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Changing Focus #2020

Changing Focus When two Ashe Sentinel staffers are thrown together to cover breaking news and bullets fly it s an eye opening experience Jorge is new to the Ashe Sentinel and it s not going well The staff doesn t
  • Title: Changing Focus
  • Author: D.J. Jamison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When two Ashe Sentinel staffers are thrown together to cover breaking news and bullets fly, it s an eye opening experience Jorge is new to the Ashe Sentinel, and it s not going well The staff doesn t respect him, and a confrontation with the sexy but arrogant senior photographer only adds to his stress But after Mac puts him in a situation that nearly gets him shot, JoWhen two Ashe Sentinel staffers are thrown together to cover breaking news and bullets fly, it s an eye opening experience Jorge is new to the Ashe Sentinel, and it s not going well The staff doesn t respect him, and a confrontation with the sexy but arrogant senior photographer only adds to his stress But after Mac puts him in a situation that nearly gets him shot, Jorge realizes he doesn t know as much about being a newsman as he thought he did Mac is frustrated by Jorge s inability to see the big picture Journalism is about than grammar and spell checks When a stand off gives him the perfect opportunity to teach Jorge a lesson, he seizes it but immediately regrets putting the gorgeous editor in danger In the aftermath, Jorge earns Mac s respect But can Mac apologize enough for his behavior and his inappropriate apologies that follow to ever earn Jorge s affection, or will he lose his chance to the police sergeant with a flirty smile Changing Focus is the first of the Ashe Sentinel Connections series, and is a m m romance.
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      142 D.J. Jamison
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    Changing Focus is a sweet short read, but it might have been a bit too short I didn t have time to connect with the characters, as we didn t get much information about them The book was focussing a lot on the common work of the main characters they are working for the local newspaper of Kansas I got this book for free on and I have to say that it was an entertaining short read I might read the second part in the series I saw that it is quite a bit longer and I might even be able to find out a bi [...]

    I purchased Changing Focus on and read it yesterday I did keep thinking as I was reading that it appeared to not be the first book in a series I ve just this morning realized that though had the title as Changing Focus the story that I READ is NOT It s actually Rick s story Source of Protection Somehow the file got mixed up apparently and they are selling the wrong book UPDATE Ms Jamison kindly acknowledged the mix up and offered me the correct copy of Changing Focus I look forward to reading it [...]

    Nice premise, certainly got my attention, but I ll probably have to read the next story before I decide what I think The story hinges on a psuedo enemies to lover trope that I felt didn t reach it s full potential An irritation became a misunderstanding, which was then followed by a series of awkward and uncomfortable encounters I found Mac to be pushy and annoying for most of the book There were moments of good guy behavior, but most of what the author showed us was him being a jerk Regardless [...]

    Love this two guys just wanted story, background and Love the idea of a newsroom as a center for the series.

    I ll admit it I hate finished this one instead of noping out because I was so hoping that the main characters would NOT get together Spoilers they do.So, the MC meets his love interest when said LI is complaining to other members of the newspaper staff about how, because MC cropped his photo, he must have been only hired due to affirmative action the MC is Latino And he decides it will be funny to call him George instead of Jorge, because he s a racist jerk.And yeah, it doesn t get any better Th [...]

    Capturing the momentA good fast paced romance Sort of an enemies to lovers story, but also a bit of pulling pigtails to show like Jorge is a new transfer to the paper and is the new night editor Being young, hispanic, and an outside transfer, he faces a lot of flac and has difficulty fitting in To top it all off he gets on the bad side of the top photog, Mac, and finds himself constantly at odds Mac has worked his way up to top photographer at the Ashe Sentinel He is proud of the work he does an [...]

    I thought I would give this new to me author a try This was very well written and kept my attention, but it was kind of flat I didn t learn anything about the characters and there was hardly any backstory history about either one I don t even know how hold Mac is or what his real name is The whole Dylan thing threw me for a loop when it was first mentioned So is his name Dylan Mac Why is this important to me I don t know I guess I just want to know the characters.This was also too short I didn t [...]

    Found I can read all of these via kindle unlimited, so I reckon I will go back and pick one out every now and then.Wanted to see how it all starts, and here are Mac and Jorge enemies to friends to lovers and it s adorable.They just needed to see the best sides of each other.

    This series of books were enjoyable reads with interesting characters and unique plots Usually with series I enjoy the first book than the sequels, but in this case it was the opposite The first book was just meh, the second book somewhat better and the third really, really entertaining.All the books are set in Ashe, Kansas and the local newspaper the Ashe Sentinel.Book one features two employees of the Sentinel Editor Jorge and photographer Mac Right away the two don t get along because Jorge [...]

    Jorge Ortiz is a new editor of Ashe Sentinel who had past haunting trauma and a new life he d started to deal with However, an arrogant but experienced photographer Mac was looking down on him and was so hostile towards him.And then there was the breaking news that somehow changed their perspectives of each other.Now this is a really short read, comparing to some other books I ve read One thing I ve always hated about short stories is the inadequate explanation and portraying of the characters p [...]

    I was a little skeptical when I started this story as I usually do not like shorter reads I do wish this one had been a little longer so that we could have gotten detail but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed it In the beginning I HATED Mac He was an egotistical jerk who I thought was going to be an nonredeemable character He was surprisingly sweet though and won me over with his determination and good heart Even though I liked Jorge I think I wound up liking Mac even bec [...]

    A good start of this series with two interesting character.Some parts could have been a bit developed, because I have the feeling something was missing I also was confused by the switch from Mac to Dylan because or maybe I overread it I didn t know why he has this nickname Some actions by Mac were a bit in a hurry, rushed and maybe too fast but all in all very hot.It s a pity the most erotical scenes were lightly faded out, although you could feel the chemistry between the character 3 4,5 out o [...]

    I m a bit conflicted about this book I enjoyed it, it s well written and kept my attention but it s so short there s too much missing There s no character history or any real chance to understand and buy into the attraction between the two characters There so much dancing around each other but then all of a sudden they ve hooked up, thrown the boyfriend word around and bam it s the end I really wanted to like Mac and Jorge but I felt like I wasn t given the chance There s potential, but for me i [...]

    For a shory story approx 18,000 words and the beginning of a series, Ms Jamison does a very good job of beginning, middle and ending for this HFN novella Her MCs, Jorge, night editor for Ashe Sentinel and Mac, photographer for the same paper, rub each other the wrong way from the very start It is fun to watch them as they both continuously draw the wrong conclusions about one another before finally coming to the realization that they each one have the serious hots for the other.Well worth the re [...]

    A short but good enemies to lovers story which creates a good base for the second book Mac is a hard guy to like, and for most of the story I hated him But, by the end, the author was able to make him an endearing, quirky character that I liked It was a freebie and is recommended that it be read before book 2.

    As it is often the case, this short story could have been so much better had the author taken the time to develop her characters and plot thoroughly.As it is, it is enjoyable and it has a HEA, but I missed interaction between the leads who end by appearing of a whining child than they really are.

    A cute little enemies to lovers story It could have done with a little padding out so we could get to know the characters a little better but it s a fun, short read and I m off straight away to pick up the next in the series

    It was alright It was ok, not badly written or anything I just didn t particularly find this story or characters that interesting It was not good enough to me to buy the other 2 books in this series.

    Short but sweetDefinitely shorter than I normally like, but it had a good story line and I found it entertaining Would definitely like .

    It wasn t bad but the book was too short, so it didn t give me a chance to fully like Mac He annoyed me most of the book.

    This blurb doesn t match the bookI seem to have got Source of Protection in Changing Focus cover.

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