The New Sugar & Spice: A Recipe for Bolder Baking

The New Sugar & Spice: A Recipe for Bolder Baking #2020

The New Sugar Spice A Recipe for Bolder Baking A James Beard Award nominee from New York based food writer and author of the popular dessert blog Love Cake Raise your desserts to a whole new level of flavor with The New Sugar Spice a collec
  • Title: The New Sugar & Spice: A Recipe for Bolder Baking
  • Author: Samantha Seneviratne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A 2016 James Beard Award nominee from New York based food writer and author of the popular dessert blog Love, Cake.Raise your desserts to a whole new level of flavor with The New Sugar Spice, a collection of than eighty unique, unexpected, and uniformly delicious recipes for spice centric sweets Veteran baker Samantha Seneviratne s recipes will open your eyes tA 2016 James Beard Award nominee from New York based food writer and author of the popular dessert blog Love, Cake.Raise your desserts to a whole new level of flavor with The New Sugar Spice, a collection of than eighty unique, unexpected, and uniformly delicious recipes for spice centric sweets Veteran baker Samantha Seneviratne s recipes will open your eyes to a world of baking possibilities Her spicy, pepper flecked Chile Chocolate Truffles prove that heat and sweet really do go hand in hand, and a fresh batch of aromatic, cinnamon laced Maple Sticky Buns will have the whole family racing into the kitchen Discover new recipes from around the globe, such as Sri Lankan Love Cake or Swedish inspired Saffron Currant Braid Or, give your classic standbys a bold upgrade, such as making Raspberry Shortcakes with zingy Double Ginger Biscuits Filled with fascinating histories, origin stories, and innovative uses for the world s most enticing spices including vanilla, cinnamon, peppercorns, and cardamom The New Sugar Spice guarantees that dessert will be the most talked about part of your meal.
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      338 Samantha Seneviratne
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    4.5I m a big fan of finding new twists on old classics, so I knew I had to read Sugar and Spice I love the idea of incorporating different spices into desserts even unexpected ones in order to create new, bolder flavors This book definitely didn t disappoint.This is a good example of a book being a labor of love There s a really sweet and personal introduction that expands on the author s reason for creating such a book It makes the book that much better, because you can clearly see the recipes [...]

    I hope it s not blasphemy if I say this book might be considered a religious experience How can a cookbook be a religious experience When I and every other person I ve shown it to has gotten a look at the recipes titles and photographs in this book has only been able to say Oh my God I only just recently connected to Blogging For Books, made my first selection, and waited for it an actual hardcover, not digital to come in the mail Having a terrible short term memory, when I opened it I muttered [...]

    3.5 starsA nice baking cookbook with beautiful pictures and unique layout The chapters are organized by spice CHAPTER 1 Peppercorn ChileCHAPTER 2 CinnamonCHAPTER 3 NutmegCHAPTER 4 Clove Cardamom CHAPTER 5 VanillaCHAPTER 6 GingerCHAPTER 7 Savory Herbs SpicesThe beginning of each chapter gives a detailed history and information about the spice Many of the recipes are intriguing I especially enjoyed the first three chapters though I wish the rest had inciting recipes as well The instructions were [...]

    I really enjoyed this unique and well done cookbook I don t typically like storytelling in my cookbooks but this one really worked for me The author brings in stories about her and her brother and the emotional importance of desserts in their lives She also brings in stories about her childhood, family and the reasons that spices are important to her The stories were inspiring and you could feel her love of baking come through There are 80 recipes and they are broken into spice categories Includ [...]

    A really beautiful cookbook I love the concept baking with spice It has a lovely variety of recipes, including quick breads, pie, sorbet, brownies, cookies, truffles, baklava, etc etc Some of the recipes I m most excited to try are from the cardamom chapter apricot walnut granola bars, semlor, cardamom cream filled sugar doughnuts Also, from other chapters apple danish with caraway cream, new chocolate chip cookies, all edges brownie cookies, cinnamon hazelnut date buns My biggest complaint onl [...]

    The Credit Suisse Research Institute s 2013 study1 Sugar Consumption at a Crossroads found that 30 to 40 percent of US healthcare expenditures are for diseases directly related to the over consumption of sugar.Even just a few spices or ethnic condiments that you can keep in your pantry can turn your mundane dishes into a culinary masterpiece Marcus SamuelssonSamantha Seneviratne is one of those rarest of cookbook writers She doesn t just create recipes she tells stories Stories of her life as th [...]

    I was really impressed with this book The author shows how to use spices to add flavor to your baking so you can cut some of the sugar while still creating a great tasting dessert Several spices are discussed in the book including cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, and several others For each spice the author gives her personal family history with the spice, a history of the spice including where it comes from, tips on how to buy and store the spice, and finally some wonderful recipes.The recipe [...]

    As someone who is attempting to eat a healthier diet might, I always feel a bit guilty having dessert But I love it so You can imagine my delight in reading Seneviratne s introduction to her wonderful new cookbook, The New Sugar Spice, and discovering the idea that less sugar spices flavorful, slightly healthier, and equally or satisfying dessert experiences Now here s an all things in moderation the limited sugar diet idea I can rally behind Seneviratne has family in Sri Lanka and spent time [...]

    A feast for the eyes as well as for the soul I love the author s approach to baking as she shares stories of her Sri Lankan heritage, her summer trips to visit her grandmother, and memories of the native spices that grow on the land This legacy has formed the influence of her unique approach to baking, with emphasis on the use of different spices to create delicious desserts The use of sugar in the recipes is much less predominant than in most traditional baking practices Recipes are organized i [...]

    I would like to thank Ten Speed Press for allowing me an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an open and honest review.Wow, what a book I really feel another good name for it would be Heart and soul as I swear there was a lot of Ms Seneviratne s heart and soul put into this book Starting the book with such a touching and personal experience, and then beginning each new chapter with a personal story about the spices, as well as a historical tale wonderful I almost didn t need the recip [...]

    Updated 12 2017 OK, having now had time to make a few things from this, it s definitely getting bumped up to five stars The only bad thing about this book is that there is no recipe index at the beginning so you can get to specific recipes quickly There is an index in the back, but it is a general one and, for reasons that defy logic, you have to page through the Table of Contents to get to it because it is not listed on the Kindle pull down menu Fix that, Ten Speed Press You know better than t [...]

    Author Samantha Seneviratne brings a whole world of flavors to your very own kitchen through the pages of The New Sugar and Spice A Recipe for Bolder Baking When you open your spice cabinet, what do you see Ms Seneviratne will open your eyes to new ways to use familiar spices, and she will make you want to explore they myriad spices, herbs, and seasonings available in today s market I save my spice jars, and I often use little bits and dabs of spices to make my own seasoning blends Samantha Sene [...]

    We re obsessed with sugar in this country, and we ve overwhelmed our taste buds with the sticky sweet flavor of sugar This book shows you how other spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaves, cloves and lavender can balance out the sweetness in desserts to produce full flavors.Author Samantha Seneviratne opens the book with an introduction on how she began baking and sharing her creations with her dearly beloved brother whom she later lost , the hours spent in her grandmother s kitchen in Sri Lan [...]

    This book was sent to me for review by Ten Speed Press through the Blogging for Books program A digital copy was provided through NetGalley As always, all opinions are my own I started following Samantha Seneviratne s blog Love, Cake earlier in the year when she was nominated for the 2015 Saveur Blog Awards for Best Baking and Desserts I was immediately captivated by her imaginative flavor profiles and beautiful photography Over the past few months her blog has become one of a small handful I tu [...]

    As any reality cooking show aficionado will tell you the contestants must reveal personal details to get the audience s sympathy, to give the viewers someone to root for Even knowing this to be a crass manipulation of my emotions, I inevitably fall for it.So is a cookbook just a collection of recipes This one most definitely is not The opening story relates the closeness of a brother and sister The sister, attending culinary school, shares her class projects mainly desserts with her brother thro [...]

    This book has everything I want in a cookbook I love the pictures the food looks delicious and the pictures are bright and fresh looking The recipes sound amazing Salt and Pepper Carmel Brownies, Gingerbread Pancakes and Summer Berry Focaccia are all on the top of my to bake list The recipes contain heaps of spices and are all lower in sugar, making the flavor bolder, focusing less on the sweetness.My favorite part of the book though is the stories and history behind each spice Samantha Senevira [...]

    I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review Ok, let s be honest this book is amazing At home, my boyfriend is the cook chef and I m the baker I simply love baking, the mix of science and instinct, all of it I m also the one passing through the spice rake at light speed, so this book is a great addition to my collection This cookbook is going on my Christmas list, for sure First of all, the book is simply beautiful The pictures are so pretty and they leave you with an all aroun [...]

    I really love the concept of this book It s laid out into sections based on spices Peppercorn Chile, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove Cardamon, Vanilla, Ginger, and Savory Herbs Spices Each section includes a personal note from the author, a short history of the spice, buying and storing guides, and a variety of desert recipes incorporating each spice I m not really one for personal stories in cookbooks most of the time I skip through them For me it s really all about the recipes But I read a couple of h [...]

    Lovely book for spice lovers accompanied by beautiful photographies Authoress s purpose is to make baking both healthier and bold The answer lies in the past, when sugar was just one of the spices used The recipes are not sugar free, but contains the smallest amount of sugar needed, authoress says The book is divided into 7 sections Peppercorn Chile, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove Cardamom, Vanilla, Ginger and Savory Herbs Spices and every chapter contains recipes connected with said flavour spice, a [...]

    This book is separated into chapters based on the different spices You ve probably worked with cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger before but this book also has chapters for peppercorns, cardamom, and savory herbs spices I thought these recipes sounded interesting S Pie Cinnamon Toast Bread Pudding Salted Cashew Caramels All Edges Brownie Cookies Cream Tea Br l eAs you can probably tell from my list, I m very unsure about using savory spices in baking Also, not every recipe has a photo which is somet [...]

    I really enjoyed this cookbook It was different from others that I have read, there was quite abit story telling than I am used to, however, I think it worked for this book The other thing that I appreciated is that instead of breaking the book down according to the type of pastry dessert to be prepared, it was broken down by main ingredient I wasn t sure how I would like that, but found that it worked very well If I was wanting something that was vanilla or cinnamon, I would just go to that s [...]

    My family is made up of artists, cooks and decoraters it seems Many of us juggle all three as well as a variety of other talents My role in entertaning, apart from the decorating and art side of course, often falls to the baking I am known for creating unusual and at times difficult pastries and such When I saw the title of this new cookbook along with its front cover and enticing description, I knew I had to get it What I have not mentioned yet about myself is my love for unique spices I think [...]

    Thank you Blogging for Books for the a hardbound advance copy of this gorgeous cookbook.Let me admit up front that I am not an adventurous cook So I lent the book to a friend who loves to experiment and is a fantastic cook and baker She fell in love with it Her comment was great desserts Now, Ms Seneviratne bring on a savory and herb cookbook Structurally the book is gorgeous In the day of cheap paper, this one sports a beautiful hardcover The book is divided into 7 chapters each featuring one o [...]

    I absolutely loved this cookbook I highly recommend reading the introduction and not skipping it trust me it will make a world of difference in understanding some of the passion the author has for her creations I am one who loves spices and herbs for meals and seeing how they are used abundantly and with the same intense love I have is a delight.The author provides the reader with a history of some of the spices such as cinnamon and vanilla which I found to be very interesting The recipes look a [...]

    I think I gained 10 pounds just reading through all the wonderful recipes in this book.Some wonderful ideas for using various spices in dessert, I like how the chapters are broken out by type of spice and the recipes center around it, and the information and history of the spice is pretty cool as well I bookmarked several recipes to try and even found some to make for Christmas gifts this year.I m always looking for a good recipe with chocolate and I will be doing the Chile Chocolate Truffles Sa [...]

    I honestly can t get enough of this book Ms Seneviratne did such an amazing job, from the very beginning introduction to the very end Beginning the book on the sweet almost literally story between her and her brother which is similar to mine with my brother to her time in Sri Lanka and her background made me so excited to delve into the recipes.I do think this book is geared towards spicy people and the Bolder Baker The author admittedly is heavy handed with the amount of spices in her recipes b [...]

    I would give this book stars if I could, Samantha has a wonderful writing style that keeps you enthralled Even in a cookbook The book is divided into various section of spice recipes with and a bit There is a section that explains about tips, ingredients and equipment which is very interested What I love about the book is that there isn t a great reliance on sugar the spices, chilli, peppercorn, nutmeg, cardamom and a few others, are the heroes.Even if you don t cook anything from it and I m s [...]

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