Tere, Ruby! Programmeerimisseiklused

Tere, Ruby! Programmeerimisseiklused #2020

Tere Ruby Programmeerimisseiklused Raamatu autori Linda Liukase arvates kuulub programmeerimine kahek mne esimese sajandi kirjaoskuse hulka ja koodikirjutamise algt dede teadmine on peatselt v ltimatu Saa tuttavaks Rubyga v ikese t dru
  • Title: Tere, Ruby! Programmeerimisseiklused
  • Author: Linda Liukas Hels Hinrikson
  • ISBN: 9789949561964
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Raamatu autori Linda Liukase arvates kuulub programmeerimine kahek mne esimese sajandi kirjaoskuse hulka ja koodikirjutamise algt dede teadmine on peatselt v ltimatu.Saa tuttavaks Rubyga v ikese t drukuga, kellel on tohutu kujutlusv ime Ruby maailmas on k ik v imalik, kui ta midagi n uks v tab L bi kaasahaarava jutustuse avanevad programmeerimise algt ed, arvutid ja koRaamatu autori Linda Liukase arvates kuulub programmeerimine kahek mne esimese sajandi kirjaoskuse hulka ja koodikirjutamise algt dede teadmine on peatselt v ltimatu.Saa tuttavaks Rubyga v ikese t drukuga, kellel on tohutu kujutlusv ime Ruby maailmas on k ik v imalik, kui ta midagi n uks v tab L bi kaasahaarava jutustuse avanevad programmeerimise algt ed, arvutid ja koodid l busal ja looval moel Iga peat ki juurde lisatud tegevuste abil saavad tulevased v ikesed koodikirjutajad oma kujutlusv ime p nevalt t le panna V ikese Ruby maailmas tasub kindlasti seigelda nii lastel kui t iskasvanutel see on v rviline, p nev, t is uusi m tteid ja s pru.
    • BEST KINDLE "✓ Tere, Ruby! Programmeerimisseiklused" || READ (KINDLE) ☆
      263 Linda Liukas Hels Hinrikson
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      Posted by:Linda Liukas Hels Hinrikson
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    1.5 stars for the story and 3.5 stars for the Activities.I started reading this book after watching part of Linda Liukas TED Talk, which infers that Hello Ruby is a delightful way to introduce kids to coding Is it really that delightful Methinks it s a bit overhyped The book is beautifully produced with cute illustrations throughout it has an interesting story, but the plotting feels contrived and doesn t compare well against a good proper picture book Ironically for a book related to computing [...]

    Charming little book The story was ok, but the best part of the book is in the end, where you can practise thinking like a programmer The tasks are simple, easy and helpful.

    Nice book showing and explaining computational thinking to babies I had fun reading it and my daughter enjoyed story and some of the activities However i think she is just too young now to appreciate everything in this book So we will be coming back to this book for sure.If your child is 5 6 years old, this book can provide fun for a child and you for many hours.

    Linda Liukas has done great things encouraging children, especially girls, to learn coding Her concept for this book is definitely a 5, but the execution was poor Linda Liukas would have had better results if she had collaborated with a successful children s book author I do however encourage knowledgeable parents to use this book with their children who might be so inclined First, Liukas, while trying to create a book that would be attractive to girls, created a book that will turn off boys as [...]

    It s a cute little story book about a little girl finding some gems her Father left her It s total fantasy and impossible.So, the author made up a number of activities which you have to redo at home to complete them and explain to your child age 5 to 8.Personally, 3 stars for idea but you d be better off buying Lollipop Logic.

    Five stars for the idea It is absolutley fantastic to see how catching and exciting can something so practical be I enjoyed it and my daughter 6 y loves it Also the work book part is cool Reminds me exactly my beginners coding lessons but is clear and easier to understand.Would like to find similarly smart books, games etc to kids.

    Fiction Twin Text Hautman, P 2016 The Flinkwater factor A novel in five thrilling episodes New York Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers.Rationale for twin text selection I chose this selections because of its connection with technology In the non fiction text you are learning how to use code to create computer programs In my fiction text it is about how a computer program is putting life as they know it at stake and how they must go about solving this problem by creating a new program I know [...]

    Very cute and, I think, very effective at introducing kids or anyone, really to general computer coding principles The first 2 3 or so is a story that introduces problem solving, and then the last 1 3 is an activity book that teaches terms and lets you try out what you ve learned Very fun, and the illustrations are adorable, too

    Bardzo elementarne wprowadzenie do alfabetu programowania, przedstawione jako historia ma ej dziewczynki Ruby, kt rej tata pozostawi map i zadanie do wykonania Od strony programistycznej autorka pokazuje, czym jest algorytm i wzorce programowania w praktyce, prze o one na proste historie, jeden do jednego w stosunku j zyk programowania j zyk ojczysty bajkowy Pope nia przy tym podstawowy b d, odcinaj c dzieci od wprowadzenia do j zyka poj , kt re s elementarne w trakcie wykonywania nowych operacj [...]

    It s a cute idea and I really wanted to like it, but I thought the execution needed work The story was kind of confusing, and while it s full of in jokes, the kids won t get them, and parents who don t work in tech probably won t either The exercises at the end were good, although most of them were familiar to me from CS Unplugged but I guess if you want to present them to kids without them being part of a curriculum, this works pretty well I thought the activity about the foxes probably would m [...]

    I would classify this as a hybrid between a picture book and a chapter book I think this book is a good first step to computational thinking for everybody There are activities to try at home, as well as a glossary of terms which I feel is helpful for young readers.

    My daughter she is 5 years old loves this book We read it together and did some of the exercises I also got her a game a mouse that can be programmed to navigate a maze and she got it right away Cool

    Itse seikkailu oli ihan hyv , mutta en kamalasti pit nyt ty kirjasta Olen ilmiselv sti liian vanha lukemaan t t.

    Great introduction for young people to computer science and computational thinking Love the use of stories and clear definitions of key terms.

    Now that I ve read this book, I think I understand coding now It s a great introduction to the computational thinking necessary to understand how to code for kids.

    Buy this book for the activities The picture book section is problematic at best and downright confusing However, it is a good way to teach both adults and young children about rudimentarycomputational thinking Young parents can easily find activities that they can incorporate into their daily conversations and activities with their children Don t read the picture book to a child without pre reading and editing it into something intelligible.

    Hello Ruby is an interesting hybrid of chapter book and activity book Oddly, though, the activities are included in the back half of the book and not in or at the end of each chapter The introduction also says that the book is designed for a parent to read the story to their child ren and work through the activities together.The story is cute and simple with a pretty easy reading level with some help a second grader could manage , however it jumps from something realistic into what I think is Ru [...]

    I had high expectations of this book This summer Linda Liukas spoke at a conference about her book and the theme of the book She had such a positive energy and enthousiasm I really liked the illustrations of the book, they are soooo cute And I also like the idea behind the book Especially the fact that the book focusses on general concepts and not on a specific language for example Because of this the book stays relevant However, I expected of the story itself It is really short and the computa [...]

    I thought it was quite cute, but wonder if some of the ideas are going to come across as well to kids perhaps that depends on the kids and the parents I ll be sending it off to my nieces and perhaps will get a bit of a review from them.I found the story at the beginning a little confusing, but it has some clear points that come across too I particularly like the clarity of instructions Ruby doesn t like to be told what to do Sometimes this means trouble especially if the instructions are unclear [...]

    It s difficult to go anywhere in this world without seeing the influence of a computer I wanted our library to have a book on coding, so I picked this one up Good points Liukas offers a simple introduction to programming terminology and methods through a story about Ruby finding gems Before Ruby starts the search, she needs a plan Once on the search she encounters numbers, sequencing, booleans, etc Disappointments Liukas rarely explains how things actually relate to coding There are some exercis [...]

    This isn t a book you read for the story it s really for the activities at the end In fact, I found myself reading a chapter, flipping to the back and reading the corresponding activities, and then going back for the next chapter, and repeat.I m a nerd in many other ways, but computers coding is not one of them So this book wasn t really for me I don t really think it has a place on my library shelf wait, hear me outYeah, it s a picture book, but the text is too difficult for it to go in the ea [...]

    Koodauksen saloihin voi sukeltaa monella tavalla t n vuonna on ilmestynyt jo kolme lasten koodauskirjaa, mik ennakoi ensi vuoden uutta OPSia Linda Liukas on parhaasta p st niin idolina kuin kirjailijanakin Teht v t ja niiden kautta aukeavat vaikeatkin k sitteet ovat parhautta.Olisin toivonut, ett lopun teht v t olisi merkitty itse tarinaan, jotta ensi kertaa kirjaa selailevakin olisi ymm rt nyt rakenteen Olen kuullut kommentteja, ett tarina tuntui pettymykselt ja idea aukeni vasta lopussa, jollo [...]

    Probably 3.5 stars This book begins with a story that I think is supposed to represent a computer program, but that aspect didn t make sense at first The second half of the book is comprised of activities that connect to the story These introduce readers to programming language and logical thinking They sort of work I had a lot of trouble with the selection section on page 92 because the examples read from right to left At least I think they do I could be lost than I think Chunks of this book t [...]

    Ajattelin, ett tietokoneinsin rin vaimona voisin neljnnesvuosisadan j lkeen yritt p st v h n jyv lle siit , mist ohjelmoinnissa on kysymys T m kehuttu lastenkirja vaikutti olevan matalimman kynnyksen polku koodausviisauden relle Ja kyll p olikin mainio kirja Todella hauskalla tavalla oli esitetty lapsille koodauksen perusperiaatteita, ja samalla faktoitettu niin, ett aikuisellekin oli kirjasta iloa t ytyy tunnustaa ett yhden kurssin verran olen ohjelmointia pari vuosikymment sitten opiskellut, j [...]

    Excellent Programming Primer for ALL AgesAs an adult just jumping into pursuing a degree in IT, this was an excellent and whimsical way to get an introduction to programming and coding The artistry involved in the illustrations were amazing and as a grown up girl, seeing Ruby as the protagonist and an incredible problem solver was refreshing and encouraging Everyone could benefit from reading this book If only to understand why the IT department responds the way they do Well done

    Won from Giveaway.Adorable book I feel like there is a lot going on as far as content goes for this book, it seems a bit overwhelming for a child However, I do believe the author s purpose was very obvious and overall I great idea The thing I loved most about this book is the activities in the back that really could change the ways of thinking for young children as they do them This is a book I will hold on to for my own children to look at and read illustrations are super cute, fun to look at.

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