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Monte Walsh #2020

Monte Walsh Monte Walsh has never met a horse he couldn t ride and Chet Rollins has never met one he couldn t rope For a decade they are unbeatable and inseparable working as trail hands throughout the West unt
  • Title: Monte Walsh
  • Author: Jack Schaefer
  • ISBN: 9780803291218
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • Monte Walsh has never met a horse he couldn t ride, and Chet Rollins has never met one he couldn t rope For a decade they are unbeatable and inseparable, working as trail hands throughout the West until finally settling with Cal Brennan s Slash Y Their rough cowboy ethics see them through every imaginable challenge blizzards, rustlers, outlaws, and card games gone wrongMonte Walsh has never met a horse he couldn t ride, and Chet Rollins has never met one he couldn t rope For a decade they are unbeatable and inseparable, working as trail hands throughout the West until finally settling with Cal Brennan s Slash Y Their rough cowboy ethics see them through every imaginable challenge blizzards, rustlers, outlaws, and card games gone wrong Partial to pretty women, gambling, and practical jokes, Monte is often on the receiving end of trouble, while Chet is always there to break him out of jail or serve as a decoy until Monte can get out of town in a hurry As the West begins to change, however the automobile replacing the horse, the herds breaking up the two friends part ways Chet marries and goes on to become a successful merchant, banker, and politician but Monte, unable to imagine anything but the cowboy s way of life, refuses to the end to leave the range.
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    I didn t expect to enjoy this book as much as I did I m not usually a Western kind of person But this isn t really a Western This is the story of a man, who happens to live in the West Monte Walsh is, as it says at the end, A Good Man With a Horse You live his life with him, and the sights, smells, and wonder of the old, untamed West seep in, like the first melt of the snow, creeping through the soil, starting the new grass for the year I cried at the end I have been out West, I have seen the op [...]

    There were things I liked about this book and others I did not I didn t care for the colloquial language It felt like it was going for the stereotypical innocence of the west That kind of slang eventually grew on me once I got to know the characters, then it felt a little authentic I think it wouldn t have bothered me so much if I had read this verses having done the audio This was a little slow for my liking, but I liked the story It was easy to follow along and follow the lives of these frien [...]

    I simply disappeared between the covers of this book Hilarious, heart breaking and oh so real, this isn t just a story about a cowboy and the cowboying way of life, it s about a strict code and living up to it especially when it ain t easy, it s about the settling of the American West, and it s about the progress of civilization and what gets left behind People like Monte exist anywhere there is a frontier, they are the loners who go out ahead of the rest of us, and when they re done, there is n [...]

    Monte Walsh, along with Lonesome Dove, I consider the best westerns written Monte Walsh has a lot of western cliches, but Schaefer s portrayal of the protagonist Monte Walsh, his best friend Chet Rollins, and many other characters plus his depictions of the landscape completely rescue the book from those cliches.Monte Walsh along with Gus McRae sp from Lonesome Dove are two of my fictional heroes.

    Story of a man, his horses with a decided preference for buckskins and the coming of the wire to the West I ve read this book at least 10 times, and it still breaks my heart.

    Not only my favorite western of all time, but probably my favorite book of all time Monte Walsh is a criminally underrated western which I think every one should read The way in which the chapters are formatted, with every chapter almost being a self contained story, gives the reader a sense of scope and allows the book to easily skip around the life of Monte Walsh We see Monte and his fellow cowboys at Slash Y go through the ups and downs of ranch life in the old west and really get to know the [...]

    I don t care what others say, I say it is a wonderful history in novel form of the American cowboy from just after the Civil War until early in the 1900s The two movies made from the novel are quite good Lee Marvin and Jack Palance were in one, Tom Selleck in the other , but the book is better and has a different ending I wish to add that the first time I read this novel it was an edition much earlier than this particular book.

    First published in 1963, Monte Walsh is considered by many to be one of the great classic Westerns Written by Jack Schaefer, who also wrote Shane, Monte Walsh will disappoint those who seek blazing action or steaming romance Instead it is a story of the decline and eventual disappearance of the free ranging American cowboy, a species increasingly endangered by barbed wire fences, railroads, industrialized ranching, and gasoline engines from 1872 1913 It is told through the life of Monte Walsh, a [...]

    I read this book for my daddy He loved to read, but he was particular about his book choice He read the Bible, golf books, and nonfiction, especially history But he did not read literary novels In fact, he only read one genre of fiction, westerns Louis L amour, Zane Gray, and Jack Schaeffer were among his favorites My mind s eye can easily see him relaxed in his old leather rocker, coffee cup in one hand and a paperback western in the other Hardly a day went by without him reading at least half [...]

    Just started itThe first 2 pages I was hooked It s wonderful I always loved cowboys on TV I never actually knew any I guess when I was a kid, I wanted to BE one Anyway, Mr Schaefer outdid himself on this one SO much better than Shane Remember Rawhide, with Clint Eastwood Same category, same rating SIGH

    Simply a classic I really enjoyed this book The descriptions of western landscapes and weather were accurate and vivid allowing me to envision the scenes The characters were human and wonderfully depicted I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the Old West.

    This book reminds me of my daddy, and my granddaddys so much that it really pulls on the heartstrings.

    Some will argue that the greatest novel of the Old West is McMurtry s Lonesome Dove Without a doubt, it s a great read However, I propose a different story Jack Schaefer s Monte Walsh Don t be fooled by the two movies that are out there especially the Lee Marvin version Tom Selleck s is only a little better The movies lines have departed so far from the real storythat I am not sure why they even called them Monte Walsh.This is a tale in the finest tradition and I guarantee that you will laugh an [...]

    There s nothing like a Western, and this one was my favorite fiction read of 2014 It isn t a quick read by any means Schaefer loves his wide open West and takes every opportunity to describe it as well as the various towns, buildings, and minor characters who populate it and give it its soul A faster pace would rob the epic The larger than life writing style fits the story well I love reading about this rugged time when cattle rustling was a capital offense and men lived and died for land and lo [...]

    Monte Walsh.A good man with a horse.I cannot believe I have not read this before Worse, that I wasn t even aware of it until I watched the Tom Selleck TV movie a month or so ago, and knew I had to read the novel it was based on A novel that is a collection of short stories, but oh so much as Jack Schaefer himself wrote in the preface to this Bison edition.Monte fits the mold of Elmer Kelton s Hewey Calloway from The Good Old Boys, a man of his time, and set in that time.People who don t normall [...]

    Reading at Dana Stabenow s rave reco,stabenow 2013 08 30 top 1 Eh It s the same well as McMurtry s Lonesome Dove , and he s a much better writer I stalled for a long time, went back and got about half way It s still just OK Too many cliche barroom brawls, offset by some nice stuff when the book moves to NM Territory I just don t care enough about these people to keep reading Deep enough

    I m not going to say much about this book because I confess I m not really into the Western genre At first I hated it, the dialog full of shucks and my oh my , but as I got into it grew on me Still not a book I would pick to read myself doesn t hold my attention But as far as Westerns go, it s supposed to be one of the best.

    A meandering Western classic Lovingly told and constructed with a great sense of the reality of the story It has some cliche moments, but it s done in such a way that makes it seem like this book is where the cliches came from, rather than that it just incorporated them It s a beautiful book and worth reading whether you like Westerns or not.

    Some good stories in there I had a hard time really getting into it though, mostly because it was so broken up into smaller stories that weren t in order necessarily Just didn t flow very well for me.

    This was a slow read, but thoroughly enjoyable It was a peaceful escape to another time and place that I could imagine myself embracing Maybe that s why it took me so long to finish I didn t want to leave.The writing style reflected well the environment it painted.

    This book had too much of a 1950 s tv western feel to it with a lot of ah shucks and typical antics of saloons, poker games and cattle drives I didn t want to stay with it all the way to the end to find out it doesn t develop into something deeper.

    It was interesting to see how an author wrote in 1949 Certainly no blue language, shucks was about it Gave a good picture of what life was like in the late 19th century in the west.

    Great book, one of my favorites If I could give it 4.5 stars I would, only because it s not the kind of book that I would read over and over again it s a pretty slow read.

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