Razing Grace: Part 2

Razing Grace: Part 2 #2020

Razing Grace Part Can something that burns so rapidly calm the whispering chaos of your cries Or is this all just an illusion The perfect hypnosis Like the humming of a sweet melody to your frantic brain Drip Blood tri
  • Title: Razing Grace: Part 2
  • Author: Amo Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 394
  • Format: None
  • Can something that burns so rapidly calm the whispering chaos of your cries Or is this all just an illusion The perfect hypnosis Like the humming of a sweet melody to your frantic brain.Drip.Blood trickled over the curve of Millie s collarbone.Drip.Slithering over her shoulder.Drip.Sliding off and into the mass puddle of death surrounding her.The last petal has fallen,Can something that burns so rapidly calm the whispering chaos of your cries Or is this all just an illusion The perfect hypnosis Like the humming of a sweet melody to your frantic brain.Drip.Blood trickled over the curve of Millie s collarbone.Drip.Slithering over her shoulder.Drip.Sliding off and into the mass puddle of death surrounding her.The last petal has fallen, a queen is born, and the disarray of her world is about to shatter under her very throne.Raze She knows too much
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    ARC s have gone out Time for wine COVER IS UP Or you know , you can just wipe my entire review middle finger Preorder links are live, ladies Check them out a HUGE bundle giveaway including a signed paperback of Razing Grace Part 1 on my FB page

    Book two of RAZING GRACE picks up right after the shocking events of book one To say I was bummed at the end of book one would be an understatement I criedCRIED people Alas, I soldiered on because damn if I wasn t sucked into this story.So this was probably a 3.75 than a 4 I enjoyed it just slightly less than book one The writing was still fantastic The plot was interesting and moved along at a good pace It had some twists and turns boy did it I fell in love with Raze and Millie I loved the se [...]

    Heartache Pain Death Betrayal Redemption Family Hope Forever.This story picks up right where Razing Grace Part 1 left off Millie and Miles got caught in the crossfire Obviously Millie makes it or there d be no story Millie s just as crazy as ever and she still drove me absolutely nuts But I loved her Raze showed a lot of heart and humanity in this one and I loved how the author showcased his character s development If I could say that anyone had grown in this book, it would be Raze He s still he [...]

    Until forever ends And when forever ends, I ll continue to love you My Queen of Darkness has done it again Blown me away with the beautiful depravity of Raze and Millie Can I give it than 5 stars Okay, I ll give it 66 I can t find the words to say how much this book ripped apart my soul and then put it back together All you need to know is that you have to read it The second it comes out.

    my reviewThere my title says it all Starting on this book had me hesitating about whether I want to clear the hurt and the crying but fool me cause I m a sucker and I needed it so once I opened it I couldn t not stop reading for Raze and Millie, aaaaaand Miles to The 6 and The Devil s Own had me not wanting to stop till I got to the end Since Book1 left me all cried out, heartbroken and crying to the heavens LOL I knew that Miles was and will be one of my favourite guys, but Book 2 really was [...]

    Could not wait to get my hands on the 2nd part of this duet I fell completely in love with Raze and had to get back to him.So, we were left on a cliffy Who lived What happens Is it love Will The Army prevail New players OMG WHAT HAPPENS This is a book filled of moments for me It got all my dark, creative powers of imagination flowing Totally hot moments look out for the cell bit early on Heartbreaking momentsWake up momentsAnd some really dark and twisted moments.You find love in the most strang [...]

    Oooh Looovvedd this Was so distraught after what happened in bk1 and contemplated the fate of Millie and Raze but Amo Jones managed to to keep my hopes up and at the edge of my seat.I knew that Raze was a badass, but boy, was I pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised by the brutalness of how Millie can get when triffled with Woah ho Raze has no mistakenly met his match I m hoping that Amo will pursue stories centered upon some of the other characters, like for instance Joker, in here They made me [...]

    I voluntarily read an ARC of this book for an honest review 5 HARLEY QUINN CRAZY STARSBELIEVE THE HYPE Filthy CHECK.Crazy CHECK.An alpha hero and a crazy heroine CHECK.Some nasty dirty sex CHECK.Morals questioned CHECK.Soul Consuming CHECK.Surprises SUPER BIG FUCKING CHECK.Wow Mind blown It s 2am here and I am currently sitting cross legged on my bed surrounded by tissues, my face still left with remnants of tears and my mind still trying to process what the FUCK it is that I just read I am stil [...]

    Wow I did not see this coming I just can not believe how the author took this story to a whole different level I cried and cried and cheered through this book So many characters are developed and I am excited to continue reading Mille totally blows my mind She gives badass a whole new definition The girl has brass balls of her own And I hope they get to have kids along the way.

    Received an ARC for an honest review FIVE FUCKING STARSAmo fucking Jones,you sneaky little fucker I m still in a Raze Daze,my mind is just not function at all,What kind of fucked up shit did I just read ,I m seriously trying to digest this book to match my expectations, Nothing helps I repeat NOTHING I ve never read something like this before,well of course I have,there were some similar books to it but Amo just have to fucking take it to the next level,Never seen that coming This book robbed me [...]

    I swear when you do an Amo Jones binge to make sure you have all the Devil s Own Razing Grace books read in time before book 5 comes out hello Frost and Ella , your mind is all crazed and mindeffed I absolutely FLOVED Razing Grace part 2 It was sexy, adrenaline pumping and so so engrossing I honestly could not get enough of Raze and Millie Gah this book was filled with sooooo many twists and turns you honestly felt like you were on a rollercoaster I loved Raze s undeniable connection with Millie [...]

    Man oh man I love this series me blood guts.xy as hell bikersycho Bonnie and Clyde type love story and I m a happy fkn camper lol I thought this was the end to the Devils Own story but it s gonna continuehell yes

    After inhaling book 1, I immediately started this book OMG This book is sooooooo good Book 1 leaves you in a huge cliffy you have no idea who is alive who is dead You have no idea if Millie is a pawn, is she just broken and insane Can Raze actually feel anything other than darkness Can love light the darkness and prevail I thought book 1 was crazy, but book 2 leaves you emotionally annihilated you believe in the dark, you believe in crazy and you effing love it Millie and Raze s crazy journey co [...]

    4.5 Stars First of all, if you haven t read Razing Grace Part One then stop right here and go pick it up You have to read that before you can read Razing Grace Part Two As I said for Part One s review, you do not have to read the books in The Devil s Own series but you seriously don t want to miss out on them They are great and a lot of the characters from there are in Razing Grace.This review is going to be a bit difficult to write without giving anything away What I can say with full certainty [...]

    I read this book days ago, and I am just now sitting down to write this review I wanted to run and tell everyone all about this book, but that isn t very nice So, now I will tell you this book is F ced up It is dark and twisty and all those amazing things you have grown to expect from Amo This story picks right up where book leaved you hanging And yes I will tell you book one killed me I wanted, needed, and almost demanded to know what happens So this book will give you what you wanted Well no i [...]

    My five star rating is for the full series this far, four books So this review will reflect that.I was fortunate to be able to read these all back to back, so got the full effect of the story, and am looking forward to .One Hundred Thirty six ScarsI loved the story, right from the start I felt drawn in, as if I was in a familiar setting.The story starts with Meadow, at four years old, where we learn about the horrors of her young life then we meet Beast at age 14, learning a bit of his early lif [...]

    COPY provided by the author for an honest review Do you believe in love How about dark and twisted love In Razing Grace Part 2 Amo Jones will make you a believer that love is as unique and beautiful as the person who gives it, and Millie and Raze s dark love is definitely unique and beautiful.It is absolutely imperative that you read part one before picking up this wonderfully amazing conclusion to Millie and Raze s story There are also two previous books in The Devil s Own series that while not [...]

    THE UNDER WORLD KING FOUND HIS QUEEN NO NEED FOR A SPOILER ALERT BECAUSE THE ONLY SPOILER THE STORY HAS IS HEART BREAKING Until forever ends And when forever ends, I ll continue to love you This book robbed me of air.Raze and millie got engaged and had a happy ever after.But again this book deals with bloodshed,loosing loved ones.BUT in the end this book hit the mark and got full BLOOD AND BULLET FILLED

    Gah Raze I wasn t a fan for most of Part 1, but Raze has claimed my heart in Part 2 I felt the first book was a little predictable, but this one showed me just how wrong I could be I should ve known better with Amo This book ripped my heart apart and I loved every minute Can t wait for Frost

    Razing Grace Part 2 by Amo Jones 5 StarsDamn you Amo Jones That girl must get off on messing with my emotions Seriously Just when you think she s written the best book ever, she comes out with a new one that blows your expectations to pieces At the end of Razing Grace part 1 I was damning her as well but for a different reason She ripped my heart out with the cliff at the end Razing Grace was an emotional upheaval and Part 2 was the perfect follow up I would like to restate my review for part 1 [...]

    5 Nugget stars BOOK 1 TO BE READ FIRST He is God, and judgement day is everyday in the book of the Executioner With power comes enemies and Razing Grace was one heck of an action packed read From book one I had to jump straight into book 2 needing to see where the plot and Millie and Raze s relationship would go I was gripped from start to finish, loved the characters even the darkness that threaded throughout the whole plot There s danger, bloodshed,sadness, dealings with the MC and ocasionally [...]

    If you haven t read Razing Grace Part 1 then get the hell outta here and purchase that bad boy right now Geez girlfriend you don t know what your missing out on In order to read this book you need to read part 1 otherwise you will be like a chicken with no head.Amo has blew my mind once again , this women just ups her frigging game every time I read one of her books , she knows no bounds, she is talented, creative and entertaining.Raze and Millie continue their relationship with mystery and sus [...]

    5 It s a Twisty Eff d Up Story in ALL the Best Ways Stars Reviewed by Franci NeillThis book picks right up where Part One left off and it s just as twisted as Part One was but in so many better ways We get to find out what REALLY happened with Miles death and there s a surprise for Raze and Millie that literally throws a curve ball into their lives What s interesting is how each of them react to this new event.So many twists and turns in this book too All the story lines come together and there [...]

    I loved this book because it s a MC and they include everything Violence Blood Fights Crime Sex This is book 2 in the series and we continue with the lives of Raze and Millie and their friends We or less start where Book 1 ended so it s straight in there with action, blood, tears, love, sex and so much I felt this book contained a lot emotion to it then the previous one and for that reason alone, I was eager to keep reading Neither character has changed and both are just as loveable although [...]

    5 Incredible Grace Stars I just want to run around in Amo Jones mind for just bit I couldn t believe what I was reading and I was completely sucked in and sitting on pin and needles waiting to see how this was going turn out, while saying myself as to what kind of madness am I reading As always I was not let down by the Amo Jones sidebar my dream Amo Jones and T.M Frazier write a book together what kind of craziness could they write together Millie is way unhinged in this book and Raze will do [...]

    All the stars That s what this book gets I just finished the last word and I have tears in my eyes I m mourning the separation anxiety I already feel from being finished with this book It will be extremely hard for anyone to top this book for me Book 1 was my 1 book last year and 2 will be it this year There are truly no words to describe the perfection with which Amo writes Brilliantly dark and magically delicious I never had an interest in dark reads before She has changed my life Not everyone [...]

    This is the second part of Raze and Millie s story and I am hooked on these two like a drug I have been going crazy waiting to find out what was going to happen next and this author left my heart and jaw on the floor with the intense way she ended the last part There were some pretty big surprises along the way in this one that had me going through an entire range of emotions At some points I was so excited that I couldn t stand it and at others I had big fat tears streaming down my face This st [...]

    You must read part 1 first That is your only warning This part is just as dark as part 1 was Except now Millie surely isn t a nun any and she s getting used to being the King of the Underworld s Queen Well sort of She and Raze still have their issues But over time, they are getting through them Millie certainly doesn t take any of Raze s crap and Raze treats her now as an equal and includes her in all the meetings he now has Even his employees see that Millie has changed Raze, for the better And [...]

    Book 3 and part 2 of the second book, in the series is just as fantastic as the first part Razing Grace Amo Jones skill as a writer knows no bounds, she is talented, creative and entertaining.Raze and Millie continue their relationship with mystery and suspense thrown in to keep readers on their toes Great descriptions keep the visuals rolling and even though a little graphic at times, written so well it s meaningful The events that happen, at times, make you angry or fearful or happy or just [...]

    If i thought that the first book to this duet had made me cry, nothing prepared me for the second one I was bawling I totally hated every moment of my tears because it destroyed me In a few chapters, Amo Jones put every single fear, sadness, hopes and dreams of a parent on paper and made them real that was frightening However, the best part The revenge Hands down, my favorite part No matter how gruesome it was After having had the chance to read these three books so far from Amo Jones, i ve beco [...]

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