ひだまりが聞こえる [Hidamari ga Kikoeru]

ひだまりが聞こえる [Hidamari ga Kikoeru] #2020

Hidamari ga Kikoeru The story starts with college student Taichi who comes from a not so well off household and is desperately searching for work He literally stumbles across fellow student Kouhei while on a jo The stor
  • Title: ひだまりが聞こえる [Hidamari ga Kikoeru]
  • Author: Yuki Fumino
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story starts with college student Taichi, who comes from a not so well off household and is desperately searching for work He literally stumbles across fellow student Kouhei while on a jo The story starts with college student Taichi, who comes from a not so well off household and is desperately searching for work He literally stumbles across fellow student Kouhei while on a job hunt, and is incredibly enticed by the delicious bento Kouhei has in hand However, something seems a bit off about Kouhei and when Taichi consults his friends about it, he gets an answer he really wasn t expecting Kouhei is severely hearing impaired.In the series V.1 Hidamari ga KikoeruV.2 Hidamari ga Kikoeru Koufuku Hen
    • READ BOOK ☆ ひだまりが聞こえる [Hidamari ga Kikoeru] - by Yuki Fumino
      149 Yuki Fumino
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    Ayyyy qu dulce es este manga, la edici n y el dibujo es absolutamente delicioso, muy cuidado.Lamentablemente y a pesar de que el retrato de la discapacidad de uno de los MC me ha parecido sublime, no le puedo dar m s estrellas porque la historia de amor, para mi gusto, se queda muy corta, y hasta cierto punto no la termino de ver.A n as leer el 2, como digo el dibujo es maravilloso y me ha dejado el corazoncito con ganas de ver si esa relaci n va a m s.

    There s quite a buzz surrounding this title at the moment, and rightly so if you ask me It s a lovely story about two university students one of them is hard of hearing and has been isolating himself from his surroundings, the other is loud and outgoing and pulls the other out of his self imposed solitude It s very pure and chaste, but heart warming as the sunspot in the title suggests And there even is a small baseball scene It was a really lovely manga, maybe not world changing but the kind of [...]

    Es la segunda vez que lo leo, y esta vez en condiciones, porque mis queridos Marino y Alberto me lo han regalado y no s si ha sido por el momento en el que lo he vuelto a leer, o porque he tenido el manga en mis manos pero me ha gustado much simo m s que la primera vez He querido llorar tanto de felicidad como de tristeza y eso me encanta Estoy deseando leer el tomo siguiente y poder ponerle por fin una nota al conjunto Por ahora, muy recomendado.

    Ngay l c c v i trang u m nh nh n ra l m nh c truy n n y r i ___ Nh ng c ng may c l u r i n n ch nh mang m ng n i dung th i t c l i coi nh ch a c M c ng nh n c m quy n s ch m i tinh l t t ng trang n s ng h n vu t vu t m n h nh i n tho i nhi u l m V n i dung th b n y ki u slice of life nh nh ng t nh c m m y u t boys love c ng kh ng qu r r ng trong t p 1 n y, th m ch cu i t c gi c n v th m hai khung tranh v chuy n n y, r ng b bi n t p than y l t p ch BL, c ph i cho t i n y u nhau ch N i chung y l c [...]

    Es muy tierno poder leer una historia donde el protagonista tenga una p rdida auditiva Muy pocos libros mangas tratan este tema por lo que ha sido precioso poder leer mis sentimientos y mis preocupaciones plasmadas en unas pocas hojas Porque, para quien no lo sepa, yo tambi n sufro de p rdida de audici n La historia de amor tambi n es muy bonita y me ha gustado como se ha desarrollado Estoy por ponerme a leer el segundo tomo ya para ver qu ocurre.

    This is such a wholesome and cute story I enjoyed every word of this book, the characters were endearing and very likable relatable I would love to see content in another volume of this story I would honestly recommend this to anyone its such a cute, fun and easy read

    YES PLEASE MORE I m very tempted to leave my review at that It s visually beautiful The story touches on hearing disability and actually explores the issue There are too few well written stories about impairments of ANY kind So this one is pretty rare specimen, I think I like the story and would love to read the next instalment.

    I have a hearing loss so totally can relate to Kouhei s problem in trying to hear and decipher lectures I like how Taichi doesn t treat Kouhei differently because of his physical challenges.Nothing frustrating when people learn you re deaf and treat you like second rate crap for it Anyway, this is a touching story with some moral fiber Although, the girl is some what an annoying antagonist for a character I suppose you need that type of buzzing bee to stir up a hornets nest Honestly, at least g [...]

    Untuk vol.1 dan 2 tamat ASFJKSFJHGFSKFLSKDSFWER I really LOVE this manga Really really really Love it Alurnya yang pelan dan sangat menghanyutkan, bikin hatiku berbunga bunga, senyum senyum sendiri, sebel sebel sendiri karena sempet terjadi kesalahpahaman dan semua terbayarkan di bonus chapternya yang akhirnya view spoiler mereka berdua berciuman It s a second kiss XDD hide spoiler Cute banget Sampe saya susah bernapas karena adegan terakhirnya bener bener kyuutt

    OK, I think this is the perfect time to write a review about this manga Why Because on 24 June next month, the live action of this manga will be released, also I just got my volume I ordered from last week, so I decided to reread this manga for the umptienth time probably, lol Basically, my review for this manga, including the second volume, can be resumed in one sentence Too wholesome, too pure, too sweet, too good for this world Hidamari ga Kikoeru tells us a story from two point of view, Sag [...]

    I have some coworkers and friends who get incensed when someone tells that they can t get into comics or graphic novels I get it For me, I have a difficult time with manga It s both a different style of writing and artwork than the American and European comics I grew up on And while there is some manga that I love, a lot of it seems Very Much The Same to me I imagine this is the way many people feel about superhero comics.I Hear The Sunspot is conceptually very cool It s a very non sexual boylov [...]

    I really enjoy reading this manga The story was simple and engaging I love how the two main characters, Kohei and Taichi, met in this ordinary, but funny way that started a new kind of bond Their relationship started off as a person helping someone with a hearing disability in exchange of food Since Kohei is very antisocial and have experience of people misjudging him, he was surprise when Taichi treats him like a friend The soul of the story focus on Kohei and Taichi s relationship how it grew [...]

    I Hear the Sunspot is a slow and gentle story about the friendship between Kohei, a young man with a hearing disability, and Taichi, a lively and outgoing classmate who befriends him spontaneously The two develop a close bond which helps Kohei cope with the difficulties he faces I am a long time fan and reader of all things BL and though this title is on the bromance side of the BL scale it is no less sweet or satisfying to read Though the topic of disability certainly lends itself to angst and [...]

    What a sweet book about self discovery and a realistic portrayal of relationships Two opposites, Kohei who appears big and strong but is physically and emotionally vulnerable from his hearing impairment and the isolation it has inspired in him, and Taichi, small and monetarily impoverished but feisty and fun loving, meet and become intrigued with each other Taichi, for delicious home cooked meals, agrees to take notes for Kohei in class What follows are realistic insights in how a person slowly [...]

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    Hidamari ga Kikoeru is a pure, wonderful story that doesn t quite feel like your regular yaoi BL branded manga The characters are real and as Taichi meets and learns about Kouhei you understand different issues about hearing loss and relationships between people It s a very insightful story as it doesn t deal with just a sudden romance, but how the relationship between these two evolves over time On top of the wonderful story, the art is beautiful and expressive and I could stare at Fumino Yuki [...]

    QUESTO DECISAMENTE IL MIGLIOR MANGA SHOUNEN AI CHE IO ABBIA MAI LETTO La storia molto interessante e le tematiche trattate sono davvero importanti e profonde QUESTO MANGA DAVVERO, DAVVERO, DAVVERO MERAVIGLIOSO E NON VEDO L ORA DI ACQUISTARLO A proposito io l ho letto in inglese, ma sapete dirmi se per caso esiste anche in italiano Ditemi di si per favore ASSOLUTAMENTE DA LEGGERE

    3.5 Stars I love the premise of this manga, but I wish there were about each of the characters lives away from each other to give a little depth Also, because this was not written originally in English, the translation feels very clunky With that being said, I really appreciated the subtilties of the words making sounds, giving you the feeling of hearing a sound that cannot be heard, plus the overall difficulty of a person accepting their disability and making friends.

    I was disappointed The story was nice and heartfelt but I was led to believe that there would be romance in the book and there just isn t I also felt like the story moved very slowly and a lot could have been accomplished in this book It seems like a part one of a bigger story but it could have been a better, longer one shot graphic novel The art was nice but I was really hoping for a lot of everything, story, plot and romance.

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