Alien Guardian's Baby

Alien Guardian's Baby #2020

Alien Guardian s Baby Can their interstellar romance prevent a galactic war Where no human has gone before Isabella Parker is en route to Vortex Station in response to a mysterious message on her datapad She hopes to find
  • Title: Alien Guardian's Baby
  • Author: Luna Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can their interstellar romance prevent a galactic war Where no human has gone before Isabella Parker is en route to Vortex Station in response to a mysterious message on her datapad She hopes to find answers to the questions that have plagued her all her life Who are her parents Why did they disappear when she was young And what s that mysterious triangle shaped mark Can their interstellar romance prevent a galactic war Where no human has gone before Isabella Parker is en route to Vortex Station in response to a mysterious message on her datapad She hopes to find answers to the questions that have plagued her all her life Who are her parents Why did they disappear when she was young And what s that mysterious triangle shaped marking on her wrist Before she can reach the station, she finds herself on a Zoran battleship with General Drax He s the sexiest man she s ever met but they ve only begun to explore their overwhelming chemistry when all hell breaks loose The black hole of vengeance Drax finds the blonde, curvy human irresistible but his Zoran honor demands that he avenge a cowardly attack against his ship and crew When he and Isa reach Vortex Station, they re soon embroiled in a diplomatic quagmire that must be resolved before war breaks out Throne down When Isabella receives shocking news about her heritage, it opens up incredible new possibilities and puts her and Drax at odds Will the Zoran general seek revenge at the expense of protecting his mate and unborn child Or can he and Isa defeat the forces trying to plunge everyone on Vortex Station into war Alien Guardian s Baby is book 4 of the Zoran Warriors series, but can be read as a standalone No cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After guaranteed
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      225 Luna Hunter
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    Short, fun summer read Not overly exciting but just with the right combination of hot alien and bizarre alien worlds to make it a perfect way to spend a day lazing in the sun Preferably with a sweet cocktail Don t expect anything overly ambitious or mind blowing Just the tried and tested formula with a couple of imaginative plot twists thrown in to keep it from being the same as any other alien romance out there.

    3.5 starsThe weakest of the series, but still really a fun read Still referencing my previous comments.Comments from book 1 Gotta say this is exactly the type of alien smut I love Quick, no pushing away, big sexy alpha hero and heroine is not annoying Absolutely zero OW drama Such a fun and easy read

    Another Alien, Another AbbyLuna Hunter has a gift for writing adventure stories that grab your attention and hold your interest to the very end There are three books in the series and each , while having some common threads in the, are different enough to hold your interest to the very end This storyline was well developed, with the Zoans playing a major role in the story Dex, a Zoran warrior, and Isa ,a headstrong human, are one a mission, which Dex is very unhappy about His role is to babysit [...]

    Two beings on a huntShe has questions she has needed answered for an entire lifetime Drax is a general hunting a traitor The fact their hunts seem to be leading in the same direction, and feel like they have too many coincidences has Drax than a little uneasy about just how big a mess they may find waiting for them.Drax has never thought about life with a mate what it might be like, how it might be lived He did not believe that was his path But Isa is opening his eyes to amazing possibilities, [...]

    I just keep smiling I loved the story line between Isa and Drax and how two strong minds come together and fight for what s right and I m sad that its finished, Luna Hunter you are an amazing writer all your books so far have drawn me in and couldn t put them down do I wish they where a little longer yes but all good things must come to and end thanks for the great read I would recommend this book to everyone.

    The best book out of the four book series Isa is a passenger who received an encoded crypted message She is travelling by the public transport to another planet where they system failure leads them to be rescued by the Zoran Spaceship Drax is the General of that ship and this is the story where Isa shines bright towards the end I liked the execusion and the flow of story It was not abrupt or random.

    Great seriesI love this series its worth the time to Read you won t be disappointed The only thing I wish was added was about the babies I mean all the titles say baby in them yet I found really nothing about babies other than getting the women pregnant So a follow up of the kids would be nice

    Large and somewhat in chargeThe Zoran a superior race is shocked to find his mate on a stranded vessel and she s human, thinking he s the savior will soon learn him a lesson The female is a quite smart and quick witted human who shows her hulk who is boss in the end.

    As I progress through each novel I enjoy the characters and the storyline and Each story adds details that make the overall story richer.

    Another day, another alien baby I did enjoy this book but once Isabella and Drax got together I lost interest a bit.

    Excellent series This is the last story in this series I loved it Isa is a strong and wise woman Draw is a strong General He is by far the most alpha hero of the series However he quickly learns to appreciate Isa counsel This story has a great plot I thoroughly enjoyed it I highly recommend you read it

    I love Luna Hunter s Zoran Warriors Each book just gets better and better Alien General s Baby was just too damn good to put down I read it in about 3 hours time, give or take Luna has you so absorbed in the book that you at some part feel as though you are actually there There are attacks on starships, planets with too many leaders, AWESOME 7 ft aliens, a spunky, yet brave human woman and oh the sex OMG So what could you want in a book I mean all the suspense to keeps you going It is a book yo [...]

    Title Alien Guardian s Baby Series Zoran Warriors Destination Book 4, 149 Pages, StandAlone Author Luna Hunter Reviewer Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre SciFi Aliens HEA My Score 5Stars Omg does this lady keep you going Ms Luna loves to have these special actions, but I sure didn t expect in the begining, OMG ofcoarse I have to keep reading I need to know the ending exposition and I wasn t let down Oh yes I definitely recommend this book this whole series Isabella Parker aka Isa is a human from Ear [...]

    Isa is from earth and for the first time leaving earth She got a secret message about on unknown mark on her arm about going to vertex station She gets on a ship called the mongoose, it s a piece of junk and it breaks down It might have had help That s how she meets General Drax of the Eternity a war ship of the zorans The came to give her ship help I have got to stop there because any and ill give away the story for you and it s a great one This is action packed and spicy story with great chara [...]

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This Zoran warrior story is about Isa and Drax They are both on missions Isa to get to the Vortex Station and Drax to round up a criminal wanted on his home planet An oversimplification is chaos ensues What a wild ride Ms Hunter created a story that is different from the other Zoran warrior stories but I won t tell you anything here You ll have to read it for yourself I liked both characters but I m partial to the big blue warrior B [...]

    I did enjoy this book The heroine,Isa, was set up to be onboard that spaceship and for that ship to experience the trouble that it did I thought that the description of the conditions of the spaceship was similar to those of an overseas flight today The interaction between Isa and the aliens onboard the spaceship put me in mind of an American citizen trying to navigate a European Vacation where the person does not speak any foreign language what so ever The hero, Drax, is coming to rescue the sp [...]

    A Zoran warrior a female earth woman face off attacks as they are thrust together by unknown forces or is it fate.A earth woman is looking for her parents when they were abducted when she was 2 She s been looking for them her whole life for leads to them hoping there still alive after all these years that is why she is on a space transport ship heading to a space station called Vortex Station after receiving a encrypted message telling her to come there Her life is about to change in a big way.1 [...]

    This series is amazing Each book has it own set of characters who have to find their own happily ever after Isa and Drax s story will take you on a journey through space with bad guys chasing them and Isa trying to find out who she is and what happened to her parents She has a strange mark on her wrist which glows and it appears she may not be full human Drax is a Zoran General and he has found his life mate and nothing will stop him from protecting her Thank you to Luna Hunter for the wonderful [...]

    Another great book by this Author I could not put it down Why is Isabella Parker en route to Vortex Station What is she hoping to find out about her past What is the marking on her wrist When the spaceship she is travelling on has troubles and the people on board have to be rescued by the Zoran battleship with General Drax as the leader what is really happening With enemies trying to harm both Isabella and Drax will they find out who she really Will they get a happy ending This is part of a seri [...]

    Another sci fi masterpiece I was very happy to venture back to the Zoran universewith this book I think it is my new favorite It has all the excitement, adventure, romanceand sexy aliens we have come to expect from this series with a dash of mystery thrown in too.An excellent book that I would highly recommend to everyone.I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review, and I honestly loved it

    Action, adventure and starting life changing news for one women on a mission to get answers Then things fall apart after meeting him Coincidence or fate had bought them together and there is going on than both of them realize But stay one step ahead of someone trying to bring all out war is proving to be interesting and deadly Fantastic read, couldn t put it down Received advanced reader copy for honest review from author Luna Hunter

    I love sci fi romance, it is one of my favorites The story was short but it did not leave you hanging It was full of action and suspense the MCs s had great individually and their romance was amazing Great story for new author I can t wait to get the next one in the series I was given this wonderful story for a honest review.

    I love all of Lunas books this one had some definate tragic bits and did take you along the emotional rollercoaster that gets you hooked The characters were detailed and the mystery surrounding Isa really kept you guessing I think Lunas work is amazing and honestly love this series so much i really do count myself privileged to be part of her ARC team

    I just love these stories so much Steamy, wild ride that transports you to another world I love getting lost in Luna s world s she creates I can t wait to read what she has planned next I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    Hot and romantic Whew Hot, hot and hot I love the characters in this story, the Zoran series has been so good Hot aliens, adventures, meet their human mates Can t wait til mid September fir the wedding

    This was a fun sexy book Quick read with a HEA ending Add a little action, and it s a book you shouldn t pass up

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