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Blueprints Returning to her beloved New England the New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Salt Air explores the limits of love and asks what happens when the right man comes along at the wrong time Carolin
  • Title: Blueprints
  • Author: Barbara Delinsky
  • ISBN: 9781250007063
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • Returning to her beloved New England, the New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Salt Air explores the limits of love and asks what happens when the right man comes along at the wrong time Caroline and Jamie McAfee are close Not only do they enjoy their relationship as mother and daughter, they re in business together as the team that fronts the popular home renovatioReturning to her beloved New England, the New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Salt Air explores the limits of love and asks what happens when the right man comes along at the wrong time Caroline and Jamie McAfee are close Not only do they enjoy their relationship as mother and daughter, they re in business together as the team that fronts the popular home renovation show Gut It All is well with these two strong women, but when the network tells Caroline that Jamie is to replace her as host, Caroline feels betrayed by her daughter and old in the eyes of the world.Jamie is unsettled by the cast change and devastated by her mother s anger, but she has little time to brood when a tragic accident leaves her two year old half brother in her care Accustomed to a life of order and precision, Jamie suddenly finds herself out of her depth, grappling with a toddler who misses his parents and a fianc who doesn t want the child.Amid such devastation, Caroline and Jamie find themselves revising the blueprints they ve built their lives around With loyalties shifting and decisions looming, mother and daughter need each other but the rift between them is proving difficult to mend As the women try to remake themselves and rebuild their relationship with each other, they discover that strength and even passion can come from the unlikeliest places For Caroline, it s an old friend, whose efforts to seduce her awaken desires that have been dormant for so long that she feels foreign to herself For Jamie, it s a staggering new attraction that allows her to breathe again and breathe deeply for the first time in forever.A riveting novel from a master storyteller, Barbara Delinsky s Blueprints reminds us that sometimes love appears when we least expect it, and when we need it most.
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    Delinsky never lets me down for a quick, enjoyable get away read I seem to turn to her for something less heavy though no less entertaining Once again she delivers Characters that are well developed and a storyline that is often heart tugging as well as heart warming She writes of everyday people who face the trials and tribulations that many of us do, or have This story was especially thoughtful as it focused on the relationship of Mothers and Daughters, how they develop and how they change Bot [...]

    So frustrated by this author She has really great ideas, but they are ruined by over melodramatic, soap opera esque bad writing The grief parts of this book were good, and the concept behind a young career woman who needs to balance a very busy career with having motherhood thrust at her very unexpectedly while dealing with grief was intriguing to me Unfortunately, this strong woman s problems are all solved by her mom and her man The fact that these women were independent, strong women was shov [...]

    What caught my attention about Blueprints was the premise of the story a mother and daughter who are stars of a home improvement TV show named Gut It Okay, I admit I m a HGTV, DIY, This Old House fan, and I think there are of us out there that would find this story interesting too just from that angle, but there is to it as I found out The mother, Caroline is a master carpenter and the host of Gut It, her daughter Jamie is a talented architect whom the network wants to have host the show full [...]

    I have read numerous Delinsky books, but this one was not one of my favorites, too many feelings and not enough story The mother in the story is accomplished and attractive, but she has not been with a man for over a decade as her philandering ex husband made her believe that she was not young or attractive From there are discussions about the value of sex, okay, but must we read continually about how she knew that he wanted her, or the physical details of how her body responds Of course the men [...]

    As a mother and daughter team, Caroline and Jamie MacAfee are best friends as well, and each of them is impeccable in their roles within the family company, MacAfee Homes Their reality show, Gut it , is all about renovating and bringing attention to the company s work.As the host of the show, Caroline has hit her stride Confident and proud, she enjoys basking in all of it And Jamie s role as the architect brings her unique talents to the mix.So when the network producers decide that a major chan [...]

    This was a giveaway The book is an advance readers edition I am assuming that the issues with typos fiarce instead of fiance, shouts instead of shorts, etc , grammar, and continuity will be resolved before the book is released This is the first book that I have read by this author.The marketing description of the book is about a mother and daughter who work on the same television show, Gut It On the mother s 56th birthday, the network decides to replace her as host with her daughter To add to th [...]

    Blueprints by Barbara Delinksy was a thoroughly enjoyable read, and as soon as I read the opening pages I was hooked Both Caroline and Jamie are smart, competent women, each very talented at what they do Caroline is thrown by her possible axing of being the host of the home makeover show Gut It She senses it s because of her age that Claire the snarky director is wanting to replace her with the younger Jamie This creates tension for Claire, she is very good at what she does, yet it would be her [...]

    Caroline and Jamie MacAfee are mother and daughter, carpenter and architect and integral members of the cast of a reality fix it show called Gut It The home renovation series showcases the women of MacAfee Homes and has become popular with the do it yourself crowd When the director decides the program needs a facelift to attract a younger demographic, family allegiances are put to the test.I love it when an author puts in the research hours needed to add authenticity to her novel Delinsky writes [...]

    I have always loved Barbara Delinsky s novels from years ago up to this very date and this book was good I can t say its the best ever book I have read by her, it was OK and enjoyable.It seems the TV show is hosted by a family, its called Gut It Its a MAKE OVER show But of course like any family we have all ages from young to old and because of ratings, and new younger people watching its thought to attract even younger viewing they should have younger people doing the show Claire is excellent [...]

    ARC received courtesy of giveawayI must disclose right away that I am a HUGE fan of Barbara Delinsky I ve loved nearly everything of hers that I ve ever had the pleasure to read Blueprints is at a whole new level, even for Delinsky.A novel centered around a family owned construction business with a television remodeling show to boot This book delves into what it really means to be a woman of a certain age Her daughter struggles with her own engagement when all hell breaks loose when her father a [...]

    I received this book Blueprints Advanced Readers Edution free via first reads in exchange for an unbiased review I enjoyed the storyline Mother and daughter work together for the family business and are also best friends They are both going through their own seasons of life when a double disaster strikes Who will be the next host of their TV show What direction will the family business go And when will they each discover true love apart from each other The story was a touching one with some happ [...]

    Listened to the audio book which is probably the only reason I got through this I have enjoyed some of her other books like While my sister sleeps, but this book was seriously terrible It was so cheesy and the men were so unrealistic and besides the tragedy that occurs in the beginning of the book nothing else happens Skip this one I wish I had.

    On Caroline MacAfee s 56th birthday, she is told that she is too old to continue hosting the home improvement show, Gut It that she has been a part of for years Her replacement doesn t want to tell her about the switch I mean, how do you break it to your own mother that her replacement is well, her very own daughter There is, of course, conflict knowing that the job that Caroline loves and knows so well is being taken from her and there is sadness as Jamie finds the relationship she has with her [...]

    A mother and daughter team on a Home makeover show called Gut It Caroline MacAfee is the host and carpenter on the show, daughter Jamie MacAfee is the Architect and designer Both woman are smart and work together in harmony, but then that harmony is put to the test when many things change in their relationship All of a sudden the network thinks Caroline is too old to host the show, and they want Jamie to step in, and then an accident and death of her father and step mother makes Jamie an instant [...]

    I won this as a first reads through Thank you It took me a tad longer to get into this particular book by Barbara Delinsky than it did with some of her other books It seemed to start out a bit slow, but then I did feel the storyline picked up and I did get into the lives of the two main characters Caroline and her daughter Jamie Caroline and Jamie are involved in a home improvement reality show when Caroline, who is the main host of their show is told that she is out as host and her daughter is [...]

    When you pick up a new Barbara Delinsky novel, you expect to read about a strong female character, some sort of conflict to be overcome, and of course some romance Ms Delinsky delivers on all counts in her latest novel, Blueprints There are two main characters, a mother and a daughter, each with strong opinions which provide obstacles in their relationship In the midst of all their problems, somehow each finds romance.I liked Caroline from the beginning of the book She learns she is being forced [...]

    Well, I have never read anything by Barbara previously, and the ONLY reason I chose this one was due to the title, as my husband is the co owner of The Blueprint Company in Mt Vernon, WA, and his business partner s husband was recently added to the Top 15 Seattle area architects he is a highly internationally recognized architect due to his award winning Tsunami House on Camano Island, WA Although Barbara acknowledges architects and construction people at the end of her book, I felt that using t [...]

    Blueprints is a story of love, loss, and finding your way when the original plans for you life no longer fit This is the second Barbara Delinsky book I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it It was a story of a mother and daughter who are going through big changes in their lives and how that effects their relationship Always close, Caroline and Jamie are now finding themselves competing for the same job Each of them had thought they knew what they wanted and where their lives are headed but when [...]

    Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky is the newest book in her collection Once again, she has brought us into a new world and new characters with great skill Jamie and Caroline are mother and daughter who work together in a family company that designs and builds houses and as part of a TV Show Jamie is an architect and Caroline is a builder Both think their life is all planned out like a blueprint until the accident changes everything Suddenly their world changes and they need new plans For me, Barbar [...]

    Take two strong women, two wonderful guys and a dud , two cute little ankle biters, and a tragic accident makes a very good story It doesn t happen to be a favorite genre of mine, but it held my interest anyway.The decision of the network to replace 56 year old Caroline MacAfee, host of the family home construction TV show, with her daughter, Jamie, creates a serious cleft in their relationship Then a major thunderstorm and a tragic accident complicate their lives even .The author has certainly [...]

    Caroline and Jamie work on a home renovation programme called Gut It Caroline is a carpenter and her daughter is an architect They love their work But the tv company have decided that they no longer want Caroline and want Jamie to run the show It causes heartbreak for Caroline as Jamie didn t handle passing on the news very well and causes problems between them aswell.The descriptions of the houses are great made you feel as though you were watching the programme.Jamie s dad and his new wife are [...]

    This was the story of the MacAfee family, well respected pillars of their community, and homebuilders from a small town outside of Boston The main characters are Caroline and Jamie, mother and daughter, and integral members of the MacAfee building dynasty As tragedy strikes the family, lives are drastically changed The relationships that grow and a few that fail from this incident make for an interesting and heartwarming read As with other Barbara Delinsky books, strong women and family are vita [...]

    I was delightfully surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this novel I ve always enjoyed Barbara Delinsky s books, but this one just hit a right note with me The premise of a mother daughter duo who have a highly successful DIY television show on how to renovate houses is fun and currently relevant, and the drama and relationships that play out during this lively story are just captivating I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the romance and drama, and I appreciated the fast pace of the storytel [...]

    I don t think I ve read anything by Barbara Delinsky in years, although I used to read her quite often but the summary of Blueprints sounded interesting and it was It was just the kind of women s fiction I love, all about relationships, mom daughter, fiance s, co workers, brothers sisters, father daughter, exes, family business Yes, there were a couple of romances, but all the relationships just created a good, engrossing story that I didn t want to put down until I finished it Great, enjoyable [...]

    This was a very satisfying and enjoyable read I am glad I did not abandon it and that I just waited for a better time to read it I love women s fiction and Barbara Delinsky is one of my favorite authors This was a story of family and the characters felt like family to me I also liked that the setting was a home improvement television show It felt a little like HGTV meets Lifetime or Hallmark movie channel I was sad for it to end.I almost forgot to note that I won this book from First Reads.

    A novel from an author I am growing to enjoy very much Barbara Delinsky s BLUEPRINTS reminds each of us that love can come when we least expect it and in this case, when we need it most I love a good romance and this is a good romance Jamie, Caroline, Dean, Chip, and the two boys are all likeable characters I enjoy stories with strong women and men that love and understand them.

    This was an OK read I was interested in the characters and the storyline but found it unnecessarily lengthy in places Probably about a 3 and a half.

    Disappointing This author normally has much better developed characters and plot This tilted too much towards bodice ripper books I skimmed the last third of the story.

    I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of Blueprints It took me awhile to finish the book, it started out kind of slow but picked up towards the end.

    A special thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Stunning front cover A long time fan of Barbara Delinsky, once again delivers a winning women s fiction drama with BLUEPRINTS A realistic contemporary portrayal of the many challenges and complexities, faced by women of ages from 20 s to 60 s of today s modern world relationships from professional, personal, family, and motherhood mixed with humor and some tantalizing sexy distractions Gut it A loc [...]

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