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Deliver Me #2020

Deliver Me Taggart Lee has it all Fame Fortune Everything except love Tag is the jaded lead singer for s Mistress the biggest rock band in the world After fifteen years in the business he s drowning in it al
  • Title: Deliver Me
  • Author: FaithGibson
  • ISBN: 9780996366427
  • Page: 323
  • Format: ebook
  • Taggart Lee has it all.Fame.Fortune.Everything except love.Tag is the jaded lead singer for 7 s Mistress, the biggest rock band in the world After fifteen years in the business, he s drowning in it all When tragedy strikes, he takes a break from the road and the monotony his life has become When he meets a gorgeous man on a park bench, he sees his lifeline.Dr Erik HenrTaggart Lee has it all.Fame.Fortune.Everything except love.Tag is the jaded lead singer for 7 s Mistress, the biggest rock band in the world After fifteen years in the business, he s drowning in it all When tragedy strikes, he takes a break from the road and the monotony his life has become When he meets a gorgeous man on a park bench, he sees his lifeline.Dr Erik Henrikson thought he d met the one.He had.The wrong one.A year after his breakup, he still has a lock on his heart Then he meets Lee, someone whose life has just been turned upside down When he finds out Lee s true identity, Erik throws away the key.Tag has two weeks to make the doctor want him He has three months to prove he won t hurt him.Tragedy brings them together.Lies and betrayal push them apart.Is love enough to deliver them Warning This book contains hot sex between two men
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    3.5 starsThis was a nice, hot read that I can recommend, but there were a few things that bugged me While this was not insta love, many life changing events were decided pretty quickly Tag Lee met Dr Erik Henrikson and decided to quit his rock group the most popular group in the world, as explained in the book and buy the house with the white picket fence and settle down with a family Even if he had been thinking about retiring because of the stress and loss of the rock star fringe benefits befo [...]

    Deliver Me is a fast pacing, sweet rockstar m m romance that left me with quite a sweet tooth.Taggart Lee is a rock star on the verge of giving up on his career after being left to care for his sister s newborn, Delilah He had been burnt out by all his years on the road and is ready to settle down for a family.Dr Erik is a random stranger that came across Tag and his niece at the park He also happen to be a pediatrician for Delilah later when their path cross again We get to meet Taggart s bandm [...]

    4 stars for this sweet storyI read the second book Release Me first I liked it way than this one I am not sure if it is because I didn t get the chance to hate Cade while reading Deliver Me.This story was sweeter than I expected I usually love SOME sweet talk and some sweet scenes, BUT somehow I didn t expect the characters to fall in love so quickly, so deep in so little time It was unexpected how they wanted to change their lives completely.From the start I expected a lot of angst, the loss o [...]

    I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised, by this one I really enjoyed reading this short, but sweet, sexy rocker story.Lee is the leadsinger for the, very famous, band 7 s Mistress He doesn t have a lot of family outside his bandmates and the only one he does have, is his baby sister But tragedy strikes and his sisters dies after giving birth to her daughter Which leaves this famous rockstar with a baby girl He names her after his sisterDelilah.Now Lee doesn t know anything about babies an [...]

    Dissecting opinion it could have been so good Granted, it s fiction, but it was totally unbelievable with OTT moments too many to mention I didn t DNF, but it was very close and I put this book down several times Too bad there was so much potential, but WTF popped up in my head too many times to enjoy this book.

    Loved this story Tag, the lead singer for 7 s Mistress is dealt with a tragedy that not only affects him but so, the life of his infant niece, Delilah Big time Not dealing with his newly acquired daddy status, Tag takes a screaming Delilah to the park to try to calm her when Eric and his dog Duke, come to his rescue Eric, a hot pediatrician soothes the baby and gives Tag some advice on settling her down Of course as fate would have it, Tag winds up in Eric s clinic looking for help The two men [...]

    Really enjoyed this one Babies, rock stars, hot men, crazy women, jealous ex lovers.what could you ask for Oh, maybe someone to spot the typos, but there weren t that many thank goodness Thanks for the rec Kayl 4.5 stars.

    Oh I couldn t put this book down Tag was surrounded by thousands of fans but still felt alone He felt like no one wanted to know the real man and only wanted the Rock God Erik wanted to have someone that was loyal and wanted a relationship He wanted to be than a doctor to someone and realized how lonely he was.This had a cute dog, cute babies, sexy rockers, jealous friends and a heap of misunderstandings Lee Tag and Erik fit together perfectly once they got on the same page I wish this book was [...]

    Faith Gibson is a new author to me and I kind of stumbled on the second story of the Music Within series while searching for interesting books I decided to start with the first book and haven t regretted reading it.Loved Doc Erik and super hot rock star Lee and their friends Cade not so much What an ass The big bad drummer has some growing up to doLooking forward to reading his story Release Me.

    The Blogger GirlsMy favorite thing about this book was the cover That is no slight against the story, trust me, but seriously, look at that cover The cover alone made me put this on my to read list Add a rock star and goody two shoes doctor in the mix and I m sold.Tag Lee has it all money, fans, his music, his band mates, friends, and women and men throwing themselves at his feet It appears he really does have it all, but he doesn t he s lonely and the only family he has is his baby sister until [...]

    Nikki K s Review I m not going to beat around the bush, this book was a no brainer for me Combine sexy rockers and alpha males in a M M story written by one of my favorite authors and I m sold Deliver Me is a great love story about world renowned Rocker, Tag and compassionate Pediatrician, Eric and their struggle to make life together as the parents of the beautiful newborn, Delilah When the two men meet by chance, the sparks fly instantly But Eric is still recovering from a broken heart, while [...]

    I m going to be completely honest with you When I read the prologue my heart sank I m not a fan of rockstar romances you see, I think they are over done, simplistic and cliched HoweverI have to eat my words you had me hooked After being fully prepared to hate it I actually couldn t put it down I like both Erik and Lee Lee made me chuckle several times and I really enjoyed both of their voices with the dual PoV The secondary characters were great too Especially Pauly and Echo, I really like both [...]

    Tag is the lead singer of 7 s Mistress Life is good He is on top of the world, living the dream A rockstar through and through, until his little sister dies during childbirth leaving Tag with the task of raising the baby At his wits end and not knowing what to do he runs into Erik, a pediatrician, who agrees to help Tag take care of the baby I did this backwards and I read book two first Cade, Tag s drummer was the bad guy in this book, trying to come between Tag and Erik The problem The author [...]

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Inked Rainbow Reads Review Team 5 stars for this M MI LOVED this book I didn t want it to end Hot rock star, hot doctor and one sweet baby girl Tag Lee is a rock star is sick of his lifestyle and wants a change, but not the way it happened Erik is lonely and wants a family When these two meet you could feel the sparks These two men were so hot together, total opposites when looking at them but worked so well together Add in a crazy best [...]

    This is a fairy tale.Cheesy.Romantic.Rock star and a doctor.Babies Family Love.Forgiveness.Acceptance Cheesy.Cheesy.Happy ending.More love.The future and happily ever after.Laugh at me I don t fucking care I loved my fairy tales Thank you Mikky for the rec

    Great story, what s not to love A Rockstar a Doctor, come on Hot This was a great read from the start, I got hooked Loved the relationship between Lee Erik, it s like it was meant to be how Lee took right over in Erik s house, I laughed, so good Of course I love Duke dog Deliah baby since they were first introduced I loved both Tag Doc even though they had there moments when I wanted to scream at them Lots of hot sexHello But the book was emotional at certain parts I had many cries, sad happy on [...]

    Review for Deliver MeThis book was one I really didn t think I d like but I fell in love with the characters Lee and Erik are two guy who s paths cross that under normal circumstances would have never happened Lee was a rock star and ended up getting stuck with his sister s baby after she died giving birthday and Erik is a pediatrician and ended up taking care of the baby at a park when Lee couldn t figure out what was wrong with her I was very happy with the outcome and I am sad to be leaving L [...]

    I wasn t certain about this one when I started There wasn t a big breakup but there was a misunderstanding that thankfully, didn t last long The overall plot was low in angst and a quick but fun read The secondary characters were good too Romance bingo Tags Dr, rock star, baby, m m, jealous and awesome friends

    My first time reading this author I loved it Tag and Erik were perfect for each other This really was a sweet story, of them both finding each other view spoiler Cade was an ass in this book, so I m curious on how he will be redeemed in his book hide spoiler

    This is a freebie on Kindle Unlimited, but I d buy it anyway Tag is the lead singer for the fictional band 7s Mistress aka the top band in the world right now He s been doing the rock star touring thing for the last decade and he s getting tired of it all.When his only family, his beloved sister dies giving birth to his niece, he rushes home to Nashville to take care of things After the baby gets out of intensive care she was born prematurely he has another few months to get things figured out b [...]

    Oy vey, save me from the smarmy, cutesy horse shit and the melodramatic angst Unnecessary misunderstandings and a main character who s willing to forgive anyone absolutely anything except for the guy he s falling in love with Crazy friend who seems obsessed and can t grasp that you re gay It s okay, she s still a friend and deserves some patience and understanding First sign of trouble from a guy who s been nothing but honest and kind to me I won t even allow him 30 seconds to explain himself.So [...]

    Sexy rocker meets kind hearted doctor YES PLEASE Deliver Me is one of those books I fell in love with from the very beginning and honestly loved until the last word There was such a great combination of characters and story line in this book, I absolutely couldn t put it down Tag is the super hot lead singer of the band 7 s Mistress, the rock band on top of the world He has money and fame and a great band but he s really not all that happy When tragedy strikes and his life changes he is struggli [...]

    I gave 4.5 stars received an ARC for an honest review I loved this book I honestly did not want it to end With that said, Deliver Me is about a rock star, Taggart Lee, lead singer for 7 s Mistress He s been in the business a long time and is growing tried of it and feels like he s missing something As tragedy happens to his only family member and now he had custody of a baby Taking a break from the spotlight to decide what he s going to do, Taggart meets Erik along with his dog, Duke, in a park [...]

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