previous jobs And because this is a historical fiction novel set in the early 1800s in England, it was unusual for a woman to be working as a secretary Hence my use of the word vaguely.This was a delightful little read about an [...]

    Unconventional regency romanceOh my goodness this book was a joy Set not amidst the ton or ballrooms, but in shabby boarding houses and military offices, this story is filled with suspense, secrets, and wonderful romance I loved Aster, a smart woman who found an unconventional way for making her way in the world Her love of puzzles and independence were great and unexpected Iain was everything a hero should be and I never disliked him The only thing that makes me sad is that I can t read the res [...]

    For a romance novel, I found this pretty entertaining There is no instant love and no sex scenes all the way through, which leaves plenty of room for a plot to unfold The side characters were unique in personality, the main characters, however not so much, but so than a typical romance in my experience in dealing with the freebies.I did enjoy that the heroine was not part of the ton, and neither was she a street urchin that had some wealthy connection or any such nonsense of that nature She is [...]

    The Cryptographer Second Sons Book 1 The love story of Iain and Aster Aster is a cryptographer for the war office and she help her father decode message When Iain come to her father office she tell him that she is Sir John s secretary Now someone want the information that Sir John has Can Iain save her or will the French agents kill her Great story but the other stories are not in eBook.

    Can I give this book 10 stars I loved it The plots are intriguing and entertaining, there s mysteries, a love story brilliant characters, humour, love, sadness, drama, villains it was just the perfect book I could not put it down

    Again, I read this while waiting for Rick s tests to be finished This was a nice read about one who solves puzzles and riddles with codes during the French and England war I especially liked it because the main character was a woman not the role normally assumed by women during war.

    The Crypotgrapher Book 1I loved this story, I wish it could have been longer I recommend everyone to read this book I look forward to reading of her books Kattie.

    The first book in a series about a woman cyptographer in the days when women didn t work outside the home Fascinating.

    3.75 and I would really love to read the rest of the series, but I can t find the books electronically, anyway anywhere To buy, at the library, no where

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