Debauched #2020

Debauched One night in a moment of sheer madness I confessed my secrets to him All my life I ve been pretending Pretending to be the woman I thought I should be instead of the woman I really am I ve been faking
  • Title: Debauched
  • Author: JenniferDawson
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  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • One night in a moment of sheer madness I confessed my secrets to him All my life I ve been pretending Pretending to be the woman I thought I should be instead of the woman I really am I ve been faking it and I am good No one has ever guessed Except him He just looked at me and knew Chad Fellows is not the man I want, but he s fast becoming the man I need One nightOne night in a moment of sheer madness I confessed my secrets to him All my life I ve been pretending Pretending to be the woman I thought I should be instead of the woman I really am I ve been faking it and I am good No one has ever guessed Except him He just looked at me and knew Chad Fellows is not the man I want, but he s fast becoming the man I need One night in a moment of sheer madness I held her in my arms and let her cry I did the right thing, letting her walk away, no matter how much she calls to the part of me that wants to rescue her We are nothing alike, and she s a mess of complications in a life I m trying to keep simple But then I touched her and made her tremble and now I can t turn away Ruby Stiles is not the woman I want, but she s fast becoming the woman I need.
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    So, this is the FIRST time that I ve ever said this, so brace yourself If I could rate this a 6, I totally would I absolutely loved Chad and Ruby s story They had this one moment out of time that changed the dynamic of their previously platonic relationship This snippet allowed Ruby to see that there was to Chad that she ever could have envisioned before Slowly the spark that ignited built itself up until they couldn t resist the flame and each other The relationship develops in an absolutely b [...]

    4,25 Stubborn stars What can i say for this series I m freakin loving them I loved the first book very much Michael was my dreamy man I liked the second book, but it wasn t like the first one for meAnd then came Chad and Ruby and they turned my world upside down Who could thought that preppy Chad would be like that Ugh I loved this book very much and i can t wait to see if we will have another one story about Brandon this time Pretty please, Jennifer I m dying for his turn We met Ruby and Chad i [...]

    Sensational read Jennifer Dawson held me captive from start to finish and I literally devoured this story in a matter of hours.Debauched is the third full length novel in the Undone series It can be read as a standalone but I would recommend you to read before Unraveled book 2.5 which is a bridge to book 3 In Unraveled we get to see the beginning of Ruby and Chad s story On Valentine s night Ruby Layla s best friend from Crave is invited along with Chad Fellows by their group of friends at a sex [...]

    I started the Undone series at book two and while I liked it I think this one is my new favorite Normally I read books in order just to get to know the characters and while this could be read as a standalone I highly recommend starting the series from the beginning or at least with the novella before starting this book Chad and Ruby s story starts on Valentine s Day in Unraveled They are both invited to Brandon s club with a group of friends and that s where the changes start for them Ruby revea [...]

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Debauched is the third installment of the Undone series and i have to say the author once again created a wonderful story, generally the series have become an addiction In this part we have Chad s and Ruby s story, both characters are very lovable especially Chad i liked his dominant, possessive personality for me it s captivating as a reader i kind of felt he was commanding me and not the heroine so yeah his character was really [...]

    Coffee Dates with Debauched First Date I was excited to begin this first date after the interaction between Ruby and Chad in Unraveled Undone, 2.5 We first met Chad in Crave Undone, 1 He was a blind date Layla met and things did not work out, but they became friends I did not see Chad as dominant if fact he seemed like a straight laced IT guy I have always liked Ruby, Layla s best friend She is edgy, unique and very much the polar opposite of Layla These two are attracted to each other and both [...]

    Like many of you I stared reading again and I say again because this actually began at very early age when I discovered my mothers secret stash of Sandra Brown novels and loving romance and erotica thanks to a certain BDSM book cough FSOG cough but even if I ve read my fare share of BDSM books, lately I haven t been in the mood for them Truth be told I ve grown kind of bored with the whole Master Sir chain Saint Andrew s Cross stuff and honestly I ve been avoiding reading them Until nowuntil Jen [...]

    First person, Dual POV, HAE Can be read as standalone.Still very impressed with this series so far I realize I m kinda working backwards, but the I read about this group s dynamic, the it convinces me to pick up another in the series I was excited for this one Preppy IT guy with a dominant streak, and a black wearing rocker chick Sign me up.He is both angel and devil Good and evil Saint and sinner.Ruby makes her living as an ad graphic designer, as well as designs on the side and sings in loca [...]

    4.5 starsE ARC received thanks to the author GOD I ve probably reread this like 3 4 times after I finished it the first time I never thought I d say this, because I m a hardcore Michael Banks fangirl, but Chad Fellows just might be my favourite alpha malerry Michael, I still love you very much tho.ok so where do I start the main reason why I love this so much is the characters I m already very much intrigued with Chad the first time we met him with Layla, and that feeling escalated when we got h [...]

    4 stars I am a big fan of this series and Jennifer Dawson This book was no exception and I really enjoyed it This Ruby and Chad s story Ruby is Layla s best friend, from Crave, and Chad is a man that Layla tried to date one time when she was still mourning over her ex fiance who died Chad became a good friend to Layla and Michael so he is in their group of friends now Often Layla, Michael, Jillian Michael s sister and Leo from Sinful hangout as a group with Ruby and Chad included Ruby is a free [...]

    I like Jennifer Dawson s stories.I like them a lot.They are good.They are bloody brilliant.Go read any of the Undone series if you want thought provoking stories that unravel the psychology of relationships.That s it.My review is done Hey, that one line there about thought provoking mumbo jumbo was pretty good But I probably should back up my opinions with details to support my stance At least that s what they re teaching my fourth grader in Language Arts.First, the story setupRuby is odd girl o [...]

    I think the last time I read such a believable transformation for a character in that genre of books was when I read the Liliana Batchelor series by Holly Blackstone series 1031.Debauched Undone 3 by Jennifer Dawson was a surprising book It was not my first by this author but I admit I did not read all of the books in this series Which is no big deal as far as the understanding of the plotline of this book goes It is only a personal loss because If you do not read the whole series you are missin [...]

    Please note that I received a copy of this review in exchange for my honest review It in no way affected my opinion of the book Also, not that I have not read the first two books in this series I didn t not feel that it affected my understanding of this book However, I will be going back to read the first two when I find the time.I loved this book The only issue I had with it was that I found the female main character confusing from time to time But really I think that was because the character [...]

    Debauched tells the story of a woman named Ruby and Chad They believe there is nothing in common between each other however, with the progression of the story they start seeing it s not quite like that, and so do we I m quite an advocate that one doesn t need someone to come save them, but sometimes we need a little push to realise who we are and why things are not working so well in our lives That s what Chad does, he contributed to Ruby s happiness in such a way that made me see him, and certa [...]

    She thinks it won t work, but I know better She s at a disadvantage, because I know how she s wired a thousand times better than she does I ll use the power only for good To empower her, and allow her to become the woman she s meant to be, and not the woman she s pretending she is And here I thought Michael from Crave was the hottest Dom to walk in the fictional world Chad literally leaves Michael in the dust with his Alpha attitude and I couldn t be in love with him if I tried

    Gifted copy for honest review.I loved this one This is a story about Chad and Ruby The story and character were great Ruby has issues and one night she gets drunk and tells Chad her secret Chad calls the next day to make sure is okay However, he can t get her out of his mind If anyone can help Ruby it will be Chad.

    What an awesome book The sexual tension between Chad and Ruby was off the charts When they finally got together it was like fireworks on the 4th of July They are so perfect for each other, they compliment one another.

    Disclaimer I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Debauched is the third book or fourth, if you count the Unraveled novella in the Undone series by Jennifer Dawson My reviews for the previous books aren t on my blog, as they were on the previous incarnation of Whimsical Nature, but you can find them here 1 Crave 2 Sinful 2.5 UnraveledThis series is admittedly not what I would consider my tastes It s b [...]

    No my type of thing Omg I think Chad and Ruby s story is my favorite of the series so far I honestly don t know how Jennifer Dawson does it, but she is an amazing writer Their story was one you could totally see yourself in I just loved both characters and their own struggles Damn, its a hot love story Its a must read

    The Setup Ruby is a PK preacher s kid who is bound and determined to not follow in her mom s footsteps She grew up in a world where the menfolk did their thing and women lived to serve She s independent, self assured and anything but submissive Well, at least that s what she tells herself and the outside world Until one night, she breaks down in a man s arms and admits her big secret she fakes it Every time That man, Chad, is a dominant who knows exactly what Ruby is, even if she doesn t she s a [...]

    I m a huge fan of this series JDawson sucked me into these characters lives and into the scene with aplomb And while I know D s stories aren t for everyone, I m going to try to explain why Debauched is my favorite in the series so far and why this series is worth a look I have no experience with this lifestyle outside of books but what I think JDawson does so well, and I mentioned this in my review of Unraveled, is explain the psychology behind the relationship dynamics and all the elements requ [...]

    Originally posted on Adria s Romance Reviews A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.After confessing a secret to a man she convinced herself wasn t her type, Ruby just wants to pretend that night never happened but she can t help being drawn to Chad in a way that excites and frightens her Chad on the other hand wasn t looking for someone like Ruby but he can t deny that there s a strong pull between them He wants to keep his life from [...]

    Reviewed Confessions From Romaholics Review copy kindly provided by author in exchange for a honest reviewDebauched is the third book in the Undone series and it is finally Chad s turn Whilst I haven t read the prequel novella, I was familiar with Chad who was Layla blind date in the first book Things didn t work out obviously but there was never any hard feeling, he became part of the group And soon set eyes on Ruby it seems.Chad seems a bit different from the other dominant heroes we met so fa [...]

    OMG is all I can say I started with Crave and moved along in order Reviewers said I need to read Unraveled before this book 3 So like the good girl I am, I did These books have quickly became my new favorite series A must read for everyone Even so for people that are wishing for something they didn t realize they wanted or needed Thanks Jennifer for these beautiful pieces of art.

    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review4 STARSI would start by confessing that I usually avoid the books with BDSM and when I received this ARC I didn t expect this book to be based on that but Debauched was not the book I wanted but it actually turned out to be the book I loved I was completely smitten with Chad since the first page of the novel Who wouldn t be He s a good guy He s stable, dependable and compassionate He s also gorgeous, if you like the all American type, with high cheekb [...]

    4.5 Yummy Stars Freaking Hot Jennifer Dawson s Undone Series is one of those reads that will have you panting, needing a shower and cigarette after Each book is a standalone of a couple.He makes me want .Ruby has been pretending her whole life She s the black sheep of her family She doesn t want a real relationship because she s afraid she ll lose herself, just like she thinks her mother did She puts on the fake smile and does what she thinks everyone wants her to do When she reveals herself to [...]

    Received an ARC on NetGalley for an honest review.HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN Dawson s books are always pretty steamy, but there was something about Chad and Ruby s story that was a little hotter and a little emotional I seriously want to read this story over and over again I think it was the way that Chad was solely opening Ruby s mind to the idea of the lifestyle that really got me I loved how gentle he was with her at least outside the bedroom.I can t say enough about this book Seriously If you like [...]

    4.25 stars I received an ARC from the author for an honest review I was very fortunate to receive an ARC of this book as I couldn t wait to dive into Chad and Ruby s story We last saw Chad and Ruby in the Valentines Day novella Unravelled where Ruby and Chad made a connection that neither of them wanted Chad did not want to get involved with a D s novice and be responsible for everything that entails and Ruby was strongly against the idea of submission and the misconceptions she s had of that gr [...]

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