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Spectacles When I began writing this book I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my stuff What I found was that she hadn t kept some of it She had kept all of it every bus ticket postcard school report
  • Title: Spectacles
  • Author: SuePerkins
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  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When I began writing this book, I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my stuff What I found was that she hadn t kept some of it She had kept all of it every bus ticket, postcard, school report from the moment I was born to the moment I finally had the confidence to turn round and say Why is our house full of this shit Sadly, a recycling incident destroyedWhen I began writing this book, I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my stuff What I found was that she hadn t kept some of it She had kept all of it every bus ticket, postcard, school report from the moment I was born to the moment I finally had the confidence to turn round and say Why is our house full of this shit Sadly, a recycling incident destroyed the bulk of this archive This has meant two things firstly, Dear Reader, you will never get to see countless drawings of wizards, read a poem about corn on the cob, or marvel at the kilos of brown flowers I so lovingly pressed as a child Secondly, it s left me with no choice but to actually write this thing myself.This, my first ever book, will answer questions such as Is Mary Berry real , Is it true you wear a surgical truss and Is a non spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe Most of this book is true I have, of course, amplified my positive characteristics in an effort to make you like me Thank you for reading.
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    Wow Wow Wow Wow This is one of my best reads of 2016 and I m not ashamed to say it I ve always loved Sue Perkins, but this book makes me love her even My heart strings haven t just been pulled, they have wrenched and torn apart She has made me laugh out loud and cry like a baby.With other biographies I ve read, such as Cheryl even though they as in the Celebrities have supposedly written it, you still feel as if you are getting an outsiders perspective Not with this book This is Sue through and [...]

    This was one of the most enjoyable audiobooks I ve ever listened to I m a big fan of Sue Perkins, having watched her on The Supersizers Go and The Supersizers Eat, as well as of course my beloved The Great British Bake Off So of course I had to pick up her own autobiograhy on audiobook, as it was narrated by her I really enjoyed listening to Sue s family life, the lessons she learned growing up, her relationship with Mel Giedroyc, the hard times break ups, pet deaths , and her own romantic relat [...]

    Sue Perkins is one of my favourite celebrities She comes across as intelligent, funny, kind and like someone who has endless fascinating stories to share I m not usually interested in celebrity memoirs or autobiographies but was sold on the audiobook version of this with it being narrated by Sue Perkins herself.Sue s narration brings this audiobook to life Listening to her stories is like going to the pub with an old friend for a catch up I listened to this audiobook whilst doing chores and gett [...]

    I have always enjoyed the humour and wit of the U.K comedy duo Mel and Sue I m also a big fan of The Great British Bake Off , the BBC tv show that these two co present Since hearing about how they are leaving that show behind I felt a need to bookend this chapter of my TV viewing life with this memoir written by Sue I have always loved Sue She s warm, witty, self deprecating and just generally lovely And this memoir proved that I was right in thinking all of those things as it was filled with wa [...]

    One of the funniest books I ve read in ages, this is an absolute pleasure that made my workmates check on me on my lunch break, I was guffawing so hard Sue is hilarious, sharp, insightful and never met a cake she could refuseif you enjoy watching her tremendously enjoyable partnership with Mel Giedroyc on the Great British Bake Off, you need this book like Mary Berry needs a GT at the end of a long day s feeling of soggy bottoms

    Spectacles was kind of fun to read in bits, but it felt like it lost direction and momentum rather The bits where Perkins discusses her father are very touching there are some pithy quotes about looking back on the past and why we like to romanticise it there s some funny bits but ultimately, I felt rather underwhelmed I feel like it might ve been fun if delivered by Sue Perkins aloud, with her own intonation and style and sense of timing flavouring the words As it is, it begins to feel rather [...]

    Sue in her own voice.Its really good friends, in the way that well written and thought out memoirs can be I don t know if its very Sue ness would come across to the uninitiated, but if you are a Sue fan and are looking for stories of her growing up in Croydon, or attending Cambridge, or breaking into the comedy television presenter world then this is your book She s insightful and honest about her own strengths and weaknesses and you will absolutely fall in love with her parents She uses her wi [...]

    When you study comparative literature like I do you get through a lot of reading, like a LOT, and though you discover some awesome books along the way then it s still reading for school which is why it s really nice to sit down and read a book that you don t have to finish within a certain date or write about for some exam This book was exactly that something I read when I felt like it, something I read when I needed a good giggle or when I wanted to have imaginary tea with Sue Perkins yes I jus [...]

    I never laugh out loud when readinguntil now at several points I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks whilst in fits of giggles This is never going to achieve heights of literary greatness but what a fabulous, cheer yourself up, chase away the January blues, pile of bliss this book is Thanks Sue, I thoroughly enjoyed it

    Best not read in bed with a cup of tea as you will snort it out your nose on to the beddinghilarious, you have been warned.

    Spectacles is Sue Perkins memoir covering her life so far from the day she popped out her mum made notes during labour through to her time filming shows such as The World s Most Dangerous Roads she was told it was Interesting Roads when she agreed and some baking show called The Great British Bake Off Sue on paper is pretty much the same as Sue on TV and she comes across as a genuinely lovely, if self deprecating, person I m pretty sure Bake Off wouldn t have been such a hit without her and Mel [...]

    3.5 StarsI really like Sue Perkins, she makes me laugh Her and Mel with their double entendres on Bake Off is just pure childish class Sues biography is an entertaining read, from early childhood being born to her present Bake Off fame, this book gives a thorough insight into Sues life, loves and crazy shenanigans She s a feisty one I d say There s a few sad moments, with a good scattering of lol s along the way, I read this in a day as it was easy to read and very enjoyable However, like many a [...]

    Started off a bit clunky but the anecdotes got funnier and I really enjoyed it by the end I m still laughing whenever the thought of Esther Rantzen in her Mercedes comes back into my head.

    This book is hilarious I laughed out loud so many times reading it, and had to hold in laughter many times since I do most of my reading on public transport I love Sue Perkins

    I wouldn t describe myself as a particularly huge fan of Sue Perkins, of Bake Off, or of much of her other work I do remember Light Lunch when I was a student, and some of the eating and travel stuff she has done has been excellent but had read some good reviews of this from fellow readers, so picked it up when I saw it in a charity shop.I was pleasantly very surprised Perkins has written a very funny, very interesting and varied, very readable, autobiography here The criticism of most comedian [...]

    If you already love Sue Perkins, this will reaffirm increase your love for her it did for me She talks about her dogs a LOT, but dogs are ace, so that s okay And she s super funny and lovely Enjoyed it very much, and not just the Bake Off chapter although that was one of the best.

    Little did I know, when I picked Sue Perkins memoir up in a charity shop a month ago, just how topical it would be to feature this book now 4 stars.This review was originally posted on my book blog.For those of you who don t live in the UK or haven t come across shows like The Great British Bake Off, Sue Perkins is a TV presenter and one half of a comedy double act with her best friend Melanie Giedroyc Their style of comedy is witty, whimsical and sometimes a little offbeat And if you know who S [...]

    Enjoyed this easy to read and funny, but it felt a bit guarded I was hoping to find out about Sue Perkins herself and didn t feel unlearned that much about her life beyond the TV shows she s been in.

    My first ever audiobook and it was perfect With Sue giving voices to the numerous characters who have appeared in her life thus far, it brought her humour to the book, which brought it to life If there s ever a book to listen to, this is it It s moving, hilarious and great company.

    I adore Mel and Sue, right back from watching Light Lunch in the school holidays when I was a teenager, so when Sue Perkins released her memoir I had to read it Sue never fails to make me laugh whenever I see her on TV and her book was just the same The book is jam packed with fun snippets from Sue s life, told in her unique style that had me giggling to myself at some points, cringing at others and full on laughing out loud at the hilarious anecdotes But the book isn t just a funny look at Sue [...]

    First off it has to be said that I love Sue Perkins and I am obsessed with Bake Off, its one of the few shows me and my Mum have to watch together and we always end up talking to my aunty and everyone we can about it When I heard that Sue was writing a memoir I knew I would have to listen to this one on Audio Book, I m so glad I did because to hear Sue tell the stories, well there were than a few moments of snorting listening.There are many great moments in the book, it is a great mix of detail [...]

    I started reading this because of a recommendation from a fellow THE Book Club member, Dave Hardy, and boy, am I glad that I did I have to admit that I don t read a lot of biographies, some of the ones I have read in the past, have been less than interesting I certainly couldn t say that about this one though I have always liked and admired Sue Perkins, she is someone I think it would be lovely to have lunch with The combination of a quick wit, oodles of intelligence and a wicked sense of humour [...]

    This was an amusing memoir by the funny Sue Perkins.Some moments made me snigger out loud Highlights for me were her trip down the country with her diarrhoeay dog with people kept yelling BAKE at her in various service stations Or her descriptions of her odd parents, and her mum keep asking her if she thinks various things were what made her gay.There are some cute drawings and pieces of school work done by her hidden amongst the anecdotes, with some snide comments written by her teachers follow [...]

    4.5 stars I could have really benefited from someone who had read the book, warning me about a chapter focusing on Sue putting her beloved pet to sleep The letter she wrote to said pet felt like my heart was being ripped out and I sat at 3am crying for 20 minutes I likely would have left this read for another time, had I known.That being said, the rest was a really enjoyable read A good mix of funny and poignant, just like I enjoy my comedic memoirs Love Sue Perkins even now.

    What a wonderful read Sue s tone of voice and turn of phrase is so distinctive I felt she was sitting next to me reading aloud Funny, charming and touching I would highly recommend.

    I found this book, and the stand up tour associated with it, to be gut wrenchingly funny I found her life and style engaging, plus the humour really suited me I would highly recommend this book.

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