Love So Perfect

Love So Perfect #2020

Love So Perfect Star quarterback Austin Lawson s dating life is fair game to the myriad gossip bloggers Thanks to his most recent screw up with a social media savvy super model he s forced to return home so that his
  • Title: Love So Perfect
  • Author: Marquita Valentine
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  • Page: 105
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  • Star quarterback Austin Lawson s dating life is fair game to the myriad gossip bloggers Thanks to his most recent screw up with a social media savvy super model, he s forced to return home so that his PR team can do damage control To help speed things along, he volunteers at Jessamine Elementary School, never dreaming he d find the perfect solution to his image problem iStar quarterback Austin Lawson s dating life is fair game to the myriad gossip bloggers Thanks to his most recent screw up with a social media savvy super model, he s forced to return home so that his PR team can do damage control To help speed things along, he volunteers at Jessamine Elementary School, never dreaming he d find the perfect solution to his image problem in Harper Bell Sweet as anything, she s star struck by him and agrees to date after date, never suspecting the real reason he wants to be with her But as things begin to heat up between them, Austin realizes that he wants Harper for than just a quick fix.Harper Bell is perfectly content as a second grade teacher in the small town of Jessamine until she meets the one man who makes her question her lack of social life She never dreamed that sexy, hometown hero Austin Lawson would ever notice a plain Jane like herself And with one hot kiss, she begins to fall head over heels for him until she learns the truth Austin s been using her.Now Austin has to execute the perfect play to win back the girl of his dreams Or will Harper bench him permanently
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    Austin is a star QB and living the dream However the dream does come with zero private life and when the supermodel he s dating realizes he will never love her, she takes revenge and Austin s life becomes a PR nightmare Forced to go back home to Jessamine and wait for the whole disaster to blow over he volunteers at the local elementary school to help speed things along Once there, he meets Harper Bell, the sugary sweet school teacher who has no idea that he s kind of a big deal in sports ball c [...]

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewLove So Perfect by Marquita Valentine was another sweet addition to the The Lawson Brothers Series And this time, Ms Valentine has sweeten this charming story with the added twist of an older woman and younger man falling in love Austin Lawson is a starting professional quarterback, who happened to be caught in a whirlwind of scandal due to a leaked edited video of him unkindly breaking up with an ex Though the video was planted by his ex an [...]

    My favorite part of the book was epilogue and last scene before it.The book didn t really work for me.It might be me, not the book case There is nothing wrong with the book, I think it might be considered sweet but well, it didn t work for me.Plus view spoiler first sex scene happened at 82%, before that he was just going down on her I prefer when h and H have sex, well earlier I understood why he kept on saying no and wanted to wait, but I really wish it happened before that mark hide spoiler S [...]

    4 stars Austin Lawson is in the middle of a PR nightmare and is sent home from playing football in order to lie low, and do some community service in order to repair his sterling reputation.Austin thinks that if he does some volunteer work at the local school with the grade 2 class, it will help him repair some of the damage.Little does he know that the grade 2 teacher is the perfect solution to his PR nightmare.Harper Bell is one of the most wholesome, respectable, smart, beautiful women in tow [...]

    If you know me at all, then you know what a big fan I am of Marquita Valentine s work Every single bookat has to be a record, right Her new series centering around the Lawson brothers has become a favorite of mine and I inhale each book as soon as I have access to them This was the case with Love So Perfecte story of Austin Lawson and Piper Bell who is also part of the dreaded McCoy family that the Lawson s have been fighting for years Austin is a professional quarterback who has gotten into a b [...]

    Very enjoyable read Austin Lawson is all kinds of yummy and finds himself in a bit of a PR nightmare So he s back home in Jessamine waiting for things to cool down While he s there he s volunteering at the local elementary school and meets the very intriguing Harper Bell He s definitely interested in getting to know her better and she s definitely someone who could help improve his image He probably should have told her what he was doing though A very well written story with great characters and [...]

    Favorite Quotes Swear to God, Harper, if you don t stop being so sassy, I ll be forced to kiss you senseless A Lawson keeps his lips zipped even if his pants aren t Men like Austin had to be the reason the Olympics started out with nude participants Who wouldn t want to look at them You ve been mine since the first day I laid eyes on you Don t care what anyone says It was kismet, serendipity fate, you name it I didn t plan on you, but it s the unexpected things in life that make it worth living [...]

    Austin sometimes has to take care of his own problems, he grabbed a bar of soap and lathered up, trying in vain to ignore his aching balls as he washed his body But his erection wasn t going down any time soon Son of a h, he growled Finally, he took matters into his own hands Austin can be so sweet, ladies always ride in the front, even the four legged kind, he said, reaching over to open the door Get in Austin has a way about him that gets reactions out of his woman, you don t have to change He [...]

    Austin and Harper run into each other when he comes home after a scandal and volunteers to be a helper in her second grade class Harper does not know about the viral video of Austin and his ex, Bianca, that has caused his coach and PR representative to banish him to Jessamine Austin does use Harper as an escape at first and thinks it will help his cause to have pictures of him with the wholesome teacher make the rounds of social media Finley, his PR rep, eats them up and tells him to continue th [...]

    So, I always love a good small town romance and I m a fan of this series Austin is sent home from his football team after his nasty breakup goes viral Ok, so everyone was blaming him for the breakup, but what kind of self respecting woman who supposedly loves you would put something personal like that on the internet, especially when your famous.e answer none So, I have to go with him on this one And he freaking makes homemade cheesecakegn me up.He meets Harper at the elementary school she teach [...]

    The Lawson series is quickly becoming my favorite series by Valentine It s a small town romance that just captured me from the beginning Of course this book could be read as a standalone but I would start from the beginning so you could learn about each of these handsome men and the lucky women who have stole there hearts Austin is the quarterback and it seems that he is in a bit of a jam After his public breakup goes worldwide he is asked to go home and regroup while they do damage control Whil [...]

    My first book of 2016 did not go off with a bang, unfortunately I most definitely binge read this series, Valentine has a way of making me the typical girl who gushes over romcoms and swoons over hot book characters I didn t absolutely love Brody s book but I did fall in love with Lucas and Mason Again, Tristan s book was a bit of a disappointment, I didn t have high expectations for it I have this thing against players and the boys who sleep around sighs So when it came to Austin s book, again, [...]

    A solid 4 perfect stars Ahhh beautiful short story with enough packed in that it didn t feel rushed it didn t feel too short I was left with a really sweet feeling sigh A bad boy NFL player that isn t really what he appears to be and a really sweet and kind school teacher It is a perfect match really and enjoyed the family involvement between both family s even though one side is a complete Bitch haha

    My favourite book was Love so Tempting so fard I must say that this one is pretty close by Austin is such a nice guy despite all the problems he has due to his exHarper is someone who thinks her s HEA doesn t exist fav moment of the book is in the park when he takes off his shirt the rest you need to read for yourself Trust me you ll love it

    I absolutely love this series and this book was no exception Austin and Harper are the stars of this one but you still get to see the other couples I love how these books are a quick, fun read Not overly angsty by any means

    Austin and harperI loved the story of harper and Austin Harper and Austin are good couple I loved how past characters were used in this book.

    Our Rating When football player Austin Lawson ends things with his supermodel girlfriend, he never expects a heavily edited video showing him in the worst possible light to go viral And with the public now up in arms, his career is in almost as much trouble as his reputation Heading home to Jessamine is supposed to be his chance to begin working on his image, and a girl next door elementary school teacher just might be the perfect solution.Harper Bell is used to being overlooked in favor of her [...]

    ERIN S REVIEW4.5 STARSI am a huge fan of this series It amazes me that the author can keep such a small town constantly hopping I love the way that she has intertwined the two big families in Jessamine But I also love the action that their rivalry causes These two characters will take up residence in your heart, just as all the previous characters did It was effortless Harper s character, while technically a McCoy, doesn t fit the mold of all the other McCoy women She is shy and curvy, but also [...]

    Small town sports romance mixed perfectly into one sweet romance that will win your heart Love So Perfect is Austin Lawson and Harper Bell s story Mixing a sports romance theme with a small town worked really well for this story and while it is a little predictable, Marquita Valentine managed to still get a few unpredicted situations in that had me eagerly turning the pages right to the very end One of the things I love about Marquita Valentine s books is that while there is enough sexual conten [...]

    Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.I ve enjoyed each and every one of the books in Marquita s Lawson Brothers series and Love So Perfect was no exception I had pretty high expectations for this book because I m a big fan of football in general and sports romances I felt like this book had my name written all over it, and judging by the speed at which I read and how much I enjoyed it, I was totally right.I loved the pairing in Love So Perfect Professional quarterback with a PR problem Au [...]

    Those Lawson boys, they are just delicious.There is no need to read the previous books in the series first But, I recommend you read them at some point you ll love those Lawson boys.Austin has been a little screwed and is basically being banished while a mess that isn t really his fault is being cleaned up Unexpectedly, he meet Harper Bell, local school teacher, and there is a major spark of chemistry Harper considers herself a Plain Jane, and while it s not true, the feelings are compounded by [...]

    I have to say I ve loved each and every book in the Lawson Brothers series, and Love So Perfect was another winner for me While we haven t seen much of Austin Lawson so far in the series, since he is an NFL quarterback, I was pretty happy he was the next brother to get his story.While I hated how Austin was set up on social media, I loved that he went home to stay out of the media s prying eyes I love he decided to volunteer at the Jessamine Elementary School and as soon as he saw Harper Bell he [...]

    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs Love So Perfect is the 5th book in the Lawson Brothers series by Marquita Valentine, but each of the books can be read as a standalone They each focus on, you guessed it, a different Lawson Brother Love So Perfect is Austin s story Austin is the first Lawson brother that I have had the pleasure of meeting and I have to say that I fell head over heels in love with him Well, him and Harper, I guess But mostly him Love So Perfect is a clas [...]

    4 1 2 stars I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Yay Another Lawson brother I just love them They don t always make the smartest choices, but luckily they have each other to lean on and importantly, help talk sense into each other I loved the interactions between Austin and his brothers, especially Caleb I can t wait for his book This time around we have Austin He has returned home after a video surfaced of him being mean to his ex girlfriend His coach and PR rep thin [...]

    4 stars for another great edition to this charming series based in Jessamine, NC This book features the brother who spends his days as a professional quarterback Austin Lawson and the local school teacher Harper Bell Harper is a second grade teacher at the local grade school and is truly the epitome of the southern bell with her kind and generous ways While at work she is alerted to the fact that a unbelievably handsome man has volunteered to assist her with her class The jaded, cynical side of [...]

    I have loved every book in this series All of these brothers and their women have found a place in my heart I look forward to every book that Marquita writes No matter what series it is always at the top of my Have To Have list or my TBR list.This book is Harper and Austin s story.Harper is the McCoy that isn t a McCoy in any other way then blood only She cant stand most of the McCoy woman and thinks their traditions and rules are beyond stupid She cringes at just the thought of spending time wi [...]

    I was amazed by how much I loved Love So Perfect, by Marquita Valentine, the fifth book in her Lawson Brothers series This book exemplifies Valentine s creativity, sexy and sensitive scenes, as well as her outstanding writing ability This book stars the youngest Lawson brother, Austin, a star quarterback, and Harper Bell, a second grade teacher and relative of the McCoy family of Jessamine Austin became a victim from the gossip world when a video breakup with his ex girlfriend is displayed on so [...]

    Star Quarterback for his football team , Austin Lawson has always had the playboy image and the star quality which means he can come across as a jerk every now and again and his latest break up with Bianca a model has gone viral and he looks like the bad guy as he was unaware she was filming it and she has edited out his apologies and left him looking like the bad guy Now with his coach and PR team breathing down his back about his image, he has been given a few months off to go home , lay low a [...]

    Posted on What I m ReadingMarquita Valentine knows how to write a sweet story This one is sweet We meet Harper Bell who happens to be one of the sweetest person you could ever meet You wouldn t be able to tell if she s a McCoy because she s a little to sweet to be part of that clan Her father s side must rub off on her Anyway When she meets the likes of Austin Lawson, she s at a lost on how to act Not because he s a star quarterback nope it s because he s like falling angel good looking She feel [...]

    If you are a fan of Marquita Valentine or even if she is new to you, you are in for a treat with her new book Love So Perfect It is a part of her Lawson Brothers series, but can be read as a stand alone as it tells a complete story I would recommend this entire series because just when you think you have found your favorite Lawson brother, Marquita writes another story to top the last one Marquita does a fantastic job of creating a storyline that pulls at your heartstrings and does not let go Sh [...]

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