Winter in Ireland

Winter in Ireland #2020

Winter in Ireland Available for a very limited time at this early release special price Romance writer Jennifer Graham heads to Dublin for a two month research trip and to heal from a recent breakup The last thing she
  • Title: Winter in Ireland
  • Author: Pamela M. Kelley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Available for a very limited time at this early release special price Romance writer Jennifer Graham heads to Dublin for a two month research trip, and to heal from a recent breakup The last thing she is looking for is romance, especially with another workaholicd then she meets Ian Shephard He s the son of her best friend s Irish Aunt, the one she is staying wit Available for a very limited time at this early release special price Romance writer Jennifer Graham heads to Dublin for a two month research trip, and to heal from a recent breakup The last thing she is looking for is romance, especially with another workaholicd then she meets Ian Shephard He s the son of her best friend s Irish Aunt, the one she is staying with while she s in Ireland He s staying there too, temporarily while his condo is being renovated Their attraction is immediate and unexpected But dating Ian would be a very bad idea, for three very good reasons He s not looking for a relationship, he is a workaholic and he lives in another country So, they ll just be s the plan anyway.
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      341 Pamela M. Kelley
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    It felt like irony though unintentional, I m sure that this story is about a writer who goes to Ireland to do research to ensure that her book will be accurate.Ironic, because this book, written by an American and set in Ireland, couldn t be less accurate Especially the dishes brought to the pot luck Just pop in to an Irish grocery store and pick up American Southwest ingredients Sure Why not American South pulled pork as an Irish guest s specialty dish Absolutely.Accuracy is important and, for [...]

    I have now read all 5 books in the series I read them in 1 weekend These books lack depth and are pretty boring, I had to read all 5 to see if they got better but they do not These are supposed to be romantic but the characters don t seem to have deep feelings towards each other at all Also I am not sure if the author re read her books because there were quite a few mistakes in them In one book character Jenn is best friends with Traci in another book her best friend is Mandy Traci is not even i [...]

    Had potential It was interesting to read about a writer s process the lush Ireland bakground wasn t bad either There was a possiblity of industrial espionage but nothing The most excitement was bingo crowd revert to highschool drama.

    I liked the plot to this story and all the characters are lovely What I didn t like at all was the lack of anything really Irish about it, except for the title and all the scones that were mentioned in the story Most of the time, when an author writes a story that takes place in another country, they use the occasional word phrase or refer to actual places people that relate to that country The descriptions of Ireland in this story were so generalized, it could have been talking about any place [...]

    A warm and inviting story that will leave you with that fuzzy feeling that only true love can, we discover Jen, an American romance writer that, with the encouragement of her neighbor and best friend, Mandy, flies to Ireland with the intent of research for her next book After recently breaking up with her long term workaholic boyfriend, Jen is even determined to leave for Ireland, and the sooner the better When Mandy suggests that she stay with her Aunt Sorcha, and that Sorcha has suggested thi [...]

    Cons 1 Jennifer gets to Dublin airport Her friend comes get her and then they go get Jen s luggage No, that s not how airports work here in Europe You don t check in your luggage outside the airport either.2 Does Ms Kelley know Irish cuisine Aunt Sorcha doesn t cook one Irish dish Jen finds pinto beans in Dublin, no problem Frank, an older Irish gentleman, cooks pulled pork as his specialty Really 3 We learn early Sorcha has two sons But later she s described as being her son s aunt WTF Did Ms K [...]

    Sweet, whiny, and bland in Ireland This book had a few pet peeves of mine I don t like bossy men who can t handle being bossed back, and why is the main character continually giving the cold shoulder instead of verbalizing her issues It started to feel like an advertisement for being passive aggressive Also numerous characters were described as kind, but never demonstrated it What s with that The two main characters had issues that implied the next book would be called Divorces in Ireland Take F [...]

    The story was as expected with a romance It was a cute little story Would have been better with character development as well as details related to the development of the relationship between Jen and Ian One minute they didn t much like each other and the next minute they were falling in love The part that bothered me was that the story supposedly occurred in Ireland, but I didn t see anything in the story that was really specific to Ireland It could have happened someplace in the USA About th [...]

    Full of detail and foodThis is a story about the day to day life of a romance writer that goes to Ireland for research and fun You get a lot of detail about what she does each day and descriptions of each meal, and there are a lot of meals This is a fairly clean story with little chemistry but warm and cozy characters I liked both H H, but could have done without the minutiae the author used to extend the story I didn t hate it but I didn t love it either Ok read.

    I don t know exactly why I enjoyed this as much as I did But I did I liked her She wasn t whiny She wasn t pushy She wasn t neurotic I liked him He was too involved with work and protecting his heart, but he wasn t a robot They both allowed room for change They both allowed room for the inconvenience of timing circumstances bringing them together.I liked that she was a budding romance writer All good stuff, people Read it.

    2 Es una historia amigable, llena de cliches y bastante predecible pero sirve para pasar el rato, super facil y rapida de leer pero la autora tiene muchas muletillas llega el punto en el que te molesta.It s a ok story, full of cliches a little boring and very predictable is just for to spending the time, super easy and quickly to read.

    Good SeriesI liked this series well enough to finish, but only as a one time reading I m just not invested in the characters or their stories, even though the characters are likeable I would be willing try some of the authors work to see if it was just this series I wasn t very fond of.

    Just an okay read I can t say I disliked this book but I did not like it also I could not relate to the main characters Romance was lukewarm There was no passion or just I could not feel it Also being a software engineer myself, I felt the software company premise was not described accurately

    Cute but simplisticWho goes to Ireland and only stays near Dublin for 2 months What about the Cliffs London Scotland Europe Easy read, not much happens Not sure I understand how or why they fell in love because they spent so much time together And she got very snippy about his work a bit too much Cute

    SweetThis was a very sweet story Everything I would expect in a very sweet novel was there I think it wrapped up a little too quickly loose ends maybe include the book idea Chatsworth dropped off the storyline I wish that this story had happened to my Goddaughter alas she had her heart broken.

    Great Romance StoryI enjoyed this book I don t read as many romances as I used to Actually pretty nice to read a clean book So hard to finda good book without all the really bad language and all the sex that sometimes is than I want to read Also l love to read books with the subject of Ireland or Irish in it Thanks for an enjoyable read.

    Sweet readI loved taking a jaunt to Ireland The characters were engaging and I loved the resolution It is always so great to find a book that hums with attraction but is still a sweet read

    Interesting insight into writingJen writes love stories but, does not have a good love life for herself After breaking up with a workaholic, she goes to Ireland to research her next book She meets Ian and starts a romance but, will his work come between them

    A good, clean read, but predictable An American writer, Jen, goes to Ireland to do research for her next book She has just broken up with her work alcoholic finance, and is determined not to get involved with another man like that Enter Ianend of story.

    GreatJen was going to Ireland for research on her new novel Her ex couldn t understand why they broke up He never had time for her When she meets Ian he is that way also, but is willing to Shane for her Can love come out of avtrip to Ireland.

    This was an extremely dry, flat read The characters were one dimensional, but what was most difficult to muster through was the lack of attention to detail The setting is in Ireland, but aside from the country s name, that s the only thing Irish in the story.

    Great romance book I loved this book It is a heartwarming and romantic story Jen knows what she wants in life and refuses to settle for anything less On a trip to Ireland for work research she meets Ian Love blooms

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this easy romance When a young girl goes to Ireland to write AND forget her ex she finds herself drawn into the culture and the lives of those around her falling in love again but this time for good.

    Cute, predictable storyFirst time I have read this author, and I wondered why she had her characters eating all the time Once I read her bio, that made sense Nice story, very quick read.

    As AboveA Wonderful Story, I am Excited To See If There Is More To This Story I Want To Hear More Of Ian and Jen You Just Can Not It Off Like This Please Say YesShirley Ketcham

    I liked this sweet romance It s in a series but I didn t realize it will later but I found I didn t have to read any of the others to love this one It s a stand alone to me I ll go back to the start.

    Where is the research For a story about a writer spending some time in Ireland to research the location a book, I was disappointed that there wasn t descriptions of Ireland But I still enjoy the story and the writing style very much.

    A cute and quick read First time reading anything by this author as it was a freebie but it was an enjoyable and cute romance.

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