The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping

The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping #2020

The Parker Sisters A Border Kidnapping None
  • Title: The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping
  • Author: Lucy Maddox
  • ISBN: 9781439913185
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
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      319 Lucy Maddox
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      Posted by:Lucy Maddox
      Published :2020-02-21T09:39:21+00:00

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    Superficially, it s just another pat nineteenth century abolitionist polemic a heartwarming if patronising story of wrongs committed by slave owning Southerners and brave white Northerners fighting for the justice and freedom of their black neighbors However, the realities that underlie the Parker sisters kidnapping are far murkier not only did its notoriety stem almost solely from the death of a white man rather than the kidnappings themselves, but one of the kidnapped girls didn t want to retu [...]

    Interesting read Just wish the author had made clear the events of the actual abductions I felt like this was about everything but the Parker sisters.

    This is a worthy read in which the microcosm that is the Pennsylvania Maryland border area reveals much about the macrocosm that is the United States of America, during the decades leading up to the Civil War It is a dry read told with an unemotional tone It is based on meticulous research In this way, when all the facts are presented, we readers have to decide for ourselves what to make of them I learned much about the attitudes of various groups of people of the period and see clearly how dif [...]

    This is a very well researched and well written book about the period right before the Civil War in the United States This book really well portrays all of the elements that led to the kidnapping especially how Pennsylvania and Virginia were at odds with one another, and one example of the repercussions of the Fugitive Slave Law There are various factions the staunch abolitionists, the anti slavery but anti abolitionists, the corrupt members of the judicial system, and the villains, one of whom [...]

    The Parker Sisters A Border Kidnapping by Lucy Maddox is a nonfiction exploration of the 1851 kidnapping of two free black sisters from Chester County, PA, which is just above the Pennsylvania Maryland line Quakers had settled the area before William Penn Quakers as a group were not active abolitionists, and those who were had to work under cover Slavery was illegal in Pennsylvania but residents obeyed the law concerning the Fugitive Slave Act which made it mandatory to return escaped property t [...]

    Within the space of 2 weeks in 1851 two free African American young people were abducted from the farms in Pennsylvania where they were working to be sold back into slavery The story of this kidnapping and its aftermath are described in this painstakingly researched and detailed account, which explores not only what happened to the girls but also gives a vivid and evocative picture of life in Pennsylvania at the time and the often conflicted attitudes towards slavery and abolition, and both the [...]

    There was a lot of really interesting information in this book However, in my opinion, the story telling aspect of this book was really lacking I had a super hard time getting through all of the interesting information without falling asleep This book was written much for the intellectual than for the avid reader who wants to learn .

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.The kidnapping of free black sisters Elizabeth and Rachel Parker was horrific The life of a black person in 1850s Pennsylvania was difficult enough, without the danger of being illegally apprehended This well researched book, based on diaries and trial records documents the far reaching consequences of the Fugitive Slave Act.

    This book sounded so interesting but was structured oddly The author kept talking around the event without ever providing a narrative about it Pretty standard academic format, but I was looking for something readable by the general public.

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