Mighty Max

Mighty Max #2020

Mighty Max Mighty Max is here and ready to save the day But every time he tries to do something heroic his mom and dad make him sit still and be quiet This winning story captures that phase when many little boy
  • Title: Mighty Max
  • Author: Harriet Ziefert Elliot Kreloff
  • ISBN: 9781934706367
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mighty Max is here and ready to save the day But every time he tries to do something heroic, his mom and dad make him sit still and be quiet This winning story captures that phase when many little boys want to be big, strong heroes but still need their parents to keep them safe.
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      268 Harriet Ziefert Elliot Kreloff
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    In his flowing red cape, Max is eager to be a super hero who saves the day Max s father wants him to sit down and just be calm for a bit Max tries, he sits for awhile, but is always up and moving again with a new imaginary game to play When he and his father head to the beach, Max finds plenty of ways to be Mighty Max and help out at the same time But, he is still moving fast and imagining big.The fast pace of this book perfectly captures the race and movement of a small boy with a big imaginati [...]

    Mighty Max by Harriet Ziefert drawings by Elliot Kreloff Maplewood, NJ Blue Apple Books, c2008 36 pages SUMMARY Max wants to climb, jump, fly, and be the hero who saves the day Max s dad wants him bo calm down and be helpful bookjacket REVIEW Ok story about Maxwell who is your typical boy that wants to play hero while taking many risks His father keeps yelling at him so stop before he hurts himself and to sit Max obeys, but not for long because there is another opportunity for a superhero The be [...]

    I expected when the book ended Yes, Max is an active little boy who saves his lunch from seagulls, but just climbing to a dune spoiler alertd being called back by his dad was anti climactic.

    Young Maxwell likes pretending to be Superman despite his father s warnings Working together with his dad and his dog Max has a Super fun and busy holiday at the beach.

    This is definitely one of my new favorite superhero picture books And I must say that I am highly qualified to review superhero picture books because I am actually a superhero At my house, I am Slime Girl Note I originally tried to be Love Lady who has the super power of love and defeats the villians with hugs and generosity, but my son finds this totally and completely unacceptable Anyway, this is one fun book

    For those superhero obsessed kids but the storyline itself is kind of empty and I wouldn t want to be the parent of a kid who got a hold of this book b c you won t hear the end of But not for long The stick figure drawing style didn t grow on me the overprotective and shouting parent who left his kid while he drove off to park the car did not help the book either.

    A nice story about a young boy Max ready for take off, to do superhero superhero things Until, that reminder from a concerned dad to being cautious careful It s a story that the preschool students during storytime were able to relate the scenario of imaginative ambitious boy superhero vs the very cautious parent.

    Very cute book but I m not a parent and even I was worried about Maxwell getting hurt And what was up with the dad leaving little Max on the beach by himself while he drove off to park the car Can we say child abduction OkI guess I m over thinking when it comes to a kids book Was cute but not my favorite.

    Both the 3 and the almost 6 year old like this one I find the illustration perspectives kind of distracting though And the end is also problematic for me It s good from the imagination parental worry about safety angle.

    Genre Fiction, picture bookVery cute story of a young boy who believes he has super powers While at the beach he discovers that he does have super powers and saves the day The illustrations are colorful and simple and really help to convey the story.

    Comical illustrations Dad yelling No, don t do that you re not a superhero Child is free spirited and energetic Add these together for a great combination Having the main characters name be Maxwell my son s name is a bonus.

    As Max imagines himself as the super hero Mighty Max while at the beach, he saves a game, a castle, and his lunch from some hungry gulls.

    I am using this book for my superhero story time It is about a little boy who believes he has super powers but is always being told to sit down Which he does.but not for long.

    Fun story about a little boy who is a superhero in his own mind Simple, somewhat crude illustrations are fun and add to the feel that this is the little boy s tale.

    Reminiscent of NO, DAVID Max has a hard time sitting still he s too busy saving the day Good for that superhero or superherio as my daughter said phase that almost all children go through.

    max believes he s a mighty superhero and never listens to his dad as he goes about his superhero day.

    Maxwell does many dangerous stunts pretending to be different characters and his dad always yells Maxwell Sit Down cute plots and boys will love storytime hit.

    Fun artwork of childlike crayon drawings with a few collage elements thrown in Love that book features father and son bonding with no mom in sight Max defines being a superhero as being helpful

    I think my own little Maxwell might enjoy this tale of an adventuresome boy when he gets a bit older I enjoyed the childish crayon and collage illustrations.

    Its hard to be a superhero when your father thwarts all your efforts at greatness Mighty Max must learn to work within his dads view of what is safe for his young superhero son.

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