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  • Title: The Opener Of The Way
  • Author: Robert Bloch
  • ISBN: 9780586042212
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • [E-Book] ↠ The Opener Of The Way | by ✓ Robert Bloch
      447 Robert Bloch
    • thumbnail Title: [E-Book] ↠ The Opener Of The Way | by ✓ Robert Bloch
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    Robert Bloch s first book and still one of his best This has most of his Lovecraft influenced stories but you can see that the author is placing his modern style into the mix.

    Greatness Write this way originally written for The Arkham Archives More than sixty years have passed since the publication of the first Robert Bloch book, The Opener of the Way Never mind the small paperback of Sea Kissed that preceded Opener, because Henry Kuttner shared the credit for the British and Irish unauthorized publications of that near pamphlet.In some respects, The Opener of the Way is a typical fantasy book of its era Its contents were culled mostly from the already musty pages of [...]

    Junto a Matheson, son los autores m s macabros y rotundos en sus finales.En pocas p ginas es capaz de meterte en un suceso que suele ser perturbador, pero muy sutilmente y finaliz ndolo contundentemente.Nada que ver sus relatos con la basura de Psicosis Aqu demuestra su macabra visi n de la vida y en psicosis la macabra visi n de los que viven en ella.

    Looking through other reviews, it sounds as if the contents of this book may have differed in the US edition compared to the UK one I read, which was based on a 1974 British hardback edition, so the contents of the one I read was as follows The Opener of the WayThe CloakBeetlesThe Fiddler s FeeThe MannikinThe Strange Flight of Richard ClaytonYours Truly, Jack the RipperThe Seal of the SatyrThe Dark DemonThe Faceless GodFor stories written in the 1930s, the tales are not so disconcerting to moder [...]

    As mentioned earlier, I read only The Shambler from the Stars It was in preparation for a group read of The Haunter of the Dark by H P Lovecraft I discovered there is a third story, The Shadow From the Steeple, which Bloch wrote fifteen years later.I enjoyed The Shambler from the Stars It started out quite ordinarily for a Mythos tale with a young writer becoming curious about old forgotten lore and seeking out forbidden tomes Once he found one and consulted a friend, the excitement started and [...]

    Stephen King recommended author and book.In 1981 s Danse Macabre, King dedicated his book as follows It s easy enough perhaps too easy to memorialize the dead This book is for the six great writers of the macabre who are still alive The six listed were Robert Bloch, Jorge Luis Borges, Ray Bradbury, Frank Belknap Long, Donald Wandrei, Manly Wade Wellman.Book favorably mentioned in Chapter 2 of Berkley s 1983 paperback edition of Danse Macabre.

    Bloch s early short stories are bracing and full of life and gruesome death even as he searches for the mature writing voice that will later bring us terror laden tales tinged with pathos such as the novel Psycho he beguiles us with some of the best American short horror fiction put to paper One could opt to purchase the eBook or even the British 1st Edition, but none hold the intimacy and familiarity of the masterful and highly sought after Arkham House Edition.

    Cthulhu Mythos bibliography mixed with curses from Ancient Egypt and everyday horror in the roaring 20s Quite gruesome for the Lovecraft circle One star is for the wonderful edition.

    Described by J.T Joshi is one of the most significant titles produced by Arkham House, this is indeed a startling collection of tales One of the most notable features of the book is its overtly visceral content This is pretty gruesome stuff for its time Sure, Clark Ashton Smith had his morbid moments, but there is something harder hitting, stomach churning in Bloch s delivery This book has one foot in the gothic atmosphere typical of the Weird Tales era, but strides toward the modern horror sen [...]

    Along with H P Lovecraft, there have been a number of authors who have both contributed and expanded the world Cthulhu Robert Bloch is one of them, however unlike some of them his works are accessible and easy to read, however that does not mean they are any less descriptive or creative This book is a collection of short stories which on the whole could be called mythos stories with probably one exception The stories to me were original and creative and I felt had the right mix of description an [...]

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