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Forgive Me #2020

Forgive Me In a heart pounding thriller from one of the most innovative voices in contemporary suspense a woman unravels the shocking truth about her parents her past and a life built upon an unthinkable lie
  • Title: Forgive Me
  • Author: DanielPalmer
  • ISBN: 9780758293480
  • Page: 169
  • Format: ebook
  • In a heart pounding thriller from one of the most innovative voices in contemporary suspense, a woman unravels the shocking truth about her parents, her past, and a life built upon an unthinkable lie At DeRose Associates Private Investigators in Virginia, Angie DeRose strives to find and rescue endangered runaways work that stands in stark contrast to her own safe,In a heart pounding thriller from one of the most innovative voices in contemporary suspense, a woman unravels the shocking truth about her parents, her past, and a life built upon an unthinkable lie At DeRose Associates Private Investigators in Virginia, Angie DeRose strives to find and rescue endangered runaways work that stands in stark contrast to her own safe, idyllic childhood But in the wake of her mother s sudden death, Angie makes a life altering discovery Hidden among the mementos in her parents attic is a photograph of a little girl, with a code and a hand written message on the back May God forgive me Angie has no idea what it means or how to explain other questionable items among her mother s possessions Her father claims to know nothing Could Angie have a sister or other relative she was never told about Bryce Taggart, the US Marshal working with her agency, agrees to help Angie learn the fate of the girl in the photograph But the lies she and Bryce unearth will bring her past and present together with terrifying force And everything she cherishes will be threatened by the repercussions of one long ago choice and an enemy who will kill to keep a secret hidden forever.Praise for the novels of Daniel PalmerConstant Fear An electrifying thriller with action that keeps you on the edge of your seat Lisa Jackson, New York Times bestselling authorDesperate If you ve somehow missed reading Daniel Palmer, it s time to pardon the pun get Desperate Harlan Coben Firmly places Palmer alongside the likes of Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner The Providence JournalStolen Unrelentingly suspenseful Publishers Weekly A twisting, suspenseful chiller of a book William LandayHelpless Warning once you start reading this novel, you will not stop Lisa GardnerDelirious Not just a great thriller debut, but a great thriller, period Lee Child
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    3.5 Daniel Palmer has tackled a difficult subject for the basis of this book namely human trafficking It is clear he has done his homework as Palmer presents a profound portrayal of one of the victims, Nadine She is a 16 year old runaway leaving behind an alcoholic mother and a father who left with a younger woman and now has no time for his daughter Alone and vulnerable, wandering aimlessly in Union Station, Nadine is approached by a well dressed, smooth talking man The predator is very good at [...]

    Forgive Me by Daniel Palmer is a 2016 Kensington publication Angie DeRose is a dedicated PI, who has devoted her life to helping find runaway and missing children When Nadine, a teenager with a troubled home life runs away, her mother hires Angie to find her But things become complicated than usual when Angie s mother dies suddenly and she discovers an old photograph her mother had hidden away The photo is of a young girl with a deformity, with May God Forgive Me written on the back in her moth [...]

    3.75 stars I was immediately hooked on this book from the very beginning, I let it cut in line and Iwas totally into it My only gripe is this book had a lot going on It was a very good episode of Law Order SVU, at least that s my take on it.

    Angie is a Private Investigator whose specialty is finding and rescuing endangered runaways This both actually follows two stories that somehow converge at one point Nadine is a runaway Her mother is a drunk, her father is too busy to even acknowledge her She decides she has had enough and bails Young and naive, she falls for the man who says she could be a star only to find herself locked in a dark basement filled with other young girls and plenty of beds to carry on their owners wishes.Nadine [...]

    Forgive Me by Daniel Palmer contains two mysteries that intertwine throughout into one thriller that completely left me guessing until the end Angie DeRose is the head of DeRose Associates Private Investigations The associates are all friends with differing skills that help out as needed and are an interesting set of secondary characters Angie s main focus is recovering runaways and the lost She is hired to bring Nadine, a young high school runaway from a dysfunctional family home This mystery h [...]

    A special thank you to Kensington and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewW, Great cover The book, 10 Stars Totally A M A Z I N G Top 50 Books of 2016 FORGIVE ME,without a doubt Top Books of the Year Movie Worthy Daniel Palmer s BEST yet Palmer s 2015 Constant Fearand Trauma both landing on my Top Books of 2015.Once again Highly Impressive The author has produced two out of the park hits, landing again on my Top Books of 2016 MercyComing May 17, andForgive Me,Coming May 31 Pal [...]

    Forgive Me by Daniel Palmer is a fast paced thriller dealing with the difficult subject of human trafficking.This book is made up of two stories The first part of the book focuses on the disappearance of Nadine , a 16 year old girl , caught in the horrific web of sex trafficking Angie a PI driven by the disappearance of her college friend, specializes in finding runaways and is hired by Nadine s mom Nadine s ordeal is described to us by her journal writings and is heartbreaking to read.Meanwhile [...]

    Angie DeRose is a woman on a mission to find and rescue every missing child, stemming from a traumatic experience as a child Now a private investigator, she takes the cases that can be heartbreaking, the ones with endings that may not be happy, the ones that uncover the ugly scars we try to keep hidden On the trail of Nadine, a teen runaway, Angie finds herself caught up in than she had bargained for when the death of her mother uncovers hidden secrets from long ago, secrets that became lies, l [...]

    Decided to go with 3 stars I liked the book with this one, despite some flaws.Overall, this is a solid suspense novel The writing is very simple and bland, and characterization is lacking Formulaic, maybe but it s rare to find a book in this genre that s not However, this is a book focused on action, and there s tons of that There are at least four plots in this book, but they re all exciting enough and there are few enough characters that it never becomes confusing A warning, though One of the [...]

    2.5I have no clue why everyone s raving about this book.Up until about 75% through this, I thought I was going to write a glowing review for this book Honestly, I did The writing was pretty good not excellent, but good enough that it knew how to show and not tell The characters were amazing I even had quotes picked out to show how I loved the relationships, the banter, how they reacted I mean, seriously, they were great Mike was probably my favorite he was funny, but serious Bao was great Even t [...]

    After the death of her mother Angie knows, as a private investigator for missing children, that when she discovers in the attic a photo of a child she has never seen before with the words forgive me on the back she will have to investigate Nadine has run away from hope hoping to find a better life These two cross paths and the story just gets better This was a page turner with twist and turns and just enough clues that I had to keep reading to see what happens next Just when you think you have i [...]

    At 65%, I decided I simply didn t care enough about the mystery of the photograph The other whodunnit had been solved by this point With all the books I have to read, I decided to stop here It isn t a bad story Simply didn t ring any bells for me Others may enjoy this than I did.Thank you to the publisher for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    I have to say that though I am seldom surprised by books this one definitely surprised me I had not a clue what the photo that Angie found in her mother s things would lead her to and was definitely stunned by what she ultimately found out This book is definitely a BOOK When you buy it you will get your money s worth because you are getting than just one story but instead like three in one You have the story of Nadine the runaway, Angie the private eye looking for Nadine and finally the myster [...]

    FORGIVE ME takes you into the nightmare world of human trafficking and the dark secrets families can hide Angie DeRose is a private investigator who searches for missing and runaway teenagers, and hired to find sixteen year old runaway Nadine.Daniel Palmer does a wonderful job of showing the harrowing experiences Nadine goes though as she is forced into the sex trafficking business I liked how he used her heart wrenching journal to put me in her thoughts and feelings, it was horrible and poignan [...]

    Where to begin I m still stumbling on exactly what to rate and how to review this one So I ll start with a simple statement The writing is engaging.This book is really two distinct storylines The major component, which is, oddly, not the aspect promoted in the book s description, intrigued me most Angie is hired to find a runaway teen girl, Nadine, who turns out to be in serious trouble For the first three quarters of the book, this is the main focus Angie and her team track Nadine and, in the p [...]

    Angie DeRose is a private investigator who specialises in locating missing children who have run away from home 16 year old Nadine is one of them coming from a broken home and living with an alcoholic mother Nadine has set out to find a better life on her own But life on the street is harsh, and there are bad people out there who prey on girls just like her Just as Angie is getting stuck into the case, her own life threatens to unravel with the sudden death of her mother and the discovery of a m [...]

    Angie, a private investigator, thinks her life is a normal life until after her mother dies That s when she finds a photo of a child in the attic in a wooden jewelry box she has never seen On the back of the picture are two initials and several numbers and the words forgive me Angie s life is never the same again once she starts investigating.This was one wild ride I can t really say too much without giving it all away, but I can say that I was not disappointed at all during the time I was readi [...]

    I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest and open review.Angie DeRosa finds and rescues endangered runaways After her mother s death she finds a photograph of a little girl with May God forgive me written on the back.This sentence summed the book up for me, Runaways or throwaways attract danger like a wounded fish in a sea of hungry sharks.Daniel Palmer has taken a very emotive subject and treated it in a very sympa [...]

    This book exceeded expectations It was incredibly narrated by Tavia Gilbert who relayed the action considerably well I have read 4 of Daniel Palmers books this is the best so far

    Well, this was something a little different We start off with a missing person case and then all of a sudden we veer right off into something quite different and rather exciting and unexpected At the time, I kind of thought it a little strange but I think it is the start of a series and I am always a lot forgiving of a first in series book as I understand that it will contain a heck of a lot information than a stand alone as it needs to set the scene, introduce the characters, etc as well as p [...]

    This book went from full out 5 star novel to a squeaky 2 star in the last two to three chapters of the book I can t put my finger on when exactly it fell apart for me, but my intense enjoyment turned to complete dismay by the time I finished this story.What Forgive Me has going in its favor is a really good writing style, interesting characters, and well developed relationships Character Mike was entertaining but so real Nadine was written like a true teenager, annoying as hell but author Daniel [...]

    Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review I am a sucker for mysteries and good thrillers as you all might have figured out by now So Angie is a private investigator hired to find Nadine six weeks after she disappears We the readers actually have a pretty good idea of what happens to Nadine as in the beginning the chapters alternate between Nadine and Angie, and then later they switch to Nadine s journal Nadine is a teenager who decides to test her parent s love [...]

    Angie DeRose wound up in the private investigation business due to the disappearance of her best friend while still young She works a lot of missing children in her job Her most recent one is 16 year old runaway Nadine who is disgusted with her alcoholic mother In addition, Angie finds a mysterious photo of a sad child with a deformed ear with mysterious writing on the back in her late mother s writing, including God forgive me So you re given three mysteries in one very large book.I wanted to l [...]

    I m just blown away by this book I just read the last page and find myself unsure how to describe my feelings in any clear way This was a suspense, a mystery, a page turner of course, and it had an amazing unforeseen twist In fact, when I thought the story was over, oh no It was just getting started, and I loved that And then the way it all came together, it was just shocking and so unexpected But than anything, I ended this book feeling so sad and so touched by the honesty and truth spoken by [...]

    Too much tried too little deliveredI liked the first part of this book which focused on the disappearance of Nadine, a 16 year old girl who got caught up in a human trafficking ring.The private investigator, Angie DeRose of DeRose and Associates is a super protagonist and I liked her main associates she has lots of associates Mike and Bao They really added to the story.The story was strong, the characters, especially the bad guys, were described in fine detail and I liked the direction the tale [...]

    Nadine is unhappy and feels unloved Since her parents divorce, her mother s drinking has escalated There are no kind words any Her dad lives in another city and money is all he has to offer her After another go round with her mother, she decides to leave home It doesn t take long before her vulnerability captures the attention of a predator She s about to embark on a tough journey.Angie DeRose is a private investigator with a specialty in runaways When Nadine s parents hire her to find their dau [...]

    This book neatly weaves two stories together, and carefully ties up loose ends The characters are portrayed in so much detail that I felt as I knew them the author definitely has a special talent for this There were many people that I did not like however, it adds to the book instead of taking away from it One of the main topics is sex trafficking The scenes are not graphic however, the book does speak about the experiences of the girls who are caught up in it against their will I had never read [...]

    3.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced suspense and lots of action as Angie DeRose, PI, searches for a young girl who is kidnapped into prostitution In another plot line, Angie seeks to solve a mystery involving her own family.Without giving any spoilers, I found the story of the trafficking to be much compelling than the one that dealt with the picture Angie found As do most thrillers that involve bad guys vs the strong, beautiful, female protagonist, some of the situations and coincidence required a h [...]

    3.5 stars This book predominantly covers a very emotive subject of a teenage runaway and the horrors that can happen.PI Angie is brought in to find Nadine and this part of the book I really enjoyed But it was a book of two halves The second half being about Angie and the secrets of her family when an old photograph is found It was like 2 books in one and I think the author would have been better keeping the stories for separate books in , what I imagine to be , a series to come In saying this I [...]

    Once again Daniel Palmer astounds us with a great thriller Angie, a private investigator with a story of her own life, a startling picture uncovered at her mothers death takes on the job of finding Nadine a young girl who has had enough of an alcoholic mother and a father who never had time or her.An intriguing story, so full of heartbreak for a beautiful girl seduced into a life of prostitution.Can they rescue her, can she find her way home again, can she put her life back together.Palmer never [...]

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