More Information Than You Require

More Information Than You Require #2020

More Information Than You Require The bestselling author of The Areas of My Expertise also known as The Daily Show s Resident Expert and the PC in the iconic Mac ads picks up exactly where his first book left off Exactly Like its pred
  • Title: More Information Than You Require
  • Author: John Hodgman
  • ISBN: 9780525950349
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The bestselling author of The Areas of My Expertise also known as The Daily Show s Resident Expert and the PC in the iconic Mac ads picks up exactly where his first book left off Exactly Like its predecessor, MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE compiles incredibly handy made up facts into brief articles, overlong lists, frighteningly complex charts, and beguiling narratThe bestselling author of The Areas of My Expertise also known as The Daily Show s Resident Expert and the PC in the iconic Mac ads picks up exactly where his first book left off Exactly Like its predecessor, MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE compiles incredibly handy made up facts into brief articles, overlong lists, frighteningly complex charts, and beguiling narratives on new and familiar themes such as THE PAST because there is always THE FUTURE because they say there is still some left to discuss THE METHOD BY WHICH WE ELECT OUR PRESIDENTS as this will be happening soon THE STRANGE OKAPI an actual animal GAMBLING THE SPORT OF THE ASTHMATIC MAN includes hermit crab racing HOW TO BE A FAMOUS MINOR TELEVISION PERSONALITY hint go on television PLUS 700 MOLE MAN NAMES and their occupations Yes HODGMAN MAY HAVE BEEN BRIEFLY ABSENT FROM YOUR LIFE, but with this volume he is ready to pick up exactly where THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE left off specifically AT PAGE 237.
    More Information Than You Require More Information Than You Require is the second part of a trilogy, concluding with a final book titled That Is All This series of books is intended to be a collective whole, featuring continuous page numbering that is, the last page of The Areas of My Expertise is page , and the first page of More Information Than You Require is page . What is the abbreviation for More Information Than I Need Looking for the abbreviation of More Information Than I Need Find out what is the most common shorthand of More Information Than I Need on Abbreviations The Web s largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. More Than Definition of More Than by Merriam Webster More than definition is to a great degree very extremely often in a clause followed by another clause that gives information or limits the than clause in some way How to use than MORE THAN Car, home, pet, life, travel and landlord MORE THAN is a trading name of Royal Sun Alliance Insurance plc, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority Financial Services Register No . Welcome to the information age newspapers a day Feb , Welcome to the information age newspapers a day If you think that you are suffering from information overload then you may be right Court Ex Sen Hassan IT Aide Who Allegedly Doxxed On Wednesday, a judge said Cosko downloaded information than was originally understood, and that it was so sensitive it could not be discussed in open court Sen Maggie Hassan had hired Cosko despite a prior felony conviction, then he was asked to resign for undisclosed, unrelated wrongdoing months before the doxxing Rep. Other Than Definition of Other Than by Merriam Webster Other than definition is with the exception of except for, besides How to use other than in a sentence Learn More about other than Share other than Post the Definition of other than to Facebook Share the Definition of other than on Twitter Time Traveler for other than. More information than you ever wanted does Facebook bring More information than you ever wanted does Facebook bring out the green eyed monster of jealousy Muise A , Christofides E, Desmarais S Author information Department of Psychology, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada amuise uoguelph More Isn t Always Better Harvard Business Review More isn t always better, either for the customer or for the retailer Discovering how much assortment is warranted is a considerable empirical challenge But companies that get the balance Much More Grammar Quizzes A great people died of diseases such as cholera, measles and typhoid There were also lot fewer healthcare professionals They didn t have much training than word of mouth A barber or a priest couldn t offer much than comfort to a sick person Few people lived to old age, and young people died a way too soon.
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    I obtained this book and shipped it all the way out to a hot, dry, sandy Middle Eastern land which shall remain nameless because my boyfriend is maniacally protective of OPSEC, even when the OP is concluded and he s been home for several months thankfully without PTSD far I won t even tell you which branch of the military he s in, except to say that it s the branch of the military that nobody ever remembers when discussing branches of the military, and to tell you that its official motto rhymes, [...]

    A REVIEW, comprising two LISTS one True and one False , of John Hodgman s More Information than You Require.List the first 1 It has nothing but kind things to say about modern day troubador and Internet sensation Jonathan Coulton.2 Pages 296 299 are actually made from pressed prosciutto in hardback domestic bacon was used for the paperback edition, and the audiobook contains merely a bacon scented backscratcher.3 Every copy of said hardback edition comes packaged with a hollowed out boar s tusk, [...]

    You may remember that fairly recently comedian and minor TV personality John Hodgman wrote a parody of reference books called The Areas of My Expertise, which I reviewed Hodgman s dry wit and ability to generate random and sublimely absurd claims made that book funny enough, so when he released his follow up More Information Than You Require I grabbed it up.In just about every way, More Information is of the same Indeed, Hodgman even continues the page numbering from his prior book and claims t [...]

    I am sooooo excited to get down to my local bookstore and pick this up Hodgman s last book is brilliant and I am such a big fan of his intellect and wit Can t wait.Update Finished the book Great stuff, but on this second time around not in reading this particular book, but in me indulging in Hodgman s brilliance , I think I would prefer watching Hodgman perform this book rather than me slogging through this read.

    Slightly funnier than the first one, The Areas of My Expertise An Almanac of Complete World Knowledge Compiled with Instructive Annotation and Arranged in Useful Order I especially enjoy the political jokes Just as the first one was too heavy on fake hobo trivia, this one is too heavy on molemen Um hm, yeah.

    Alright, so I pretty much love John Hodgman I love his imperiousness, his cocksure tendency to hold forth on all matter of esoteric subjects, his blustery blending of pure balderdash with true trivia that almost certainly leaves people thinking true things he s said were made up of whole cloth, and vice versa.I saw some other reviews of this book, and they lamented the tediousness of it A lot of them had read the first of the books in this trilogy, and really, I can t imagine his schtick changes [...]

    Generally quite funny The guide to our American presidents and the daily almanac entries were perhaps the funniest, but Hodgman really breaks out as a terrific essayist in his consideration of alien abductions, his only explanation for how his wife could have ever ended up with him Eloquent, warped, and funny, this chapter really struck a chord with me Wonderful return return Perhaps my only real complaint is that in most parts of the book, the writing seems to follow the same formula as works b [...]

    When I heard that John Hodgman was coming out with a new book, I was excited to read it I probably should have listened to the rest of the interview to know exactly what I was getting myself into Hodgman is at his funniest when sharing anecdotes or quirky stories but unfortunately that s only a small fraction of this book This is an encyclopedia of fictitious facts While some of the facts are witty most are just ridiculous like Hodgman jotted down whatever came to mind I m sorry but do we really [...]

    When reading a Hodgman book, you know exactly what you re getting into a hilarious faux almanac cooked up with a wealth of tweaked facts and imitation classed up English I will say, however, this time around I got a little weary of the fact for a day on each page I get the gag, some of them were really good, but being a traditionalist and kind of an asshole at times I get a little burnt out on the let me find a good stopping place on this page to read the little tidbit in the corner routine Also [...]

    I enjoyed this book much than its predecessor,The Areas of My Expertise, which I found amusing but got tired of fairly quickly I was concerned the same thing would happen withMore Information Than You Require as it is a continuation, starting on page 237 where the first book left off However, although I could have skipped over the parts dealing with mole men or What to Expect While Serving on A Jury , I really enjoyed the stories which could actually have been about John Hodgman s life Stories [...]

    I will probably skip portions of this to help ensure I get the most out of the forthcoming audio version, but I ve read enough to go ahead and give it five stars Hodgeman is one of the very few authors who consistently gets audible laughter out of me while I m reading him Seriously, MARTA people look at me funny and the cat is very much perturbed by the laughter tremors when she tries to sleep in my lap This book continues right where the previous volume left off to the point that it picks up at [...]

    In this book of fake trivia, author John Hodgman claims that Bill Clinton was the first black president All fine and good EXCEPT FOR THE FACT that Hodgman earlier lists William Howard Taft as a black president as well As far as I know, Taft came BEFORE Clinton And logic dictates that they can t both be first So which is it, Mr Hodgman WHICH IS IT FACT Hodg is Mole Man code for mole John Hodgman is merely the nom de plume or name of the plum of none other than JOHN MOLEMAN LOOK IT UP

    I feel a little guilty adding this to because I read the audiobook version of this, and listened to it over the course of a couple of weeks while walking the dog Now most people in the neighbourhood are sure I m nuts, because this often got me giggling insanely Before this, they were pretty sure I was nuts The only problem with this audiobook version You can t get John Hodgman out of your head afterwards Even if you bathe it in gin.

    I absolutely adored The Areas of My Expertise it was snortingly funny and I gave copies to all my friends for Christmas While More Information is certainly amusing, it felt schticky and well, not that funny Three quarters of the way into it, I laughed out loud for the first time My boyfriend sitting next to me looked over and said, FINALLY I still adore Hodgman, but this book eh.

    The continuation of The Areas of My Expertise, in fact, the book even starts on page 237, one page after Areas ends Mr Hodgman is still obsessed with ferrets and their cons, mole men, and hobos A sample quote My name is John Hodgman you live on the planet Earth and everything is going to be fine Audiobook CAN T WAIT.

    Hysterical, though not quite as good as That Is All The tripendium of complete world knowledge has a nice build taken together As one might imagine a book of lists isnt always a real page turner but it is laugh out loud funny.

    This time around, the audio book is like an 8 hour John Hodgman podcast There s banter between Hodgman and Coulton as well as with various guests that drop in If you loved the book or are crazy about either Hodgman or Coulton, then this is worth a listen.

    More of the literate silliness we ve come to expect from Mr Hodgman The personal stories are sweet and funny, but the Molemen are no hoboes.

    John Hodgman is my kind of weirdo Although the audiobook was absurdly long, it also featured jaunty music and guest stars, and was equal parts ridiculous and enjoyable.

    FACT The Declaration of Independence was not the original creation of Thomas Jefferson, but was instead inspired by the work of Mole Man declarationists.FACT The true sport of kings, and the only one of which a professional gambler will avail himself, is that of hermit crab racing FACT Andrew Jackson was the first president to wear a necklace of human skulls at his inauguration.FACT The first moon landing was achieved in 1802, when Napoleon Bonaparte stepped onto the lunar surface with his conqu [...]

    I really liked the early books from the Daily Show gang, namely America The Book, Earth The Book, and Colbert s I am America And So Can You I haven t read Hodgman s first book, but based on my reaction to this one, I probably won t visit it Either random fake trivia doesn t translate well in the audiobook format or I ve outgrown the genre Felt like I was wasting my time and attention while driving to this one.

    The title of the book gives you a sense of its breadth and scope Hodgman s book is truly a COMPENDIUM OF WORLD KNOWLEDGE There are lots of hilarious bits, but I ll comment on just a few themes and ideas I love the continued numbering that puts this book in concert with the previous book, AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE The last book in the series purports to be forthcoming THAT IS ALL Throughout the book, JH has this day in history almanac entries Here s my favorite August 7 1989, ATHENS Archeologists dis [...]

    I m really grooving on these books of fake trivia by John Hodgman, and it will be a dry three years or so waiting for the third and hopefully not final volume to be released I enjoy this stuff so much that I scoured the book for extra material to read and found the taxonomic chart inside the dust cover, and read that, too TRUE FACT I was simultaneously delighted and horrified to realize that a Hodgman dropped a bunch of hardcore geek speak, unexplained, into said chart, and b I didn t need it to [...]

    John Hodgman is a funny, funny man I liked this book, though it didn t quite approach the absurdist and hilarious shock value of his inaugural almanac of fake trivia, The Areas of My Expertise My favorite bit from that first book comes from a list of failed palindromes Slow speed, deep owls While there are faux factual lists, tables, and footnotes aplenty here, there are also some anecdotes from Hodgman s life, which, while obviously exaggerated running down the street after Justin Timberlake, m [...]

    Funny Not as funny as the first book in this series BUT FUNNY NONETHELESS.I remember reading Areas of My Expertise and constantly being struck by the astounding absurdity of Hodgman s deadpan To be literal, I laughed so hard my ribs hurt and I may have slipped out of my chair once or twice That could have been the ether, though This volume is no less deadpan deadpanny , with some really funny material about forks and computers and corn, but unfortunately, it s often redundant with things Hodgma [...]

    There are two main things that make JH s tomes of complete world knowledge enjoyable for me at least.1 He is fantastically clever, and his seemingly arbitrary choices of references usually mean something, whether I get it or not Example there is an opening quote by Pierre Menard, which wouldn t mean a thing if you haven t read any Borges Another at one point he references a very old crossword, which happens to contain the clue Actor Morales, which only is going to mean anything to regular cruciv [...]

    Honestly, I should have seen it coming from the title of the book More Information Than You Require is another way of saying Too Much Information And so it is that this book is an indiscernible amalgam of made up humorous trivia and a very personal memoir about fame and adulthood That s a really strange choice how much of the personal stuff made up , but it s a choice that could have worked to break things up to allow either from getting tiresome Unfortunately, I found both of the sections off p [...]

    Read the cover and dust jacket first There s no question John Hodgman is a funny guy The question readers ask themselves should be instead can a book that is one long, run on joke keep me interested for its duration The answer is probably no, but who can say I recommend looking at the dust jacket, seeing if the hyper witticisms and multiple entendres are funny, and then decide if you are going to bite in Because when he says he is going to list 700 mole man names, he means it, quite literally Yo [...]

    A follow up to Areas of My Expertise this book is a humourous book for people with OCD and people who like a lot of made up facts presented to them in hilarious ways I say OCD because there is just so much stuff in this book Added on top of that, John decided to make it 365 pages so he could have a tiny insert on every page about this day in history While not every bit in the book works I m looking at you Mole manic names Hobo names funny, mole manic names tedious page filler the truth is there [...]

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