Shadow Song

Shadow Song #2020

Shadow Song In the summer of Madison Lee Bobo Murphy was a waiter at the Catskills Pine Hill Inn A rural Southerner he had never heard the word meshugge until Avrum Feldman a retired New York City furrier
  • Title: Shadow Song
  • Author: Terry Kay
  • ISBN: 9780671892609
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the summer of 1955, Madison Lee Bobo Murphy was a waiter at the Catskills Pine Hill Inn A rural Southerner, he had never heard the word meshugge until Avrum Feldman a retired New York City furrier became his unlikely friend For Bobo, nothing about that special time and place ever lost its glow Avrum s obsession with the haunting voice of a famous opera diva,In the summer of 1955, Madison Lee Bobo Murphy was a waiter at the Catskills Pine Hill Inn A rural Southerner, he had never heard the word meshugge until Avrum Feldman a retired New York City furrier became his unlikely friend For Bobo, nothing about that special time and place ever lost its glow Avrum s obsession with the haunting voice of a famous opera diva, music that no one else could hear the exotic mingling of Yiddish and German in the dining room and the girl he met and loved In everyone s life, Avrum claimed, there is one grand, undeniable moment that never stops mattering For Bobo, it was his first glimpse of beautiful Amy Lourie But, for a wealthy Jewish girl and a Georgia farm boy, the summer had to end, leaving Bobo with the pain of lost love Nearly forty years later, his children grown and marriage comfortably routine, Bobo comes north once there, amidst the haunting hints of Amy s presence, she unexpectedly appears Nothing has dimmed the passion of their youth, yet two lifetimes and a thousand Catskills sunsets stand between who they were and who they have become The barriers between them are different now But mysteriously, miraculously, Bobo reawakens the dream of a love larger than himself.
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      495 Terry Kay
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    When I was 14 years old, my family took me to Yellowstone National Park In one of the gift shops I picked up a copy of Shadow Song and the description on the back led me to buy it It became my favorite book and it has never stopped mattering At 14, I could not understand a lot of the adult topics in the book completely, but I loved the narrative, the romance lost and and found, and the friendship of a country boy from Georgia and the crazy old Jewish man who heard the Shadow Song Over the years [...]

    Just an awesome book I have very few book that I will actually purchase to keep and this is one With all the detective books out there I wanted to read a novel where the people felt real Shadow song tells a story about someone and life s memories After reading it I went to the Catskills to look at Pine Hill and Big Indian simply to look around because I enjoyed this book so much.

    This is a gentle sort of love story stories, actually , lacking much of the fanfare and bed rolling of most romances but still with passion and tension But what I really love about this book is the setting, a small upstate New York resort town and its people woven into a character all its own Seen from both a time of plenty and a time well past its hey day, it serves as a backdrop to much in these stories and gives them a much deeper, authentic feel The first and perhaps greatest love story of [...]

    Terry Kay never fails to satisfy me His style of writing reminds me of Pat Conroy s, but not quite so ponderous There are many ahhh moments his descriptions of places and of emotions are so beautifully written He makes me really care about his characters, who are ordinary people struggling with the problems we all have.

    Book Club Book regional Southern, Georgia Plus an older lady in our club sighed, I want to read a love story in the cutest Southern drawl you ve ever heard Who could say no to that Review It was great if you re really into romance novels and or the Hallmark channel It was kind of both of those The thing that got on my nerves is that even though it was written by a man, and the main character was a main, it still sounded like a chick wrote it Not that I m against chick lit I ve read my fair share [...]

    I shudder every time I think about this book I read it right before the termination of my first long term relationship The story is about a man who married a woman but can t stop thinking about a different woman he met when he was young The feeling that you re not with the right person and there s someone better out there was persistent throughout this novel and absolutely wormed its way into my consciousness as well I m not blaming this book for splitting us up, that was a break up waiting to h [...]

    This is a beautifully written story It would be one that would float on air were it read aloud It is about a girl and a boy who met during the summer of 1955 She was a guest at an Inn in the Catskills and he worked at the Inn The love that grew between them that summer was stronger and longer lasting than they knew Thirty or years pass and the death of an old man who had been a friend to both brings them together again to discover and face the ghosts of the past and the challenges of the presen [...]

    I didn t love this book but it was okay It travelled between the past and present, in that a non Jewish man from the south, in his 50s comes back to the north to take care of things when an old Jewish friend from his past dies The two had met in a Catskills resort, where the younger man had gone to work as a teen This book recounts the happenings of that summer long ago, and the long term effect this man had on his life and relationships The main character, Bobo, who was an artist and teacher ca [...]

    Not as entertaining as I had hoped But perhaps for someone slightly older than I am, it would bring back good memories.

    I seem to be tripping through books I ve read before recently As age thins me out, I m thinning out my books I m also making decisions about which books to save for my daughters.Terry Kay wrote To Dance With The White Dog There was also a touching movie about this book Kay also wrote Shadow Song, of course He came to Hawley Cooke Bookstore on September 24, 1995 for a reading and signing of the book I got there early and sat in one of the wonderful, overstuffed chairs in this now gone bookstore w [...]

    Bobo Murphy travels from the rural South to spend the summer working at an Inn in the Catskill Mountains He meets an older Jewish man named Avrum who s always hanging around a park bench obsessing about a famous opera star he was supposedly romantically involved with in the past Bobo is taken with Amy, who is staying at the inn with her parents, and he doesn t realize at first that a relationship between a Georgia farm boy and a wealthy Jewish girl may not happen Fast forward to 38 years later w [...]

    Though I had some problems with how Bobo treated Carolyn, shutting her out of his life and marrying her under false pretenses, and who we don t really get to know, I loved the ending I also didn t like the name Bobo and wish Kay had called his main character something a little manly.I loved Avrum and how he manipulated people and I liked Bobo s unselfishness in dealing with the estate The book was interesting and kept me reading.

    It is described as the The Bridges of Madison County To me it is like Dirty Dancing minus the music This sentimental romance novel I discovered through the book In The Catskills Read the entire novel on the beach in three days A fun and enjoyable book Lots of good character details Interesting twists.

    Nice story beautifully read 2 parallel tales, one of the narrator, Bobo Madison Lee Murphy of Georgia and his relationship with a Jewish man, Avrum, who hears music and has a compulsive passion for an opera singer, and one of Bobo s love for Amy Lourie which began the summer of 55 when he met them both, and again 40 years later when he returns for Avrum s funeral Enjoyable.

    This is a great book by a very talented author that I really enjoyed reading It s a story of unrequited love that takes the reader from the 1950s to present day It s also a story about friendship and disappointment truly a variety of emotions This book was written many years ago, but it s timeless message can be understood by any generation A wonderful novel

    Not my favoriteI have really enjoyed Terry Kay s books a lot and I ve read most of them Shadow Song was my least favorite Maybe I m just not really into mance novels, which is what this really is.

    This was a great book Terry Kay has a great writing style and this is his best work If you like romance novels, you will love this If you don t like romance novels, you will love this It s a win win

    Heart WarmingDelicious story of first love and lifelong friendships which can change your life forever Beautiful read that you don t want to see come to an end This was not a disappointment

    The first time I read this book, it was at a time in my life when it just fit.Long before I finished reading it a second time, every page brought back memories.An excellent novel, I ve set back to read again some day.

    I thought that Shadow Song was an excellent book, as good as Terry Kay gets and that is very good That is, until later on he wrote The Book of Marie , my all time favorite read What an awesome writer Terry Kay.

    Love story for the 50 set It is never too late, everyone has a great love Oh dear, I think I gave too many stars.

    I found the voice a little disconcerting as it didn t sound particularly southern to me, but overall I was caught on this book from page one.

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