Love Heals the Heart

Love Heals the Heart #2020

Love Heals the Heart Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN Gracie Watson is a sassy saucy first grade school teacher with a wicked sense of humor She enjoys her job helping t
  • Title: Love Heals the Heart
  • Author: Diane Rose Duffy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 1512289604 ISBN 13 9781512289602.Gracie Watson is a sassy, saucy first grade school teacher with a wicked sense of humor She enjoys her job helping to shape young, impressionable minds truly, she does but she s tired of teaching everyone else s kids while yearning for her own She s searching for Mr Right You kLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 1512289604 ISBN 13 9781512289602.Gracie Watson is a sassy, saucy first grade school teacher with a wicked sense of humor She enjoys her job helping to shape young, impressionable minds truly, she does but she s tired of teaching everyone else s kids while yearning for her own She s searching for Mr Right You know, a soulmate to fill her heart with the love and passion she craves Little does she know that an ill fated camping trip with her adventure guide best friend could possibly be the beginning of a dangerous journey to a once in a lifetime love.Detective Dylan Sanders is career driven and focused on the path before him, leaving his tragic, painful past in a cloud of dust behind him When spunky Gracie Watson, quite literally, streaks into his life, his future may forever be altered However, the question is can Gracie help Dylan forget the heart wrenching tragedy from his past, enabling him to finally heal and discover love Fate has dealt both Gracie and Dylan a losing hand at any chance for love, offering them each difficult challenges to overcome Love and trust are tested Loyalties are questioned A battle for ever lasting love will be fought as hearts seek healing in the last place they each expect one another.Now, they both may have a chance at happiness together but only if they can stay alive
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      Diane Rose Duffy

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    I finished this novel last night and I m still trying to wrap my head around it I keep going back and forth on the rating, one star or two I m going to have to say ONE star The story revolves around four people, Dylan and Justin who are police detectives, and Gracie and Trish who are best friends Instead of going into detail about what this novel is about, which should be obvious by the way, I m just going to tell you my thoughts I didn t like the story, and here s why First, I hated the way the [...]

    Love Heals the Heart is a charming and funny tale about two people attempting to date Of course, there are many disasters that throw our two main characters through many loops The author is questioning if true love is enough to make it through the rough times This book has many twists and turns to take you on a roller coaster ride.Love Heals the Heart is a story about Gracie and Dylan They have a chance encounter in the beginning of the book and both feel a connection immediately Dylan asks Grac [...]

    I d reviewed Diane Rose Duffy s first book Take a Piece of My Heart which I d won as a free download I gave this book 5 STARS for the story of a young woman who had been infatuated with her first love enough to marry him, against her parent s wishes The love relationship she had envisioned turned into an abusive one no woman would ever want to be evolved with To take her readers into this woman s life Ms Duffy wrote her book as a diary.In Love Heals the Heart she has taken us into life of her ch [...]

    5 Amazing Stars As soon as I started reading this book, I just knew I was sooooo in for a treat Gracie is just an amazing girl her sass is was makes it enjoyable as we could read her inner dialogue G I never laughed this hard the way Gracie meet Dylan Wow something so different yet believable Seriously you have to read this one To those who know me I don t do spoilers but you wont be disappointed at all See full review on my blog jeanettebookreviews.wordpress

    what a page turner I just couldn t put it down I loved every minute of it made me laugh out loud my kids looked at me funny lol I sobbed as well please read this beautiful book it s so life like go Gracie and Trish

    LOVE HEALS A HEART AND LOVE CONQUERS ALLTHAT S MY STORY AND I M STICKING TO IT OH MY GLORY Diane Rose Duffy has done it again And just what has she done you ask Why, she has created absolute, utter perfection, of course Love Heals the Heart is Duffy s second amazing offering in the mad, mad world of the ever growing, very competitive and overpopulated contemporary romance genre but it is most definitely, second to none in content and quality It takes the blue ribbon by a landslide and is most as [...]

    My life is in store for some colossal changes There is certainty in my heart about this You may call it intuition, hope, or even determination Never in my life had I experienced an instant attraction such as this I ll admit it fightened me, but the fear was overshadowed by curiosity and eagerness I have a powerful thirst to embark on this journey and discover where the road will lead us Diane Rose Duffy has done it again I love a good romantic comedy with a side of snark, sexiness, and drama Thi [...]

    Love Heals the Heart is Diane Rose Duffy s second novel she has also published at least one children s book I had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of this book It s a charming and funny contemporary romance with a little adventure thrown in for good measure.Gracie Watson is a lifelong resident of her small town in Northern California She leads a relatively quiet life while trying to avoid any scandal than her divorce has already brought on Being a first grade teacher, she has to b [...]

    Good readWhile it s of a thoughts and mental book than I am used to reading, where you know the characters thoughts and such than there is interaction, it is still a good read and well worth the time to read.

    I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review This is only author Diane Rose Duffy s second book, but she has the talent of a much seasoned writer It feels like this should be her 12th book, not her 2nd She does such an amazing job with drawing the readers in and not letting them go The plot flows at a break neck speed and the characters are fun, realistic and relatable In this story we meet Gracie and Dylan who are both bad at relationships but good at being people who want to help thos [...]

    This was not at all what I expected judging by the title, cover, and blurb Not at all Not even a little bit I was expecting a fun, gooey romance That s not what I got I liked what I got It s just that I was anticipating the flavor of an MM, but got a Skittle instead It s great and I love Skittles too, it just took me a minute to adjust to the unexpected flavor Love Heals the Heart is hilarious Laugh out loud funny, I tell you Gracie s snark and inner dialog, even in stressful situations kept me [...]

    Grace s idea of roughing it was a five star hotel with mints on the pillow Not this trampling through the outdoors, with insects eating her alive carrying a backpack that weighed almost as much as her Yet here she was with Trish Doug, Grace s brother was supposed to be the one on this trip Being best friends with Trish even though they were opposites got her into this mess At the ultimate humiliation is having to go behind a bush to take a much needed bathroom break To top it off a man comes up [...]

    This is a must read I know a lot of you out there have a huge TBR pile but you need to put this one to the top This is the second book by Diane Rose Duffy and when you read this book you will not believe it is not her 10th I couldn t put this book down Her writing just flows and makes you fall easily into these characters.The relationship between Gracie and Detective Dylan is instant even after an embarrassing start They both have a lot of emotional baggage to get through before they can truly b [...]

    Love Heals the Heart by Diane Rose Duffy is a must have for all readers A romance quite unlike any other that I have read It s packed full of everything readers would find in many other genres Adventure, romance, humor, mystery and much all can be found in this delightful yet beautifully well written story Readers will find themselves lost in the tragic situation of both protagonists Suspense builds up with every page Their survival is a must yet the hopes of it coming true look slim A woman, w [...]

    Love Heals the Heart by Diane Rose DuffyWow I just love this book If you want a romantic read with added humour then you have to read this book It s well written, and the characters gel so well together, lots of twists and turns,also there are some moments when I couldn t stop laughing How in holy hell did all this fit Wait, why would Gracie need to have wings on her maxi pads It just makes no sense at all Do these pads fly away and dispose of themselves when they need replaced It s one of many [...]

    Love Heals The Heart Wavering Hearts Series Book 2 by Diane Rose Duffy Gracie Watson is a first grade school teacher who loves her job She s searching for Mr Right, a soulmate to fill her heart with love and passion Finding him while on a camping trip with her adventure guide best friend could possibly be the most embarrassing and dangerous journey to a once in a lifetime love Detective Dylan Sanders is career driven and focused on finding a group of drug dealers that have moved into his townhe [...]

    ARC received in exchange for an honest review 4.5 I love Diane s writing I love that this was different from her first book, drama filled and completely hilarious there were twists and turns around every corner and the banter is just priceless Gracie had a drunken episode in this and she was so funny it made me snortry unlady like My heart stopped close to the end and I was like hot damn no but when I reached the end I was crying with happy tears I loved the characters and their endless misgivi [...]

    Love Heals the Heart by Diane Rose Duffy is the second book in her Wavering Heart series It is also the second book that I have read by her I enjoyed it a lot but not near as much as I enjoyed the first book It was full of drama and is one thrilling ride It is Dylan and Gracie s story, though theirs isn t the only one in there I enjoyed both the main characters and some of the secondary ones as well There were a couple twists and turns that I didn t see coming I liked Trish and Justin too There [...]

    ARC given in exchange for an honest review Amazing.Simply amazing This book deserves than 5 stars Diane does it again with this book The book had me on my toes and I wanted to try and solve everything while reading but totally did not see some things coming The emotions are real in this book, you ll feel them along with betrayal, tragedy and most of all love.Love Heals the HeartI would have to agree.You will go on a journey with Gracie Dylan along with their friends Dylan being a detective and [...]

    Gracie is a school teacher and Dylan is a Detective How they meet is absolutely hilarious Laugh out loud funny and the fun doesn t stop there Add in Gracie s friend Trish and Dylan s friend Justin, a really messed up family and drug dealers Diane Rose Duffy does such a good job of fleshing these characters out and giving them their own personality that you will fall in love with them all This book has humor, suspense, a love story and romance I think you will enjoy this story of love healing two [...]

    wow this book is nothing but funny and tear jerker s about two women that are sisters from different dudes lol they have each other s back from the start Gracie is a first grade teacher and falls in love with a handsome detective Dylan and her best friend Trish falls in love with detective Justin as Dylan find out love does just go away he realizes to go forward and stop making decisions and Trish was so comfortable with her ex she was afraid to go forward but one day when their lives was on the [...]

    what a fantastic read, really glad I had the opportunity to read this book if your looking for a really well written romance story, this is for you I just couldn t put it down, was hooked from beginning to end the characters were fantastic together, with the twists and turns mixed with their chemistry this is a fantastic read I have not read anything from this author before and I will definitely look out for from her.highly recommendedobsessedbookreviews.wordpressfacebook obsessedbook

    Cute romance Dylan, the detective, and Gracie, the first grade teacher meet unexpectedly when she is on a wilderness hike with her best friend Her hike has not gone well and their first meeting was embarrassing to her Their relationship doesn t go smoothly because Dylan has a past that deters him from participating in a serious relationship This romantic comedy has elements of suspense as well as many humorous incidents Gracie is fun, endearing and her antics keep you entertained.

    I really enjoyed reading this book There were a lot of LOL moments The first encounter with Dylan and Justin was die hard funny I loved how feisty Trish was She didn t let anything get past her Although they had a lot going on in this book it was a really easy and enjoyable book I can t wait to read about Trish s story I can only imagine how hilarious it will be I m loving Ms Rose s writing style Great book and I recommend it to everyone

    Right from the beginning when Gracie and Dylan meet, you are drawn into their love story They have their share of ups and downs like any other couple However this story is full of plot twists that will have you turning the pages faster and faster just to find out how it all ends Once you read those last few words you are left wanting This is why I can not wait to read the authors next book Our Wavering Hearts, where two of the characters from here show up again

    Words can t describe this book.Words can t Describe this book, Gracie and Dylan, Trisha and Justin and the hole gang, This book makes you laugh, and Cry but most of all it makes you believe in love and Love does heal the Heart Good job Diane Rose Duffy, can t wait to see what you do next You are a awesome author and person This book is awesome, y all really have to get this one, it doesn t disappoint I promise.

    I was asked to read this book and give a honest review.And i loved itIf you love a good comedy and a will love this book.I don t want to give to much away.But when Gracie got drunk hilarious Anyone who reads this will love it.I can t wait until the next book.5 Stars Diane This book was Great

    What a great story about finding love Gracie and Dylan are wonderful characters and I would have liked details about the actual getting to know you part of their relationship, but the excitement and drama surrounding them as they begin to fall for each other made this book impossible to put down I can t wait for the next book from this author

    I was given a ARC in order for a honest review I love how Dylan met Gracie This book had me laughing at points with XXL condoms and maxi pads that could fly When asked to read this book by Diane I didn t hesitate to say yes She s brings us yet another phenomenal book Trish and Justin book is next can t wait to read it Aunt Irma gotta love and how she says it like it is.

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