Fists of Iron

Fists of Iron #2020

Fists of Iron The alternate cover editions of this book can be found here Remember what I said about saving the world Yeah apparently the third time is the charm Turns out our little plan to stop the apocalypse le
  • Title: Fists of Iron
  • Author: J.A. Cipriano J.B. Garner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The alternate cover editions of this book can be found here.Remember what I said about saving the world Yeah, apparently the third time is the charm.Turns out our little plan to stop the apocalypse left the gate open for some bastards straight out of HP Lovecraft Now they ve come on through to try to turn the planet into an all you can eat buffet That s not exactly my jThe alternate cover editions of this book can be found here.Remember what I said about saving the world Yeah, apparently the third time is the charm.Turns out our little plan to stop the apocalypse left the gate open for some bastards straight out of HP Lovecraft Now they ve come on through to try to turn the planet into an all you can eat buffet That s not exactly my jam, so if I want to go on living here, I ll need to find a way to stop them.My name is Frank Butcher, and one way or another, I m putting an end to this once and for all Book 1 Heart of Gold ASIN B01J67RWTO is on sale for only 0.99 until 10 7 16
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      J.A. Cipriano J.B. Garner

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    Fists of Iron An Urban Fantasy Novel Clans of Shadow Book 3 by J.A Cipriano and J.B Garner ends a great series The plot is great in how Frank and friends meet and deal with all kinds of creatures and gods to stop the end of the world from happening Very clever I didn t find it up to par with the many books I have read of Ciprano, which I usually give a 4 star, or most often a 5 star, book but it is still a good read and end to this great series.

    I m not sure if my criteria went up these past few weeks, but I can t seem to grant a 5 any longer.Some books are average, some just plain bad, and some fail to meet the bar set by two prequels Fists of Iron, I m looking at you.I first heard of Jason A Cipriano when I picked up Soulstone Awakening Awesome book And from there, every single one was a 5 experience.There s only so long a streak can last This was bound to happen.Fists of Iron was a decent closure to Clans of Shadow series But just th [...]

    In this third and final book in the series, a battle is looming with the Old Ones This book picks up right where the last one left off but it isn t just a fight to save Max any, but one to save the entire Universe, and Frank and Gabby need all the help they can get Nothing is what it seems and Frank and his friends must deal with all kinds of creatures and gods in order to rescue Gabby s son and stop the world from ending I loved this series but this book had so much happening and so many gods a [...]

    A great ending to an entertaining trilogy The story picks up right where the last installment left off we find Frank Butcher still in the mode of trying to save the world Plenty of magic, mythology, gods goddesses, a touch of romance loads of action.what could you ask for The narrator, Joe Hempel, does an excellent job definitely adds a lot to the book I truly enjoyed listening to this trilogy will definitely be looking for books by these authors I have to say that I am going to miss Frank s s [...]

    Now that I ve finished all 3This series would have rocked, but for the horrible and I do mean horrible lack of editing Personally, nothing annoys me than to be cruising along, totally invested in the story, anxiously awaiting what comes next, and BAM You slam into that wall You know which wall The garbled slang that your head can t help but fix the wrong pronoun or character name that stops you cold because suddenly you re uncertain who you ve been reading about spelling, grammar and punctuatio [...]

    If you haven t read books 1 and 2 you re missing out on a really great series.Frank is back for the final round in the fight against the Old Ones and it s getting nasty.I love Frank s snarky humour and his ability to joke at the worst possible time His allies are fun too and I enjoyed all their interactions The fights are truly epic and the descriptions are enough to help you envision the scenes A great book and a fantastic series, I m going to miss Frank et al This was an ARC, my opinions are m [...]

    Frank Butcher delivery man extraordinaire and Gabriella Perez doctor and magic user team up yet again to face off with Cthulhu Yep That big baddie Totally not what I was expecting.This book went up and down for me There was some pretty good ground work laid in that last 2 books but this one seemed to throw that out and instead brought in a whole cast of deities This introduced a lot of easy outs for characters and plot alike because gods will be gods and stuff will happen even if it doesn t make [...]

    Say it isn t over This can t be the end of the series The whole series was just plain fun, as well as entertaining and enjoyable from start to finish This book was no exception It was also a great ending to the trilogy Hopefully there will be adventures from Frank Butcher, Gabby and the gang in the future.To appreciate the story you really need to start at the beginning This is not a standalone book There is a lot that has happened in the previous 2 books and you will be a bit lost if you try t [...]

    Format Audiobook I believe I understand your mad ramblings, Frank Butcher The third and final part of this action packed, and packed some , instalment of Cipriano and Garner s Clans of Shadow series, featuring fast talking Frank Butcher, the man with, literally, a heart of gold.This crazy, irreverent story of defiance in the face and teeth of impossible madness is tremendous fun Joe has Max His mother, Gabby, wants him back, so Frank does, too To find him they will have to take on the universe, [...]

    I listened to this story as part of an audiobook omnibus that contained all three stories The third book wrapped things up really well I love when I can get three stories for the price of one This is a great value at one credit Three books, over 16 hours, and an entire series to dig my teeth into This one is action packed to the extreme This series has espionage, magic, romance not too much , and lots happening It is a ride that doesn t stop once it gets started Unlike some reviewers, I loved th [...]

    So I m finally through my 3 book bundle.This one had some moments that annoyed me than in the last one the three way romance that got even worse AGAIN for example, and a twist so predictable it almost hurt but it also had some moments I quite enjoyed I liked different gods coming in and meeting some new characters So overall I ll stay at 3.The story was a bit too crazy, and a lot of things too easy, but overall the plot was interesting enough, the pace fast and the writing smooth Not just in t [...]

    Packed with Action What did you love best about Clans of Shadow Omnibus the humor, Frank Butcher has a wry, witty or sarcastic comment for every occasion Who was your favorite character and why Frank, his willingness to do what s right, put himself in harms way insult the bad guys while doing it was very entertaining Have you listened to any of Joe Hempel s other performances before How does this one compare I don t think I have listened to any other books narrated by Joe Hempel before He did a [...]

    Audio versionThey ve done it again Wonderful creation this series So much fun I ll definitely listen to this series again.This audio book was given to me for free at my request from the publisher, author or narrator and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.Reasons I enjoyed this book Action packed, Easy to read, Entertaining, Funny, Great world building, Original, Page turner, Twisted, Unpredictable, Wonderful characters.

    My review is based on the Audiobook It has been a magical journey watching Frank mature through this series Don t get me wrong he is still the sharp tongued, sarcastic butthole but in Fists of Iron you see a softer side to Frank and its beautiful Joe Hempel is an awesome narrator who really brings Frank and the other characters to life and I would not hesitate to buy other books narrated by him I truly enjoyed this series and look forward to reading from the Authors.

    In Fists of Iron The third book centers around Frank and Gabby while they look for Max, they encounter a battle, several gods, and magic.Overall a book full of magic and action Joe Hempel did well with the narration.Note This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review.

    My first read from author J.A Cipriano was so good I went right into my second read by him I ve now read listened to several books by him and loved every one The third book in the Clans of Shadow was another outstanding read listen.

    Frank is back in an all new adventure, trying to keep the Old Gods who were released in the last book from destroying the world Along for the ride is his sort of love interest Gabby and his friends, who are trying to help him save the world and rescue Max, Gabby s son Not helping is an unexpected character from the last book, who I don t want to name by name as I don t want to spoil events in the previous book Frank is his normal slightly arrogant, fun self, bulldozing his way through their esca [...]

    I thought it was a good ending to an enjoyable series Frank s snark slowly diminished as the series progressed, but the authors did it under the guise of character growth, so I can live with it Although I definitely preferred the snark Same with the geek references Fewer in book 3 than 2, and 2 dropped off precipitously from book 1 But it didn t take away from the story I m just an a hole that notices these things lol I hate writing spoilers, so let s just say that the main storyline ended just [...]

    This trilogy was a quick and easy read The world and protagonist weren t particularly unique, but it flowed better than most and did some things with the mythology that most urban fantasy stories shy away from Overall I liked it and I d give it five stars, but it seriously needed proofreading Way too many typos for a published book.Also I feel that the author missed a golden opportunity by not establishing that one of the secondary characters had been in the US Army or Navy, so that when they r [...]

    Fists of ironI knocked it down to a three star because you can remove a battery from a running car and it will keep on running You had the God cars engine die when he pulled out the battery That s an insult to anyone who knows anything about cars Honestly your excessive use of foul language is unnecessary and gets old.

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