Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education #2020

Philosophy of Education Acclaimed as the best overview in the field by the Teaching Philosophy and predicted to become the standard textbook in philosophy of education by Educational Theory this now classic text includes an
  • Title: Philosophy of Education
  • Author: Nel Noddings
  • ISBN: 9780813343235
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acclaimed as the best overview in the field by the Teaching Philosophy and predicted to become the standard textbook in philosophy of education by Educational Theory, this now classic text includes an entirely new chapter on problems of school reform, examining issues of equality, accountability, standards, and testing.
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      334 Nel Noddings
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    This book does two things superbly 1 Offers a theory of education which has a real chance of resulting in the type of person we all want as fellow citizens and friends AND 2 Gives a summary of various Philosopies such as Pragmatism, Utilitarianism, Existenialism, Epistemology, and topics such as Morality, Science, Testing, and Feminism, as they relate in and to Education.Because Noddings is not a philosopher , she is easy to read This makes this book an accessible way into these ideas Acedemia i [...]

    This overview of the philosophy of education is a good survey of thinking on education through the ages Noddings comes to the subject with a strong commitment to dialogue between competing view points, and thus presents a wide variety of perspectives on concepts as diverse as logic, epistemology, ethics, equity, and accountability However, her own strong conviction for an ethic of care overshadows the presentation of competing perspectives Noddings argues that unbiased reporting is impossible, a [...]

    I am not sure I would understand the educational philosophy of Dewey without this book I certainly would struggle with phenomenology Noddings addresses all of the great questions of education in this book What is learning What is teaching What is truth What is the purpose of education Is there only one purpose How much education for who She also includes a greatest hits of the top educational philosophers, with Dewey getting the most air time I highly recommend this book to anyone with a philoso [...]

    Great Summary of Philosophical Issues and their Relation to EducationFor in service teachers, an excellent and thoughtful book on Western philosophical and how they relate to the contemporary practices in the field of education today.

    The first part of Nel Nodding s Philosophy of Education is pretty good in the first part she sets up the different views on philosophy of education, sweeping through ancient to contemporary philosophy in two chapters She has a fair chapter on Critical Thinking and its role in educational theory After that, the book drags quite a bit The book appears to be interested in tangent topics rather than the topic of philosophy of education To take an example, in a chapter regarding morality and educati [...]

    This book attempted an overview of educational philosophy but was a bit too advanced for me While I appreciated the examples and clarifications, I was still often lost in the language and the author s opinions too often clouded the explanations as I neared the end of the text I believe if I read it again after a few years of study it would be quite useful.

    Philosophy of Education by Nel Noddings had some good, valid points about education However, there were also a few chapters that delved a little too deeply into what truth is and how to be logical.

    Excellent, comprehensive and surprisingly readable account of Philosophy of Education Exceed my expectations.

    A good read and a solid introduction to educational philosophy Has a bit of jargon at times though, and could use descriptive examples to make the material memorable.

    Since it assumes readers have some background in philosophy, it shouldn t be used as text book for an introductory course.

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